MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episodes 3 and 4 [ENG]

Hey everyone! Sorry I’m so late with this but below are episodes 3 and 4 in their entirety.


Episode 3

Episode 4

K-Kisses! KrisE

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7 thoughts on “MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episodes 3 and 4 [ENG]

  1. Well let me first start off by saying that episode 3 was full of laughs. I was so glad to see Dayoung smile when Lee Joon jumped down and was playing “monster.” That was too cute. The audacity of Leo! Not only did he hit Joon, but he was aggressive with Lauren as well. I’m glad Joon took him to the side to talk to him. But I thought it was cute how Lauren got him to pay attn earlier in the show when they were picking appas..I also thought it was funny at the tore store when Joon was like “for once I’m glad I didn’t get picked.” He waltzed out of that store quick! But poor Cheondung. SeungHo and Mir with Lauren was too much: being a kid vs being frugal.

    So I realized I wrote a book chapter and decided to summarize my thoughts on ep 4 lol:
    1. I felt like it was let’s gang up on Mir and show him how horrible a father he is.
    2. All Leo has to do is CRY >:| but during the reenactment when SeungHo (Joon) told Thunder (Leo) “then get the hell out of my house” it had me cracking up lol. Lauren too cute misunderstanding..(“Please go to your seats”)
    3. Does anyone else identify a kind of push pull relationship with Dayoung and the Appas.
    a) Why couldn’t she just ask G.O. to play with her? Why couldn’t she just say she was full? Unfair editing maybe?
    b) The appas want DaYoung to participate and she doesn’t then she gets upset seeing them (G.O.) play with the others. Is it like Thunder and Joon identify with her – being shy/not being able to express yourself or something else? Maybe she’s just a child that does not know how to share attn (only child?). The clinician definitely had good points in how to deal with the children so I give her a lot ofcredit.

    I don’t want to sound heartless towards DaYoung, because I think she’s adorable (especially in the one-on-one interviews), and I don’t want to over analyze either. Maybe if I were a parent right now, I could probably understand a lot more. I can see her attitude ranging from just what a child does (on the simple side) to being maladaptive (i.e. always needing the spotlight). Bottom line: it’s something very uncomfortable (something that doesn’t sit well with me) about this situation that I can’t quite put my finger on yet…just me. It could really be the age and cultural factor the doctor brought up..

    On the other hand it seems Mir and DaYoung have made up, which I’m glad about. LOL at Lauren not wanting to wear the clothes and G.O. not being able to dress DaYoung…again!. She was like “ugh I can’t believe this.” The motto section was just too funny i.e. wherever you go let’s not forget to eat.

    Ok shorter chapter…sry! LOL. I hope their familial relationships continue to grow positively!

    • I apoligize in advance this maybe long lol
      I think Da Young is just a super shy kid, and this probably makes it hard for people to get close to her. If you notice when Leo and Lauren are playing around, she kind of hangs back and just watches them. Something I found interesting is in Ep3 around the 43:30 mark, when Leo was playing/attacking Joon lol Lauren went to join in and Da young stood up, went towards Joon and looked like she wanted to join in but hesitated.

      And sometimes I think its the way the boys go about interacting with her, dont get me wrong I do think they try but as the child psychologist pointed out they need to go a different way about it. I understand where they are coming from but sometimes when interacting with her they do seem exasperated and eventhough she is young Im sure she feels this from them and this probably makes her build a wall.

      I also think editing maybe a part, this maybe a unpopular opinion but I was surprised that Seungho was chosen as the 1st/best dad, from what we have seen yes he is a good appa but only to Lauren I have barely seen him interact with the other two. But seeing as the kids chose him as well it does hit you that they must edit out a lot.

      I have to say it was nice to see Da Young open up, she is really sweet and I hope to see her get closer and open up to all the boys. I did find it funny and really cute how the boys were surprised she was talking and smiling lol their reactions aww.

      Also Lauren and Da Young aww so so cute, Lauren is just pure sweetness, you
      can see she looks out for Da Young and doesnt want her to be upset, I felt so
      sad when she said sorry, and how she went to seat next to Da Young. Their friendship is heart warming.

      Just want to add kind of sad that Joon wasnt there, as I think he would have learned a lot, but I do think he has been doing a good job so far

  2. another great 2 funny, entertaining episodes! The Blaqies crack me up…I have a feeling this show isn’t as scripted as the others. Or maybe the Blaqies just equal true drama. Love it! ^^

  3. I am a casual fan of MBLAQ but I love watching Hello Baby since season II (because of SHINee). I would have to say this is the best season by far because of the dynamics between MBLAQ and the three multicultural kids.

    Although Hello Baby has always aimed to dish out parenting knowledge to the audience in an informal way, I dare say this is the first time the lessons have really stuck with viewers.

    I’m happy to know that many people can identify with Dayoung (including Joon) because they were a shy kid just like her. I was surprised to see comments among young viewers who were inspired to become a child expert like the counsellor after seeing ep 4.

    I know this season is not over yet — I hope it doesn’t end so soon 🙂 — but I think it will be tough for the producers and the next idol group to top this season off.

    It has just the right blend of drama, comedy and parenting lessons, which to be honest is something that everyone needs.

    I have never seen YT commentators debate parenting styles on HB the way they do this season and I think it’s great! The arguments can get heated, and sometimes out of topic, but at least it gets people talking about something more than “Oh, oppa is so cute” 🙂

    I can’t wait for Ep 5 because I miss Joon (hahaha) and he’s my favourite appa. I hope Dayoung gets closer to him too. But I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot of interaction between Mir and the kids. Lauren’s dad let out (on Twitter) that DY and Lauren gave Joon appa the same present in the next episode. Can’t wait!

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