BKM Hotties of the Week 12-31-11

Warning: this video is hot, and HIGHLY flammable! Proceed with caution! ^^

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10 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 12-31-11

  1. The first thing I said was “Oh Jesus Christ” when Bi ripped that shirt. Yes Bi show me what you got! And TaeYang’s pelvic thrust = :O. Never seen it in slow motion like that. And is that Taec at 1:07..he looked so….attractive. 2:17 *shakes head*

    Thank you bitofabelly and BKM!

    Hope everyone has a happy new year!

  2. Highly flammable indeed! What a way to start the new year than looking at sexy/gorgeous men! I had to mute the sound to the video, though, because it was giving me the giggle fits lol

  3. I ….need…..air, I need air ! Oh my sweet, sweet Jesus! My eyes can’t take it. Sweet delightful heart failure. You warned us, but didn’t listen. I’m going to watch again and then I’m going to the site. Pray for me!

  4. Who was keeping count? Our boy Bi appeared about four times~ I personally have watched that Love song vieoe a few times just to see him dance and the one scene of him on the strip pole dancing to Rainsim at some awards show, LOVE IT! The crowd was so unresponsive though, what a shame, they don’t know what they had before them.

  5. Park Jaebom is so cute.
    He says his only insecurity is his height,
    but he seems to handle it just fine.
    And besides, I’m sure he’s still taller than me.
    I love it in that clip when the members of 2PM
    are given the head of some mannequin doll
    and told to ask it’s forgiveness or something,
    and Jay gets something to stand on first.
    When they ask him why,
    he says something to the effect of,
    ‘so I can look her in the eyes’.
    Adorable and fine.
    Korean men seem to have that mix down to a tee!

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