Joonie Can Watch My Kids Anytime

That is, if and when I have kids, you know, with Bi ^^.

To all the new-age parents/thinkers out there: don’t tomato me. I do not condone child abuse of any kind. I am only stating my opinion on how important sometimes physical discipline can be when rearing a child (although I have none).

As silly as 23-year-old Mblaq singer/dancer/honey abs Lee Joon can be at times, he seriously dropped science in episode 2 of “Hello Baby”. I’m sure by now you have all seen the first few episodes of Mblaq’s Hello Baby, which, from what I can gather, is a quite a hit already among A+s (Mblaq fans). The Blaqies are as cute, charming, and comical as ever, as they navigate the choppy waters of child-rearing. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the powers-that-be of Kpop know exactly what they are doing when writing these reality shows, knowing that fans of Kpop stars are more than interested in seeing their favourite idol in everyday family situations. Kpop reality shows do not disappoint!

There has already been a bit of controversy mostly involving Mir. The first instance was Mir’s comment about wanting one of the babies to be “dark-skinned” or “African” (whatever the real translation) and the second was our dear Mir stating how pretty tyke Lauren is and how she would be his ideal type once she grew up. That stirred some uneasy emotions among fans and netizens and I believe it has died down, as most understand Mir and most likely concluded he was not being malicious, but rather, he was just being Mir. 🙂 Oi, Mir…

"Hello Baby"'s Leo

The next instance was Joonie’s “physical discipline” of (one of Bebe’s kids) Leo. Ok, yeah, the kid is cute, no doubt about it. But let’s be honest about this. Even his mom admitted in her letter to the Blaqies that he is somewhat of a terror and has a problem with his temper and hits whoever ticks his 3-year-old little behind off. Uhm, excuse me?? Yes! Case in point… in episode 2 of Mblaq’s “Hello Baby”, the Blaqies and the kids are sitting around in their living room watching an animated children’s show on an android phone which Joonie is holding, when suddenly, the phone shuts off. The screen literally goes black. And what does Leo do? He smacks Joonie right in the face…so hard, that Joonie’s specs fly off of his face. I couldn’t believe it! Joonie couldn’t believe it! He was truly shocked, and you could tell by the expression on his face. Well, what happened next? Joonie, no doubt, shocked and slightly angered by this little kid’s boldness, picks him up, lays him across his lap, and whacks him (albeit softly) on his little rear. Of course, Leo runs off wailing, not from pain, but from sheer and utter disbelief that he didn’t get away with hitting an adult.

Little Leo smacks his appa up

I was really hoping Joonie would stick to his guns and not give in to the peer pressure and naysaying of the other Blaqies, but indeed he did, going so far as to apologize to Leo. I do understand why he apologized. He didn’t want his image to “go to hell” as he muttered right after spanking Leo. Bottomline is that Joonie’s got an image to uphold. Maybe his image would’ve been ruined in the eyes of some fans, but for me? Well, he just made me more of a fan. That’s right, Joonie stepped up in my book. We all know what would really go down if the camera were not around and Leo was Joonie’s own kid, don’t we? I really admire that about him. Kid’s need physical discipline. Sorry, they do not all respond to a “talkin’ to”. Some of them just need to have their bottoms warmed every now and then to help them keep in line and aware of who’s in charge.

I was physically disciplined as a child and I have not become a serial killer or an abuser of children. It helped me to recognize and respect authority and to honor older people. Parents who discipline their children care about them. So yes, Joonie really impressed me, and his reasoning was dead on as he stressed to the other Blaqies how important it was to not give in to Leo’s crying and how hitting was not the way to solve problems. I even appreciated how he said that boys hitting girls in school was not acceptable, and that sort of behaviour should be stopped early on. I do believe Joonie will be a great father.

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28 thoughts on “Joonie Can Watch My Kids Anytime

  1. Completely agree with you. Physical discipline is not a bad thing (to me) so long as it’s not abuse and what Joon did was nowhere near that. I would even add Mir to the list as he seems to favor discipline as well.

    That child needs a whooping, though, not a spanking. Joon has really shocked me, in a good way so far. And like you said, I think he would be a great, but stern dad that offers a lot of love at the same time!

