[M/V] Jin Akanishi – Test Drive

Who’s the sexy, talented Japanese guy in the music video below? He’s 27-year-old Jin, at one time belonging to KAT-TUN, one of the most popular boybands in Japan, and is now set on taking the U.S. by storm as a solo artist. His first U.S. single is “Test Drive” featuring Jason Derulo. He’s even collaborated with Crystal Kay. Ooooh this is exciting! We’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this one! ^^

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22 thoughts on “[M/V] Jin Akanishi – Test Drive

  1. Jin is one of the only legit vocalists in the Johnny’s stable. I was a little miffed when he left KAT-TUN, but it’s not like we didn’t see it coming. His English has gotten so much better, just in the last year, and I’m hoping that this collaboration with Jason Derulo is what it will take to get him a little more notice in the US.

    If you haven’t seen his AnAn spread you should check it out. Most of their spreads come across as kind of cold, but he has crazy charisma and a very raw sexuality. Sometimes it’s a little too raw.

    He has a lulzy song called “Love Juice”. Says he named it after a drink. Sure Jin, we all believe you. You’ll laugh at it, at first but it sticks in your head. Next thing you know, you’re walking around singing it and getting strange looks.

  2. Yet another reason why I love this blog. I am getting introduced to so much great music! I am sad to say I didn’t know of this man at all but have already watched this video 3 times. I definitely plan on finding out more about Jin. Also, can we say HOT?!?! I want to run my fingers through his hair 🙂 *sigh Great post!

  3. I’ve been listening to a lot of him and another boy band (even though i don’t consider them a boy band, but follow the boy band criteria), J-pop group, EXILE. 🙂

  4. As usual lets pair the Asian with fast cars *rolls eyes* Umm besides that bit of bs, I didnt really like the song and uhh whats the deal with the freakin hoodie, hat and sunglasses all the way till the end? I dunno about you but even though it was Jin’s song it felt like it came across as Jason D’s.

    • @ KrisE

      Yea i get what your saying about Jason D being more prominent in the sond ,and i dunno, to me it sounds so much better just hearing the song with out the visual…the video kind of killed it for me…looks like they were going for the underground chop shop crew angle for the video. as far as Jin’s look, i think hes going for something different, since hes trying to dominate in the states (and worldwide) , and was UBER FREAKY when he was in KAT-TUN and performed live with them ^_^. Maybe he thinks super kinky is not going to fly this time around for his solo debut. =)…….^_^

  5. He had a concert in NY last year. The singing was meh. They drowned his voice in auto-tune (ugh). The only good part was the encore we got him to do afterward where we heard his natural voice as he sang in Japanese. Otherwise the dancing was okay, and the video shows he’s improved his engrish (sexy accent too). I agree with KrisE. That was totally Jason’s song. He came to the US, got thrown into the hot mess we call commercial music today, and well…

    Plus the thing with the shades, hat, and hoodie…notice how American media hates showing images of strong, sexy Asian men? Instead they are usually emasculated or shown as geeks/losers/any-other-stereotypical-Asian-guy image. Jin’s appearance is completely hidden except for his lips and nose. Do you think they are trying to get people to like his music first before revealing that he is in fact Asian?

  6. Just my feeling. He might be rocking the eyeglasses and hoodie to hide his eyes and hair. Maybe trying to keep people guessing as to what he is, for now. Notice there are no Asian girls in this video.
    I remember Rain talking about how people think because of his height and body size people think he is mixed with something and when he has his sunglasses on it can sometimes throw people off.
    Not really feeling the song, but it is the type of music that is popular right now. I wish him the best. And yes he is fine. The way he was checking that girl in the beginning made me stop what I was doing.

  7. I noticed they made the Asian group Far East Movement wear shades in all of the videos I’ve seen. Then they’re making JIn Akanishi hide himself too. Do you think they’re hiding themselves or the U.S. is making them do that? Why can’t we see they’re wonderful faces =/ lol.

      • Se7en did it,
        or they did it to Se7en in his “Girls” video with Lil’ Kim.
        Now that is a handsome man,
        and they hid it under some big-ass pair of shades.

        Not crazy about this song, or the video,
        they could have done better
        considering the talent they had to work with.

        Just my opinion.

  8. I find Jin’s U.S. debut strikingly similar to Se7en’s. Se7en really tried and he even got Darkchild to produce his debut single!! Can’t get better than that (back at that time at least). Still, he wore shades, and only a few scenes could you see his eyes. Also, it was a club scene , not unlike Jin’s video. Another thing I noticed is that both Jin and Se7en entrusted their debut singles to black producers/artists. Coincidence? Or does mainstream Hollywood really, honestly believe that sexy Asian male artists have no demand in the States?? Just baffling.

