Han Geng: Life After Super Junior

The soft-spoken former Super Junior member with the adorable laugh had long since left the popular Korean boyband before I knew anything about him. But once I learned his story, I was moved and felt it deserved to be told here. Han Geng, 27, (pronounced “Hahn Gung”) was born in Heilongjiang, China to a businessman father and housewife mother. From a young age, he had dreams of becoming an entertainer, and later as a teenager, he was given the opportunity to train in singing, dancing and acting under SM Entertainment, South Korea’s largest entertainment company. Geng moved to South Korea all by himself, and so his story with Super Junior began. Read all about his time before, during and after Super Junior here. If I thought it necessary, I would rehash all the ugly details of the suffering he endured, illnesses he developed and lawsuit he brought against SM, but that would be beating a dead horse. The good news is that he stood up, fought for his human rights, succeeded and is now thriving in China as an actor, singer and model. Whether he belongs to Super Junior or not, his countryfolk love him regardless, and they’ve been nothing but supportive since his return. He is known for being incredibly generous, and urges his fans to donate money and material things (that they would normally send to him as gifts) to his favourite charities to help fight hunger and poverty in China.

I don’t know why Han Geng’s story has touched me so deeply, but I can tell you that out of all of the guys that have been featured on this blog, Geng has definitely become one of my favourite. Let’s keep an eye on him and wish him the best with his career and future endeavors. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Han Geng: Life After Super Junior

  1. I love Han Geng! When I got into Super Junior it was only 10 of them and when I heard that there were originally 13, I looked into them more by watching their older reality shows and variety shows (although that was difficult since they were on so many). When I learned more about Han Geng, he seemed so sweet and intelligent, I also really loved how close he was with Heechul (especially since he’s known for his somewhat icy exterior and he doesn’t really like foreigners according to the members), they were really close like brothers. The things that he went through with SM was completely ridiculous and I’m glad that things are going well for him now in China but I still miss him with SuJu. From video clips that I’ve seen on YouTube, Super Junior still supports him in China, some of the members even came to one of his concerts and joined him on stage it was a nice reunion.

  2. So glad to see an article about Han Geng. Another thing I love about Super Junior is the fact that the guys really seem close to each other and many of them still consider him part of the group. I’m so glad he’s happier now.

  3. May God continue to bless Hang with lot of peace and happiness.

    Some of those music companies are very extreme when it comes to their idols. That was a very inhumane thing that was done to him. He could have died.Music or not, nobody’s life is worth all of that. They can’t have girlfriends, have 10 year contracts and who knows what some of them are being treated like..I’m glad he’s doing his thing in China and that his people are for him.

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