Teen Top: They Really Want Me Behind Bars!

Sooo ummm, yeah, Teen Top. Can someone explain to me why “sexiness” is developing younger and younger? Now I already hold a double standard with American and Korean guys when it comes to age. Basically American guys younger than me have not a chance in the universe but I can care less if a Korean guy is younger HOWEVER! This group is realllllly annoying me. Just look at that MV! (No seriously look at the mv first or else you wont know what I’m talkin about) They are tooo freakin cute and I’m telllin you right now the main actor and rapper L. Joe is seriously just …… He’s freakin 18! Only 3 out of the 6 are legal actually. That main cutie with the long hair Niel he’s only 17 and the other 2 are 16. Dont worry in the photo gallery below are names and ages listed.

But back to sexiness at an early age. First off whats with that dance move?! The lyric is “Stop, stop breakin my heart” and they are moving their hands all suggestive like in front of their crotches! Uhhhh your heart is not below your sagging belts youngins! (BTW I happen to like their pants being low like that. They look cute but BOAB playing Conservative Noona feels they need to pull them up!) Then of course there’s L.Joe with his “come hither” hand movement. O.M.G! I would run to that freakin 18 year old and not think twice about it!

Point is this…FANGIRL WITH CAUTION! Also I have no problem saying I LOVE that song and have been listening their other songs as well. I like Teen Top and I am not ashamed!

K-Kisses! KrisE

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33 thoughts on “Teen Top: They Really Want Me Behind Bars!

  1. I’m such a pedonoona when it comes to them lol. My favorite is Niel. I’m lovin his curly hair in that video and his lips to… But tell me about it – L.Joe is the hotness and I was actually surprised when I first saw him since the group was so young. I mean he looks like a full grown man for Christ sake! Chunji’s eyes are just to die for and the red hair really suits his skin tone.

    Ricky really performs that crotch dance well too lol. I was just reading an article where they said they want to shed their cute image and become world stars. Well they certainly are starting well and I can’t wait for what else they have in store.

    • L.Joe reallllllly is “the hotness”..that dude needs to star in a drama so I can lose my mind for like 16 to 20 episodes hahah

  2. Gah, it’s not just this song. The song and video for “Don’t Spray Perfume” was so not age appropriate. First, they’re all out in the club hanging out and and partying, and biting their lips, you know, like you do when you’re 16. Right. The real killer was Chunji playing his girlfriend with an older nuna and still laughing and smiling and winking and generally acting sleazy. Gag. “Nuna, don’t wear perfune because my girlfriend will smell it on me. Wait, I can fix it. I’ll just buy my girlfriend the same perfume. Problem solved.” How wholesome. I’m not a prude but that’s just wrong.

    I really have no idea what their management company was thinking and I’m still not sure. I loved “Supa Love” and still walk around singing it, but I was always asking myself what those boys could possibly know about supa lov. I don’t need them to be as disgustingly cute and squeaky clean as Boyfriend, but I could do without a crew of 16-19 year old pimp wannabes. Don’t get me started on CAP and his thoughtless comments on how he’d treat his son and daughter, should he have kids. Here’s hoping he grows up before he does.

    Like you, I almost died laughing the first time I saw the dance move that went with “breaking my heart.” Really? I didn’t know your heart was in your pants :p I love Niel and think he’s carrying the vocals, along with some help from Chunji. If they’re going to make it, someone is going to need to let those other boys do something. At least CAP and L.Joe get to rap a little, but Ricky and Changjo don’t get to do much but look cute and/or pretty, dancing around behind Niel.

    • Plinkin!

      That perfume video is hilarious! I was like oooo no he didnt just play her like that! Teen Top has some funny videos now that I think of it lolol

      Oh yes C.A.P talking about how he would hit his daughter if she didnt act right that was hilarious. I dont think he meant any harm by it though. Its not that serious. Besides why are they asking a group of teenage boys questions pertaining to parenthood anyway. That was an epic NG to begin with lol

      • This is true. I really don’t think he meant any harm either, but the shock and astonishment of the rest of the members says something. They were all awkward and trying to cover for him and he’s still laughing and joking. My problem with his comment wasn’t so much the hitting and the locking up in her room(although that would be a problem.) My problem was with how differently he said he would treat the male and female children.

