Battle of The Most Dramatic Music Videos II

What a tight race! I really thought SS501’s “Love Ya” was gonna take the top spot but alas! The winner was MBLAQ with their music video for “Stay”. (Missed the last vote and are unsure of what a dramatic video is click here)

Will they be able to keep the top spot this week? It’s up to you to decide but the competition is tough. This weeks battle challengers ready to steal the crown are TVXQ with “Keep Ya Head Down” and BEAST/B2ST with “Breath”.

MBLAQ is staying strong with fierce hair and makeup accompanied by longing looks at the camera. TVXQ is bringing fire, whips and leather to the battlefield while Beast is showin up with heavy guy-liner, feather and spiked headbands plus pouring rain and hard-hitting dance moves.

Watch the videos and vote for this weeks Most Dramatic Music Video. Have a video you think should battle let me know!

On a side note: BEAST maknae, did you really think I wasnt going to notice you borrowing Taemins black and crystal studded sweater from SHINee’s “Hello” mv? -_-

K-Kisses KrisE!

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14 thoughts on “Battle of The Most Dramatic Music Videos II

  1. The first battle was so close. All 3 of the videos were tight. I agree with you. I thought SS501 would win. Oh well. For this one, all 3 are awesome, but I’ll go with TVXQ. 🙂

  2. I’ll have to go with TVXQ on this one. It was the best song and cheoreography was pretty awesome…..but not as awesome as the cheoreography for SHINEee’s “Lucifer” video.

    Maybe that could be a contender next time.

  3. Team BEAST. They really pulled out all the dramatic video cliches, plus the orchestra that appeared out of no where was great ^_^

  4. How did SS501 not win that?! mmmh Anyhu on to this battle…great songs. two of these- Beast and TVXQ are on my favourite list but i have to go with TVXQ coz i totalee totalee DIG this song- crazy obsessed is more like it :-). its tight though because i love the footwork in the Beast video (they always have amazing footwork!!) and Yoseob is sooo cute aah..Ok final vote – TVXQ

  5. It was a close one between MBLAQ ancd TVXQ, but I could really feel the emotion behind Keep Your Head Down. Just a powerful projecting video!

  6. Beast is my fave group out of the 3 but I voted for TVXQ. Yunho and the fire gets me every time. I love Keep Your Head Down 🙂

  7. Hmmn… this was a really really difficult choice, but I’ll have to pick DBSK. lol. I’m a biased fan girl, and Changmin is one of my favorite members of DBSK.

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