Sexy Oppa: Cha Seung Won

Okay, I think it’s time for me to move to Korea and start drinking their water. Why? Because everyone there must be drinking from the fountain of youth, including this man.  Cha Seung Won is one of the few Korean men that have facial hair, and I actually like it.  The first time I saw him was in the kdrama City Hall.  The show was meh, but I absolutely loved him in it.  Apparently he’s had a lot of comedic rolls (like in the Greatest Love) but I can only see him action/angsty rolls like “Athena” or “Eye for an Eye”. Also can I mention that he stars in “71: Into the Fire” with TOP? Always a plus. Besides dramas and movies, he’s been in a few music videos. Most recently he was the brooding ajussi/bounty hunter in T-ara’s  music video for “Cry, Cry”. Very sexy but very long since the video was 15 minutes.

Cha Seung Won is also a family man. He married his wife when he was 18 and they are still happily together. They have a son who is 23 and a daughter who’s 8.  I know I’d be one smiling lady, if I were his wife. His son is handsome as well and his daughter is too cute! Here is a list of some of his movies and dramas if you are interested in watching.


Murder, Take One

Athena: Goddess of War

City Hall

Greatest Love

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16 thoughts on “Sexy Oppa: Cha Seung Won

  1. Dokkojin! Man, he’s freakin’ awesome and he so gorgeous and manly [drools]. I love that he’s a family man too. I believe I saw his tattoo of his daughter’s name on GL . . . That’s hot! I have too many dramas to watch (like hundreds), but I definitely want to see the rest of his dramas first (especially City Hall and Athena).

  2. Wow!, Cha has a son that old(23)? I wonder is his son as handsome as he is. He probably get those ” Is that your brother?” kind of questions whenever they are together.

      • people do age gracefully. 1989..the same year that I graduated from high school. It sure don’t seem like it. Cha probably saying the same thing about his high school years.

    • His son looks like a mix of Seungri from Big Bang mixed with the YG producer Kush aka e.knock

      This is a pic of him shown on a show CSW was on in December 2011. I don’t know hold old the pic is.

  3. OK someone was thinking of ME when they wrote that post 🙂 Cha Seung Won IS and will ALWAYS be my number one ideal man! He’s got EVERYTHING that I love in a man.
    He’s edgy, stylish, talented, gorgeoussssss and above all a family man! What more can I say?!

      • I haven’t seen any movies/shows with him, but I am looking forward to it. And he is truly an oppa!! Yay! What I am most impressed with is that he’s stayed married to his wife since he was 18. Impressive! In this “we’ll see how it works out, and if it doesn’t, we’ll just divorce” world, it’s really refreshing to know there are still men out there who are in it for the long haul ^^ Great post couturekitty!

  4. A 23year old son and a 8 year-old daughter!!!???? Come On!!!!

    @couturekitty13: your right! im thouroughly convinced now that there IS a fountain of youth in Korea somewhere and ill be booking the next flight myself! lol!!!

    Oh, and Yes!!! He is One fine man!!!! ……………..even thought hes old enough to be my pops..^_^!!!!

  5. Cha Seung Won. Masculinity at it’s finest. I agree with Carine and Couturekitty13.
    Also, he can act. He is my number one Korean male actor.

    P.S. glad I found this blog!!

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