Date Week with B2ST/BEAST!

RAWR, RAWR!, MEOW, MEOW! This weeks Date Week victims are none other than BEAST or who I like to call Beastuelll ( Korean style, don’t hate). This week BEAST has been sooo busy with Battle of the Most Dramatic Videos and today they even released their mini MV for their single “I Knew It” which you can watch here. They need a break and dating is the perfect way to relieve some stress! You know how it goes; Pick one member to date for each day of the week and describe what you’ll do with them or what you’ll do to them. *shrug* ^_^

Monday: Jang Hyuen Seung  
Now I really like Hyuen Seung; in fact I think his moves in the mv for “Breath” are sexy. I chose to give him Mondays because he really likes food and since I can only indulge 1 day a week I’ll indulge with him. We’ll hit up local places and eat things like fish cakes, kimchi pancakes and jajamyun. All that will make my face look bloated and there’s no way I can show up on my dates with Dong Woon and Doojoon looking like the marshmallow man! I need a few days in between to recover that’s why he’s Monday. ^_^

Tuesday: Yong Jun Hyung I’m not sure this dude is really my type. Dont misunderstand he’s gotta lot of swagger and he’s pretty cute; but his personality is sorta, I dunno. Besides one day he’s with Goo Hara (member of girl group KARA) and the next hes not and I don’t have time for that mess. So I guess we can talk about our relationship problems over a bottle or 2 or 3 or 4 of Soju!

Wednesday: Lee Ki Kwang I ❤ Ki Kwang! He’s so cute especially when he wears his glasses ^_^ Weird but my favorite thing about him is his voice. Its very attractive so all I wanna do with him is a have Korean Language study session! This way not only can I improve my Korean, but I can listen to him talk and stare him since he’ll look all nerd-licious.

Thursday: Yang Yoseob He is sooo adorable with his button nose and sunshine smile!! Him and his Aegyo I love it! He and I will first stop at the Make Up counter so I can pick out new lipstick and gloss. We can try colors on each other and then pick up couples Kitty ears in pink. We both look cute in kitty ears so we have to take couples pics and then we can go to one of those joke stores and play with everything because it’ll be alot of fun duh!

Friday: Maknae Son Dong Woon I would seriously date him! He’s so hot and tall plus he really likes noonas, it’s like his “thing”. What I really love about him is how he whines about things! He looks so cuuuute when he whines it makes me want to buy him whatever he wants. So that’s what I’ll do. On our date we’re going shopping and whatever he wants I’ll buy it for him and then we can share an ice cream cone. Seeing him smile would be enough ^_^

Saturday and for Eternity: Leader Yoon Doo Joon Ugh I am in love with Doo Joon! Everything about him from his body to those eyes and awesomely arched eyebrows. His personality is a perfect mix of seriousness and fun plus he’s very organized and so am I. He is so my style and we would look really good together. So duh I feel a couples photo shoot is in order and then for some reason I’d wanna play twister with him 0_O

K-Kisses! KrisE

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20 thoughts on “Date Week with B2ST/BEAST!

  1. I ♥ all of the Beast members, but I honestly don’t care to date Ki Kwang and Junhyung. So, i’m not going too lol!

    Monday-Yoseob, I love this cutie! With his voice we’re definitely gonna do karaoke

    Tuesday-This is hard. Between Dongwoon and Hyunseung I can never decide who I love more. Anywho, for this week Dongwoon’s gonna be my 3rd place guy. For our date we’ll do a lot of playing. We can to the park and swing and slide and then we can go home and play video games!

    Wednesday-Hyunseung! My 2nd fave guy in beast for the month of Jan. lolz. For our date we’ll go shopping, Hyunseung is seen as the fashionista of beast so shopping would be a good date with him. I think it was said that he gets a little of his fashion sense from GD! It’s so cute that their still friends eventhough Hyunseung didn’t get to debut with Big Bang 8D

    Yoon Doo-Joon oppa is hands down my fav member of Beast, so Thursday and Friday belong to him.
    On Thursday we could go to a soccer game since he’s such a soccer fanatic.
    Friday we could karaoke/sing along to Secret songs; then he can serenade me with his singing and piano playing:)

    B2ST fighting!

  2. I so adore Beast/B2ST. They’re just so cute.

    Monday – Junhyung. I know he’s dating Goo Hara and all and that’s cool. Since he loves to rap, we can hang at my home and put on some hip hop records and just groove along.

    Tuesday – Yoseob. He has an adorable face. His singing voice is awesome. We have to go to a karaoke bar.

