Super Junior Series III: Leader Leeteuk

Park Jung Soo – “Leeteuk”- Age 28

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9 thoughts on “Super Junior Series III: Leader Leeteuk

  1. So true that many K-pop idols have gone “under the knife” —including my personal favorite Cho Kyuhyun— but I love them anyway.

    Leeteuk has been through a lot but perhaps those experiences will serve him well when he reports for military service later this year.

  2. Tuekie! He used to be my bias in Super Junior. Funny you mention emotional because that’s what attracted me to him in the first place. In Strong Heart Heechul was talking about how great Leeteuk is as a leader and Tuekie just cried and exited the stage. I was struck by his sensitivity and wanted to know more about him. Besides he’s highly attractive too 🙂

    I think it’s too cute how his nickname is Peter Pan and that he still acts a tad kid-like sometimes. Defintely gonna miss him when he goes into the military!

  3. Geez.. I didn’t know that Leetuk was that old. I was always under the impression that if a K-POp star are considered to be ” old” by this age?Poor guy, he have been through a lot,but it is often said that we go through things for a good reason. So far he have overcame many of these obstacles. I hope that military is serving him well.

    I hate that so many of these Kpop stars have gone under the knife. I remembered reading a SEOULBEATS article about this. One of the management staff( Forget which music label) remarked that he knew what they would wants..Really? I would have to say yes and no. Yes, there are no denying that a lot of those Kpop idols are hot and that people enjoy them,but the more I read about what some Kpop idols go through to impress us, the more disappointed I’am with it. We all have gotten immune to women going through this,but it’s still weird when I hear of men doing the same. There was an article on about a group member who went from 200+ pounds to 133lbs( I think his name was El). While there were some fans who spoke with concern about his weight, a lot of the girls thought he looked good. Honestly, I didn’t think so. He was too thin for his height..even with the muscle he had It would have been nice if he could have went down to 200 lbs or Leetuk’s size ,lean but healthy. I mean..he looked sick.

    One of the slight problems with Kpop is that they seem to not want to leave room for their idols to be themselves. It almost seems that they have to be alike in some way. This is where I differ with the guy on. They may compare some of the treatment of their idols to Hollywood stars,but even with them, there is some degree of flexibility in who they want to be more than Kpop stars.It almost seem that Kpop idols have to be alike.

    • ATLsis,

      lolol “that old”… SuJu was formed in 2005 ^_^

      Plastic surgery is really common in S. Korea and I have to say I’m 100% for it. I think it makes people especially the Idols look sooooo much better. But there are some who have gone over board. Also theres that tiny issue of people going to the same doctors and coming out as clones..Alot of the K-Drama actresses look alike and its starting to become creepy.

      • Agreed. Some people knows how to do it right, you have mentioned.. can go overboard with it and man you can tell it from a mile away.

        I remembered reading a article about a Taiwanese girl who dissed SNSD for looking plastic. Although it was wrong for them that, one thing I will agree with them with is about SNSD’s appeararance. They along with several other Kpoppers look that way. They at times don’t look right. Though we don’t know if they Taiwanese girl group appearance may be man made or natural,but let’s put it this way..they looked normal. They weren’t very skinny and they didn’t look like ghosts.

        You’re very right in saying that they look creepy. They really do look creepy. which is why I said what I said. The guy want to continue make Kpop industry an international sensation and that is all good,but he and others behind the Kpop don’t get it. Yes, there are some of us who like the idols just the way they are,but it don’t mean that the international world want the same thing all of the time whether it’s their style of singing, wardrobe or appearance, there needs to be some mixture if not , before they will know it, they will leading themselves to their own destruction.

  4. Not a fan, never have been. I like SJ as a unit, but individually, most of the members don’t interest me at all. He is usually a good MC, a few years from now, he will be great! As far as the surgery, I don’t care. The k-pop industry is obsessed with looks, it can only be compared to the modeling industry. There are tons k-pop artists with limited talent that look exceptionally good standing on stage. There are very few idols that would generally be considered unattractive in Korea. Anyway, I think he has a infectious smile and one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard in my life. Seriously, if you’re a fan and you haven’t heard him laugh, get over to youtube. You will not regret it.

  5. I’m not really a SJ fan either although I kinda do like mr simple. I do like leeteuk though. I love his sense of humor and his energy. My 1st exposure to him was on WGM when he helped alex babysit and I though him and Eunhyuk were hilarious. I also am shocked at his age. Usually almost all of the boyband members are younger than me so I like that he’s older than me. Now he got me lookin at him with new eyes.

  6. I Love him on “We Got Married” !!!!!

    Plastic: It makes me sad that people aka Clebs aka Kpop Stars are made to or feel so bad about their looks that they have to changes themselves to fit a mold……:( How many of them have been in car wrecks or such that required it?

    I am mean Rain even was all against getting his eyes done…….not that he couldn’t have had other work done but, still he spoke out!

    We are made in the image of God….So that means we are perfect just the way we are! No matter what color, shape, height, or nationality!!!!!!!!

    There needs to be a anti-plastic revolution on Korean….Maybe I will go start one…..anyone with me? ………he he……. I’d like to see me get up and saying something to them for being plastic….In my small dreams 😀

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