MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 2 Parts I – IV [ENG]

Yay episode 2! There are 4 parts to this episode all linked for everyone below. Lets view together and discuss ^_^

PART 2   PART 3   PART 4

K-Kisses! KrisE

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25 thoughts on “MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 2 Parts I – IV [ENG]

  1. This episode reminded me of the one with SHINee when the little boy came in trying to wake them up. These kids are a little unruly but they’re so cute and smart. I’m impressed that even though they’re multi-cultural kids they seem to speak and understand Hangul pretty well.

    Seung Ho really seems to be bonding well with his “daughter”…..it’s cute to see. Can’t wait to finish up Part 4.

    • Choi,

      Dont you think this Hello Baby is alittle better than SHINees? I mean that one was hilarious but even though this is the 2nd episode I feel its more authentic and less scripted than SHINees was.

      • KrisE,

        Well…….. when I’m not obsessed over SuJu, I’m a diehard SHINee fan. In my eyes they can do no wrong….ever. I thought their episodes were pretty authentic especially the ones that showed them bickering with each other as if they were married but I really need to see a couple more of these Mblaq episodes before I can decide which group is better 🙂

      • That’s part of what I love about MBLAQ in general.
        They always come across as more authentic,
        and less scripted — genuine, for real if you will.

  2. I can see Seungho having a little girl. I think that they will bond quite well,but I also can picture her knowing her dad quite well. With Seungho, he don’t have to say anything to let you know where he is coming from. HIs expression will tell it all. Just imagine the poor guy who will want to court her..he may be in trouble.Lol.

    While I’m enjoying these clips..one thing that always bugged me a little with it. It’s Not MBLAQ that is bothering me with this.concept of what multicultural kids are. There are no multicultural Korean kids that are of African( fill in the nationality) descent. Don’t get me wrong , diversity is a great thing no matter who it is,but to the viewer that is Blasian..once again..they are being left out in the cold. I’m hoping that couldn’t find one at the time,but with Korea, it’s practice of homogeneity still reigns .Maybe one day. they will be better represented,but for the time being, the idea of ” multiculturalism” there isn’t really true multiculturalism.

    • ATLsis,

      Usually I dont get very involved when it comes to comments about race because to me its just too tiring and I’m too laid back for it; however after reading your comment I feel the need to say something.
      I totally understand that you would like to see someone who is part Black or just tanned represented and I agree that would be nice.
      But I completely 100% disagree with your statement “there isnt really true multiculturalism”.
      Last time I checked the term multicultural was self explanatory. Its a mixture of more than 1 culture. They are representing different cultures not skin tones.
      Just because your particular mix is not represented does not make this a false representation of multiculturalism.
      “Its practice of homogeneity still reigns” South Korea is becoming more diverse however and this comment is general not directed totally, only partially at you…There is this outlook that in order for them to really be recognized as “diverse” they must include black people.
      A non Korean is a non Korean is a non Korean. Whatever the culture is whatever the skin tone is that is DIVERSITY and its wrong to not acknowledge progress just because a specific culture/ethnicity isnt represented at the moment.

      • Thank you for saying this KrisE. I feel the same way you do about “race”. But I’ve come to realize that not everyone is going to pleased. That’s just the way it is. No matter what happens or what so-called “changes” are made, some may still not be satisfied. It still won’t be enough. Oh well..

        Not that it matters but I thought there was a black kid…a full-blooded black kid…. on “Hello Baby” 5 or 6 years ago. I forgot which group were the “appas”. Maybe it was another show… I’m not sure.

      • KrisE,

        When I meant ”True diversity,I just don’t mean Black people,but everybody who lives and/or was raised in SK.As a person who loves multiculturalism, I struggle with what you said.

        I respect your posiion on the issue,but this is why…to some degree…I take a different view on it.When I mentioned about the show not being multicultural/multiracial enough,I don’t mean that they, other non mixed raced Koreans don’t count..yes they do no matter who they are,but the biggest mistake that people assume about multiculturalism I that you can leave out one group of people and still call it that.whether it,s intentional/unintentional..you can’t full claim that.

        If I had a company and hired everybody under the sun but exclude another, and iftheycan prove wrongdoing init discrimination organizations like ADL,EEOC ,SCLC or the ACLU, would say that it’s still discrimination in spite of the diversity that exist in it and see this situation with MBLAQ in the same manner. I doesn’ mean that I speaking against other non-black multiracial people.I celebrate diversities of all kinds,but Ican understand why some Blacks and others speak a about it.This isn’t just about black people being on one of theirs shows,but as I’ve said before,its about being respected as a human being.I’m still trying to be optimistic about it.Right now, I feel that my words have been unfairly misconstrued.

        being misconstrued.