    I was reading some comments somewhere else and one person said that a lot of fans are forgetting they’re supposed to act like parents to these kids and not friends. I have to agree with this as well a your stance. As fun as it is to watch them on the show, there has to be some level of reality as well!

    • @Princesa Preciosa: so true!! They are the kids’ “appa”. It’s plain and simple, they are supposed to act as the parental units to these kids. They are not “hyung”, “oppa” or even “ajussi” to them. The kids need to be respectful to their elders no matter what. Anyway, I think this is going to be a very interesting season!

  2. Well first we to remember this is just a SHOW, so we cant take anything on here seriously. secondly, that kid should have been taken off the show, i mean i understand that you want to impress the viewers but what if Joonie really lost his temper!! I dont care what noone says, nobody will hit my kid but me and Of course what that kid did was wrong, but that’s when the mother should have been called and told to come and get your bada** kid because we will not tolerate that type of behavior… Or they should have never accepted a kid that they knew was a hitter in the first place..

    • @ANGEL: I am certainly not advocating that any Tom, Dick and Harry can hit my child either, but I grew up in an environment/community where parents trusted the people who watched their kids for them; and they would give those people permission to spank/whip me and my sibs if we got out of line. It has always been really difficult for parents to find people (probably relatives) who can watch their kids and whom they can totally trust. There’s always the worry of sexual, physical and verbal abuse when the parents are not around, and so I can understand why you would want to be the only person to discipline your child. Oh yes, I know exactly where you are coming from.

      • Angel,

        I’m def with you. I wouldnt want anyone else touching my kid but I think Korea runs how the South did. You know everyone pitches in to raise your kids. My Korean friends said that in school teachers will spank a child if they have to. In fact my one friend said growing up he was a bad kid so he got beat everywhere he went lol at home, in school you name it he was getting hit haha

      • I agree now a days you have to be careful but like boab said back in the day if you watched someones kid you became their parent. I was spanked by parents and my other “parents” and have come away just fine. The way these kids treat their elders today they need a swift tap

  3. Joon is the worst father of the five. Even worst then Mir (he’s basically one of the kids). One scene Joon is behaving like child, taunting and teasing the kids. The next scene, he wants respect and to be treated like an adult. His behavior confuses the kids. Also, I knew he was weird, but I had no idea Mir was so creepy. Every time he is near Lauren, he makes uncomfortable. Excuse his behavior he you like, but I cringe. I really like MBLAQ. I love their shows the most. Sesame Player was the best! This one’s a bit dull in comparison, but the kids are great. They each have so much personality.

    • @Candi: lol, very interesting thoughts on Mir. I wish he would stop his strange behaviour, especially toward Lauren, but I will chalk it up to his being Mir. Goodness knows I hope that’s all it is! :/

      • I also hope the same about Mir. Maybe Mir may have an undiagnosed problem that he or his folks may not be aware of that may explain why he acts the way he do. I’ve one occasion that he wanted to be the man that he is. Though he is a honorable, responsible man, his behavior may suggest something else to other people.Hopefully, he will become aware of this and check himself. It hurts when people misinterpret you to be something that you’re possibly not. He said it hurts his feelings when some of fans criticize him for being that way.

      • I truly enjoy Mir’s weird personality. He seems honest, eccentric, and nerdy. All great qualities. Nonetheless, he grosses me out on this show. He doesn’t behave creepy with the other kids, just Lauren.

      • @Bitofabelly81 and @ATLSis,

        I totally agree that Mir’s behavior towards Lauren makes me uncomfortable. It’s almost like he is “infatuated” with this little girl and the fact that she moved away from him in the latest episode, let’s me know that even she is aware of “stranger danger” as we call it in our family. Not saying that he would do anything but his attention to her, needs to be taken down a notch. I know that when my daughter Mika met him at the concert in Las Vegas, she said that he was “nice but kinda odd and made her nervous”. He may have ADHD or maybe he just is extremely immature. Either way, it’s not a good look.

        Joonie is really surprising me! He is so compassionate and kind towards Dayoung who is such a sweet, shy girl; she needs a different kind of attention from the Appas. Unlike Lauren, who reminds me so much of Mika: the beautiful, outgoing, charming girl who will always get the attention. But Dayoung does not feed off of that kind of energy and you have to be patient with her and let her open up in her own time. I think with Joonie being Bi-Polar and a sensitive person, he has a better understanding of Dayoung. I really like this season of Hello Baby!

