Homegrown Hottie: Kevin Woo

Our next homegrown hottie is Kevin Woo from U-Kiss. Kevin was born in San Fransico, California and lived there until he was 15 before moving to Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. He debuted with a group named Xing in 2006 along side Kim Kibum. Kevin stayed with Xing until 2008, when he joined U-Kiss. I’ve been reading a lot about Kevin recently and have come to the conclusion that he is one of the sweetest, most adorable guys out there. He hasn’t been in any scandals and seems to be very respectful to the Korean culture despite being born and raised in America. He’s really active on his twitter account and always seems to be upbeat. I just want to shrink him down so I can stick him on my key chain! Does that sound creepy? I don’t care because he is so adorable!

Speaking of (slightly) creepy, I found a picture of Kevin dressed as a woman for an episode as Star King. He really looks…pretty. The video is hysterical though so if you have time, check it out here.

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10 thoughts on “Homegrown Hottie: Kevin Woo

  1. Kevin is sooo gorgeous hes my U-KISS bias ever since Alexander left 😦 But yes Kevin has perfectly defined features and he looks really good as a blonde!

  2. Haha anyone else immediately think of Kevjumba?? I’m liking these guys the more I see them. Neverland is sometimes on repeat lol. I like it best when he has the dark eye liner on

  3. Kevin certainly can pass for a girl. He just as feminine as they do. If he wanted a sex change operation , it wouldn’t take much for him to look like a woman. He also is a good looking guy. Either way, he is attractive.

  4. I love Kevin! He writes some of the sweetest tweets and he seems to be grounded with a good, supportive family. He can be a bit religious like Choi Siwon can also be….which is a positive thing….. but I know I couldn’t get Kevin’s song “Neverland” out of my head for weeks.

    • haha! Him and Joonie were on some variety show and he was like Joonie speaks the worst Korean; I’m from America and even my Korean is better than his! lol Joonie as usual had that deer in headlights expression when he said that haha

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      I think that he is almost too pretty to be a man and his mannerisms are to take your words “disturbing” for a guy. LOL! But, Mika LOVES him (who doesn’t she love), and after meeting him last year at KMF, he is one of the sweetest and down-to-earth people you will ever meet. But since I’m not a U-Kiss fan, I don’t remember much about him at all except that he gives long hugs and his voice was very girly : ).

  5. Yeah I absolutely think he’s a doll. I swear it was unnatural how normal he looked when he was “Jessica”. Absolutely a cuttie though as a regular man too 😉

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