    • ATLSis,
      I believe you and I are a bit older,
      we grew up during a time when it could not be ignored,
      as we were being reminded of it each and every day,
      we could not afford to go through life wearing
      rose-coloured glasses, lest someone come
      up out of nowhere and smack ’em off our faces;
      not to mention we seem more attuned to the
      subtleties of racism, and an ignorance
      that 15, 20 years ago, you’d sooner than later experience
      that rude awakening others warned you about,
      but you swore it just didn’t exist anymore,
      and would never happen to you…
      I applaud those people for being able to go through life
      unburdened by the harsh reality that still exists today,
      has anybody heard anything our former
      Speaker of the House Newt Gringrich has had to say lately.

      It is truly interesting learning about another culture,
      and in a sense watching them grow,
      and learn to navigate through the various
      histories of other races and cultures,
      as they themselves reach out to the rest of the world.

      Korea has a history of not treating their Blasian
      brothers and sisters with ultimate kindness and acceptance.
      I look at what they are now calling “multi-racial” as a first step.
      I know what you mean, I think,
      multi-racial to me doesn’t mean Korean and Chinese,
      or Chinese and Japanese,
      or any Asian and “white” as in European, or white American.
      Though they are all multi-racial,
      I think when we think of it in terms of how
      it might be viewed in the States, it means nothing,
      they would still be viewed as better than, if not special and exotic,
      than your average black American — I guess there’s
      a sensitivity that goes along with that realization.
      We can sometimes forget that to homogenous (sp?) societies
      such as Korea, China, Japan, etc.;
      most especially when taking their history with each other
      into consideration, including the ever present
      and lasting effects of the white man,
      throughout their history as well;
      in that respect, “multi-racial” in those terms,
      is of a greater significance to them,
      than to us over here in the states.
      Baby steps…

      I hope I made some sense;
      and I hope I have not offended anyone.

      • @whathefrell,

        I’m older as well. Great statement. I agree 150%. When I think about Newt and Romney….I get “chills.”

      • WTFrell,

        Exactly, my intention in expressing my views wasn’t to exclude people from the existing diversity they have. My problem is all about perception.

        My dad was a Vietnam vet, my grandfather was a Korean War vet. My dad also was stationed in Korea during. As a kid, I remembered the both of them talking about Vietnam and Korea.One of the things I remembered them saying about both countries was how kids that were born to foreign-born fathers was not treated correctly and if you were darker or Black oooh god you really was treated like crap. One woman he dated from there said that she had a child with a Black man. Her folks didn’t want to have anything with neither one of them and the people around her basically spat on her. She asked my dad did he want her son..really she did. This was in Korea, 1965. As recently 2004, a guy, who in this case, was Arab/German/Korean who I would yalk to from time to time in my French class would talk about his upbringing in Korea. He said , that his mom wouldn’t have put him in an international school, he didn;t know what he would have done. HIs older brother went to a majority Korean school and was mistreated because of his mixed blood. Initially, I didn’t want to believe this. I thought that minorities didn’t look down on other minorities,but it was a problem that I reluctantly accepted and continue to accept.

        When I see majority/minority issues like the one I mention of MBLAQ, I just did look and just judged with out looking. I was thinking about the numerous hockey games I attended( before it was sold). The majority of the people in attendance for it are White. Is it racist? Are the VP’s
        intentionally trying to keep black players out? No. As a matter of fact,
        they said the same thing about Hockey as I said about Korea. Where are the Black folks/minority folks? they wanted to diversify it and in spite of thethe few Black players that was in it, Black people didn’t come because as a whole we don’t go to the games. The VP”S wanted to change the perception of the sport. It didn’t mean that they overlooked their other players. It’s about good advertising and selling the sport to the public

        That is the difference with Korea and other world media outlets. you don’t see too many Black people/darker people on there because they are purposely left out of them and I’m not the only one who feel that way. I didn’t say this to offend people. I was dismayed at a centuries long problem that continue to linger as of this very day. I don’t do it everytime,but if it triggers my nerves long enough about any problem, I have to speak my peace.

        I’m an optimist and I try to see things in a positive light even when I don’t see the good in it. For Korea’s sake, I hope that the media become more inclusive about Blacks and every other race out there. the other night, I was looking at a clip that a Kpop blog had from Al-Jazeera TV about the Kpop craze. One of the people( Maybe a CEO of a music company said) that he wanted to make the Kpop industry to be more attractive,but including others in it. He said that he may try to get people from Europe or the MIddle East to be in it and that is all good,but he still didn’t mention Black women being in the mix. Since Europe have a great deal of Blacks /minorities from there, I will try to give him the benefit of the doubt,but most times when Europe is thought ,Black people are often left out of the mix. It’s that kind of perception that can hurt a country

      • @ATLSis,

        Funny you should mention 1965, that’s the year I was born. As of this past December I am now the “ripe old age” of 46. A teenager, no I’m not nor close to retirement either and in the grand scheme of life still considered fairly young. That should put it into perspective, at least time wise, the issues you bring up regarding race/multiculturalism in general, Korea specifically. You’re right, it Wasn’t that long ago. I felt the same as you looking at the babies on (Hello Baby), but as has been mentioned “baby steps” have been made. There was a tv movie in the 70s starring Paul Winfield called “Green Eyes” and it speaks, only in part, to the issue mentioned above.