      • @angelface01: I don’t remember seeing the same amount of drama and emotion in SHINee’s Hello Baby than in Mblaq’s–not to mention so early on! It seems the producers/writers of the show very carefully picked the kids not only for looks, but also for personality and compatibility with the Blaqies. As anyone can imagine, a real family is made up of all types of personalities.

        Dayoung is adorable…I think she’s just as pretty as Lauren, but like you mentioned–she’s different! It’s going to take alot more time for her to come out of her shell. I still can’t believe Mir gave her tough love when he moved her from the table. He never ceases to surprise me. Just when you think he’s all jokes, laughing and hyperactivity, he tries to be the disciplining, tough appa.

        Leo’s bad temper worries me, but I have a feeling he will come full circle with the Blaqies by the time the show is over. Joonie really tried this time when Leo hit him, taking him to another room from the eyes of everyone else, so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. He calmly talked to him, and I loved his, “I don’t want to come here again”. Very proud of Joonie! ^^

      • @candi @ATLSis @angelface01: concerning Mir’s behaviour in the 3rd episode…uhm, why?? Why would he creepily say something like, “I’ll buy you all the strawberry milk you want. I’ll even pick the strawberries for you.” Yikes. Angelface01: what you said about your daughter meeting Mir, I can totally least she is 15 (and beautiful) and he is not much older, what, 19 or 20? But for him to talk so suggestively to a 4 year old is disturbing. And yes, Lauren was clearly uneasy because she moved away from him. Even kids can sense those things. I hope Mir gets a grip.

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      When Mir was trying to discipline Dayoung, I went straight into “Mommy mode”. It was obvious the girl was sleepy and didn’t her parents write in their instructions that she needed to take nap each day before lunch? I think Mir’s heart was in the right place, since he was trying to coax her to eat, the way that his family did. But pushing her away from table–just not good. But I give him a pass for that. They are not parents are don’t really understand the mind of a child. Dayoung is only a year younger than our youngest Ryan and I know from daily experiences–you will NOT win with a sleepy, cranky child. It always ends in tears : ).

      Yes, that strawberry milk scene was Crazy! But even b/4 they went shopping, it started to get “weird”. When Mir said, “I want to be with Lauren” and kept pleading that he go with Seung Ho, to be with Lauren. My husband was like, “Creepy Much. Whoa that is wrong, on oh so many levels”. Ha, ha! Mir really does not have a filter. You are right, Mika being 15, she could definitely handle Mir. She just felt uneasy with his attention but just brushed him off. But a 5 year old? Come on now! Kids are very perceptive. Ryan will cling to me, if someone gets really close to him and he feels uncomfortable. Lauren is a smart girl. She listened to that inner voice, assessed the situation, and moved the heck away. A child after my heart! LOL!

  4. I agree with you Angel, its funny you mention that because I actually do think Joon did get angry. Saying that I do think Joon is doing a good job, and not only when it comes to Leo but the other two as well. It seems he is the only one trying to discipline Leo, while the others either laugh or instead scold joon, I think this latest ep he did a better job when Leo hit him with him taking him away and explaining to him.
    One of my issues is that they all need to be on the same page when it comes to discipline, you have Leo hitting Joon the other members laughing, Joon trys to discipline Leo he starts crying everyone starts shouting at Joon and they go comfort Leo how is Leo supposed to learn? if they contimue like this he will contimue to think hitting is alright.

    • @Nikki: yes!! I was disappointed to see Joonie cave into the peer pressure. He was so on point, but then he was put in the doghouse by the rest of the Blaqies, who also didn’t want to seem heartless.

    • Nicole,

      lmao! Leo really is a nightmare but hes soo cute. I bet thats why hes gotten away with acting like a little punk so far in life. I am Pro Joonie Discipline! haha

  5. When I saw that, I went straight into mommy mode. Let one of my boys act up like that (and I have a 3 year old) he would never act that way again. I was “chicken necking” and everything, lol. I’m glad that Joon let the little boy know that hitting is not acceptable, even if he did apologize to him afterwards. He was probably worried about what the netizens would say and didn’t want to be ostracized.

