K-Pop Has a Black Korean?!

No really they do! I swear they do! Why would I start the New Year off with a lie?! I mean its even on his Twitter! Ok, ok so he’s not actually Black; he’s not even part Black but Infinite’s Hoya sure wishes he was! This was just toooo funny to keep to myself.

Alright so let me explain and then Hoya himself will explain. I follow the members of Infinite on Twitter and Hoya whose real name is Lee HoWon had something really interesting under his user name. It literally says “black korean” so obviously I was like “oh what is that all about? is he mixed?!” (Totally cracking up right now ^_^) Anyway after looking into it I came across an interview he did for 10Asia and here’s what he had to say about the whole thing…

“The name of the dance team I used to be in was ‘BK’. The letters stood for ‘Black Korean’. Because African-Americans have good physical bodies, good elasticity/flexibility during dancing, and good vibrations while singing, I was jealous and purposely went to go eat hamburgers with my hyungs who danced and learned slang that African-Americans use.


It was to the point that once during puberty, I asked my mom, “Why aren’t I African-American?”. My mom’s answer? “Because I’m not African-American.”


Recently while filming the music video for ‘She’s Back’, I got a natural tan. Everyone didn’t like that they got burned, but I was the only happy one. I can almost say that my role models are African-Americans.”

How cute is that?! I just love the response his mom gave him about why he wasnt born Black. Of course I had to take this whole thing a step further and what I found is Hoya’s old audition video for JYP with his crew “Black Korean” ENJOY!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Infinite ‘Be Mine’)

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29 thoughts on “K-Pop Has a Black Korean?!

    • That is definitely one of the main things
      I love about the Korean people…
      their sense of humour.
      In that regard,
      very little is lost in translation.

  1. I read that quote before and I still can’t help but laugh at the whole thing. I didn’t know that he actually had Black Korean on his twitter tho. I guess it is a good thing. At least he has a more positive view of Black people.

  2. Oh wow this is awesome! Ha ha I love how one of them in the vid had on a dookie chain. Thats too cute. Reminds me of Rain during his “Its Raining” era when he was going through the hip hop is cool thing (especially his attire and dance moves to the “Dont Stop”. lol
    Now Rain you need to go through the “Black woman are cool” era and do the dang thang!!!!

    Great post!

    • Wow, African-Americans and American-Africans,
      African this and African that, or just straight up Africans,
      we are all are representin’.
      It’s a beautiful thing.

  3. What an interesting reason of wanting to be black, all in all its still just too cute. They took it way back w/ the chain though hahaha At least he has a positive impression of black culture.

  4. That’s like a huge thing with Koreans. I’m apart of a Korean culture club in LA, and most of them all want to learn to speak “ebonics” or African American Dialect of English. It’s hilarious. I’m like…well I’m not the right person to teach you haha I barely speak it myself, unless I’m around family.

  5. I watched the vid lol! Is it just me or do they remind u guys of Big Bang during their early days. The kid with the braids is Taeyang ahaha!

  6. awww, he’s a sweetie pie. I can tell he’s being really sincere and it’s really positive. I like how him mom handle his question…loved her answer.

      • I know, his mother’s answer was on point.
        He does come across as really sincere,
        and really open.
        I’d like to see what he’s like
        in another 5 years.
        When you think about
        the subject of skin colour in Korean culture
        that has been touched on in the past;
        his comment about being tan,
        is kinda deep, without being offensive.
        There are no negative under or overtones,
        in anything he’s said.
        Bless his heart
        should he find himself
        pining for a woman of color.

  7. I would be side eyeing him but from the translation it seems like he want to be like his role models and they all happen to be black so…
    be like role models= be black lol……
    HEY I sometimes wish I looked like lady gaga ! LmaO

  8. I’m laughing hysterically and giving him a teensy weensy side-eye at the same time. Actually, you know what, I take my teensy weensy sideeye back . . . after all I have been researching about S. Korea involving the incidences of racism there/portrayal of blackface (there was actually an incidence like a day or two ago with SNL-Korea), these anecdotes from Hoya are actually a bit refreshing to hear. However, I would absolutely LOVE to get in his ear to tell him that he could enjoy African American culture without actually being AA and that AA culture is a lot more than dancing, singing, and ebonics. However, I’m willing to accept these baby steps lol

    • Thank you! I was just thinking this, though I greatly love and appreciate the fact that some of our favorite K-poppers love parts of African American culture it is still a bit unsettling that the entire culture is always pigeon holed into just Hip-hop, slang words, and our gifts in the performing arts (singing and dancing). There are other things that can be appreciated in African American culture; we have literature, philosophy, history and visual arts. Also if they are into our music specifically there are other types of music that are outside of the Hip-Hop/R&B specturm i.e Jazz, Alternative Rap, Soul, Neo Soul, Black Opera, and so on. It borderlines fetishization when they only love us for one part of the entire culture which isn’t the best thing. It would be like only liking them for K-pop and Korean BBQ whilst ignoring their wonderful contributions to Asian antique and contemporary Art, philosophy, literature, technological advancements, and especially the burgeoning of great architecture coming from Seoul. The love they have for us is cool but they need to dig deeper and go beyond just liking our style as we should with them.

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