[MV] Kim Kyu Jong: “Yesterday”

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong released this single a few months ago and the “suspender dance” was a big deal. Now, I want you all to take a moment and just take in what I wrote below. After, view the video…Doesnt it seem like hes the lead guy in that description and the song is its ost??

“When I think of Seoul I think of chic, modern, penthouse apartments with marbled floors and the scent of Chanel lingering in the air. Champagne glasses with over flowing gold liquid and Dior lip glossed prints along the rims. Sexy Korean men in high-profile positions ready and willing to play. Intense gazes accompanied with mischievous smiles, always fitted and designer wearing, in control causing women to lose control.”

Everything about this video is sexy; his voice, his look, his attire, his double diamond earrings and the way he was moving with those suspenders. Lets just take 4 minutes and 20 seconds to become re-acquainted with the definition of “grown and sexy” shall we?

K-Kisses! KrisE

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11 thoughts on “[MV] Kim Kyu Jong: “Yesterday”

  1. Yeah, that was very sexy.

    Sometimes I wish more of the idols that are in groups would release a solo single, especially the ones who can sing really well.

    For some reason this song’s sound reminded me of old Duran Duran mixed with Lady Gaga.

    • Choi, Nicole,

      Really??? I know Duran Duran but only maybe 3 of their songs but not enough to hear the similarities. Is there like a specific Duran Duran song that sticks out or just their over all sound? I wanna hear it tooooooo lolol

      • Hey KrisE,

        For some reason this made me think of Duran Duran’s older stuff like “The Reflex”, “Girls on Film”, “Rio”, “Hungry Like the Wolf”. You know, songs they played back when MTV actually played music videos. Donghae & Eunhyuk’s song “Oppa Oppa” sounds similar in my opinion.

        To me it’s the overall sound…. vintage 80’s Rock sound.

  2. I love this song and the whole look. Thank god we got Mnet. I get to watch K-pop vids on Tv and I first saw this on hello pop and lost my mind. My mom even fell in love with this song. I have converted her to kpop with Rain.

    Hmmmm………. Duran Duran. I guess I can see it, it probably reminds me of their song come undone somewhat. I know Kyu Jong said he wanted to have a more R&B sound with this album but its sort of a mixture. The only song I can classify as R&B on his album is probably get your love but then again R&B has changed.

    • Drea,

      I am literally addicted to this video and song. But ugh Mnet! I was so freakin excited that I had it and then suddenly it was gone! I would call the cable company but I havent gotten around to it -_-

  3. Love the song, Love the MV, Love the choreography…..BTW the poem you wrought ,OMG that’s the same feeling I have when ever I dream of A beautiful Asian Men lol lol lol Sorry girl but I’ll copy this poem lol lol lol

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