Kim “Key” Kibum: The Key To SHINee’s Flare

I just love Key, the 20-year-old SHINee member known for his flamboyant style and charm. You may wonder where the stagename “Key” comes from. There is a Kim Kibum that existed publicly before this one, and he was once part of Super Junior (current on leave of absence). To not confuse fans and the public, SHINee Kibum decided to take on the stagename of “Key”. He also is known by another term of endearment “Almighty Key” because of incredible talent and contribution to SHINee by way of his dance, singing and rapping skills. Even though Minho is my overall SHINee bias, Key is my SHINee vocal bias. All of the other SHINee members deem Key the “omma” (Korean for “mother”) of the group, as he is always nagging and making a fuss over them with an uncanny maternal instinct.

I remember the first time I saw Key in SHINee’s “Noona Neomu Yeoppo (Older girl you’re very pretty)” video. All I could think was, “who’s the kid with the perfect face?!” Key’s looks are striking, no doubt about it. But I must confess that my affections for Key are totally platonic and big-sisterly. Something else I really appreciate about Key is that he seems to really appreciate his fans, and no matter where SHINee is in the world, he always seems to be the one member who acknowledges them with a kind smile and warm wave. He’s also known for being physically affectionate with his beloved Shawols (SHINee fans); and humbly receives their praise and adoration through gracious bows and thanks. I think it’s safe to say that Key is worldclass.

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14 thoughts on “Kim “Key” Kibum: The Key To SHINee’s Flare

  1. This. Everything you said *hearts*

    I remember when I first saw him too. I was all hot for Jjong (now my ultimate bias is Onew lol) but when I saw Key I was like WHOA HE IS FINE AS HELL! WHAT BE HIS NAME!. And I love his voice too, its so unique. Ahhh he’s just an overall unique person, any guy or girl would be lucky to have him!

    Omg and his charm lol. When I heard that Key was the player of the group I died haha so him. OH, and I looove him speaking English. Lol loves Keybee

  2. I’m always learning something new when it comes to Kpop fanclubs. for the longest, I’ve always wondered what are ” Cassies” “Blackjacks” or in this case “Shawols” now I know. I always see these names of these clubs and they all always seem to be in competition with each other. I remembered reading that DBSK/JYJ had the world largest fanclub. Initially, I didn’t believe it,but the more I read about how their fanclubs are, I get why.
    Back on the topic about Shinee. If Key appreciates his fans the way he does , they will always have his back.

    Man, I would be nice that Shinee and other great Kpop stars would come southward. It seems like a lot of fun. I think that if the next Korean festival take place here, I may suggest that to the organizers of the festival. I already enjoy other world festivals,but with this, I would enjoy it twice as more.

  3. aaaw Diva Key! aint he just cute..personaly he luked cutest to me in the Hello video with his red jammies 🙂 and i loved his hair in the Lucifer video..he definately brings flair to Shinee…ad read he does have a way with the ladies and DubuQueen i 100% agree with you on Onew – he is soo my Shinee bias, everything from his voice to his Onew condition 🙂

  4. I’m a huge fan of his magnificent bone structure those cheekbones could cut glass… He is definitely a guy who would tell it to ya like it is..and he is very fashion forward.I enjoy the girl group dances he does. What is there not to like about him? 😀

  5. The picture make his facial features shine so much! Sometimes with him it’s like aww then other times it’s like hot damn!

    i love Key so much. His you either like me or you don’t attitude is something I enjoy. He seems like the type of person that everyone needs in their life – just real.

    I love hearing him sing and watching him perform. His english speaking voice is sexy too!

  6. For some reason, ultimately, he is my SHINee bias.
    I find him to be the most sexy:
    the way he moves, his voice,
    the way he interacts with people,
    his talent outside of SHINee, his looks,
    the way he talks, no matter what language,
    and his sweet, yet devilish sense of humour…
    SHINee is overflowing with talent,
    and their management company
    doesn’t seem to know what to do with them.
    They’re at a point now in their career,
    where they really need to up the ante.
    Yes, Key did look absolutely adorable in his little red jammies…
    However, they are all of age now,
    it’s time to properly celebrate all this coming of age.

  7. Key’s so likeable. He screams friendly and I love his random fashion choices. He comes across as the kind of guy you can have incredibly energetic conversations with. I’m curious though, as Shinee “grows up” what direction thier sound will take. EIther way, key = awesome.

  8. Key is the best! Hes so funny and I love his little sneers and when he rolls his eyes! My favorite Key moment is between him and Amber of girl group F(x) speaking English. He said “Boo” hahaha

  9. okay so I just got into them. I like some of the songs but its the age factor for me. I feel so wrong for looking at them. LOL! I like Key’s persona. I’ve seen him on a couple of variety shows and yeah he is a straight diva. Him and Taemin are probably my fave so far. I need to do more investigation on them.

    • Lol me too…the age factor n I am older than all of them yet I like the youngest one (Taemin) the most. But how can anyone not like Taemin, he is just the most adorable kid I have seen. Its been more than a year since I got into them n it hasn’t stopped. I LOVE SHINEE’S SONGS though most of them.

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