Date Week with 2PM!

Ahhh, 2PM. My favourite K-pop boyband. The beastly boys with the good looks, masculine style and energetic dance choreography. Not only do I really appreciate their image, but I also really enjoy their music (namely their “1:59” and “Hottest Time of the Day” albums), which reminds me of the Miami bass music I listened to growing up in the 90s. When JYP created 2PM, he knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn’t going for the sweet, sometimes syrupy image synonymous with most SM acts, or even the alternative, eclectic image of YG’s most popular groups. No, he was intent on creating a boyband with the perfect balance between Korean pretty-boy and U.S. urban bad boy. 2PM: a boyband after my own heart. So, without further ado, read on to find out how I’d spend a date with each member…

Monday – Wooyoung
Wooyoung is a trip. I consider him the comic relief of the group and I’d love to see him do standup at a comedy club. He is also 2PM’s aegyo king. No one in the group can top his killing aegyo! I’m sure by the time my date ended with Wooyoung, my sides will be completely split from laughing so much and so hard. Good times!

Tuesday – Taecyeon
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the beastliest member of them all? Ok Taecyeon! Taec takes care of his bod and it shows. For a date, I’d like to go to the gym with him and experience a one-on-one wrestling match. I have a feeling the date may end early as his phone will continually be blowing up with texts and calls from SNSD members. Not a nice way to treat your noona-date, Taec!

Wednesday – Chansung
Sometimes Chansung seems to zone out to another dimension, so I probably wouldn’t make a lot of effort to dig into his personality. I get the feeling he likes Sci-fi movies, so we’d go check out a weird flick at the nearest movie theatre and finish up the date by playing in the adjacent arcade for a little while. This guy is also known for having a healthy appetite. We’d go to one of those all you can eat buffets and tear it up. I believe the way to Chansung’s heart is truly through his stomach.

Thursday – Junho
Junho’s an amazing dancer and I would love for him to show me how to do some of his best dance moves. Part of his appeal is that he is very serious about his career and is a very hard worker, and I believe that dedication also comes through when he’s in a relationship. I’d like to experience what it’s like to get his full attention for a day. I don’t think I’d be disappointed 

Friday – Junsu
Chilling with our favourite “round-the-way” boy would be the best way to end a hectic work week. Junsu’s got incredible personal style and carries himself in such a way that reminds me more of a sweet-natured U.S. urban boy-next-door than a stereotypical shy Asian guy. He’s a stellar singer and song-writer and I would want to spend some time listening to his musical compositions with him. Afterwards a walk down to the local, trendy ramen shop would be the perfect way to end the date. Ramen noodles with Junsu: best Friday I’ve had in a long time!

Saturday & Sunday – Nichkhun
Ah Nichkhun! Mr: Never-disrespectful-cuz-his-mama-taught-him-that!” *Sigh* and so the weekend belongs to Khunnie. He is my ultimate 2PM bias because he is a gentlemen and obviously had very good home-training. Kudos to his parents for raising such a well-mannered young man. Of course I am in complete denial if I hear anything negative about this guy. What I really like about him is that no matter if you’re someone he has feelings for or not, he’ll still treat you like a lady, which gets him into trouble often. But I can’t be mad at him. A full Saturday would be spent at a theme park with lots of roller coasters and cotton candy. Sunday would be spent watching award-winning foreign films one after the other, only taking breaks to eat by ordering takeout or rustling something up in the kitchen. No cell phones allowed! Complete quiet time with Khunnie. My year is made! ^^

How would you spend a date with each member?

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12 thoughts on “Date Week with 2PM!

  1. YAY, 2PM!! 🙂

    Monday – Taecyeon! I just love his body. Since he’s into fitness and health, he and I need a quick hit at the gym. I would love it if he would spot me with the weights and don’t get distracted with other hot women in there. 🙂

    Tuesday – Chansung! He’s cute, but has an interesting personality. We can watch some Sci-Fi movies at my crib (I don’t watch sci-fi, but he has to rent the films). 🙂

    Wednesday – Wooyoung! Since he’s so funny, he has to crack me up. I want corny, silly jokes. 😀

    Thursday – Nichkhun! He’s sweet and cute. I’ll fix him some Thai or Chinese food. 🙂

    Friday – Junho! He looks so much like Bi and can dance. He needs to show me some hot dance moves. 😀

    Saturday and Sunday – Junsu! I love his voice. I need him to sing some sexy songs from R. Kelly and Marvin Gaye for the weekend. 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m a black girl (college freshmen) who loves kpop. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now and I’ve finally decided to join in on the fun!

