[M/V] Jin Akanishi – Sun Burns Down

Happy Sunday you guys! Check out Jin Akanishi’s latest video for his single “Sun Burns Down”.

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19 thoughts on “[M/V] Jin Akanishi – Sun Burns Down

  1. This definately sounds like what is being played in the States, it’s catchy, and I like it.. I hate to say it, but maybe they dont want people in the STATEs to know this song is by an Asian just yet, so they left him out of the video on purpose, I mean why put a Blonde in the video … IDK, just a thought, but i have see them do this with Some black artists…

    • BOAB81

      I’m feeling this song. Like everybody else said this song has a universal sounds about it..club like as Jiani said. This kind of sound is what is in the states and will get the people, if played on the stations more. That should be a hit.

      I was just looking at the video that Far East Movement w/Jay Park had on their song JELLO. It has the same beat. Some people was for it, but some of his fans thought it was ” gross” or that Jay was too good for that music…I believe mostly because of the Black dancers in the video , I laugh when they say that. Don’t they know that Club music is in?

    • Angel,

      Interesting thought. To me, it is semi-pointless to have a video that is just focusing on one person ..and not the artist themselves. May as well just did the video with nobody in it.

  2. Read a recent interview on the Rolling Stone jp magazine, he’s such a Nicky Minaj fanboy, it’s cute ~
    Hopefully his dream of a future collab will come true

  3. This song will definitely be added to my playlist when getting for a girls night out or just when I want to feel good. Never heard of him before, but I’ll check him out now.

  4. I want to see the vid so I’ll watch it when it premieres. As far as the song goes, I’ll pass. I didn’t like test drive either.

  5. I thought the song was pretty decent his second time around. I to didn’t understand the whole being MIA thing but I guess it worked,for him. I do hope that he can make it in the US so the others would fellow.

  6. Hot damn Jin! He’s so adorable. Not too fond of the song though, now if he slowed it down, added some piano then it’d be tolerable because the lyrics arent all that bad. Best of luck to this cutie, he should try a different sound versus the dance pop thing.

  7. Fun, fun, fun,…makes me wanna head out to the club, and dance until the sun comes up! One thing I gotta hand it to K-pop for, the elaborate stage set ups, and choreographed dancing.

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