Ask an Asian Guy!

*UPDATE* Thanks for all your submissions! We have gathered all the questions needed for this so no need for further submissions ^_^

Does that title sound a little weird? I was trying to think of something better but it is what it is..literally. After the whole dating series I did, everyone’s comments got me thinking. I know some of you don’t really have the opportunity to sit and talk to an Asian guy and I’m sure you all have questions right? I mean do you find yourself googling and Youtubing dying to know what Asian guys think of you, what they like etc?? What if yours truly was able to provide you all with your very own Asian guy to question?

Ha! I know that sounds bad like I’m renting an Asian guy or something but it’s totally not like that I swear! ^_^ I have something seriously awesome in the works for the New Year and what I want to know from everyone is…

If you could question an Asian guy what would you ask him? Nothing is off-limits so go for it! Post your question(s) below…you neverrrr know YOUR question just might get answered! ^_^

*UPDATE* Thanks for all your submissions! We have gathered all the questions needed for this so no need for further submissions ^_^

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56 thoughts on “Ask an Asian Guy!

  1. I like this (^.^) I would ask MANY things, but I guess I would have to ask first…if he were looking for a woman of color, what’s the first thing he’d look for in one of us? Like, what would attract him the most? Obviously he’s going to like the woman because she’s what he’s looking for, but I want to know….what ONE thing will stand out to him? Smile? Laugh? Or what makes most of us what were are i.e butt, hips, breasts, attitude, forwardness, unique hairstyles, independence etc.

    The second question is…lol…are Asian guys really as freaky as I’ve seen on Korean shows and such? Yeah, I know thats such a backwards question since a lot of people think Asian guys are too stiff to be that way (HAHA, the irony of that sentence) but ooooh no. I think Asian guys are the kinkiest guys out there even with their aegyo tendencies; most are just undercover about it. The idols, however, are more open in their music videos and..idk just certain things they do and say. So its no doubt that they are freaks (Uhm, RAIN??? HEECHUL???) kekekeke there’s too much proof. Yet I would like an answer from an Asian to confirm this.

  2. Many of the Korean guys I know are pretty young but if I could ask a Korean man 25 and older anything, it would be: “How do you feel about independent women?”

    I’d probably ask a Taiwanese guy the same thing.

  3. “Would you define your family as traditional or americanized?”
    “Has anyone ever assumed you’re Chinese?”
    “What are the advantages/disadvantages of being Asian?”
    “How does your family feel about interracial relationships?”
    “How do you feel about Black women’s hair? Do you prefer permed or natural?”
    “Would you date a woman that’s a bit taller than you?”
    “How do you feel about blind dates or dating websites?”
    “What do you like/dislike about Black women?”
    “How do you feel about Asian stereotypes?”
    “How do you feel about Black stereotypes?”
    “Do you believe that AMBW is sonething real or just a fad?”
    “Have you ever been in an interracial relationship before? If so, for how long?”
    “What kind of woman would you prefer: the independent ‘I’ll see you when i want’ type, the clingy ‘i really need you’ type, or the ne’er-do-well ‘I’ll see you when i see you’ type?”

  4. KrisE

    Initially I almost thought the guy behind ” Ask A Korean” was on here,but I misread it.

    Hmmm….. I was thinking about one guy I actually did this with. I didn’t date him,but I just asked him general questions after he asked me some like
    1)What did he like to do or what he liked doing for fun?
    2) What are his plans for the future?
    3) What personalty types do he like in Black women like myself
    4) Somewhere down the line, if we bring it up, I would like to ask him about his culture( eg food, people, culture) and vice versa…if he is raised there in Asia or if his parents instilled their culture in him.

    Choi and Dubu queen,

    I’ve often wonder how some people come up with the stereotypes of Asian men being boring? It’s like they just slept with all the Asian men to determine this. I’ve never slept with an Asian man so I don’t know, but I don’t fall for stereotypes, I fall for the person.Since I can remember my mom, always told me ” It wasn’t the French that are freaky, it’s the Asians( in this case, she always told me not to let them fool me( she brought this up after thinking about a friend of her’s who dated one.) in terms of making love.though I have no clue what any Asian man is like in the bed, it all depends on the man and what he decides to do in it.
    I was looking at Jo Gan’s great blog and she had a interesting older topic about this similar to the one that you guys are talking about. Letttttzzz put it this way..judging by the consensus from some of the women posters and bloggers on there who, there were far more ” “yays” that outweighed the ” nays”.

    • ATLSis,

      I agree totally. I don’t fall for stereotypes either. This could be rooted in fear of the unknown. To me, stereotypes are like assumptions and to assume something about someone or a “race” of people is the same as judging them.

