BKM Hotties of the Week 12-25-11

From left to right: Bi, DBSK Yunho, ZE:A Dong Jung, Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior Sungmin

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16 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 12-25-11

  1. Merry Christmas everybody….indeed 🙂 lol

    U Know Yunho…abs no words 🙂

    Honestly never saw what KrisE and everyone else saw in KHJ until I watched BOF. I always thought he was attractive, but not one of the most good looking of Korean hotties. In BOF he was so serious at first then he flashed a smile to Jan Di and needless to say, it was an eye opening experience lol. I’m now watching Playful Kiss..

    Never seen that picture of Bi, but love that mature look on him. I wanna meet this man so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BOF was my 1st exposure to KHJ and it definitely wasn’t my last. I have to say, when he started upping the anty and started stripping and being more sexual, I damn near had a heart attack.

      I just saw that pic on cloud USA. rain know he be teasing us that’s why he does it. LOL!

      all 5 pics got my vote but rain and KHJ are my heart.

      Merry Christmas everyone! and I hope its been a great one.

      • Yes yes I know. His smile just sends me into a daze now. It’s like so perfect. Yess that performance was awesome indeed.. I think I like this path hehe

  2. Talk about choking on my coffee when I saw that picture of Bi. You should call this the shirtless addition. I love Yuno and KHJ. What a wonderful Christmas present 🙂 Thank you BOAB!

  3. I never was a real fan of Super Junior, and i didnt think they were that good looking , the only thing I remember about them is the chunky member who danced almost as good as the other members., /The chunky member reminded me of heavy D.:) But that Pic of Sungmin is Super Hot and gives me a whole new look of Super Junior, i might have to check them out some more!! And yes, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!

    • Ahhh SuJu is the bestest! Dont worry we’ll be introducing members in the next few weeks because we at BWLB HEART SUPER JUNIOR! …..However that picture of Sungmin is totally misleading haha

  4. Dont even have to show his whole body, that’s how frikkin awesome Bi is ^^! Again to those that havent seen it yet, go watch Fugitve: Plan B, Jihoon’s so sliiy in it and its really alot of fun, just give it a chance! Daniel Henney’s also in there, w/ his debonair self~
    I don’t want to double post, but check out the trailer and skip to 00:50 seconds if you need more convincing 8D! Swear, still the hottest 4 seconds of my life.

    • You and me both. That is when I first fell in love with Bi. His charcter annoyed me in the first 2-3 episodes, but his body had me from the get go. I think I might go watch that right now.

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