Sexy Oppa: Lee Byung Hun

I love all my kpop idols, believe me I do. There are times, however, where I feel like a pedo nuna because most of them are at least four years younger than me. I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks this way so I thought I’d show off some of our oppas. The first person I thought of was Lee Byung Hun. This man is perfection personified and I’m not just being a fan girl when I say that. I first saw him in my favorite drama, IRIS, and I remember sitting up thinking, “Damn, who is that?!?” I cannot believe he is 41 and looks like this.

If Korean dramas aren’t your thing, he also played Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe and will be resurrecting the role in G.I. Joe 2, coming out this summer.  He’s done a ton of CFs and even released an album. As far as I could find he’s never been married and he doesn’t have any children but I’m sure he won’t be single for long unless he wants to be because damn, lol.

Here is a list of movies/tv shows he’s been in, if you’re interested in seeing more of him.


I Saw The Devil

The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

Three Extremes

All In

GI Joe

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27 thoughts on “Sexy Oppa: Lee Byung Hun

  1. OMG! I saw him in G.I. Joe and his body was….oh man! 🙂 He’s the hottest 41 man ever. 😀 Not married and no kids?! YES!! And his English is so perfect.

  2. I wish I could really express what I feel for this perfection of a man, but it would be X-Rated!! LOL/ I remember seeing him in “the Good, The Bad, and The Wierd” and thinking He is absolutely one of the most georgous men I have ever seen.. Unfortunately I dont remember him in GI Joe because that movie was sooo bad, I hardly remember anything about it, I almost want to go back to that movie just to see him (Almost)!! LOL// He absolutely should be in the peoples magazines top 10 for one of the most sexiest men of the year!!! But we already know that wont happen because Brad Pitt and George Clooney will be taking up those spots again!!!

    • I couldn’t get thru the first 30min of that movie, but after watching him in Iris, I went back to the library to try to get it and watch it again-for him. Someone stole the dvd, hmm wonder why maybe because they just couldn’t get enough of byung hun. His smile and body are enough for me.

      I have heard rumors of an IRIS 2 and I would be all for it. Don’t want to give any spoilers away, but key characters would supposedly be back.

  3. @Angel you and I are in the same boat. I finished watching The Good The Bad and The Weird this morning. Also I had to go back to see GI Joe again because even though I’d seen it before, I couldn’t remember him being in it. And yes…he was and looked amazing. I hope GI Joe 2 is much better but honestly I would sit through another craptastic movie to see him in it 🙂

  4. I saw him in “I Saw the Devil”….the movie was…..yikes…NOT for the faint of heart, but he was gorgeous no doubt! Thanks so much for posting about older guys couturekitty!! ^^

      • Ha! I watched that movie some months ago when I got Netflix and thought it was amazingly hardcore! I was more haunted by that toilet scene than anything else though lol. However, I distinctly remember being awed by how fantastically hot Lee Byung Hun was but watching that totally turned me off of certain korean films for a while. Luckily, I saw The Man From Nowhere before this one. *swoon* Won Bin….

  5. He’s 41? If he’s that age, then I’m 100 years old.Really,I feel good knowing that I can drool over a guy who is only a year older than me.

    • Right? When I found out his age, I thought the site was lying but no, he’s definitely 41. I hope I look that good when I’m his age. I guess I really need to get on this BB cream thing, lol.

  6. If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen my discomfort when watching I Saw The Devil last week. LBH’s face (especially his jawline) looked like it was carved out of marble and it almost (ALMOST) distracted me from everything else. I cannot stress enough how not for the faint of heart that movie is, even though it is a good movie.

  7. My first exposure to him was IRIS. I agree, he is HOTT! I even watched GI Joe for him even though I said I wasn’t watching that abomination but that was before I discovered him. Him and the Rock is the only reason to see the sequel. I haven’t seen his other films to I’ll get around to it.

  8. O_O He’s 41!?! I would have never guessed that. I loved IRIS. Even got one of my guy friends to watch it. He was hooked since ep 1 LOL. The ending…..oh man the ending……I’m STILL messed up over the ending of IRIS. Really appreciate the list of his other movies…I’ll have to check those out. ^.^

  9. @ATLSis,

    If you’re 100, then I must 110. 41 is a “tenderoni” in my world. I’m only a few years older than him actually. But geez, hopefully it’ll be another 30 years, at least, before I have to pull out the rocking chair. (SMILES)

    The Good, The Bad and The Weird was a strange one…..once was enough I’ll say. He was cute though.

      • @BOAB,

        It’s one of those movies that’s kind of “out there/strange” (to me)….some people like “out there.” If you’re in the mood for something a little odd, then watch it. It wasn’t necessarily bad, just not a movie I have to see over and over again. You may love it…..who knows, it’s a very “individual taste” kinda movie (if that makes sense).

      • LOL, @BiAlamode, good explanation, u said it just right!! That’s how I explained it to my friend when he asked me if he should watch it…

  10. Okay, I haven’t seen IRIS, I Saw the Devil, and didnt have a desire to see GI Joe. So I have to catch up on my Kdramas. LOL! Soooo, this guy is 41? Hmmm…lol…ok…but he sure doesn’t look it! I’mma have to “look him up” on google! LOL!

    I like coming here to be kept up to date on all the good looking man! Great job! *thumbs up*

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