8 thoughts on “bi

  1. Merry Christmas to you too!
    Funny… he has come up in conversation
    between me and my sister-in-law all day.
    We just finished watching a Richard Gere movie
    based on a true story about a Japanese dog
    who for ten years waited for his master
    who had passed away.
    I had the opportunity to share that
    Rain hopes to work with him
    after serving his time in the military.
    See Bi… we’re thinking of you each
    and every day.

    • I highly suggest if you havent seen it yet, watch Fugitive: Plan B, he’s so hilarious and has pretty m,uch the hottest scenes in it. Daniel Henney’s fine self is in it too.
      Of words arent enough…

  2. I watched Fugitive: Plan B and It was awesome. I enjoyed watching Rain, Daniel and the entire Cast in the Korean drama. The Fugitive was funny, lots of Action and the drama was excellent. I would recommend anyone to see the Fugitive: Plan B Korean Drama. Check it out!

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