[M/V] MBLAQ- It’s War

I have to say I pretty much love almost everything about this MV. The song is great especially the chorus. The hot outfits, the seriously overly dramatic acting complete with expressive hand and arm movements for days. Mir lets loose with an angry rap verse; seriously this is more like a mini drama believe me. The ending freaked me out and I just have to ask this… Whats the deal with MBLAQ and extreme violence involving women? This is the second video ( ‘Y’ ) a gun has been in Lee Joons hands. Enjoy the new video and let me know your thoughts!

K-Kisses! KrisE

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38 thoughts on “[M/V] MBLAQ- It’s War

  1. This is hands down the best KPop video I have ever seen. The acting was just superb and I love the storyline. MBLAQ couldn’t have done better!

    As for the violence I’m not sure. Maybe they are just releasing some inner frustrations lol

  2. Uh-oh! The Ministry of Gender Equality & Family (morality police) might criticize this video because of the violent images.

    I definitely like the image of the video and the clothes. Park Sang Hyun is too cute (love his natural hair color by the way) but I have to say my favorite part was the fact that Seung Ho’s new hair cut makes his gorgeous, full lips stand out even more.

  3. That ending was from the movie “wanted”, and this reminded me a little of Kim Hyung Joong’s video “Please be Nice to me” but overall This is a good video, and honestly I personally think this is one Mir’s best rapping…. I liked Mir ever since he said “NAS” was one of his favorite Rappers; that right there told me he really pays attention, and I liked that.. And you’re right whats up with the violence with women!! LOL

  4. WOW, I love it. This has got to be their best mv. Im loving this song and Mir’s rapping. Couldnt have asked for more. I really like to song, the lyrics and everything. Bravo, guys. Not to mention they all look so good in this and the dancing. @angel you’re right it is from the movie wanted. It’s the bullet bending thing at the end. Which I didnt expect the bullet to come back and kill my Joonie.

  5. Woah!! I was wondering if anybody caught what was used at the beginning of this video, part of Malcolm X’s “By Any Means Necessary” speech. Man MBLAQ blows me away all the time and surprises me everyday. That shows that they have some serious influence by African Americans. WOW, great song too by the way.

    • I didn’t. I have to listen to that again to see it. Rain was their former boss and we all know he had a lot of Black influences in his life. MBLAQ said in an interview that the name of the group was “Black-inspired”. With the new people they are with, they seem to be producers that are into mature music and so far, it seems to be working for them.

  6. wow the Blaqies have really grown up, and I’m loving the mature look. About the violence, I don’t know if any of you have seen many recent South Korean films, but…this video is only following the recent violent, bloody trend of the SK film industry. When I first saw the trailer for this music video, I was displeased as it seemed to play into yet ANOTHER plot that involved violence against women, but since I’ve watched the whole video I can see the bigger picture, and that although Joonie’s character is a sharpshooter, he used his skills to end it for himself, not the woman he loved. Not saying that anyone should have died in the video, but I was happy to see he DIDN’T kill the woman he loved. Other than that, all the guys look great! Mir’s my favourite look and as usual Joonie’s acting shows Hollywood potential. I’m proud of my Blaqies. They are doing their best to stand out and shock, because oddly, they have not reached the level of SHINee, SuJu, Big Bang & 2PM, so I think their hard work in this video, will pay off and hopefully help to get them more attention and fans!

    • The video is really impressive. MBLAQ looks great! I’m really proud of how far they’ve come and I want them to keep soaring. Love those boys. LOVE the song.

      I don’t find looking at a girl through the cross-hairs of a gun scope entertaining, however. I keep reading a lot across the Internet about how, geez, the MV is just for entertainment purposes, loosen up, but how the hell can I loosen up when just a few months ago, a few neighborhoods over from mine, a young man went to his girlfriend’s house and killed her because she betrayed him? I’m a human being and it’s hard to be all frivolous when violence against women when they piss you off in real life is so common. (And frankly, a Malcolm X quote being used screams deeper meaning. Nobody uses something as historically potent as a Malcolm X quote in a project this huge just because oh I like how it sounds and wanted to throw it in there.)