    Now about date week, 2pm actually isn’t fav group but I just LOVE Khun!
    I would have no problem dating him for the whole week. He can do so many things:
    Monday- He’ll give me Korean lang lessons
    Tuesday-Thai lang lessons
    Wednesday-Piano lessons
    Thursday-Guitar lessons
    Friday-We could go see a movie
    Saturday-Shopping! Khunnie seems to love wearing hats so we could go hat shopping lolz
    Sunday-I could cook dinner for him
    BTW Junho, Taec, and Wooyoung are also really cute. Junsu looks cute when he wears glasses lol

  3. Monday – Nichkhun. He’s always been my least favorite, but he’s growing on me slowly but surely. He did look adorable in the photo holding the baby, which shows a sensitive side I hadn’t seen from him yet. I think I would spend this day getting to know more about him. I think his ideal date is something romantic sooooo I’ll let him plan the day.

    Tuesday – Wooyoung. He’s so adorably cute. I could see him and I going to Lotte World..that place looks so cool.

    Wednesday – Taecyeon. He seems pretty chill sometimes. Dinner and a movie seems befitting. Maybe we can hit the arcade afterwards.

    Thursday – Junho. Don’t know too much about him, but from what I have seen he seems like a real guy. From what I read he wants to “candy kiss” with his girlfriend and shower with her. Closet freak much?? I think bitofabelly had mentioned that to me in a prev post and now I’m really starting to see it lol. Seems like he might try to seduce me. I’d have to keep an eye on him. Anyhoo, I’m not quite sure what we’d do. He has me puzzled….

    Friday – Chansung!!! He’s the one I remembered most at the beginning. I just love his aggressive aegyo, especially when he pushes Junsu out of his chair, or the way he jumps like a kangaroo and pushes the other members. There’s even this vid on youtube about his “power effect.” Ahh so cute. I picture us skiing or snowboarding. I know he eats all the time so we could hit a really nice buffet. Love his current look, but miss his long hair.

    Saturday and Sunday – Junsu!! Lord Jesus this pic :O

    And his voice…. And that smirk on his face he has all the time… Anyway, we could have our own 1 nights 2 days adventure…;)

  4. Ill take Junho for the whole week! Sike jusy playing. I would seriously have hard time picking any of them. There’s something about them all I like. Adorkable Taec, Sexy Juns, 4D Chansung, Comical Wooyoung, and Getleman Khun. Altho the member say they wouldn’t trust Khun with their sisters because he’s TO polite and wouldn’t give her his undivided attention. *le sigh* its like a candy store.

  5. Hmmmmm well lets seeeeeee

    I really just wanna hang out with 3 2PM members and thats Nick K. Chansung and Junsu.

    Nick K will have Monday – Weds. He gets 3 days because we’re going to his country Thailand. He’s like a king there so we’ll tour and ride elephants all the while getting special treatment. I’ll even let him pay for all the souvenirs and postage to mail them to my friends and family! Thanks Khunnie you’re the bestest!! ^_^

    Thursday Chansung- He’s a sexy beast and I love when he raps. I feel hanging out in the studio sipping on coconut bubble tea while watching him work would be fun. I’ll even share my drink with him as long as he acts right (You know those nasty lil side looks he gives every now and then). Afterwards we can get a pizza and take selcas!

    Friday and Forward JUNSU- I heart Junsu! He’s soo cute and weird as hell. Totally disturbing and hilarious watching him “whisper sing” to that doll head on Flower Boy Generation. I love his style and the fact that he loves Pandas makes me soo happy! I think it would be awesome to fly to China and visit a Panda sanctuary while wearing THATS RIGHT! COUPLES OUTFITS!! But it would be really cool picture it. I’ll do black skinny jeans with a white tee that has a panda on it and baby pink leather moto jacket and he can do black jeans with the same white panda tee but a black leather moto jacket. We’ll buy stuffed panda bears and take selcas with them! Totally perfect date!

    K-Kisses! KrisE

  6. we’re on 2PM.

    You don’t have to guess who will be my Monday date: Taecyon. Call him Goofy,,an oddball..nutty,but he is downright sexy. He look like a stereotypical model..goodlooking and tall. Dude also has a sexy voice to compliment his looks. Physically, he’s the total package.

    Tuesday date would be Nichkun: He’s semi mysterious. He has those boyish good looks,but that body god! He also has this good boy quality that I find intriguing( Though he may not be)

    Wednesday-I was looking at a YOUTUBE clip about Junho about what he wants to do with his girlfriend and he said that he wants to take a shower with her. Hmmm.. makes you wonder just wonder how much of a possible romantic he is. With Junho, I ‘ll have a candle light dinner with him

    Woo would be my date for Thursday. He’s attractive and he’s crazy as they want to come. Always like guys who can make me laugh

    Changsung will be my Friday date. I don’t know what to say about him. He’s hot,but I’m not sure how to figure out who he is.

  7. I will admit that I dont know much about these guys personalities, but I like their songs. Recently, Junho and Junsu have been my youtube searches. I going to alternate them.
    Mon—Wed Junsu. The man can sing to sleep and wake me up with his voice. At night all the R. Kelly sings he knows. Every morning I want him to sing Love by Keyshia Cole. ove the way he sings the song.. swoon. Sista, Princess that pic was too sexy. I gotta work out with him and go to the spa afterwards.

