[M/V] B.A.P “Warrior”

Finally new group B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) has released their first MV and I gotta tell you I really like both the video and the song! Theres something very attractive about an angry Korean guy hmm.

Take notice of:

Every member swam in a bottle of bleach ( that’s a first for all the members of a group to be blonde at the same time right??)

The Donnie Darko-esque rabbit head.

Crunking/Krumping (which ever street dance that was!) and stepping…YOU GOT SERVED KOREAN STYLE YO!

My Final Thoughts: I can see B.A.P pushing SHINee off a stage and laughing about it. I like everything about them and there will def be a date week with them as soon as I find out more about them!

K-Kisses! KrisE

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38 thoughts on “[M/V] B.A.P “Warrior”

  1. I wasn’t going to take this group seriously, but this video has completely my mind. Their debut music vid is awesome and I’m so going to support them.

    The part where they were stepping I was like whaattt???? Like this is Stomp the Yard or something

    Zelo seems pretty cool too. His rapping section caught me off guard, but I Was like ok I see you..

    Looking forward to more!

    • My friend and I were like we need to call Columbus Short and say there is some work for you in South Korea hehe. Zelo is so awesome. For someone so young, his rap skills are pretty darn solid.

  2. Love this. I think this is what Block B aiming for, but they missed it by a mile. This is what I wanted Homin to continue on to after “Wae” came out. I’m glad I took a listen and a look because I was prepared to just ignore them after all the hype over Bang and Zelo’s side project. All of the previews made them look all rough and hard and it ended up being really sweet and cute. I didn’t have a problem with the song, it just wasn’t what they seemed to be promoting. THIS is what I was expecting when I watched Bang and Zelo.

    I love Shinee, bless them, but I too would die laughing if they got shoved off the stage by these guys.

  3. I’m not in love (YET) lol! Best Absolute Perfect??? I can’t help but lol at the name . But I guess the name is catchy :). Now, about the video, I don’t hate/dislike it but there was honestly too many flashing lights for me. Also, it was too fast paced as in the the scenes switched too quickly, you know like the camera was moving just a little too fast. And there was a lot of blonde but I know that won’t last long lol. We all know kpop guys dye their hair every week. Now, about the fast rapping, all I can say is HOTT! I’ll kinda keep my eye on them even though I think there are too many new groups debuting lolz!

    • @Steff: lol at the name too! When the post showed up in my email, and I saw the subject line, all I could think when seeing it at first was “why would KrisE write an article about Halle Berry as a hoodrat??” lol!

      • that movie is the first thing that came to mind. Maybe I am getting old but I felt it was also kind of fast moving for me. I walked out of my office during the stepping so I am rewatching it for that now. Too much blond for me, I can’t tell who is who.

    • @Lei, it seems like most ppl think that there is too much blonde going on, but I’m sure that won’t last long lol! And it’s not that ur getting old it just really is kinda fast moving lol! But the more I watch the vid the more I like it. 🙂

  4. I am so conflicted with this group. I am loving the song and as far as the video goes, their krumping and stepping goes so hard, I thought it was another Step Up movie. The thing is, I don’t really like ALL.THE.BLONDINESS. Something about trying to go hard and being bleach blonde is confusing. Also what’s up with the Deadmau5 look alike in the video? Anyways I guess I’ll have to wait until the next m/v comes out to totally decide.

    • I want to see them perform live. I hope they are on M countdown or something soon so that I can really get a GOOD look at them.

    • @couturekittty13 I think me and you are kinda on the same page. As of right now I’m not in love with them YET. I stress yet because I may end up loving them lol!

  5. First comment here
    Have to say I am loving the video, wasnt sure about the song but now cant get it out of my head and its on constant replay lol and I keep singing ”get down get down”
    I thought it was a really strong debut even more so than some that debuted last year.
    Also I agree with you plinkin about Block B I was expecting something like this, I think most kpop groups teasers tend to be different to the actual debut song, so it was nice to see BAP go hard. Really love dancing and Zelo is soo cute.

  6. I’m still getting used to the idea of BAP because right now, in my head, it’s basically Bang & ZELO featuring three other guys LOL.

