SS501: Love Them!

For those of you unfamiliar with this group I briefly introduced them to you during the first Battle of the Most Dramatic Music Videos by featuring their mv Love Ya. SS501 ( pronounced Double S 501. SS stands for Superstar Singer 501 Five members united as one forever) is my all time favorite South Korean boy group. They were the first K-Pop group I had ever heard of and I miss them soooo much! They formed back in 2005 and were super successful and had really crazy reality shows that involved supernatural mystery cases and stalkers. If you peep their older videos like Unlock they were totally Anime pre plastic surgery looking ^_^ They seriously have to be the nicest group of guys everrrrr. They always treated their fans with such love and respect. If their fans were waiting outside in the cold too long they would argue with their management team to let everyone in the concert arena. They always bought all their fans hot tea and there were many occasions during concerts where they would just stand and talk to their fans and break down into tears after expressing how grateful they were.

Currently all the members belong to different management companies, however each one has SS501 activities written into their contracts and they will be making a comeback!!! So who are the members of SS501?! Well the group is made up of 5 guys; Leader Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Maknae Kim Hyung Jun. Notice anything weird? Yes both Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Jun have verrrrry similar names! If you ever notice when us Kim Hyun Joong fans talk about him we refer to him as “Leader” that is the reason. Because their names are so similar Triple S fans (Superstar Singer Supporters) refer to them as “Leader” and “Baby”.

Quick Facts: Kim Hyun Joong played Boys Over Flowers F4 member Yoon JiHoo. Boys Over Flowers club scene with Jandi features Baby, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeung performing their single Ur Man. SS501 sung Because I’m Stupid also featured in BOF. Baby’s younger brother is former U-KISS member Kim Ki Bum (not to be confused with SuJu member Kim Ki Bum or SHINee’s Key). Below are member photos,names and ages ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE

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15 thoughts on “SS501: Love Them!

  1. Thanks for this post because I’m still not as familar with this group as some others but I’m learning more about them.

    That’s so true about how they treat their fans. I read that “Leader” made an impromptu stop in Japan in order to sign autographs for his fans while he’s in the midst of his promotional activities for his Japanese single. I’m sure he’s really busy but it was so sweet that he took the time out to do that……and it actually seemed genuine. I like these guys.

  2. What?! So, is the comeback going to be soon? I hope so ;D I love them! I was just watching WGM Season 1 when Hwangbo visited the boys in Japan. That was hilarious! They really do seem very nice guys.

    • They were suppose to have a comeback in 2011 but I think things got derailed because of Leaders solo activities, Kim Kyu Jongs solo activites and performance in Goong the play. Plus Jung Min and the others had solo stuff going on also. Right now Hyun Joong is promoting his Japanese releases and I think after that he might be in another drama..sooo hopefully they come back sometime later this year.

  3. Triple S 4 Ever!!! Sorry, my inner fan girl is showing LOL! I was looking forward to the comeback too. So far all of their solo albums have been hott!! kyu jong’s and leader’s are probably my fave. I love the fact that they all have their own musical style and with their solos they can finally showcase it and with the songs they have put out, I know their reunion album is going to be awesome.

    Kris, Jung Min is doing a Taiwanese drama and some mentioned that he is having a fan meet in the Philippines. Speaking of him did you see his spread in ANAN magazine? I was shocked that he posed.

    Have anyone been watching Glowing She? Baby is doing a real good job so far. He ain’t afraid to get dirty either. LOL! you gotta love him.

      • I don’t have a twitter and I’m trying hard to stay away from it. LOL! People keep trying to get me to get one. My fave pic is the one where he has his eyes closed and has a hand on his head. it’s not shown on the one you posted. His body is just beautiful.

        Yes I’m lovin the sexy Kyu Jong. As far as baby’s show, I’ve seen 2 episodes so far. A girl on YT is subbing so I’m waiting on her to sub the others and its funny. Its showing a side of baby I’ve never seen before and I like it. He looks sexy too by the way. Our baby is all grown up.

      • I suggest you just give in and join Twitter that way you can follow BOAB and myself plus all the Idols ^_^

  4. they were my first kpop band too. they totaly rock(ed)- stil do in my books and ur so right on the anime look 🙂 Unlock has to be my favourite song tho i can never decide!! i have a collectn of their music that i absolutely adore-have u checked out the MV for ‘A Song Calling for You’ its so hilarious i can never get enough and oooooh did i mention Jungmin is my ULTIMATE double S bias! yeah when everybody was busy chasing after Leader i was holding it down for the dude obsessed with carrots hehehe

    • myles,

      Haha I was obsessed with Unlock for a minute! Everytime I saw Leader all I kept thinking was “Final Fantasy” hahaha Jung Min is hot in a super handsome way. Have you ever seen the video where Leader is sitting in his pajamas cracking up over the toy elmo laughing on the table and Jung Min flies onto the table and kicks it off?!

      A song calling for you I like that mv its so goofy! lol

      • @ KrisE
        ad totaly forgtn thatp video! i loled so hard when i first saw it and that Jungmin stunt! haha
        loved how Leader called Elmo ‘crazy’ it sounded funny in an adorable way with his accent

      • The funny part is Leader was calling Elmo crazy meanwhile his laugh sounds just like elmos!! lolol

  5. okay so I was strolling around on Soompi and started lurking in Jung min’s thread and look what I found. You were the 1st person I thought of when I saw these pics. Look at the sexiness of those pics especially #2.

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