MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 1 Part 1 [ENG]

Hey everyone! If you thought Super Juniors trip to The English Village was hysterical just wait till you watch the first part of season 5 Hello Baby with MBLAQ! All I’ll say is Mir is HILARIOUS!

Part 2 is not subbed yet but as soon as it is I’ll have it up.

K-Kisses! KrisE

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27 thoughts on “MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 1 Part 1 [ENG]

  1. Thank you for posting this!
    Ummm this is def going to be an interesting season haha
    Not only is MBLAQ dealing with more than one child but children from different cultures.
    whaaattt! ^0^
    This is def gonna be a pretty cool season of Hello baby!

  2. There’s a multi-cultural museum in Korea? I think that’s cool. I wonder if the kids will be attending a multi-cultural school. Anyway, I thought the scene where they were talking about how to greet a dark-skinned baby was silly.

    Seung Ho is so cute….nice smile…. and I think he will do well as an “appa”.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • hahahahaha! Mir talking about how to greet a dark skinned baby had me in tears! He’s like obsessed with dark skin children lololol if you go to his twitter page he has a random pic of one from when he was in Vegas lol

      • And of course ppl are overreacting…I don’t know a lot about mblaq but they don’t seem racist. Rolls eyes at ppl “overreacting”.

      • @Steff: yeah I saw some comments under the videos on youtube and couldn’t help but roll my eyes too. Sheesh. Mir’s a country boy, and even with all the world traveling he’s done, he’s still just Cheolyong Bang from the country. It doesn’t make him racist. If anything, I think it’s obvious that he’s fascinated with dark-skinned people. Like KrisE pointed out, he just randomly took a picture of a little black boy in Vegas and tweeted it. He can’t help himself, lol. He’s just fascinated. It may be an ignorant fascination, but I believe it is truly innocent.

      • No, I’ve never got the impression that they were. They are from Korea and though you see Blacks and other darker skinned people there, it’s not enough to equate them as visible communities

        Although as of late I’ve had some complaints about the lack of Black/darker skin representation on Korean shows, this will be the exception. I don’t feel that MBLAQ is a prejudiced group. They have been out of Korea/Asia only twice( i could be wrong),but that is not enough for them to be experts of our or other people cultures.

        I also don’t see their curiousities about darker skin to be offensive. In Korea, especially, if Koreans don’t live in larger cities like Seoul, their chances of being exposed like to other foreigners decreases. In their case, I can understand MBLAQ’s concerns about raising multiracial/multicultural kids in Korean and other Asian societies. We all know that being mixed blood in Korea isn’t nowhere as tolerated as it would be in the states.

        I think that I want to check more of Hello baby out to see how my boys will do with them. All the boys need think is that these kids are kids first and multicultural/racial second and they’ll be fine and if they are in Korea offer the best of what Korea has. If they have a multicultural museum , that is good. I

      • @bitofabelly and ATLSis, I agree with you ladies. I’m sure Mir was just joking anyways(I don’t really think he would greet any of us that way lol), but we all know that there are some people who just can’t take a joke. No wonder some non African American kpop fans say that black people are too sensitive. I know Koreans have a history of being racist towards African Americans, but we can’t cry racism for every little thing. smh!

      • There’s no racism at all in him or his comments.
        I think it’s curiosity and enthusiasm for meeting a different people.
        I don’t know how Koreans most commonly refer to darker-skinned
        people, but unlike America where mostly blacks are referred to
        as the dark-skinned ones, dark-skinned people could be from anywhere.
        I think referring to dark-skinned people as dark-skinned people,
        could be seen as respectful — after all, it’s what they are,
        dark-skinned people… God forbid he should refer to them as coloured,
        or blackies, or by some derogatory term for them in Korean,
        which I’m sure exists, I just don’t know what it is,
        and thankfully Mir is not the first Korean to introduce me to it.
        Living in a pretty darn homogenous country such as Korea,
        you gotta respect and appreciate their enthusiasm
        for being eager to meet children from all parts of the world.
        I think that’s why they were the first they chose to do this with.
        That says and means a lot to me as a dark-skinned fan-girl for sure.

        I would not be surprised, if Mir,
        like his daddy Rain, marries himself a dark-skinned woman!

      • @whatthefrell: our dear Cheolyong really was just being innocent referring to “dark-skinned baby”. He’s adorable. He’s definitely fascinated. Give him what he wants, lol!

      • Yeah I totally agree that MBLAQ are not racist because they were wouldn’t their faces have looked unhappy after Mir mentioned the possibility of a black child but I think it would been soooooo cool to see them raise a half korean half black baby plus I think people are getting upset due to how things get translated because I watched a hd version of this on youtube and instead of the translated words “dark-sknned baby” the person translated it to “african baby” instead! So until anyone of MBLAQ are directly racist toward black people they will always be my favourite band!!!! ❤

  3. Episode 1 is too funny. The dark skin baby thing was too funny; “Oh Mir” is all I can say about him sometimes. I like that they are going to try and retain the kids’ culture, at least they talked about it. Can’t wait for the rest!