        I will end my comment here.

      • How do you know they are “purposely” left out??? This is what I mean when I believe people get too sensitive over all of this and that talks of race are totally tiring. Everyone wants to find “deeper meaning” especially women. Women have this issue with over thinking and over complicating situations.

        Lets take it for what it as multi-cultural = more than 1 race therefore = true multiculturalism. Not everyone has to be repped at once. We dont live in S. Korea you cannot judge a whole country based on the bit of entertainment youtube offers.

        The whole issue is a lack of Intercultural Communication. You cannot apply your “American views and thinking” to Korean culture period.

        ATLsis your words were not “unfairly misconstrued”. I read your opinion, disagreed and therefore presented a defending argument. Its a topic of conversation we clearly do not see eye to eye on and thats completely ok. This conversation is also like beating a dead horse and is alittle too much for this topic which is 5 crazy boys taking care of 3 insane little kids. I’d rather talk about Mirs excessive comic collection than this ^_^

      • ALL: LET’S END THE DISCUSSION HERE. I see this thread taking on a disrespectful tone. We’re not here to debate and differ with each other but rather to find a common ground and grow on that.

  3. Joon actually surprised me I thought that he was really good with Dayoung at the swimming pool trying to cheer her up and trying to get her in the pool. I think she is just really shy and in time Im sure she will get closer to the boys. Its also cute how Dayoung seems to be attached to GO. Im looking forward to her getting closer with everyone she is so cute.

    Lauren is just seriously cute, also have to say dont like they (the show) are trying to create this weird rivalry with the girls when that is not the case, Lauren is bubbly and outgoing and Dayoung is more shy and reserved.

    Leo is just a troublemaker he is so cute, nice to see him and Joon makeup and get closer.

  4. Joonie is a total nutcase lolol I love how he imm went into “dictator appa” mode the moment he woke up lolol And I dont care what anyone says Joonie was totally right spanking Leo! That cute little punk needs a time out -_-

    • Thank you KrisE for saying that because where I come from, if a child hits you like that, you get hit (spanked/whooped) right back. I also liked how Mir agreed with Joon too. But it was too funny when Joon said “My image just went to hell” lol. He’s not as bad with the kids as I thought he might be.

      I still can’t get over SeungHo’s awesomeness with the kids! And I thought it was so nice when he was saying he would buy the dolls for the kids if they behaved. There’s a cute tweet between them too. He basically says I see you tomorrow daughter and she replies Ok daddy Seungho see you then. I love it!

      I feel bad for Dayoung and I hope she opens up more for everyone and not just G.O. Like he said, she has to know that everyone is there for her and not just him. I just hope they don’t pit Lauren and Dayoung against each other.

      Can’t wwait for Ep 3.

      • “But it was too funny when Joon said “My image just went to hell” lol. He’s not as bad with the kids as I thought he might be.’

        That was hilarious when he said that.
        They make me laugh more than any other idol group out there.
        You just can’t help falling in love with those guys.

        I know Joonie surprised me too,
        most especially because he seemed the most worried.
        He is definitely the disciplinarian of the bunch,
        he takes it seriously, but he also surprised me
        with his patience, the special effort he made,
        with some one-on-one attention,
        his awareness of the situation with Dayoung (sp?),
        and his willingness to apologize to Leo…
        So very sweet of him.
        He is just full of surprises and so endearing.
        But when he went showing off his muscles
        at the water park, all I could do is shake my head…
        That’s Joon for you, ya gotta love him!

        It was sweet how Doongie identified with Dayoung.
        Seungho’s got it all figured out,
        GO always wants to do better,
        but seems a little overwhelmed
        by the love Dayoung has for him.
        Mir, just when you think he’s oblivious to all,
        is actually the one that gets it.

        I loved it how at the end,
        They all bowed appropriately — even Dayoungie.

        Can’t wait for Episode 3!

  5. Love this episode. Dayoung is just a precious girl, but I wish she would be more open. Lauren is adorable and very polite and sweet to the appas. Leo is one troublemaker, but he’s so cute.

    Between the 5 guys, I think Seungho and G.O. will be awesome dads. 😀 Joon is getting through with Leo. Joon is just cute with Leo. 🙂 Not sure about the other two (Thunder and Mir) HA HA!!

