Super Junior Enters the English Village

Oldie but goodie you guys! I watch this vid whenever I want a laugh ^^ Enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “Super Junior Enters the English Village

  1. lol! I’m never seen this before! Dead at “Age? Answer: B” lmao The lady took some of that in stride, because if someone said I look like Whoppi Goldberg and Ronaldinho, I would have been like, “Denied!” They should have opened up with “I love you” and “You’re gorgeous” like Eeteuk and Hankyung lol Oh wait Hankyung said black is his favorite color lol!!! I’m trying to figure out what Kangin said to the lady when he leaned in lol Oh, and I don’t understand why the other lady say Siwon is from Hawaii? Then he said oh no, Mexican lol I don’t follow Super Junior so I have no idea. However, this video definitely has me a bit interesting in them.

  2. LOL!! Heechul is crazy, I loved that when she let him pass he told the others “see what I can do” with his trademark cocky attitude. Poor Siwon (my SuJu bias) being picked on, Leeteuk’s automatic “I love you”, Donghae’s goofy answer to the age question, the lady hitting on the cutie Kibum and Eunhyuk being belligerent. God, how I love Super Junior they have to be one of the most immature K-Pop groups and I love them for that too.

  3. This is funny. Im really starting to like super junior. That lady was funny and so where the guys. Oh, I like Siwon’s( I think that’s how to spell his name) voice. He’s such a cutie. Thanks for the laugh…

  4. This was honestly one of the funniest skits that Super Junior has ever done, so much so that my family still uses the phrase “You’re so Gorgeous” when we get on each others nerves in our home. LOL! For anyone who is not a fan of Suju, you should really start watching their many, many shows on YouTube. As an idol group, they are hands down the best at these types of shows.

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