  4. Funny moments that MUST be mentioned.

    1. Mir greeting a “dark skinned baby” with ” A-Yo my daddy man”

    2. Joonies ideas of discipline which include the threat of death.

    3. Leader and Mirs African dance to the Congo drums in the Multicultral Museum.

    • Oh yeah! That’s right…them doing the African dancing at the museum was too funny.

      Seung Ho was dancing like an old man but Mir really got into it. TV shows like this remind you that these idols are still human. lol

  5. This show was really funny. I think this season will be great. Im rreally looking forward to the next episode. I watched the whole show, even though it’s not translated yet and laughed like crazy. The children are too cute. I dont wanna talk about it until everybody had a chance to watch. I was surprised that all the children were going to be multicultural , but that’s awesome. I think mblaq will do a good job with the kids. Mir is just cute and he meant no harm. Im kinda scared for Joon, maybe he’s just nervous. Seugho and G.O(mommy) seem like they will be the best appas. Anyways, thanks for the translation and for posting this.

  6. I’m actually going to try to watch the rest of this season’s Hello Baby because I really this is going be freakin’ hilarious. I love when G.O. (at least I think it was him) who said wow, we’re really are one . . . I really hope that’s what people would get out of this whole series, besides getting the comic relief^^

  7. @BOAB81,

    said…..”ignorant fascination”…………………………………………………………………..

    I agree. That’s a good term for it. I’m tickled on a lot of levels and still quite fascinated by Korean culture my damn self. Boy, Thunder was really “thinking” hard about it….(*Kekekeke*) and Joonie, Joonie, Joonie……”po thang” (*Kekekeke*). As someone said before, I think ultimately, kids will be kids first….no matter the culture. Some will be cute, some will be little bad @sses, but I think it will be good. Hope to watch more. (*Kekekekekeke*………..still cracking up.)

    • @BiAlamode: I’ve said ignorant things about Asian people and their culture, but it was innocent. I never hated them as people…I just thought they all ate noodles, knew kung fu and karate and were short and weak. It’s what Western movies and media taught me. I had no other frame of reference. OBVIOUSLY, that is bollocks, and I know now that I have been exposed.

      • People are being so mean to Mir.
        What has been pointed out to me is not
        that he referred to American blacks as
        “dark-skinned,” but what he said afterwards
        in terms of how he would greet them…
        In my heart of hearts,
        I believe he must have been joking.
        I cannot believe that those would
        be the words he would choose to use,
        if he were to actually meet
        a black American baby… please.
        He is so much more thoughtful than that.

  8. im so emotionally drained from all the fans who are disappointed in what he said. Yeah he should’ve picked better words but like really.If it’s not this its tge blackface issue -_-. Buuuut overall I thought it was cute mir being a darkskinned groupie lol

    • I can’t believe people took issue with that.
      I don’ get that at all.
      I’m glad I haven’t read any of those comments,
      I would have been disappointed too.
      Like I said in an earlier comment,
      how would they have preferred he refer to a dark-skinned person,
      a dark-skinned person that could be from anywhere.
      There may or may not be a better way to express it in Korean.
      I’m sure as he gets older, and continues to travel,
      and meet all kinds of people, he’ll learn all about the subtleties of race.
      It’s so unfortunate that when you come at it genuinely,
      and with a pure and open heart, people dog you
      without taking the obvious into consideration.

      I mean, at least he didn’t use the term n-word-baby…
      can you imagine that?!

  9. omgoodness i have laughed so much at this already that my sisters think i’m crazy…i think this is an excellent idea…it’s exciting to me first because it’s mblaq…second, because the producers decided to make it multicultural and then third, to give them 3 babies (!)… it’s going to be a learning experience for everybody, as was said a few times before, that kids are kids…and interesting that seungho said there are several multicultural marriages in his family, so he’s not really phased at all…the guys are mainly worried because they think the korean parenting style is not going to fit all the babies…but babies are smart and pick things up quickly…ever seen ‘baby geniuses’? sometimes i believe that’s true, lol…anyway, it was so cute and hilarious that mir instantly thought about getting a ‘dark skinned’ baby, that joonie is planning on threatening/scaring them into submission, and that joonie and doongie were totally ???? already, haha…i cannot wait to see the rest of this series!

  10. I love Mblaq… and I don’t think they are racist at all.. But when I heard Mir’s response, I was kinda taken aback just a little and I laughed. I love these guys and they would have to say some a little more than that to make me think other than good things about them… Just for him to even mention the chance of having a darker child on there means that he has no reservations about it…

  11. just my question because I have only watched the first part of the first episode. The kids they are holiding in the picture don’t represent the kids they will be watching?

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