MBLAQ MIC Global Interview

Enjoy this Mblaq interview from earlier this month. The Blaqies discuss everything from their new album and separate projects to being careful not to show too much of their real images and most amusingly, receiving kinky gifts from fans.

Part 1

Part 2

Big thanks to whatthefrell! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “MBLAQ MIC Global Interview

  1. This interview was awesome. It seems their wave is turning as they won Mnet Countdown! I’m so happy for them. And that adult toy Joon got….I can’t believe Mir put it in his mouth. Shall we say it – “Oh Mir!” lol. I forget the name of it, but I saw it and am wondering why the fan thought to give that to him and I wonder if he uses it? What?? You know you thought that too!

    And Yang Leader talking about his drill and drilling Mir. Wae so cute?

    I liked the explanation about the albatross…Joon isn’t such a pabo

    Love these guys!

  2. This was a very good interview! It always amazes me how it takes some groups a longer time to get popular in Korea and become popular 1st with international fans. Just look at the group Infinite. A much newer and got their #1 relatively quick. With Mblaq, it is kind of like what FT Island is going through. So popular internationally but not getting the recognition they deserve in Korea. I think Mblaq have always suffered by making comebacks at the same time as other big Idol groups. They kind of got lost in the pack but thankfully things are changing for them. MBLAQ have worked so hard and they really deserve the success and recognition that they are now getting. They truly deserved their #1 on M! Countdown.

    Oh, yeah, the adult toy given to Joon–I have no words! LOL!

    • After looking it up, Infinite didn’t really win that quickly. They debuted in June 2010 and they won their first award Sept 2011, which is 15 months. They won 4 so far on the weekly music show. What helped was after Be Mine won, their company repackaged their album and released Paradise.

      MBLAQ debuted in Oct 2009 and won for Y in June 2010, which 8 months. They thing is they only have 2 in total with the recent win for It’s war from the weekly music shows.

      • @Dani,

        Okay, thanx for the addtl info! I was only going by my perceptions of both groups as far as Infinite still being a newer group and how they “seem” to have a larger fanbase in Korea vs Mblaq, internationally. No research on my part, just strictly my opinion. LOL! Both groups are good.

  3. it’s not right that Mblaq get shafted like that those many. It does make you wonder is there is some blackballing somewhere with them,a in or both. They may not get the proper respect as other pop groups but they sure got a lot of love from Brazil and from other parts of the world.
    That is a great thing. The more that the outsiders recognize them,the more doors may be open to them.Who knows?A door may be open to them in the states? I hope that they will return to the states?

    • @ATLSis,

      I forget where I read it but someone else pointed out the same thing as far as maybe Mblaq being “blacklisted” or something. That’s probably not the reason but it does appear to be just bad timing when they have their comebacks. Who knows! But it does seem as though they, along with a few other groups, just get so much more love outside of Korea and internationally. Not that it is a bad thing to have a large international fanbase. I am sure many idol groups would love to be well known outside of Korea.

      • i thought that way because it seemed that Rain had that same problem. Just when it looks as if she should get recognized for his stuff, he wasn’t.It would be worse when he lost out to ..what seemed to be mediocre entertainers.

        Some of those idols are probably envying MBLAQ right now..all of that love they got in Brazil. I was looking at that clip and its like chaos! It wasn’t that bad when they were in Las Vegas. I would like to see those guys come back to the states. Korea may not appreciate them as much as the world do. One day, it may come back to haunt them.

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