    • They all really need to check their infatuation with Lauren…
      I get it, and it’s funny as hell and really sweet.
      Leo is cute as hell; and gosh darn it, so is Dayoung…
      she just takes a while, she requires a different approach.
      In the beginning, she was all over it.
      She’s just extra-sensitive, and they can afford
      to show her a little extra love.
      Lauren and Leo will be just fine.

  6. I loved this episode. I do think they are expecting too much of Dayoung too soon. Lauren is a ham, knows she’s cute and enjoys all the attention. Just because they have to work harder with Dayoung is no excuse to ignore her (like at the pool). Give her some credit, they’ve only known them a couple of days! My sister was the same way as a baby and it took her a long time to warm up to people. On the other hand, my brother was very outgoing, he was having full on conversations with strangers at the grocery store from his seat in the cart! *laughs*

  7. I loved this episode. The children definitely kept my attention. Dayoung, is so pretty. I think that she was so excited coming to the apt/dorm. Although, she can be alittle bit aggressive waking them up..lol. I hope she will open up alittle more in future episodes. I think that she will have a gift for Joonie, next time. Lauren is just a cutie pie. Leo…Leo..lol This little boy is as cute as he is bad, yet he made me laugh. One of my favorite parts was when they came to wake up Joonie and he went all yah on them. leo had Seugho’s light switch and seemingly turned Joon off…lol I know that was rude and not polite whatsoever, but I will admit I laugh so hard and replayed that part. I maybe one of the few in saying this, but Leo deserved to be spanked. Im happy Mir agreed with him.He hit him in the face, I know if he wouldve hit my mom…OMG! The cameras wouldve been blacked out. Anyways, I liked this episode and Im falling for these children. I was surprised by Mir, he seems to have matured and he’s better at handling the children then expected,

  8. KrisE,

    Overreacting? How is that? so if a person expresses their dismay about poverty,homelessness, death or being concerned about their kids getting a good education and expresing dismay over their kinds school being a bad one they are ” overreacting?”. It may not be what you meant to say,but it seem to come off that way. Would you say that civil rights leaders of the past and present are/were overreacting because they see racism and want stop racism at it tracks? I wouldn’t.

    I hear many people use that word casually everyday. Maybe there are some people who do,but not every body and with this issue. I’m certainly not. The problem that have with the usage of that word is that it almost make people like me seem that they are delusional and only want to see what I want to see. I just don’t casually say that I have a problem with this because I see what I only want to see. I said what I said because of their history of the exclusion of people from from their society and what has been going on in Asia and other parts of the world for centuries. I didn’t make it up, just ask the people who have been there.

    I didn’t say I had a problem with your disagreement.You have that right to do so. I didn’t say that not one time. Initially, I had a problem with you statement because it came off as me being depicted as a person left out non-Black multiracials from the mix when that wasn’t what I was saying at all.. I just expressed my dismay that Blasians aren’t shown on there like those of those backgrounds,like they are. Far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to show them, the other half should be also. I do not see anything with expressing that current deficiency in their media.

    Honestly, I don’t if this is always the situation may be ( about leaving out Blasians) ,but there is a suspicion when it comes to that because of the homogeneous nature of it society. I just don’t buy that no Blasians/Black/darker skinned people never wanted to be in a K -drama or Kpop video since their media came into existence and that all the lighter/White ones just wanted the job. I’m sorry that ,but I don’t buy it at all.

    I’m also not dissing any progress that is being made. Any progress is welcome far as I’m concerned and I’m a realist so I know it will not be immediate. Another thing I disagreed with you with was saying that I was trying to add my so called ” American views” on this. Since when did wanting to see Blasians in the mix is an “American view” Racism is not exclusive to America. It’s all over the world. To say that you want something to be fair is not me putting my views on any country. You’ll be surprised how many non-Americans in their native countries are dealing with this on an everyday basis and is crying foul over it, Korea included. SK said that it wanted to be more global. How do you think that some Black multiracials/darker skinned feel when their faces are barely seen on there.. Would that be fair to them not to have that? Their country is their country and respect anybody’s culture,but just because you may come from a different country doesn’t mean that you should be overlooked for who you are. That is all I’m saying. I’ll I also will respect your wishes on dropping the subject.

  9. Bialamode,

    Wow 46? You had me thinking about my cousin who is the same age as you. These days to mention your age depending how old you are is taboo. My mom asked my aunt why do she tell people that she’s 68?( My cousin’s mom also) because she is that, I don’t see 40+ as old,but there is one itty bitty thing I wish 40 was..the age for retirement.lol.
    I’m going to check this clip out when it stop constantly stop freezing up on me like that.

    Far as Korea, I’m wishing for the best for them. I’m looking to the day where I’ll see a Black/Blasian/darker person be on their programming as full time actors /actresses. As I mentioned with KrisE’s post, any change is encouraging.

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