      Since I love younger guys, I guess another question I’d ask an Asian guy is how he feels about dating older women or what qualities she’d have to have if she was older than him.

      • Choi,

        Exactly, in this case, it has badly hurt Asian men. If I were to tell some women about liking Asian men.. all sort of bogus thoughts come through their minds: Too short, have short genitals, stiff, or geeky. I can say like black or other races of men and it seems like it’s almost overlooked into why I would like them.

        When it comes to Asian men and other races of men, my thoughts about them all are the same because I don’t want to have these expectations of him being this kind of guy and he ends up being something far worse. That was a lesson I had to learn the hard way a long time ago.

        It good that ask those questions about the older woman/younger man thing. Me, I prefer my men the same age as me or a little older,but if he’s a younger man who captures my attention and is a great guy, I would like him just as well.

  5. I ‘m curious to ask an asian male this 1) Do you see diversity in african/black beauty verse mainstream media perceptive?(2) do you feel because asian men & black women due to sterotypes/desexualization(don’t know if that’s a word) &cultrual stigma should be a valid reason or an arguement to support am/bw dating/marriage? 3)What values or characteristic seperates a black women from other women that makes them more appealing or attractive to (an) asian male?Also which negative characteristic or vaules make them less appealing or indifferent? 5) If more am/bw were shown in the media do you think this would be more affective for asian men & black women to date; enabling both races to explore the option ushering acceptance?6) Do you feel or belive if a black women soley chooses to date strictly asian men & vice versa is favorable preference or still a form of racism? 7)Do u feel with am/bw union will help bridge the cultrual intolerance that asian & african americans have been associated by the media?

  6. 8)Do you feel because of the incease of black women earning degress/attending college has spark an interest in asian men?-if he travels inasia-9) If am/bw were shown more in american media would this also change native asian men perceptive of black women as mates? Also allowing am/bw union in asian entertainment (kpop/jpop mv dramas;movies & advertisment 10) Are black women seen different verse other foreign women in asia (the positives/negatives)?11) Are black women often sterotype by what is seen in hip hop by native asian men?12) Because of hip hop do native asian men feel black women are easy; exotic trophies &/or sexual conquestto dating ideal type? 13) Do you think native asian men are open to marrying black women regardless of their native nation’s social intorlerance? 15)What makes a black women sexual/physically attractive or make them more to a native asian male? -most of my question focus on am/bw union & media/social concerns assuming you’ll talk tosomeone w/experience less ideal.

  7. I have read frequently that when Asian men date outside of their race, they tend to date white women. In your opinion, why do you think this is? And, if you personally have no experience dating either black women or white women, what are your perceptions about what each experience would be like?

  8. I wonder know 2 things:

    1. Why are Asian men (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) so shy? We don’t bite or anything? 🙂
    2. What is that you like about black women that you find intriguing?

  9. Does the “age old” Asian male stereotype (we all know the one) affect whether or not Asian males feel comfortable/uncomfortable in approaching Black women on a sexual level?

    *Hey, just putting it out there* (BOAB81 delete this comment if you deem it inappropriate)

    • @Bialomode u kno what i believe your question is true. Thw ajushis out here can do watever they please bcuz they are of a certain age so korean society tells them to b free. Ive had countless ajushis hav googoo eyes at me. Its a daily thing. They definitely are more free with lookin at boobs n butt of any race of women. Now thw yung guys r too shy. I wish they were starin instead of old ajushis!!! but Rain is technically an ajushi so ill definitely be fine if he wanted to stare lol n i culd see bi wwith a non korean woman more than anyother asian star.

      • Well, I am glad someone brought it because I was thinking something along the lines myself. We can’t pretend people aren’t getting “Their Freak on” 🙂

        I too would like to know if they are shy or just reserved. I am inclined to believe it is more of the latter….Guys I’ve met are 30+

      • Hey Lady O,

        Yes they are “getting their freak on”. You know these TUMBLR sites can be “dangerous.” I came upon one with respect to Asian males and got my hair AND my eyeballs blown A L L T H E W A Y B A C K!!

        Good Mercy! My question may be irrelevant. (*Just Saying*)…….SMILES!

      • Well Pinkfashionninja, there’s one in particular I’m referring to, but I don’t want to put the tumblr address on here because there may be some 18 and below reading this site. However, I know you’re on Cloud USA right? If you sign up on the the Cloud USA forum and send me a PM. I’ll send you the exact tumblr address I went to…….(quite innocently mind u!). (SMILES)

  10. I wanna know the answer to all the questions above really, but I’ll add my two cents in

    1. What attracts you to a woman? Mentally,physically?? Does these characteristics change when it comes to woman of color???

