Lee Taemin: Immortal Song II

Idol contestants,audience votes, new song renditions and battles by draw selection all put together form the basics behind the show Immortal Song II. Because I’m a total Korean everything YouTube Junkie I hooked you all up with an episode of the show. You’ll notice some familiar faces like SHInee’s Jonghyun, Super Juniors Yesung and BEAST member Yoseob ^_^

This season SHINee is getting another chance to make it into the winners circle with the participation of their maknae Lee Taemin! Ohh yeahhhh we’re gonna see Taemin take already popular songs and make them his own. I know the dancing will be good because he’s got that on lock (duh!) but what about the singing? It’s not like he’s bustin out lead vocals on a regular basis. Now I know he’s been practicing his singing; hes even filled in for Jonghyun while he was M.I.A for a performance of Lucifer ( He was def earning that paycheck pssh! The way Taemin was running around that stage you would have thought he was filling in for the whole group.)

But the question is will the lights go off on him? I personally don’t think so and I’m not saying it because of my total adoration for him. Taemin really has a unique beautiful tone to his voice. I think he’ll have no problem holding his own in the competition; What does everyone else think?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: 2NE1 ‘I Am The Best’ )

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5 thoughts on “Lee Taemin: Immortal Song II

  1. i haven’t listened to much of their new stuff so i’m not sure what taemin sounds like now. usually i would feel a little jittery for him, except that contestants on the show who may sound a little shaky can still win the audience over by their overall performance…i love jay park, but i don’t think he’s the best singer….however, his performance was great…when he was on and it came down to the last performance, i thought sure the lights would go out for him, but he won…i was pleasantly surprised…

    anyway, i’m sure being sandwiched between the likes of onew and jonghyun would be difficult for any singer. maybe alone, taemin will show us a thing or two…taemin, fighting!

  2. Thanks for doing this post. I was so excited to see news of this on Twitter.

    I think Taemin has a beautiful voice & the strength of his voice has definitely improved. “Immortal Song” doesn’t appear to be a competition where the best singer wins because if that were the case, then Cho Kyuhyun would’ve won more often but the show seems to be all about talent & showmanship together and Lee Taemin has plenty of both…..and good looks.

    Can’t wait for SHINee’s comeback!

  3. I don’t know know about this. I like Taemin, he is incredibly talented. Also, he voice has improved vastly since their debut. However, if season one is any indication, he is going to be up against some heavier hitters.The fact that he is appearing shows that SM has great confidence in him. I’ll definitely check it out. Everyone knows he’s a great dancer, so I’m hoping he doesn’t just “put on a show” and actually showcases his vocals. Now I wonder who else will be appearing. Anyway, I’ll definitely be listening.

  4. I agree with you he does a unique beautiful tone to his voice. I like his singing voice. He has improved. Looking forward to hear more of him and this will be a good opportunity for him to show ppl how good he can sing too.
    He just need to gain confidence a lil more. Like dancing he does it so effortlessly and with singing he still get there. I want to hear him sing a solo song. My other wish is for a duet song with taemin and jonghyun.because their voices sound similar. i know it’s different it’s just at first I used to mix up their voices but can totally differentiate them now. I think their voices will blend very nicely together.

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