      I hear what you were saying, boab81. I personally am over the “a girl makes Joon mad and he picks up a gun” pattern.

      • I get both songs, but I dont see why it has to be soo extreme. In ‘Y’ their video displayed “if your girl falls for another kill her.” In this one its “if your girl falls for another kill yourself.”

        Entertainment yes, I like the song and the video yes but shouldnt Idols and companies be more socially concious considering I dunno lets see…

        Girl group Iris’ member Lee Eun Mi was killed by her ex bf over the summer. He stabbed her 65 times.

        Then theres the whole suicide epidemic in S. Korea where its been reported that “1 person jumps into the Han River every 2 days”.

        The point is as much as K-Pop is fun and entertaining its also viewed by thousands of highly impressionable kids and teens and I think the industry needs to be just a taaaaaddd bit more aware of that.

  7. I watched it before and I like the song.

    Sorta OT, but the pix for the Hello Baby show have been released. They have 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy.

  8. I was shocked at this video,but not because something bad.

    I didn’t know that they could go that far with that in Korea( Question: was it made in Korea). I agree with Choi. I wouldn’t be surprised if KBS says something about it. You know how strict they are. If they got on Yoseob for making references to drinking in his musc, they may be a possibility they they may do the same with MBLAQ, which I hope they won’t.

    My verdict of this video and song this is MBLAQ’s best of the best so far. They have entered the real world in a big way with this video. They are men and through this song they want to show the world who they really are( Not the violence,but you get what Im saying)…that they are more than just a teeny-popper Kpop group. Mir..um..oh..is that the same guy I knew from MBLAQ? I mean, he sounded more like Drake than himself. I’m just impressed with it all and they should be. whoever the produced them did a great job bringing the best out in them. Some Korean music insiders have predicted a win with their music and so do I.


  9. This is one of my favorite videos from MBLAQ! I do consider myself an A+. So I’m biased here. The choreography is amazing. I liked the staggering dance poses(I don’t know what else to call it) around the 3:26 mark. The story line was nice. I can’t wait to see it performed live. They have all improved so much! I’m proud of them all. They are definitely underrated. I hope they do well this comeblaq^__^

  10. Their live performance was just awesome!
    I will be so disappointed if they don’t win.
    Allkpop states that T-ara won January 12ths M!Countdown.
    Please tell me this cannot be true.
    Please tell me that MBLAQ’s debut performance
    was just not included in this round of voting.
    Because if this is the case,
    then something is terribly wrong.
    I had concerns initially with the promotions — the feathers and all,
    but from the teaser on I was hooked.
    They outdid themselves with the video,
    and Joonie just has that ability to connect with you through media.
    Wanted to see more choreography in the video,
    and they totally delivered in the live performance.
    Sharp, intense, mature, with feeling, and on point.
    They looked great, they sounded great — they delivered full on.
    These media and entertainment companies better recognize!

    • Yes, I am replying to myself,
      and no, they were not included in this round of voting.
      But next week, I better see some positive results
      in their favour!

      • My one and only hyperlink I promise,
        but I think this is one of the best live performances ever.
        I respect some people’s sensitivity to the crosshairs; and
        yes, I am a total fan-girl, but come on!

      • Whatthefrell,

        Thanks for posting the video. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the group because I feel the same way about Super Junior and SHINee. I didn’t have too much of a problem with the violent aspect of the video because it apparently had to go with the title of the song but if all their songs are going to be similar to this in the future, then that will definitely be cause for alarm.

        Seung Ho looks so good to me with that haircut. His lips are driving me wild!

  11. … and I agree, this is Mir’s best rapping yet.
    He’s rapping like he means it — he’s all grow-ed up
    and is not playing around anymore — he means business.
    They all look so handsome this time around.
    Please let them get the recognition they so deserve.

  12. To Choi Min Jung:
    Yes, finally, a haircut for Seungho that does him justice.
    Who knew that chopping it all off would be the answer!
    Question is, was this the call of a stylist with a good eye;
    or was it necessary because his hair was fried
    from all the mistakes of the past…
    Who cares, right,
    he looks damn good
    and that’s all that matters.