    • Couturekitty13,

      “When I saw that, I went straight into mommy mode”.

      LOL! That had me laughing! I have 3 kids of my own and one on the way, and my kids know better. I don’t even have to say anything to them, I just give them “the look” and all 3 know exactly what I mean. LOL! My youngest son Ryan who is 6 years old said one day, “Mommy, we always know when you start talking in Spanish—we are in big, big trouble”. LOL! First I give the look, then I start talking to them in Spanish, next comes Daddy with the belt. :).

  6. I know that some people were upset, but most people I saw on youtube comments weren’t about Joon spanking him. He didn’t even hit Leo that hard. Leo cries about everything once he doesn;t get his way.

  7. I’ll give Joonie a round of applause for not letting Leo hitting him like that I also will respect the mom about one thing, she did tell him about her son’s behavior.

    Now I will never profess to being a babysitter,though I have kept my nephews, mentally challenged woman and a neighbor’s little boy when he was a baby. None of them gave me the grief that Leo gave to Joonie. Now I would never do that to other people’s kids only because they are not my kids,but I also wouldn’t keeping children like that if that child is constantly disobedient, and where the parent think that should swallow what they are doing.

    Joonie may have apologized because he was on TV,but if he was else where, he would have done and would have told the child why he did it. Some of those same commentors on YT who condemn his actions aren’t being honest with themselves.They know good and well if there was an unruly child like Leo to slap in the faces like that are not going to keep taking it with smile. I know how many times I have see kids act like Leo or worse and I just wanted to set them straight. Though I have never done that, I’ve seen people getting so sick and tired of other people’s their kids disrespecting their parents that THEY played parents to them. No, they didn’t spank or punish them which is right not to do,but just basically told them to stop it.I can’t blame them.

    • @ATLSis,

      Leo is just a brat and needs the discipline. No adult should be disrespected by a child and trust me if Leo is behaving this badly on tv, his behavior is much worse at home. That behavior just would not fly in our home. Our kids get punished merely because the “tone of their voice” seemed bad to us. If one of our sons hit my husband in his face, trust me he would go Ninja on them. LOL! I have sent some of my kids friends home because they did not respect the rules in our home. Parents need to parent their kids and stop trying to be their friends.

  8. I think a lot of you missed the fact that most of the time Mir agrees with Joonie about disciplining Leo. He said himself that he disciplines his cousins when he has to and he thinks discipline is needed. He also stated that the way he behaves towards the kids on the show was the best method for his cousins….he’s slowly realizing that the method doesn’t work for all kids. When Leo acted up and was in the wrong Mir pointed out that Leo was in the wrong and should have been disciplined. And when Leo acted up from Joonie teasing him Mir said Joonie was wrong. Mir’s comments tend to get drowned out in the objections of the other members though. Poor maknae’s being ignored.

    And yes, Leo needs an old fashion (though not quite Madea-styled) spanking. My mom would tap me or my sis 2-3 times on our hand or bottom (with clothes on…I know some use to make kids strip for whoopings) with a belt. She would tap just hard enough for it to sting a bit. We cried mainly from the fact we got spanked than from the spanking itself. Then after we calmed down she would explain why “we don’t do that” as she would say.

    • That sounds like my spankings from my dad or mom too. You were more embarassed than anything. Did you even used to cry and hug your mom afterwards? My older sister and I were talking about how we would do that and didn’t know why we would run to the one who made us cry.

      • Yeah we would cry and hug my mom too. Don’t know why we would do that either lol. My sister always laughed when I got spankings. I would cry when she got one. She said I was dramatic and it was funny. But she was dramatic too. She hurt; I cry. I hurt; she laughs. That hurt my feelings lol. But my mom’s a pre-K teacher now and those kids do the same thing when she puts them in time out. They cry, give her a hug when they get out of time out, and then bring her presents (some handmade) and food (some homemade) on every holiday you can think of. They seriously love her and actually stop other kids from doing what they got in trouble for. Blows my mind.

      • @Lei,

        In our home we call it “the power of the belt’. As soon as the kids see Daddy run to his closet and get it, the bickering stops and order is miraculously restored in our home. LOL!

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