EXOPLANET: Totally an Idol Gang

The allure of EXOPLANET is just toooo hard for me to resist! Not only that but I’m totally convinced they’re SM’s Idol street gang. Yeah, yeah I get it sounds like another one of my wacky conclusions but think about it! TVXQ are SM’s umm I dunno seniors? Super Junior are SM’s “Gentlemen” and SHINee are SM’s “Shining Flower Boys”. EXOPLANET is totally their street gang because why else would you need a member like Tao who studied wushu (area of martial arts) for 11 years?! Then you have Kai rockin a dog collar in the teaser for member Lu Hans debut and both do some type of Matrix-esque jump. Plus they wanna take over China! It only makes sense don’t you think so?

Check out the latest teasers for members Lu Han who is 21 and a total “Flower Boy” just check out those silver sparkly pants ( I want them soo cute!) and Tao age 19 Mr. Martial Artist doing some serious kick ass moves! (Pun completely intended). I seriously am dying to know who belongs to K and M and I cant wait for the other members teasers to come out!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Donghae & Eunhyuk ‘Oppa, Oppa/Oppa Has Arrived’)

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12 thoughts on “EXOPLANET: Totally an Idol Gang

  1. It’s interesting how portions of the pics are blurred or all you see of the other guys is legs, back or arms. As conflicted as I am over SM debuting ANOTHER group, I am curious to see what kinf of music they put out and if SM has been saving the goods songs for them. Because, let’s be honest, SUJU, Trax, SNSD (yuk), Sunday and Dana, even SHINee have all been done dirty in the music department. This year. So let’s see what’s what.

  2. I’m super excited about these guys. Kai is still “it” for me, but these other two guys look really good. Like Kristine said, 6theory fangirls are already at 143 pages lol. they’ve stalked on tumblrs, found pre-debut pics, even a pic that could possibly show all 11 members lol.

    So far these three have this rebel/bad boy quality that is so sexy in a way. Can’t wait to see who the rest are!

    • I saw that pic with the 11 but I dont trust it lolol fangirls have already lost their minds and the single hasnt even dropped yet…I dont think the other groups debuting are gonna stand a chance against them lol

      • I know!! So I’m up really early fangirling at the SBS Gayo Daejun and let me tell you that I’m super hyped now!! They had Kai, Eunhyuk, and Taemin dancing to this dubstep song and boy did they do so good. Not gonna make any comparisons tho…Tao can flip an aerial like WOW and if that was Chen singing, he has an amaazzziiingg voice. It’s so powerful! Oh LuHan – he is too precious.

        Ok off fangirling mode..hehe

  3. OMG! These boys have the goods. Now lets’ hope the music is halfway decent. From the names, I think it’s fair to say these guys are all in the EXO-M group, which I suspected just from seeing Kai.

    I LOVE these teasers, and the dog collar is super sexy! I can’t wait to see more. Why the delay, SM? WTH? I thought they were supposed to debut on 12/23? They’ve been stringing me (us) along for a week now! The anticipation is killing me!

    • That would be tooo obvious if they were all in EXO-M. I’m thinking they might toss in a few Chinese members in EXO-K…I could totally be wrong but I cant wait to find out and for Lu Han and Tao’s teasers they are using EXOPLANET songs which reallly makes me wonder what their sound is going to be because its pretty industrial sounding.

  4. Im loving these teasers. Lu Han is fantastic in his teaser. I had to rewatch his as well as the other guys. I guess I’ll be watching out for their debut as well as you guys. I hope their music is good. Im wondering about their sound too.

  5. U guys go on 6theory? awesome ^^
    Tis crazy in the thread but i’m not gonna lie, I’m excited to see what they bring to the table ^^
    I’m already staning Tao <333
    I really hope they don't disappoint

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