    Wednesday – Kikwang. He’s nerdy, naive, a bit clueless, but he has an amazing bod and so so hot. He has to teach me some dance moves and then teach me all about Korea. And then afterwards, I could take him upstairs in my bedroom and show him my moves. Ha Ha! 🙂

    Thursday – Doojoon. Oh man. He’s ridiculous hot. He has an amazing voice and can play the piano. I love a man that can do a lot of things. He needs to serenade me. 😀

    Friday and eternity – Dongwoon. He’s gorgeous and he’s tall. My type. And he likes older girls. YES!! 🙂 We need to go to a club and go in the back and just lose control. 😀

    • The weekends – Hyunseung. He’s so stylish and adorable. We need to hit the mall and go clothes shopping. 🙂

      I’ve completely forgot about him. My fault. 🙂

  3. Let me first start off by saying when I saw that “Rawr rawr, meow meow” in my inbox I LOL’d so hard!

    Okay here goes:

    Monday – Jun Hyung. Not quite sure what I’d do with him. I’ve always wanted to go ice skating. Maybe that’ll suffice for now. I always think of that 70s/80s look he had; super bad. But I feel horrible saying that soooo whatever he’d want to do is fine with me. Seems like he can take charge.

    Tuesday – Hyunseung. Hear he’s a perfectionist so maybe we could have an art competition where we have to draw the model in person. Then we can make pottery (Ghost moment, anyone??). Then whoever wins has to do what the other asks. That sounds good. I know I would definitely ask him to sing “Don’t You Mind” to me.

    Wednesday – Dong Woon. I picture us going horseback riding through the mountains or something like that. Then we can have a private feast by the lake with a nice conversation to accompany. Then when the sun goes down we can watch fireworks being shit off. Something special just for us. Don’t know why I got all romantic on his date…? lol

    Thursday – Doo Joon. The guys is hot what can I say? Sometimes he’s a bit cocky, but that just adds to his appeal. Like Steff mentioned about soccer, maybe we can play with some twists….I digress 😀

    Friday – My Aegyo King!! I just love Yeosobie. I guess it’s time to start thinking about him as a man instead of the cute boy I always see. He’s super fun and sensitive too. Soo I’d see us doing spontaneous things all day then going to a comedy club or something like that.

    I would so ask him for aegyo or his imitation of birds. Sometimes I just can’t take it!

    The Wknd- Lee Kikwang. He was my fave then for a while, then he was on my sh*t list, but I digress. But i can’t get enough of him and I just don’t understand lol. I love his “American dances.” I picture us club hopping Saturday evening and Sunday we can stay in, pig out, and watch movies. It’d be even better if it’s cool and raining outside. And we can play that game like that in 100 Points out of 100 where you have to remember what the other person did!!

    **If he kisses me at least once with those lips and his shirt off, I’ll be in heaven!!!!! Just juicy for no reason.. yum. Maybe then there will be some rawr rawr meow meow going on lol. Scratch that –there will be 😀 Nan niga jeil joha!

  4. Monday-Yoseob. I love how he takes initiative to something he doesn’t like. he is the boss..or at least he’s a guy who don’t take crap from people. I love men with a backbone.

    Tuesday- Dongwoon. What a seriously hot young man. I could be wrong but he seems so modest. I was shocked to learn that he was the baby of the group. He also has this certain ruggedness about him. He’s just sexy to me.

    Far as the others,they don’t appeal to me as much. Those are the only two that do.

    • Bitofabelly81,

      You took the words out of my mouth! Forget the other ones, I would take KiKwang all day, every day. But since I can’t do much with him now with this little girl kicking up a storm in my ever growing belly, you can have him: ). I will just have to live vicariously through you. LOL! Enjoy him!!!!

      • @Angelface01: the face, the bod, the cuteness of KiKwang. You just can’t go wrong! Why why why was KiKwang the ONLY member who was m.i.a. at the music festival I attended last year?? He was the only B2ST member I was looking forward to seeing and the only one who didn’t show up. I was so disappointed! I remember squinting my eyes at them on stage trying to make sure that he wasn’t there, and then I was wondering if I’d misunderstood that he was a member of B2ST (since I’m not a huge B2ST fan I even asked some fangirls next to me who was performing to be sure). Hehe, thanks for handing him over! He’s a nice little side piece I’d like to keep in pocket for emergency situations ;). lol

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        I totally forgot that Beast were one of the groups at the free K-Pop concert. IMO, Beast without KiKwang is just not happening. I know that he has been dealing with his leg injury but I hope that he is 100% b/4 Beast starts touring the States in the Spring/Summer. I really like this group as a whole but besides KiKwang, I just don’t think that anyone is really cute. His face is just too cute for words and those lips–oh my! I usually don’t like very full lips but his are just too much for me. Between his bod, smile and those lips–yeah, enjoy him all for yourself–he is a keeper. LOL!

