Battle of The Most Dramatic Music Videos!

Oh yeah I’m totally bringing the “battle” back! Remember Battle of the Blondes? It was fun right?! Well what exactly is a Dramatic K-Pop music video? Well the standards are different. Dramatic videos contain the following…

1. Just the group. Thats right! No real special effects, maybe 1 or 2 backgrounds and a few dancers but it’s really all about the group itself.

2. Clothes, make-up and hair. In these videos the clothes are more dramatic and so is the eye make-up and hair.

3. This is where each member can really practice their facial expressions and hand movements. Each moment a hand is reaching out for you, their fingers running along their lips and they’re giving the best “I’m so hurt its killing me, I need you here” face.

This weeks battle is between SS501, Infinite and MBLAQ ( Dont know SS501? You really should. All the members are busy with solo projects right now but I bet you know their leader Kim Hyun Joong! )

Watch the videos below, vote for who you think is the most dramatic and suggest a dramatic video you’ve come across to face off against this weeks winner ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE

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24 thoughts on “Battle of The Most Dramatic Music Videos!

    • haha right?! I also voted for SS501 based on Park Jung Mins “Cape attire” on the balcony and the enterance of Leader Kim Hyun Joong sitting in that chair like a total boss. Plus theres the whole oxygen dance and breakdown lol

  1. SS501 all the way. You know I love Leader 🙂 And you’re right KrisE, he is sitting in the chair like a BOSS.
    All the videos were good though.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to suggest a dramatic video to compete with these videos…..

    The song isn’t new but it’s a great song & it just won “Song of the Year” on one of the KBS Award shows. It’s “Fiction” by B2ST… I hope the link works.

    • Love this video, Beast were killing me with the footwork. This song came out earlier in the year. I remember it winning the weekly shows, for like 3 weeks in a row.

  3. I’ll go with Mblaq on this one. I don’t think the intro water scene, the makeup and the costumes can be topped. But then again, I just love Mblaq 🙂
    Honorable mention for most dramatic video: Mblaq – Cry

  4. The other version of Before the Dawn in more dramatic tho with L/Myungsoo & Woohyun fighting , the suspicious man, and being trapped in some prison type structure.

    • Yeah but it doesnt meet the requirements of a Dramatic music video…there is a difference between a regular MV and then the videos where its all just about the group and song…this version you posted falls into the regular mv cat.

      • I feel the same way about the ayy girl video, hence the reason I’ve never been able to watch the whole video lol! I think JYJ is amazing but whoever came up with the concept of that video just makes me go o.O! The style of their get out video would’ve worked better in the U.S. Your review of the video was on point, the makeup was way too much lol…

  5. This was alittle hard. ss501 vs mblaq. Mblaq got my vote. It was the hair, the eyes, and they stayed in character the entire time. You the look, like please stay with me, the Im so hurt and cant breath expression. Come on, who can be more dramatic then I like ss501 set up with the instruments. Good battle, keep’em coming.

  6. Double S for sure. I have a thing for goth attire plus you ladies said it, KHJ and his throne. I like MBLAQ too but that love ya vid is sort of darkly sensual.

  7. Oooh, this is so difficult, “Love Ya” is one of my favorite songs from SS501 and “Stay” is one of my faves from MBLAQ. Even though I am a Triple S and an A+, I will have to go with Love Ya’s MV because its so awesome and the first time I watched it I could not stop staring at KHJ (he’s so handsome and yes he totally rocked his throne). I really like these battles keep doing them.

    Oh and a vid that I think qualifies for dramatic is either TVXQ!’s Before You Go (not the dance version even though I love that one too) or Keep Your Head Down.

    • Fleurdelis!
      I am totally obsessed with Keep Your Head down! Changmin is not my style at all but I have to be honest he looked really nice in that video. He had a very model-eque look going on. Yunho I mean hes always been a sexy beast. That video reallly made them both look nice and it is a good a choice for a dramatic video!

  8. Wow, all great contenders. I’m a sucker for a Korean man in guy-liner, what can I say. (Shhhhh don’t tell my Japanese boyfriend). Anyhow, I had to go with SS501 for this one. I maybe slightly biased but it was just nonstop testosterone oozing from that video. Capes, Violins, rings, hair, guy-liner, pelvis-pumping. lol. Whew I just caught the vapors.. LOL

    With that being said, I agree with one of the other comments that BEAST would be great competition for the winner.

  9. ss501 get my vote cz i totaly love em n ths happens to b one of my best SS songs…anatha reasn is bcz Jungmin is my SS bias n in this MV he luks like he cld star in a vamp movie or drama…lets just say this is one vampire ad gladly give my neck to :-)…n i love the dance n make up…

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