EXOPLANET: Diiirty South Korea Yo!

“Roar like a Buffalooo” First of all I was all like “oh I cant keep up with EXO and all their teasers cuz theres like 500 of them so I’m done posting on them until their debut MV” but this is toooo funny! Can someone please let me know what their sound is suppose to be?! I had been thinking its going to be all industrial sounding and what not since thats been the sound through out their teasers but this has totally tripped me up!

Of course its Kai (again) but also member Lay (pics below, hes hot) dancing to some Diiiirty South sounding single! I was like whoaaaaaa!! The funniest part about this whole thing is the song features SHINee’s KEY!

Between B.A.P steppin on car hoods and EXO soundin like their about to crack open a few forties and party with some booty shakers I’m convinced there is a crew of American Southern producers over there. Whatevers going on its crackin me up thats for sure!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: Teen Top “Clap” )

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25 thoughts on “EXOPLANET: Diiirty South Korea Yo!

  1. Crack open some 40s hahaha

    This has to be my favorite teaser so far. Everything song in the teasers they released sounds different. At this rate, I’m glad they are going to have some variety.

    Their prologue single What is Love is going to drop on Jan 30th KST so it’ll be interesting to see what that will sound like.

    YiXing is definitely hot. He has some epic hair flips lol

  2. I am not going to lie but I am getting a little tired of Kai always being in the teasers but I guess SM has determined that he is going to be the ‘face’ of EXO. Judging by my daughter Mika and her friends, they have jumped off the Kai ship and landed right onto Lu Han. LOL! I can’t wait to see how both groups will debut. Should be very interesting : ).

      • Hi KrisE : > ),

        Lay is kinda good-looking but Lu Han has such a doll face. I guess that I am so biased towards those that have ‘big Asian doll eyes’ since they remind me so much of my kids. LOL! But like you, I am so over Kai already or as Mika calls him, “the poor man’s Taemin”. LOL! And, the funny part about the whole Kai “brainwashing” thing is that I hear that he really is only the dancer of the group and not a good singer. Makes me wonder : ).

      • Yeah lil Lu is cute too lol Kai is good looking but that dude shows like noooo emotion on his face what so ever.

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        IKR!! Mika is just too much at times. I was like give Kai a break but yeah, that is what she calls the guy. They haven’t even debuted and the girls already have strong feelings about him. LOLOL : ).

  3. I was hearing “roll like a buffalo”, but w/e. Also, the line about ” everybody now behold” sounded like “everybody now be hoes” to me the 1st time I listened. It seems SME brainwashing us all with Kai has made it so I barely paid attention to Lay in this teaser. I actually am not really that bothered by all the Kai. Most likely has to do w/ me finding him sort of attractive for some reason. I definitely understand why people get upset caz out of the 12 video teasers, he is in like 8 of them.

    • Dani,

      It could be roll, roam or roar either way it pretty much doesnt matter because none of it makes sense anyway…but yes I thought I heard hoes also lolol

  4. I heard “Roar like a buffalo!” too. It made me laugh, but that beat was kinda thumping, lol. That’s REAL dirty south.. I’ve actually tried to avoid all the teasers so that I could be totally surprised by them when they finally drop. This, being the first one I’ve watched, has me kinda hot over here, though.

  5. I really like this teaser. Does anyone know when they’re gonna debut, because all these teasers are getting to be tiring. Yeah, somebody been on a dirty south beige…lol.

    • @Surkura,

      My brother-in-law said that he was told they won’t debut until April/May after Shinee’s comeback. They still haven’t revealed all of the members from both groups, so we will all have to deal with a few more Kai + newly revealed member teasers in the future. LOL!

      • @angelface

        Thanks alot for the information. Hopefully with all this promo Exo will make a fierce debut. More teasers…ugh!! Lol

      • @Surkura,

        No problem! I actually hope that he was joking about the April/May debut. I just can’t see SM dragging these teasers out for 2-3 more months but you never know. I know that Shinee is no where close to making their comeback yet since they haven’t even started recording any songs. I actually told my brother-in-law that I still feel that EXO will debut in Feb or March and then Shinee in May/June. I’m sure SM wants EXO to be a part of the fall SM Town concerts. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I’m just so sick of these teasers. LOL!

      • Hmm,

        So they have released the music video “What is love”. I knew my brother in law was joking! The song Has a nice r&b vibe to it. I am surprised and really like it. Can’t wait to hear the entire CD in a few weeks.

      • Angelface,

        Its only a prologue mv ANOTHER teaser intro to who they are and not their actual first single. I am soooo over them at this point -_- I’m done talking about them until they actually debut.

      • KrisE,

        Yeah, I figured it out after watching that long video and I realized that it was just all of the teasers up to this point made into a “video”. Stupid! The song is cute but yeah, this whole EXO thing is ridiculous. I guess they are going to drag out this “debut” until April/May. At that point, no one will care. Moving on!!!

  6. You see, I am not EXO’ed out… So this is fresh to me. I this like my second or third teaser from them… They can really dance… I am getting excited about them now…

  7. this is nothing compared to bang and zelo’s never give up mv. all they were missing in that video was a family cookout and the electric slide. smh now that’s dirty south lol

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