MBLAQ: Babies and Cows

Has everyone heard the news? If you havent its a good thing I’m here right? Well its been confirmed that MBLAQ will be on season 5 of ‘Hello Baby’. This info came out like 2 days ago so it’s not like its brand spankin new but I just have to talk about it. First off if you don’t know what Hello Baby is check out my post SHINee Ring Ding Dads and Dates. You might even want to watch that season because it was hilarious!

Alright so look, you’re pretty familiar with the guys of MBLAQ right? I don’t have to really go all out and start talking about their personalities do I? I mean you understand it when I say I don’t know what the frek the producers of Hello Baby are on to leave a small child in the hands of MBLAQ! Was I the only one who watched Mir practically violate a mannequin on MBLAQ Goes to School?! Is the combination of Mir and Joonie not a frightening scene of hyperactivity??!? Does leader SeungHo not have the most passive personality everrr??? I seriously doubt G.O is going to know what to do, I can already see his “duh face” . Thunder is the childs only hope if you really think about it.

I wonder if it’ll be a girl or boy; either way its doomed. If it’s a girl that might just be awkward, although Joonie can teach her ballet depending on her age. If it’s a boy he might pick up bad habits. Girl or boy Mir could teach it about animals; after all he did grow up on a farm. He’s a total country bumpkin if you didn’t know. In fact so funny he said he has an entire mountain named after him and if he’s real interested in a girl he’ll “sell a cow for her”.

What does everyone else think of MBLAQ caring for a baby? Will Mir be the worst appa?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: TVXQ ‘Keep Your Head Down’ )

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32 thoughts on “MBLAQ: Babies and Cows

  1. That poor child OX hahaha
    I think possibly seungHo might be the worst appa?
    Idk quite why ( just a feeling).
    def between Mir and HIm
    I’m supa excited for this woot!
    Also I must say the shinee one, I find, is the funniest out of all the hello baby seasons ^^
    mos def a must watch for anyone (esp shinee fans ^^)

  2. Well, I hope their episodes will be as funny as SHINee’s was.

    Being a SuJu girl, I don’t know much about MBLAQ but I do like the close relationship Park Sang Hyun seems to have with his sister Sandara & Seung Ho has these gorgeous, full lips….. so I guess I better watch it.

  3. How funny that u mentioned cows because I just read that recently Mir said on a show he would sell a cow for Suzy from Miss A.

    Wouldn’t being hyper be good tho? Children are usually full of energy so they’ll be able to keep up I guess. Not knowing how to raise a child will probably make this even funnier. Mir & G.O may not be the worst since they have nephews. I remember when Mir was injured before he spent time with his nephew so maybe it won’t be so bad.

    • @Steff,

      You think so? But if I remember correctly, the Girl’s Generation/SNSD girl’s were given a boy to take of. Sure, guys can be perverts but I think giving these guys a little girl to take care of, then they’ll be forced to “man-up” & ‘step up to the plate’ so to speak.

      I thought I heard Seung Ho say once that he wanted kids.

      • Well, I figured they would get a boy just like Shinee. I’m also thinking that the child won’t be a baby but a toddler. I’ve actually never really watched Hello Baby. (I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Shinee’s season, and shame on me because Shinee’s one of my fav kpop groups lol). And you’re right about snsd having a boy but he was a baby. I think Mblaq’s going to get a toddler like Shinee. But who knows maybe the hello baby producers will do something different 🙂

  4. Im actually exited. SHINee’s Hello Baby was hilarious and the only season I actually made it thru. All the others…….meh. But I love MBLAQ and Seungho in particular. He’s totally under rated. He’ll probably good with the kid a la Minho, but more fatherly.

    Mir will probably be rolling around on the floor with the kid. Same with Thunder. Big kids

    Joon… i don’t know. I can see him wearing a WTF face constantly. Along with G.O.. wonder if there will be diaper duty. Altho i don’t remember anyone changing diapers. I didn’t watch SNSD’s. Can’t stand them. A Leetuk turned me off of watching Sistar’s. Can’t wait to see the highjinks that insue.

    SN: I’m loving Seungho’s haircut in the new photos. Totally fits him out of everything he’s had before. I will be buying that album. MBLAQ keeps evolving and growing and that’s refreshing in K Pop. I hope they get their just deserts. Can you believe they’ve only won one music show award?? A travesty!!