    2 What are some things you heard about black woman good or bad??? Do you think its true?

    3. What are your views on ambw?

    4. Let’s go beyond dating. How do you feel about actually marrying a black woman? Are there any concerns for having interracial children??

    5. Does the woman have to know your culture, language, or anything about your heritage to start dating initially or could those things come later? Are you willing to teach a woman about you and where you come from?

    6 Does the way her parents and/or your parent feelings or concerns stop you from dating?

  11. I think that everyone has covered every question and topic that I would like to know the answer too. So my questions are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. It would be great to know what asian men think of African Amercian women and their views on dating/marrying one as well.

    • I agree with you, everyone has pretty much covered it!! The only thing I probably would ask would be does he seperate the Black American from the Black European or Black African woman..?? The one thing I have consintently heard is that the American Women are very outspoken.. Cant wait to see the answers

  12. Blank stare..
    there are no words…

    I had something to say but I was told if you can’t nothing nice don’t say nothing at all.

    • I find this blog post unsettling. I don’t like the idea of choosing ONE Asian guy to be THE ANWERER for Asian men. Isn’t the idea of AM/BW for us to be open to one another, and seeing each other for how we are? Instead of relying upon 3rd hand information?

      I’ve known and had romantic relationships with many Asian guys. (Damn, that sounded hoeish lol). Each guy had his OWN opinions, experiences, preferences in women, etc. Each person regardless of race is an individual!!!! So depending on which of my exes you asked, or even the time in his life that you asked him (right after falling in love with a black woman? right after a bad breakup?) would affect his answer strongly. And yet each of those men did have a relationship with a black woman- and one of them married and had kids with her.

      This whole concept is just BEGGING to create confusion, and problems for black women. Some of the readers here will take what ONE Asian guy says to be The Truth About What Asian Guys Think- like it’s carved on a stone tablet on Mt. Olympus. Instead of relying on what ONE dude says, why not try to meet individual Asian men and get to know them as individuals, to see if you click. Too many girls are going to get their feelings hurt depending on what one guy says “Oh, Asian guys want girls with perms. So I’ll never marry an Asian guy.” or ” Oh, Asian guys want girls who are (insert trait here). So I’ll never meet the Asian guy of my dreams.”

      I would not be tickled pink to have someone writing a blog post called Ask A Black Girl and have ONE black woman come in and speak for ME with regard to what she thinks about Asian men!!!! The whole idea is just…. no.

      • Joyful,

        Obviously you must be offended by my post. As a blogger I talk about whatever is on my mind with little thought to how a reader is actually going to feel because you know the saying of being unable to please everyone. But you’re taking this the wrong way.

        Maybe you dont know this but I read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on this blog and I’d like to think I have some what of a good understanding about the readers here.

        I never said or even implied I was bringing in the God of all Asian men. I hinted that I might be providing someone to talk to. Whats wrong with that? Alot of the readers here dont have the chance to even see an Asian guy in the flesh and I think it would be nice if they were able to ask a general question to a guy and have him actually answer it…Interview style.

        The readers here are intelligent women who I’m pretty sure know that the answers given are from ONE Asian guys view point and not a representation of the entire Asian male race.

        How a reader decides to internalize the answers is totally up to them but what I will say is the person I’m setting up this activity with is not a regular dude off the street and the answers he provides will not only be interesting to us at BWLB but to his followers and fans as well.

      • I definitely agree with you, Joyful. It’s bad enough to ask these blanket-type questions like “do Asian guys like natural or permed hair” on AMBW forums. Even if you get the answers of a few guys, they don’t represent the whole. It would be in everyone’s best interest to find a guy you are interested in and get to know him as a person first, who happens to be Asian.
        This is just another way of stereotyping. The whole AMBW movement is supposed to break down barriers, not find new ones to build. There needs to be more encouragement for one-on-one encounters.
        I have seen too much discord sewn, particularly, in AMBW groups by questions like these and answers taken to heart because of ONE person’s sometimes humble, sometimes not-so-humble opinion.
        God help the poor guy who takes on the challenge of answering these questions. Even if he picks only a few to answer, he’s going to be so overwhelmed. You ladies are putting a lot on his shoulders already.

      • @KrisE,

        I totally agree with you. I feel that all of the ladies who read this blog are intelligent enough to know that yes, one Asian man’s opinion is just that, “an opinion” and does not represent the entire Asian race. We all have our preferences and whatever this gentleman’s answers will be, will be just his preferences and opinions, nothing more. These are just simply fun questions that will be answered by one Asian man, and shouldn’t be used as anyone’s Holy guide to finding an Asian guy. Whether we agree or disagree with his responses is not the point. Every man is different!