    When I saw the teaser, I knew they would be bad ass. Their image reminds me of Big Bang when they first started out. But I dare say that BAP is more gangsta snd this song basically proves it.

    I agree with the “pushing SHINee off the stage and laughing” analogy(?). It’s funny you should mention SHINee because I can totally see SHINee releasing a song like this, perhaps a milder version of it. In fact, I swear one of the singers in BAP sound like Onew when he was pulling a long note.

    I see a lot potential in BAP. I’m not completely in love with this song but I have to say I’m impressed with the video and the fact that they chose to krump in the middle. Great job BAP!

  7. uhm, ok not so sure what to think, but I am a bit more enthused than I was with Teen Top, lol. The matching blonde do’s definitely turns heads, but I hope they can back up all that “toughness”. That means no overly cute aegyo, no JoKwon-esque dancing and no makeup ads for Etude, lol. If they do, their “street cred” is SHOT!

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      Okay, I am officially scared of this group LOL! Luckily, Mika has no interest whatsoever in them, so we won’t have to deal with her whining to go see/meet them. LOL! As for the “toughness” thing, I think that they are probably about as tough as Justin Bieber in real life. It’s all image to separate them from the pack of idol groups but it is nice to see a different type of Korean group.

      Oh, yeah, I feel you on Teen Top. Not feeling them either but of course, I really don’t think that they are marketed for the “over 20” fanbase. LOL! Mika LOVES Niel (yuck), and L. Joe, as do all of her friends. But of course they are young teens and should. She is praying that they will be at KMF in April : ).

      • @angelface01: I have to admit when KrisE told me she wanted to do a post of them (Teen Top), I was horrified, lol! I was thinking, “we’re gonna get arrested!!”

        Concerning B.A.P., what I need to see is consistency. If they come out next singing something along the lines of “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” or “Hello”, I’m gonna have a problem with them! lol I want them to keep to their “tough” image and not sell out…it may not be what kpop fans are used to, but I hope they stick to their guns…they may be on to something…

      • You two are so lame, hating on adorable Teen Top -_- Sure they’re young but some of their music is goooood.

      • @KrisE: I am still worried the Feds might come after us, lol! I said it before, and I’ll say it again: the only thing I can think about Teen Top is that they need to finish their homework and go to bed since they have school in the morning, lol!! Sorry, it’s gonna take a few years before I can even begin to view them as attractive members of the opposite sex!

        @angelface01: totally totally totally ok for Mika to drool over Niel…afterall, she’s 15!! Me on the other hand? 15 years his senior? Not.So.Much….lol..

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        I honestly did not know that the members of Teen Top were that young : ). These groups are getting younger and younger each year. As far as Mika “drooling” over them, yeah, at 15 she has the right to do that–me, not so much. Way too weird! But hey, at her age, 21 is “old” to her. When we were watching ‘We Got Married’ yesterday on tv., she actually described Leetuk as “an elderly father figure and how it is so sweet, that he is finding love”. I was like, “Isn’t he only 29 years old”? Reply: “I know right, Mom! Can U believe he’s so old”? Just Wow! LOL!


        “hahaha ok I have to be honest. I agree Niel is um different looking” —

        I think this is the best way to describes Niel’s look. LOL! I swear each time I go into Mika’s room and see that huge poster of him on her ceiling, I shudder. His face is just–yikes : ).

    • @KrisE and @Bitofabelly81,

      Not lame–just honest! LOL! I don’t even hate on the fact that they are young–most of the artists are but I just don’t care for their music. And trust me, I hear it alot coming from Mika’s room and she even has this creepy large poster of Niel on her ceiling. His mouth just scares me but as she said, “Mommy, He’s so Prettiful–don’t hate on Niel”. Oh wells :).

      • hahaha ok I have to be honest. I agree Niel is um different looking and so is that Zelo…his mouth..yeah -_-

  8. I have to say I wasnt expecting that at all. I like their style, even though I cant tell all the blondes I cant tell apart. Im thinking the guy with the nice rapping skills is Zelo right? Very nice, young sir. Back to the video. I have to say that I like it…alot. Love the dancing and the wind/laser fight thing at the end. about the weird bunny…… Im thinking since their name is B.A.P, their fan club might B.A.P.S. Isnt that what baps means, something witha rabbit???? Or they coulda been watching some of Ms. Hallie Berry’s movies..lol. Anyways, the blonde thing can work in their favor, because there’s like a million new groups and comebacks coming up. If I cant remember their name, I can definitively remember the group of blondes, just saying.