  5. I LOVE Beast!!! I seriously have a Beast playlist with all available itunes albums on my ipod and i listen to it daily. But anyway I think they’re all cute.

    Monday: Hyeun Seung – I wouldn’t call it a date though. More like hanging out with a new friend because I honestly don’t see him as more than that. He has a way of zoning out randomly and saying and doing random stuff. I know I’m random but I just don’t get him. He can be cute and goofy and he does make me laugh. He seems pretty cool so I think friends would be as far as it goes with him. Since he likes dancing and singing I think karaoke and clubbing or a dance class would be good places to go. Also shopping.

    Tuesday: Jun Hyung – He sometimes seems like he could be a cold person. Or maybe I’m looking too hard and he’s just mellow and a bit shy. He can be a bit goofy and he does show a charismatic side when he’s rapping. He’s a mystery to me (no pun intended) so yeah I’m curious about him. I do like his voice and he’s a good rapper and dancer . Like Hyeun Seung…this would be a friendly hang out as well. Start off by getting some food and talking and then see where he wants to go from there. I’m not sure what he would like to do but I’m pretty open-minded so I’d probably make suggestions after I see what he likes.

    (Here’s where it gets hard lol)

    Wednesday: Ki Kwang – He’s seriously head to toe sexy and his innocence is quite cute. His smile is an eye-catcher and his lips are very kissable. He has a nice personality that would go along with mine from what I can tell. He can be quite funny and a bit mischievous sometimes but I think he worries about his image a lot and holds back so I would like to get to know the him behind the cameras. Think I would go the romantic route and do something like a picnic and long walks on the beach and playing in the ocean (giggle) and maybe cruise around in a boat.

    Thursday: Dong Woon – He’s absolutely adorable and his manly side is starting to show. But I would have to be careful with him…his charms are no joke. I’m pretty sure he could throw some aegyo my way that would wrap me around his little finger lol. There’s something about him that just makes me want to take care of him. Think I would do the classic dinner and a movie with him. Preferably a very dark movie theater (giggle). Hear he eats the most of all the Beast members so I’ll make sure he eats all he wants. After the movie we can go get some dessert.

    Friday: Yoseob – He’s seriously the cutest thing since the creation of puppies and kittens. He’s just too cute. Everything about him and everything he does is cute. He also has a really nice body. I love that he’s funny with little bit of mischievousness. I would go to an amusement part and a water park with him. Since I’m not the best of swimmers I see a lot of physical contact happening (giggle giggle). And of course making sure we get some yummy food through out the day.

    Saturday: Doo Joon – He seriously has most if not all the qualities a girl could want in a guy. He’s tall, handsome, cute, a bit of a bad boy, a whole lot of a good guy, strong yet nice personality, a fit body, masculine, kind, caring, funny, and mischievous. What more could I ask for? Since he really likes soccer and I do too, I would go to a game with him or play a few soccer games with him. I might even fake a twisted ankle (giggle giggle…come on skinship!!) Then we can go eat and get dessert and decide where else to go.

    Sunday & Forever: That depends on how Wed-Sat goes lol. ^.^


    Monday: Jun-hyung. I would love to go to the studio with him and watch him work. I love his rapping style and I’ll like to see him in his creative mindset. I find that so attractive in him,

    Tuesday: Yoseob. I really want him to sing to me and take an art class with me.

    Wednesday and Thursday: Doo Joon. We would go to a cooking class and I wanna watch him play sports. Ive watched him play basketball on tv, but would love to watch in person.

    Friday – Eternity : Ki Kwangie. I love him. Although I way taller than him, I would totally date him. I love the tone of his voice and his facial expressions.,We have to go clubbing atleast one night, then the rest will be pretty mellow. I would have him take me on a tour of his favorite places in Korea, not just Seoul, but everywhere.We’ll chop in every city and play 21 question or people watch on the way to our next destination. Oh, We have to stop at a comedy club and just laugh all night. His laugh is just adorable and the smile makes me smile. (only one other man can do that and we all know who the ultimate bias is on this site)…. I know this may sound kinda weird, but I just wanna look at him… um, Im not a creeper, but I think u guys can understand what Im saying… I hope.

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