BKM Hotties of the Week 1-21-12: Special Ponytail Edition

Who wears it best?
From left to right: JYJ’s Micky Yoochun, Super Junior’s Heechul Kim, Jang Keun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior’s Siwon Choi, So Ji Sub, SHINee’s Taemin Lee, Super Junior’s Donghae Lee, Big Bang’s G-Dragon

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29 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 1-21-12: Special Ponytail Edition

  1. Oh snap 4 of my guys are in this! Heechul, Jang Keun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong and Taemin! I’m gonna have to go with my ultimate bias in this Kim Hyun Joong! His side profile is sexy and his ponytail is “messy chic” Taemin gets 2nd place while Heechul comes in 3rd and JKS gets last place with the little girl palm tree and baby hairs slicked down lmao …..I will give honorable mention to SuJu’s Donghae though he made his ponytail look ultra sexy while lounging in that suit.

  2. They all look good with their pony tails,but Taemin, Heechul and G-dragon are my Top three. The picture of Taemin is my favorite. The off white outfit that he’s wearing becomes him. I was looking at some older picture oh Heechul when he was younger. I was like O..M..G..I don’t want to say this because he’s a man,but as some of his netizens said he looked better than some women( For once, I will agree with them on this). They weren’t lying about that. I dreaded the day where he had to get his hair cut for the military,but it had to get done.

    I also looked at a New Years day picture of G-dragon and the rest of Big-Bang. I couldn’t believe that it was him. He looked very nice. He wasn’t in his performing outfits. He looked hot and normal..sort of preppy and his hair was black. Oddly, I like him better in his everyday gear than I do when he dresses for his concerts.

  3. the first ponytail i saw on a kpop idol looked like keun suk’s…i called it a ‘waterspout’ because it looked just like the spouts that are drawn on top of whales, lol…thought it was the cutest thing. anyway, my fave ponys are siwon’s and micky’s…best all around photo goes to g.d….i agree with atlsis, i love seeing him in his everyday gear. but i also have to admit that taemin’s ponytail fascinates me…i was watching a shinee vid a while ago, and found myself watching taemin’s ponytail and nothing else…something about the way his hair moves…

  4. I think I like Mickey’s the best but Taeminnie is in 2nd place ♥
    Btw I think it’s time for another date week! I vote for B2ST!!!!

    • I totally watched the video. I think he was in LA to discuss something about the JYJ tour in South America with Jeri Slaughter. So, this might mean that the JYJ guys are going to work with their American dancers which means there might be more Telisha/Junsu action. lol.

      • @Majolie87 More Junsu n Telisha action hmmm….that would be funny! I have to admit that entertained me for half of the summer, I had just graduated from high school in May and in June the fangirls were having hissy fits over the “our secret song” lol! I think Junsu and Telisha were just friends, it seems like the fans created most of the rumors.(But who knows, maybe something was going on).

        @bitofabelly81, Mickey does seem to have Hollywood/California fever. Idk if that’s a good or bad thing, maybe he just needs a vacay lol! He’s not my DBSK/JYJ bias but I hope he’s not super stressed out because he does seem to be smoking a lot lately.

      • @Steff: lol, I am just being silly. Hollywood makes me nauseous sometimes…
        But about Mickey’s smoking: he needs a spanking! Doesn’t he have asthma or something?? I mean, whether he does or not, he shouldn’t be smoking, but if he already has respitory problems why why why why would he smoke?? I heard that his asthma will hinder his participation in boot camp training and active duty when he enters the military. Oh Mickey dear take better care of yourself!

      • @bitofabelly81 Smoking is really bad health wise and I wish Mickey and Jaejoong would stop(idk if Jaejoong still smokes but I know he use too). Also, me and my siblings have asthma. There is def no smoking going on in my family. And even without asthma our parents always taught me and my siblings that smoking is a No No period.

      • @Steff
        Oh… the delusional fan girls reactions were so hilarious. I literally died. lol. The fans were so upset about her using their shipping name (Telisu) and thinks that she created it. However, it was the fan girls who gave her that name, and the JYJ guys actually call her that. So what’s wrong with her using that? But what really surprised me was the races of the delusional fan girls. I thought the Korean and Japanese fan girls would be the ones to be outraged, but it seems as if they either like her or don’t really care.
        I totally agree. I wish he (and Jaejoong, if he still smokes) would stop smoking because his career is a singer. He should take better care of his vocal chords. I also wished he would stop drinking so much. The amount he and Jaejoong drinks is really hazardous to their health. ;A;

      • @majolie87: what do you think about JaeJoong’s latest tweets/pics on Twitter in the past month or so? I’ve been rather concerned with them lately. He seems to be going through depression or something…

    • @bitofabelly
      Personally, I think Jaejoong is lonely, and needs someone to keep him occupied. So he tweets these pictures to get some attention from his fans. To me Jaejoong seems like someone who needs a lot of attention, and if he doesn’t get that attention, I think he drinks to cope with the loneliness. Do I think he’s depressed? No. He was depressed when JYJ was first created, but as time passed, I think he’s gotten over it and is more focused on what the future can bring. I know they’re (JYJ) working on a new album (I hope it’s another English one since I did enjoy their first English one); so, they’ll be busy, and since they’ll be busy with group activities, he’ll be around people.
      In other words: Jaejoong is an attention whore who likes to tweet pictures to get attention. lol.

      • @majolie87, Jaejoong is prob my fave member of jyj. And since he was adopted do u think that one of the reasons he craves attention is due to the fact that he feels a since abandonment? Actually, sometimes it seems like all of the JYJ guys are a little lonely. I mean maybe they just really love cats but sometimes I think that the guys own so many cats because it feels the void they have. I laugh when I hear JYJ fans call Junsu a cat lady but in the back of my mind I’m thinking MAYBE he’s a cat lady because u won’t let him have a girlfriend/marry someone. But what do I know, maybe I’m being too deep lol!

      • @majolie87: yes indeed loneliness and depression can go hand in hand. I agree he’s an attention whore, afterall, he’s been getting attention since being a child (isn’t he the only boy in his family or no??); being darn cute, and also being 1/5 of DBSK. So yeah, I get that. But sometimes his tweets are…odd….it’s bad enough to the point where another kpop blog has expressed concern: http://americankpopfans.com/jj-project/
        I hope all it is, is him just being an attention whore…

    • @bitofabelly
      I totally agree. Hopefully he’ll meet someone (even though it will break my little heart lol) this year. I think he is getting better compared to last year. I really want him and JYJ to come back to America. Maybe I’m just being delusional but it seems as if they’re more happier and free to be themselves here. Or maybe I just want them to speak and improve their English. lol. I mean I would like for them to make it in America and being able to speak English is a must here.
      Jaejoong is also my favorite member of JYJ/DBSK! I hope the fan girls will let the guys date so that they can be normal guys. The guys have said they wanted children and to get married.

      • @majolie87: yeah, I hope I’m wrong and he’s happy and taking care of himself 🙂 By the way: there’s hope! JJ said he’d probably end up marrying a fan since fans love you the most. 😉

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