[M/V] Son Ho Young – Pretty But Hateful

I came across Son Ho Young by way of someone’s playlist on iTunes. I was in another room and by the time the preview had reached 30 seconds, I was ready to buy his mini album. Son Ho Young was part of the idol group g.o.d, who were extremely popular in the late 90s early 2000s. He’s been doing his solo act since 2006 but this is his first release in about three years. U-Turn only has about five songs including the obligatory instrumental but if his full album is as good as the songs I’ve heard so far, Son Ho Young will have definitely have many new fans in the New Year. He also gets extra points for being from Jersey and for being a total hottie.

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6 thoughts on “[M/V] Son Ho Young – Pretty But Hateful

  1. Forgive me if I’m just learning about G.O.D .I didn’t know that Danny Ahn and Kim Tae Woo was a part of that group?( Ironically, I was familar with those two before I learned about their former band)Speaking of Kim, he’s recently got hitched,but his group was invited to his wedding. I hope that all will be well for him, his new wife and future child.

    • Honestly I had heard of g.o.d but didn’t really listen to them until I heard about Son Ho Young. He is so freaking cute and I like his style of music. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from him.

    • thank you BOAB! I’m telling you when I heard the song, I was like cool let me see what the video is like (because we all know how some kpop videos are like). When I saw him, I was like WTF? Who is this guy and why am I just now finding out about him 🙂

  2. I had never heard of him or g.o.d. See how much I’m learning on BWLB?! 😀

    I like his voice, I LOVE his body, and the fact that he’s from Jersey makes him all the better. He’s so sturdy, so thick in the body. I can appreciate a rail thin flower boy, but there is nothing like a man who is built like a MAN, you know? Reminds me of Bi….

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