MBLAQ:Hello Baby Episode 1 Parts ll – lV [ENG]

It seems everyone got a major kick out of MBLAQ and their multi-cultural baby introduction.( Missed Part1? click here ) Lets see how this will all really play out! Isnt it fun how we get to watch and discuss at the same time?!!??! I think its AWESOME!!!!!!

Anywayz I’ve given you all the direct video for part 2 and right under that are the links for parts 3 and 4 which complete episode 1. Enjoy!!

Click to watch PART 3 and PART 4

K-Kisses! KrisE

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30 thoughts on “MBLAQ:Hello Baby Episode 1 Parts ll – lV [ENG]

  1. Joon and Mir, Always Brainless Team LMFAO and G.O winning everything but not really doing anything XD Anyway, this is looove. I find it SO adorable how they got excited at the prospect of having a “dark skinned” baby teehee. If they did that would have been something! And I see it through and through because look who “daddy” is. Rain is a black man at heart lol so I’m sure his “sons” would have been alllll for it! So kawaii!

    • I know, I was thinking the same thing!
      They can’t just be grabbing these kids and running away with them.
      The producers had to have warned all those people.
      Either that, or Korea, is one of those countries,
      where you just don’t have to worry about your kids in that way.

      • haha I’m sure they all knew about the taping but still lolol They were coming across so creepy I loved it lolol

  2. Joon and Mir are like pedo appas lol jk! But when Joon said hello to that one little girl and it said weird oppa, I was rofl. And then Mir with his I think Lauren will be my type when she gets older, ahaha! Oh, and Leo with his death glare!

    • Steff,

      MUAHAHA! They were acting like such creepsters looking for those kids soooo funny and did you see Joonies face when Mir was talking about Lauren being his type when she gets older?! lolol

      • @KrisE at the end even Joonie seemed creeped out by Mir! I’ve noticed that that they really like women! Have u seen the videos of when they were in Brazil? The Brazilian women like to hug and give kisses on the cheek, so when a Brazilian tv reporter finished interviewing Mblaq, she kissed and hugged them. And Mir hugged the lady back so tightly, I was rofl!

      • I know, that was hilarious.
        I really don’t think Mir was being creepy at all.
        Lauren is a really cute little girl,
        with lots of personality.
        When you see that in kids,
        you just kind of shake your head
        because you know there gonna be special when they get older.

        After Kkaeal Player, it is so great to see Mir in the mix,
        and Mir and Joon together are hilarious!
        I understand they use to refer to those two as “the twins” in the early days.
        Oddly enough, they do look really similar sometimes;
        but personality-wise, those two could probably have their own show,
        pure ridiculousness with moments of poignancy for sure.

        And yes, I remember, Mir did not shy away from all that Brazilian love!
        He had a great time, it was written all over his face!

    • Mir is quite an attractive young man.
      I love how he openly and genuinely expresses himself.
      When he’s being silly and funny and happy,
      he gets this great big smile, and just lights up all over the place,
      he is infectious.
      But when he is in a serious frame of mind, or thoughtful,
      or surprised, or frustrated, you get that for real too.
      I think in the beginning, in terms of a sexual attraction,
      it was Joon for me (don’t worry, if he came knockin’ on my door,
      I would definitely answer), but more and more,
      it’s been Mir for sure.

  3. Thank you for the links! I died laughing watching this episode! Joon’s laziness is hilarious, Doongie’s blank stares were so dang cute, Mir’s bad luck was priceless, G.O’s cheating was adorable, and Seungho’s “silent” excitement was awesome! I don’t watch the variety shows very much (this is only the second one I’ve seen with MBLAQ (Idol Army)) and I loved it!

    Can’t wait for episode 2!

  4. These guys are plum fools! SeungHo’s English was too cute when trying to find his daughter. He’s too adorable with the Lauren! And lmao at the No Bran Team playing around trying to find the kids and make every child fit the pictures. Mir sounded so cute coming down the snow ramp. Joon’s speech about looking for this kid was just too funny!

    Back to Mir, Lauren is his ideal type. Lmao PedoMir – “now we have to be Appa and Daughter. Then it was like he thought about it for a sec. Would he sell a cow for her too?? lol

    Leo and Thunder look so much alike too!

    Can’t wait for Ep 2!!

      • Leo looks like he is definitely going to be trouble!
        Seungho, ever full of surprises,
        with very little if any hesitation,
        just busts out with that English and gets the job done!
        Joon, ever the mess, on that mike was hilarious.
        Pedi-Mir… nooooo please don’t go there,
        it was just a sweet acknowledgement of how adorable she was.

        I love Thunder with Leo,
        I hope they strike up a nice relationship during the show.
        Oddly enough, it almost seems like,
        if I can gather such a thing in one episode,
        it almost seems like they understand each other —
        and they do look alike!
        I was trying to think of baby pictures I’ve seen with Thunder,
        and I think he was just as adorable as Leo.

        GO is awesome!

      • Lol no, no offense to Mir at all. He’s just too cute in what he says and does sometimes. I don’t think he’d really go after kids, the comment was just like “lol omg he just said that for real??” I’m sure he’s going to be just as much of kid as the kids and be adorable on the show 🙂

  5. Awwww! Seungho is so great… Here he is thinking about both him and G.O. and G.O. was just thinking about himself… lol. I love Seungho!

  6. Hmmmm…. I should have made a bet about Seungho being a good father. *le sigh* So far he’s doing great and he seemed to be the most exited. This was funny and I can’t wait to watch the future episodes.

    Mir and Joon….. You two get the side eye.

  7. This has nothing to do with Hello Baby but I thought it was cool. Start listening at about 2 min. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh4zUHF_s20
    And how come I’ve never heard of Tim??? Homegrown hottie anyone! He’s from Philly and Eru, also known as Andrew, is Korean American as well. I discovered Eru last week but maybe you ladies have already heard of him and Tim.

    • @Steff: oh wow he’s cute! And open-minded, and not afraid to say so! lol
      Sidenote: I can’t believe how reserved Brian Joo is mcing that show… I’m so used to seeing him much more….”colorful”! lol
      thanks for the clip!

      • Omo! Isn’t he cute! And Eru too! Also, Tim’s voice makes me melt 😉
        Oh, and Jay Park, dumbfounded, and Brian Joo are making a song together! I’ve been waiting for a Jay and Brian track =D

  8. OMG!! This was sooooo funny!! The kids are absolutely adorable!!! I think Seungho is going to be the best dad and as for Joon and Thunder… not so much…smh at some of the stuff they tried to pull. Watching this is going to make this year so much better!!!

    • Doesn’t Seungho seem more relaxed this time around;
      they all seem so much more relaxed around each other,
      so much closer to each other.

      They were always close, but now it’s like the bond is set for good.
      I think last year was tough for them, but they know what’s up,
      they’re working hard, and they have each other’s backs.

      Gosh I just love those guys — it’s ridiculous…

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