    • I often when it comes to artists like Jin what exactly are music execs looking for. I agree because with some of these artists that you see today, it just seem that they are just looking for image and lackluster singing.

      Now ti would be very nice( and I mean VERY) that Jin will make it,but being in show business can be very hard beyond comprehension. It just seems that no matter how good that person is, there is something else that is beyond comprehension that the execs are looking for.. what we may never know.

      I don’t know about Japanese music execs,but with the Korean ones I may see a little of why it may be harder for them to make it in the states. I notice that there is a new group seems like everyday. Just when you get acquainted with one group, another comes. That doesn’t really give you enough time to know who they are. Secondly, they also seem to think that good music comes out because it’s out…not. I read some of the comments some of the fans make about their “Oppas”. It like just because they are famous that they will always have great music and that is sooo not true. Look at Beyonce’s latest album. IT SUCKS!..big time. She’s had hit after hit. Jay-Z is a great producer/rapper,but with this ;latest one out, I’m not feleing it and I’m not the only one who feels this way about it.

      In addition to bad albums, sometimes I also notice that they get played out producers. I remembered looking at All Kpop and the readers were really excited , wanting Quincy Jones to produce their( Kpop singers) songs. First of all Quincy has retired from the business a long while back. On top of that,he produced songs that was good during the 60’s -90’s. Times has really changed along with the music. He even was talking about that.Maybe he still give hits,but more singers and rappers are going to hit making producuers/singers of today like Lil Wayne Will I am , Jay-Z, Justin or Usher’s mom.It’s not going to guarantee hits, but it may increase the likehood of them being that.

      Again, I don’t know about the Japanese music execs, but I must say that Japan always had a great music scene,but it’s ultimately the states he wants to win. If I were Jin, no matter how many ” No’s ” may come across him, I hope he keeps pushing for what he wants. It has been said that the Usher you see today, wasn’t the same Usher you see now. I was told by a relative that Usher wasn’t necessarily the best singer/entertainer at the time,but he was picked because he was younger and stylish. With the help of mommy , this is why Usher is the man that he is today.

      I’m just hoping that one day..just one day we all will get the surprise of our lives. I’m looking forward to that day.

    • @BOAB81,

      I don’t know much about the American debuts of most of these artists, but I’ve listened to Se7en on YT and he can Really Sing. I don’t “drool” over him like I do Bi, but I can definitely appreciate his talent. However, from what I understand there was not a lot of promotion surrounding Se7en’s debut here. I know if I had heard of Se7en and heard him sing at the time of his US debut, I definitely would have been interested to purchase a CD.

      Ahh the “mainstream”…….what can you say about the mainstream that is not already obvious. Even if the mainstream does “recognize” the sexy of other ethnic groups, that sexy either does not get promoted or gets “dialed down” so as not to make an impact on the mainstream as a whole. For those who don’t know about K-Pop/J-pop artists or have access to their music already, won’t know Se7en or Jin Akanishi from “Adam” just like me, unless they get promoted here in earnest and it’s unfortunate.

    • Sorry, had I read the next comment,
      I would have seen you remarked on the same thing.
      It is baffling.
      Is it a black thing…
      Do these black gentlemen that these Asian
      artists entrust their debuts to have issues
      perhaps with their female audience
      finding Asian men attractive,
      and unconsciously suggest
      the wearing of big-ass shades
      to make them less so…
      Or are we just painfully aware
      of just how good-looking they
      are that we cannot possibly
      conceive of the wearing of
      shades covering up all that hotness.

  9. I don’t know, but Jin has been doing the hair and hoodie since before he left KAT-TUN. It could be a cover, but I think he’s just going through a rebellious phase. KAT-TUN fans everywhere starting going nuts on him when he came back from the states the first time, saying he’d gotten fat, messy and lazy. Honestly, I think he likes not looking completely like an idol and he’s most likely sick to death of wearing whatever feathered/rainbow get-up Johnny throws at him and of people looking at him. I think he’s also got this image in his head of what “cool men” look like and he wants to be whatever that is.

    I’m starting to get tired of autotune, as well. It doesn’t make any sense when someone can actually carry a tune.

    I think Jin has more US connections than Se7en and already comes across as more American in his attitude. He has the slacker vibe down pat, even though we all know he works hard.

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