  9. YES YES that’s what I’m talking about!! These boys ARE Perfection!! Blond, Edgy, Killer moves & with a Killer song!!! Yup! I’m in Love! 🙂

  10. Ok, I like this song. It’s stuck in my head. I’m not going to lie; I love the blonde hair too. I think they chose the right shade, if they were going to d it. I was sort of crushed with Eunhyuk cut his and went back dark. It’s very eye catching and it’s a strange thing for me to like when I normally think most of these guys look their best with dark brown to black hair.

    I like it, but I’m it’s going to be misery trying to figure out who they are at first, especially with the way those music shows like motion sicknss inducing camera work. If they stay blonde, here’s hoping they start doing variety shows. I can only pick out Zelo from afar because he’s tallest and has the curls. He’s also easier to pick out up close with his baby face and big eyes. Meh, I’ll figure it out. If all of Super Junior finally stuck I can do anything.

  11. Thank you for introducing me to this! I can alway get with crumping/stepping lol. I have to agree with what some other posters have said about all the bleach blond hair though. However, that video was fabulous. And the Donnie Darko-esque bunny? I’m actually reminded of a character from my favorite episode of the tv show Grimm, DJ Wretched Kat, but his whole head didn’t glow 🙂

  12. I haven’t even watched the video yet,
    but I breezed through the comments and saw that
    Zelo and Bang Yong Guk are part of the group,
    and I love them, and I loved what Block B was going for.
    I’ve totally ignored other posts about them —
    something about them being aliens,
    and some of the teasers…
    I have to wait ’till I get to my other job
    to check them out, but I will be checking them out for sure!

  13. Okay.
    OMG… that was awesome!
    They have got to be the hardest boy group in K-pop.
    The all blond thing works for them — so hot!
    Surprised it didn’t turn me off in the least.
    Figured out Zelo and Bang Yong Guk (any relation to Cheolyong)
    But what are they, 12; okay, Bang is 15, maybe 16 now…
    Doesn’t matter, I still can’t touch them.
    But I can look, listen and appreciate.
    Most def a toast to the choreographer!
    BAP is pretty fresh indeed.
    Original look, original sound,
    original style, original dance.
    I gotta say though,
    and please don’t hate me,
    but the thought did pop into my mind…
    a male counterpart to 2NE1
    Zelo and Bang Yong Guk most especially,
    have some of the most distinctive rap styles,
    in K-pop and/or hip hop in Korea.
    Not in the habit of quoting will.i.am,
    but like he says, ‘go hard or go home’.
    I’d say BAP isn’t going home anytime soon.
    Go on with ya bad self!

    Off-topic, yes, but…
    It’s about damn time!
    So much love!

    • Bang Yong Guk is 21, Zelo is the baby and only 15. All the members are legal except Zelo & Jong Up, who is 16.

      i’ll add congrats to mblaq as well.

      • Dani,
        thanks for the correction.
        So Zelo is an absolute no, no,
        while Bang Yong Guk is probably a bad idea too,
        but should he have me, and I give in to my weakness,
        at least I wouldn’t be seen on an episode
        of “Locked Up Abroad.”

      • I thought I read somewhere that Zico in Block B who are about to
        make their comeback soon, has a brother who also raps.
        Would that brother by any chance be Zelo…
        should be interesting to see who got the better end of the stick…

    • Zico’s brother is in the CO-ED group. They are from CCM, which has T-ara and Davichi. One of the members of T-ara has a twin sister in CO-ED. They haven’t really had any success. They made a girl subgroup called 5dolls. I think CO-ED comeback is always being pushed back. The boy members are supposed to have a subgroup. They had 3 members of co-ed come out during recent T-ara performances. When 5dolls promoted they kept having T-ara come in and perform, but I don’t think Korea really cares about Co-ed or 5dolls.

      Here is short clip about the 2 of them

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