    • I dont know why but it seems like they still get treated like “rookies”. HAHA Joonie will totally have the “WTF” face you are sooo right! He always looks like a deer in headlights.

    • @Seli: shame on me! lol Seungho used to be my favourite but I dumped him a while ago for Doongie. But yeah, he’s a cool guy. I have my concerns though. Have you ever seen Mblaq on the Beatles Code show? Very interesting things were revealed about Seungho. Doongie is the second maknae, but he seems more mature than most of them!!

  5. I stumbled upon your blog just looking for k-pop news and ended up here, and I just have to say I think this site rocks. On the topic at hand; I’m a big fan of MBLAQ and I’m excited that they will be on Hello Baby, however I’m also a little uneasy about them raising a child, particularly Joon and Mir. Although I believe this season will be almost as funny as SHINee’s HB, I can’t wait to see what happens.

    P.S. I’m sooo bookmarking this site.

  6. I think in one of the shows they did, or perhaps an interview, the others said that Mir would be the best parent out of all them. I guess we’ll see. I think all of them will be good, but I think if not Mir, G.O. would be the best. He has some nephews and is supposedly good with them. I think Joon might be the worst. He seems to not have the most patience for a kid, although there was a scene from Jungle Fish 2 where he was so cute with a little one. I hope this season is as good, if not better than, SHINee’s!!

    I love and appreciate Mir so much for making that statement about selling a cow. To me it shows, not only how adorable he is, but being an Idol hasn’t changed him much. He’s always gonna be a country boy and I love it lol. Wonder if this song applies to him?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9-QyT-a9po

  7. Now i really want to check Hello Baby out. I don’t have Arirang TV or any Korean channel, so my chances of seeing the show isn’t very good.

    Out of all the boys, I can picture Thunder being a great father to anybody’s child. He just seem to sweet would never be too strict or too lenient with them. He plays a good romantic..at least with the mock play he does on the radio show Much as I love G.O. and that he has twin nephews, he seems like a ladies man..don’t want to marry or have kids. Seungho? Though I can picture him as being a great parent, I can picture him being very authorative with his kids which is all good,but they will almost be like toy soldiers. Joon? I may like kids but like his buddy GO may not want them. If Joon was to have a daughter , I think he’ll know how to dress them up, do their hair or dance..overall, I can’t see him having kids. He’ll give them to the babysitter.Mir is deceiving, He has the sweetest personality.. kid friendly not only to other folks kids,but his own sisters kids. He’s a big kid in his own right,but when he get’s serious it’s like a whole knew man coming out of him. Right now Thunder tops my list,but I will put Mir as another top pick.

  8. Oh, great news. I love the boys. I think Seungho will be a good appa. I remember reading he said that he wanted to be a young father and I saw on a youtube clip with a child. Yes, his personality is a lil passive, but he knows when to lock it down, Um, G.O is good with his nephews. I think their twins, boys for sure. I saw them on a show. Mir, will be Mir..lol. Thunder idk how he will be. Joonie, just dont leave him alone with the child. He defiantly be like wtf. I think he’ll be like Onew. Either way, this show is gonna be funny. Mblaq really do good shows. As far as watching their Hello Baby there’s a Mblaq fansite on youtube that do eng subs, really fast. You’ll probably be a week behind or something if they sub this show. I hope this links works http://www.youtube.com/user/sinaq3?feature=watch

  9. i almost shrieked when i heard this…next to rain, the blaqies were my favorite guys…i put them aside for a spell while i was (am?) absorbed in shinee…btw, shinee’s ‘hello baby’ was hilarious and touching…it taught me a lot about the guys’ personalities…anyway, i’m so excited to see the blaqies get to do this show too…

    it’s my guess that the guys will get a toddler like yoo geun who is potty trained, can walk and talk. although i’d love to see them get a baby…the guys might surprise us with how well they’d do..

    hmmm, methinks that doongie and joonie with be the best appas….i first imagined that seungho would be somewhere on the fringes watching the action…but he may be the dark horse, who knows…all the guys have their sweet moments…mir and g.o. will definitely help the kid burn off some energy…but come nap-or-boo boo-kissing time, i think the kid will cozy up to joonie and/or doongie…i can hardly wait…

  10. Hahaha! I’m so happy! I was waiting for them to have another boyband on Hello Baby because SHINee has been the only one so far (this is such a coincidence since I am currently watching SHINee’s Hello Baby for the third time on YouTube, I want them to do another reality show because I’m getting SHINee-deprived). I was telling my friend how hilarious it would be to have MBLAQ, SuJu, or BigBang (although the kid might be seriously messed up with the guys from BigBang LOL) on the show. Although, I can’t wait to watch it since I don’t have any Korean channels, I guess I’ll have to wait till someone uploads the eps on YouTube.