    • I must be the only one who hates Seungho’s haircut 0_o I think it does nothing for his features plus he looks kinda bloated. Not as cute as he usually is,

      • Hey KrisE,

        I can see why you’d say that but you know how I feel about these idols and their long, girly looking hair. Or hair and bangs so long that it looks like a hat.

        A lot of Korean guys are so beautiful and I like when they have shorter hair so you can see more of their sexy faces. Attractive guys can get away with shorter hair and still look good but to each his own.

      • Its not that I’m just “pro long hair” lol I agree that they are seriously beautiful and sometimes their hair hides that..Just look at H.O.T’s video all that hair in the face hid their looks.

        I’m just saying it looks like Leader’s bloated and he doesnt have the nice defined jaw line to pull off the super short cut.

      • KrisE,

        Yeah, maybe Seung Ho doesn’t have the beautifully refined features that some of the idols have to be able to look good with short hair but I think its nice to see him looking differently. Maybe he has put on a little weight. 🙂

    • I thought he looked as though
      he had actually lost a few pounds.
      They always pick on him about
      his lack of ab definition.
      Funny though
      how he’s pretty much
      the only one still doing flips…
      I think he looks so much better
      with the short hair,
      now that you can actually see his face.
      They never seemed to know what to do with him,
      and most of the time they failed him miserably.

      • Whatthefrell,

        That’s a good point about Seung Ho being active. I saw a show with them a couple of weeks ago where they were doing some gymnastics and Seung Ho was literally bouncing off the walls. He was so cute, I started following him on Twitter after that.

        Anyway, I’m with you….. I like the haircut on him and those slightly chubby cheeks of his. He could grow it out a little more but I like it now better than when it was longer. 🙂

  13. I love their live performance. I soo happy for them. All of them looked great. Mir rapping was awesome, He looked really mature and sexy. I never looked at Mir like that. The performance was dead on and I was so into it. I was surprised with the Joonie getting shot. I will admit I did a gasp…lol I gonna find out how to vote for this show, because they really deserve to win an award or one of the those triple crown things. Ok, I dont know the names of all the awarrds, but I really think they deserve to win. Back to the performance, They sound so good. G.O all ways sound great, but all their voices blend so well on this song. I think whoever produce this should do another song for them, OT I saw their Hello Baby teaser, it was so cute. Somebody subbed it already. I hope this link works http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cdEspZnjQD8

    • Thanks for the Hello Baby link!
      Just saw their Music Bank performance… OMG.
      I love these guys!

      For you Mir fans out there check out “Scribble.”
      He looks directly into the camera for
      what seems like 4-ever…
      The funny thing is,
      that it seems like it’s such a long time,
      you find you’re just waiting for him
      to bust out laughing, but he holds it together,
      and let me tell you… well, see for yourself.
      Boab, if I may add another hyperlink to a separate comment:

      I have to go figure out how to sign on to MNET.
      Voting started yesterday and they started out strong at No. 1,
      but are now at 23 — this is wrong.
      This is the best performance by far I have seen
      since the beginning of last year with
      “Keep Your Head Down,” “Cry” and “Stay.”
      They are so much more cohesive; it’s so awesome to see.

  14. Okay, I just finished the video and all I can say is “Wow!” That was great! My favorite music video of their’s up until now was “Cry” but it’s great to see them exploring a new style (that work’s for them, wasn’t feeling that Mona Lisa stuff they did) and I loved the story in the video. I was concerned when I read the comments before watching it about the violence against women but I”m not seeing any violence against the female lead here. He was just watching her through a scope. I’ve seen that done in many action movies (as that’s most of what I watched), when the hero doesn’t want to get to close. He obviously wasn’t going to shoot her, he was just being a stalker 🙂

  15. Thanks for the MBLAQ post KrisE.
    As BoaB knows, I lose all common sense
    when it comes to these guys —
    you’d think I was 15 again!

  16. I am so impressed with MBlaq that I am so beside myself. They are an amazing talent and I can’t wait for them to be winning like they should be. They have some of the best music and dance moves. This song and MV just proved that. And don’t even let me start on their looks… all of them are handsome, Seung-ho being my absolute favorite. Rain did not make a mistake when he went in search of this group.

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