      • Angelface,

        Exactly its just fun. I mean everyone has questions I figure it would be fun to actually get a response instead of searching out one from YouTube or Google ^_^

  13. I just can’t wait to see how this all plays out. A friend of our familys son came over from Korea not too long ago, but I am now just getting to know him little by little. Nothing romantic, but I am dying to ask him similiar questions. I don’t want to scare him though. I do feel that he is still intrigued to be so close to a black person at times. Like he can’t believe he is so close to one and they are actually talking to him. 🙂

  14. I have a couple of questions. Are Asian men intimidated by black women? Are they really romantic like we’ve seen in Asian dramas? Do they like black women, but just are afraid to admit it? This question may sound silly, but why do Asian look younger then their age? I have a hard time guessing the right age lol.

  15. @KrisE,

    Can’t wait to see interview! Unfortunately, I don’t have any questions to ask the Asian guy since I do that all day/everyday with the one that I live with and I’m sure that he gets sick of all my questions, demands, etc. LOL!

    • AngelFace,

      It appears that some who have read this post are taking this waaayyyy too seriously. Although I know some Asian guys I could ask some of these questions to, I’m with you….. I’m interested in reading the interview as well.

      • @Choi Min Jung,

        Agree! I’m interested in reading it just for the “fun of it”, nothing more. It’s just not that serious and deep. If that’s the case, I’ll have my husband answer a few of the questions. After all, he’s Japanese so his opinions must represent every Japanese man : ).

  16. Wow this should be fun!! I agree with those who think that some people are taking this too seriously…I have to admit, when I first arrived in Japan, I was one of those. But now that I’m back home, I know for sure not to take one Asian guy’s opinion as law, as all of you do! The only thing I want to ask is “how influential is your mother/family in your decision to date or marry a Black woman?”
    I’ve clearly been watching too much Boys Over Flowers on Netflix lately, because I find myself afraid of pursuing an Asian guy JUST because of what his mother and family will think of me, and how hard they might come down on him for it! I don’t wanna break a family apart lol!
    Anyway, this is a great idea. Keep it going! I look forward to the end result!!

    • @Cloud8837, Loved BOFs and I like your question as well. His mother was “scary” to say the least. Your question is probably the most important, because ultimately all the other stuff doesn’t really matter if Mama says “jump” and he says “how high”……like All The Time. In the US, we want our parent’s blessing too on our significant other as well, BUT the difference is You ultimately decide who you wanna be with. Mama (Dad too) may not like who you’re with, but they’ll eventually get with the program, so to speak, if you keep seeing that person and they see you in a loving relationship. However, I know parental influence is HELLA Intense in Asia. Now hey, if you’re gonna inherit the “Shinwha Group” then Mama’s opinion may weigh heavy, but if not, then how strong Mama’s influence is would depend on how bad you wanna keep going to Mama’s house for Sunday dinner. (SMILES)

  17. I think the guy or guys that get to answer these questions will be laughing too hard and a bit shocked at the questions lol. I have no questions really, I say if there’s interest on both sides something will blossom. I would, however, be intrigued on the answer to the question, ” how much does your parents opinion wiegh on your choices in a partner” I am aware that in most other countries, what the parents have to say affects that. Thankgod I live in the US x.x!

  18. If there was a black women you were interested in at your work place, would you try to let her know that you showed interest in her little by little by taliking to her or would you just the opportunity pass without letting her know?

  19. lendo todas as perguntas fiquei curiosa sobre as respostas.

    eu tambem tenho dúvida sobre o quanto importante é a opinião dos pais nos relacionamentos amorosos dos asiáticos.
    no caso de se apaixonar por uma mulher não-asiática e os pais não aprovarem o relacionamento, o que fazem? … lutam pelo seu amor ou segue a opinião dos pais e deixa a garota?

    (English translation)
    reading all the questions I was curious about the answers.

    I also have doubts about how important it is the parents’ views in romantic relationships of Asians.
    in the case of falling in love with a woman and non-Asian parents do not approve the relationship, what they do? … Fighting for your love or follows the opinion of the parents and let the girl?

  20. I would like to know if Rain Bi likes or has dated a black women. I dont think its good asking an asian guy if he likes black womens hair, that is like asking a black woman if she likes slanted single eyelids. That is something we are born with and should be proud of and not wonder if it is beautiful to another race, we should be proud of what God gave us and not wait for approval or exceptance from other people. If a person likes u they should accept and like everything about u. Black womens hair and asian guys eyes are what makes us beautiful, exotic and different.

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