Introducing Kai

Oh I absolutely love 2012 already! So many new groups debuting including SM Entertainments EXO-K and EXO-M. As usual there’s a cryptic meaning behind the name so let me explain. EXO as in EXOPLANET as in stars from another planet. EXO-K for the Korean group and EXO-M for Mandarin because yes they will have a Chinese group. Now I usually don’t talk about the new groups but this one is intriguing because of their member Kai.

Its unknown at the moment if he belongs to K or M I’m thinking M although I secretly want him to be in K. Whats so interesting about this guy is not only is he absolutely gorgeous but uhh doesn’t he remind you anyone? You know who I’m talking about! That other super gorgeous guy from SM. Thats right!  SHINee’s Lee Taemin!

Stats on Kai – He’s 17, over 6ft tall and he’s a well-rounded dancer in locking, popping, hip hop even ballet.

Should Taemin be worried? Check out the teaser video and gallery of Kai and let me know what you think!

K-Kisses! KrisE

23 thoughts on “Introducing Kai

  1. The kid sort of reminds me of Kim Soo Hyun. Especially in the lead pic.

    Making it a not so exciting moment for me is, I’m not sure how I feel about SM’s new groups, their past (and probably current) practices have left a sour taste in my mouth.

  2. There’s something about him I can tell I’m gonna like, I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but…it’s there. In that third picture he gives off that rebel vibe. Idk why, but I pay attention most to the slow motion at 0:41, the shoulder move at 0:54, and that little finger flick at 1:04. It just evokes confidence if that makes sense lol. The way he moves seems like he dances with passion, like Taemin. It’d be interesting to see how they stack up (if at all) .

    That third picture gives off a rebel vibe. Something in Kai’s eyes leave me to wonder.

    Really want the full background song now!

      • Seriously I’ve watched that teaser like 20x already. That song is niceeee and I’m excited to see who the rest of the members are. But I totally agree there is def something about Kai…for 17 he’s got alot of sex appeal thats for sure.

      • Hopefully it gets better from here and the group keeps this sort of vibe and not turn out to be “cutesy.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I like this.. Know what I mean??

  3. I don’t think Lee Taemin should be worried. There’s plenty of room for all of the young, tall, talented, and sexy men out there.

    Kai is very good looking….I’ll definitely keep my eye on him.

  4. Kai is quite the dancer, and yes, he favors Taemin quite a bit but without the maknae feeling. He has a “grown and sexy” vibe for sure. He reminds me of Bi that way.

    I will definitely be watching to see more of Kai. I hope he didn’t sign one of SM’s famous “slave contracts” but odds are good that he did get a raw deal from SM… everyone does.

  5. Seems like he’s got potential to be a good K-pop singer. The vidoe isn’t bad ,but I still have to get more acquainted with Tai before I can come up with my official verdict.

  6. he’s alright…somewhat cute to me…his dance moves aren’t impressive to me like Taemin’s dance moves are…maybe I need to see more..

    but give me my Lil Boo Taemin anyday..

  7. ok, this kid is only 17?? He does look older than that, and I will tell you right off the bat, that I more attracted to him than I am to Taemin (who I still see as a cute, fluffy-headed little baby, lol). However, as far as dance talent is concerned, this guy does NOT have the flow that Taemin has. Matter of fact, if I may be so honest, it’s seems as if he’s just doing dance steps with no feeling…I don’t see any overwhelming talent in his dance, but I am more than willing to check him out later. Mind you, when I look at dancers, I always have a tendency to compare them to Rain, and I know that’s cruel, cuz Rain’s the best.. anyway, I like his voice though…very nice. Thanks for the introduction!

    • I think his dancing in this teaser is supposed to be alien-like. That’s why it is kinda disjointed instead of fluid. I think it’s an intentional thing.

      Of course, I could be wrong and he just hasn’t come into his own yet with his dancing.

      Looking on youtube, many of the commenters actually had Kai confused with Taemin! They really do look a lot alike.

      I can’t even get ON the smtown website this morning! Looks like I’m not the only one trying to see more of Kai. I suspect he’s in the Chinese group too. Today is the big debut, so I guess we’ll find out for sure… if the website ever lets a noona take a look!

      • BOAB,

        I think his dancing is on point I’ve watched this teaser a few times and he seems to have a natural feel of the music etc. Now even saying that I think what throws it off is his lack of emotion. Has anyone else noticed he has like NO facial expression what so ever?? The best part about Taemins dancing are his facial expressions. However since this is just a small clip I’ll wait to see if Kai actually comes “to life”.

        BTW they are reallllllly pushing me with the age thing. How can someone be so freakin sexy at 17?!

    • Is he the same kid that danced for jonghyun at that shinee concert when he hurt himself? i dont remember if he said he name or not. all i remember him saying is dongsaeng.

  8. LMAO at the BWLB FBI team tracking Kai down through the mists of time!

    Maybe it would be good for him to be in EXO-M. China could use more exposure, and Kai will definitely draw in the fans!

  9. His real name is kim jong in
    He was in the hahaha song cf w/ dbsk
    Hes close with taemin and the rest of shinee mentioning him in their ”thank yous” part of their album though I cant remember which one….
    Hes a cutie
    we are the same age
    he looks like the love child of taemin and infinite’s sungjong
    Im sold…..

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