        I really like them and their songs are always so catchy. I hope they stick around for a while. The music shows have been so slow lately. Thank goodness MBLAQ is back.

    • It’s my understanding (from what I’ve heard from other fans) that the younger ones haven’t been doing any solo parts due to puberty and voice changes. When they learn to work with their voices after the changes I’m sure they’ll have more parts. But it might not be easy from what I remember JYJ’s Junsu talking about when he went through it.

      • That totally makes sense. One more reason to stop debuting them so soon. At least wait until they are mature. It’s bad enough that some of these guys drop out of school in favor of training, but debuting would make it even more of a temptation. They’re so busy all the time that most of them look like they could drop into hibernation, given five minutes of free tme. The thought of not carrying the extra work-load of school while you’re so busy would be immense.

  3. OMG! Teen Top are just adorable. 🙂 Only 3 of the 6 are legal. 😦 Andy of Shinhwa (I’m sure most of you have heard of the legendary group) founded/discovered this group.

  4. Oh yeah! I do agree with KrisE with double standards when it comes to guys at a younger age between 16-21. American guys are not mature or cute, but Korean guys and Japanese guys are just adorable and can do no wrong with me. 🙂

  5. Teen Top is NOT for me. Too young and too tender. My friends have kids these ages. All I can think is they need to drink their milk, brush their teeth and go to bed. They have school in the morning, lol!

  6. I can have a kid their age. The DJ, I am guessing C.A.P, was kind of hot. He would be my bias. L.Joe was cute, had a TOP look to him in a way, but yes he is very young. They are all too young, but Iook forward to them growing up.

  7. So these guys are my age lol! I’m 18, so I’m actually still older than about half of them lol! But I get what you ladies mean about younger American boys being immature.

  8. I totally feel what you ladies are saying about Korean & Japanese guys appearing to be way cooler than American ones but I’m wondering if this would apply to Korean-American and Japanese-American guys too.

    I personally know some pretty cool Korean-American guys and you’ll find some of the coolest Japanese-American guys on Twitter…..

  9. They are young and very very very cute, but nothing will ever beat out the American Group “Another Bad Creation” with the song “Iesha” and that video as far as young goes!! They were like kindergarten young, i felt like a pervert watchin them. … So I will deal the with these cute teens any day.. The video’s nice, but the song is so-so….

    • Aw, I remember ABC. I think the difference was that they were so young that you couldn’t possibly think of them in a pervy way. They were just cute. I even put early New Edition into that catagory. They were as old as teen top but they were singing bubble gum pop more suitable for their age. There were no crotch grabbing, lip licking, smoldering stares into the camera in “Cool It Now” or “Iesha”, there was a lot of monkey bars and swinging and playing Nintendo and basketball and cute, shy blinking and while holding hands. I love Teen Top but their management company is determined to turn me into a pedo-nuna and I don’t wanna. They should “Cool It Now” or at least cool it a little.

  10. I’m just learning about this group.They seem ok to me,but if C.A.P don’t learn how to choose his words carefully, there won’t be such a group. Ok, I’m with Plinkin on this. I’m quite sure that all fathers, especially, those that have close relationships with their daughters are uneasy about them entering the real world.

    With so much bad out there, it is understandable why C.A.P may have those feelings about any potential daughters he may have and want to go out of his way to protect them,but to spank them..why?! Man, at least if he’s going to do that, his daughter should do something really bad for him to do it. I wonder if he would do that if his sons would act up? His remark came off as chauvanist. Maybe that wasn’t his intention..I don’t know,but it did come off that way.

    • Pshh I’m not saying beat the crap out of your kids because thats wrong; but some kids need to be slapped once in awhile. -_-

      Who actually cares what C.A.P says about it HES 19 YEARS OLD. He shouldnt even be thinking about that. How can anyone even take what hes saying about it seriously.