  11. If Sesame Player was anything to go by, I think this will be comedy gold. I’m not sure what kind of parents they’ll make, but no one is going to let the child be endangered, so it’s all in good fun and I think it’ll be good TV.

    Everyone is always saying what a clown Joon is, but I think he’s a very sensitive boy underneath all of his silliness. I really think he’s very insecure about being in MBLAQ only for his face/body, and goes out of his way to be funny and get attention in other ways and is basically shameless in his comedic efforts. It’ll be interesting to see how he behaves with children. A crying baby might totally distress him and freak him out.

    Mir seems like he would be the most comfortable to me and the most willing to just go for it and make the best of things. A lot can be said for effort. He seems the type to just jump in feet first and deal with the problems as they come up.

    Leader likes to eat. At least the kid will get fed, right? And I don’t really think he’s passive. They all have a role and an image, within the group, and they do it very well or they wouldn’t come across so nicely on variety shows. His failboat/gloomy side is exagerated for the camera, I’m sure, just like Joon’s bafoonery. Rain also does not seem like the kind of man to suffer fools and if he did not have confidence in Seungho, I’m sure he would not have hesitated to deligate one of the younger men as leader. It’s uncommon for the eldest not to be in charge, but it does happen.

    I’m not sure what to think about GO and Thunder. Thunder seems to be very quick witted and intelligent and seems to have the most common sense out of the bunch. GO doesn’t give me the impression of a family man, even though that could be right up his alley. To me he comes across as a slick playboy who really wouldn’t want to be bothered with kids at this point in his life.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do. They work together, as a unit, much more smoothly than Shinee and I think it’ll be fun to watch.

    • @plinkin: so true about Joonie! He is actually very deep, but unfortunately he himself has lead everyone to believe he is silly and frivolous. He’s a ham and he’ll do anything to get a gasp or a giggle, and so fans have a tendency to judge him according to his on-camera antics. But yes, I do believe he is very sensitive and deep. He was saying once that he doesn’t appreciate when he tries to greet a fan, but the fan snubs him and goes to the Mblaq member of their choice. He really felt hurt about that. And yes! He is insecure about his bod (why, I don’t know!!)! As yummy as it is, he will get shy and try to hide it if he didn’t plan on showing it off. Joonie’s a trip 🙂

  12. I’m almost as excited about this show as I was about TOP possibly being in the korean adaptation of the japanese show Absolute Boyfriend (which I finished watching earlier this week). I’ve gotten to know more about MBLAQ than any other K-pop group through my obsession with Rain lol. So I think watching them interact with a toddler will be highly entertaining!

  13. I am super excited for the premire of this season of Hello Baby since MBLAQ is my second favorite Kpop group (behind JYJ/DBSK that is). I kind of wished we had something similar here in the U.S since I think this show is interesting and all. Anyways, I was searching youtube for previous seasons of Hello Baby and landed upon one of the older seasons (the 2nd season I think) featuring an older Kpop group called Click B. What was interesting about this one was that they had to look after a black kid and teach him about Korean culture. Although there was a language barrier it was funny to see the members try their hardest to teach this kid about Korean culture. Hopefully in future seasons of Hello Baby, we’ll see kids that aren’t fully or half Asian!
    Anyways here’s a link. The quality is bad but it was recorded years ago so:

    • Cool! Thanks for giving the link. I’m watching other clips of that on the uploader’s channel. It would be interesting to see current idols doing it too.

      I did see a black boy before on the show Heroes that used to be on SBS. However, they were in Korea and he spoke Korean.

      He is in this clip from Episode 16. This is the only clip from the show I can find from that episode on youtube

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