      The whole thing is laughable and shouldnt be taken so seriously 0_o

    • That was my problem. I think he did mention what he would do with his son, although I don’t recall exactly. It pretty was pretty much a laugh it off, pat him on the back, “make sure you use condoms”, that’s my boy kind of vibe.I do agree with KrisE that he in no way meant to sound like he did. He was just joking and having fun and we all make thoughtless comments at one time or another.

      He is only 19 and no he shouldn’t have to deal with that kind of question or situation at his age, but the truth is that teens deal with all of that and more every day and many of them do have children and are forced to deal with the situation they’ve landed themselves in.

      • Plimpkin and KrisE,

        You guys are right,but that came to my mind because I thought that it was serious at first. I have a strange feeling that if he does have a girl, she will be daddy’s little girl and she will be spoiled by him. I agree at 19,nobody should have to deal with that question,but he’s a man and being being exposed to the world like that you know it will be tempting to him and the rest of those guys to have sex( if they haven’t already,) especially, if they will travel outside of Korea/Asia.Hopefully, all them will have some Trojansin their pockets.

  11. all that bumping crotch action and then a chaste forehead kiss? talk about mixed messages…

    cute guys with sexy they don’t know what to do with…call me when you turn 30, lol..

  12. They had me at “Supa Luv” and “Crazy”
    I thought something was wrong with me,
    I mean the youngest one then was 13;
    and then, they come bustin’ out with
    “No More Perfume.” Shame on them,
    shame on me, no, shame on their management!
    Shame on CAP, the oldest who is supposed to be in college,
    he got into a little bit of trouble
    talking about how he was going to raise his kids:
    he said he would be ‘cool’ and spoil his son,
    ‘do everything for him and dote on him’;
    as for his daughter, ‘I’ll hit her and keep her locked up at home…
    because it’s dangerous outside’.
    He may have been joking,
    but he shocked his other group members,
    and the hosts of the show; and,
    his management company made him apologize.
    All that controversy though, did help to cool my heels.
    I’m way too old for them, and that’s just the way it is.
    But they are awesome to behold indeed.

    • … also, that would be “Clap”
      wherein the lyrics are, “I’m so cray, cray, cray-zee…
      followed by a bunch of clappin'”

      • I know, I love that song!
        The lyrics in the chorus,
        aside from “cray-cray-crayzee,”
        are some of my favorite in K-pop.
        Though I thoroughly enjoy the crazy-zee part,
        especially towards the end
        when they add the extra “crays”
        before the final “zee”
        Uh ohhh… and here I go:

    • I know we all do this to relax and have fun , but that doesn’t mean pretty guys should get a free ticket to act and say ignorant things. Someone should call them out when they make a mistake. Sometimes you say things and you have no idea that you’re being an insensitive jerk. How can you know unless someone brings it to your attention? I know that I’ve personally said things that were hurtful and I would never fo the world have intentionally offended or hurt the person I said them to.

      I was shocked by what he said, not because it was something new to hear, but because he should have known better at his age. That just adds to the argument that he was trying to be funny and make a joke about something that most teen-age boys are not ready to care or think seriously about. It also confirmed my impression that he is the jock/meathead of the group. CAP, wae you have to fit the stereotype? I love it when you have an impression of someone and they totally shatter it(Rain comes to mind for me-looks like a total jock/ladies man, speaks like a poet). People looking one way and being another is very attractive and mysterious. He was never my favorite, but if he’d opened his bro-dog looking mouth and said something educated, he might have gone from not being noticed to being at the top of the list.

      Ha, not that he cares what some middle-aged American, white woman thinks of him.

      I really thought that all of their talk of idol healing was a bunch of BS at first, but I started to buy into it about a year in. Yeah, it’s not a miracle cure, but if it lifts your spirits and gets you back out there into the world for another day, I’m all for it.

      • He was clueless,
        his group-mates were genuinely disturbed
        by his comments, they were so funny,
        they were in shock,
        asking why, and one saying that
        what he said was “scary” —
        they were awesome.

        Idol healing.. absolutely,
        … “helps to relieve my mind,”
        it’s good for me too…

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