    Junho, the rest of the week. He just seems to be sweet and he’s a great dancer. I wanna go to a play with him, movies, amusement park, take a cooking class, etc. Ok, Im freely admitting Ive developed a crush on Junho. He smiles I smile, kinda of thing.

    Oh, welcome Steff

  8. I usually lurk on here, but I can not resist commenting on date week with 2pm.

    Monday- Taec is a huge dork so I would want to go play lazer tag with him for starters. After that we would have a Star Wars marathon with lots of different types of take out.

    Tuesday- Wooyoung is norebang king. I would want to go and sing and dance with Woo until the wee hours of the morning.

    Wednesday- Chansung is really deep and complicated so he is a little bit harder to gauge. For starters we are definitely eating. We all know maknae loves food. Since he likes to read I think I would want to go to Barnes & Nobles. We can drink coffee and explore new topics together.

    Thursday- Junho and I would go to the club. After watching the “Hands Up” video the boy seems to know his way around the club. I would love for him to break out a random Usher routine on the dance floor.

    Friday- Junsu is my favorite member of 2pm, and like bitofabelly81 said I am going to the studio with him. Ever since I saw footage of him and Chance from One Way working on “Hot” I have wanted to go to the studio with him. He seems so passionate when he is producing and composing music, and that is just so sexy to me. After watching him compose I would have him sing to me at the piano and give me a short piano lesson. At the end of the night I would like to hit up a trendy coffee spot, and just chat with him.

    Saturday & Sunday – Even though I love Junsu to pieces I have to give Khunnie the two day date. He is second on my bias list, but sometimes he fights Junsu tooth and nail for the number one position. Khun seems to be so many things I do not even know where to start. I guess mini golf would be first on our list. After seeing him teach Junsu to golf on a Real 2pm I have wanted to go mini golfing with him, while he gives me lessons. After mini golf I want to have a picnic by the Han River with foods that I have made him. He seems like he would appreciate it. I would then want to have Khun teach me about Thai culture, because it seems so rich. I would end the first night with a dinner of Mexican food since Khun is the Thai Prince of Cali. On the second day I would want to go to a museum. Then since I know he likes photography I would have him show me around Seoul while taking various photos of our expeditions. I would want to end our date at a R&B jazz lounge, because Khun seems to also be an old soul. We could have cocktails and good conversation.

  9. These guys are my first K-Pop loves so I can’t miss the opportunity to comment on what I would do with them for date week. And since I’m an official HOTTEST (yes, I paid the money to officially join their fan cafe even though it’s kind of useless outside of South Korean….which I am) That’s also kind of why I feel bad that I jumped ship so quickly to JYJ fandom lol. Aight den, let’s do this!

    Monday: Nichkhun. I’m not really a fan of Nichkhun, so I kind of just want to get him out of the way on Monday lol. I figure, since he can speak English, we can at least get to know each other without having the language barrier (and by get to know each other, that means me find out as much info as I can about the other members so I can have even MOAR fun with them later in the week). That’s kind of all I want to do with him…

    Tuesday: Chansung. The lovable (and very hot) Maknae! Probably just eating lol since he’s a human vacuum. Oh, and some singing lessons. He’s improved quite a bit since his debut, but man, he can really go off key (I can’t find the clip anymore, but check some of the MR removed clips of them singing Tired of Waiting and you’ll see what I mean). Although, at least that proves he’s not lip syncing, no?

    Wednesday: Taecyeon. It’s Hump Day and I’ll be needing moar conversations in English about the other members lol. And then, since our birthdays are 10 days apart, we can do some kind of double celebration for the both of us =] (FYI: his birthday is the 27th =]). Odd to think, though, that only 10 days separates us from being born the same day…or him being my Oppa 😮

    Thursday: Junsu. It’s towards the end of the week and I’m going to need the tunes from a gorgeous guy to help get me ready for the weekend =]. Since he loves a lot of the songs I love – 90s R&B songs. I remember one show, I forgot the name of it, when all the members took turns singing songs and the other members had to guess the song. When it got to Junsu’s turn, he sang Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk” (<3) – the other members were like WTF lmao. But, yes, Junsu, we can talk for a minute ;).

    Friday: Wooyoung & Junho. These two are by far my favorite members lol and since it's Friday..Let's partay!! I either want to go to Karaoke or dancing with these two since I know we'll have a bunch of fun xD

    Saturday: All of them: Doing another k-pop song parody and having fun 😉

    Sunday and forever afterward: Junho. Junho is and forever will be my 2PM bias. He's got that gorgeous smile, an infectious laugh, wonderful voice, and he's got a kind of kinky side (rawr!). We'll do whatever, whenever, wherever (heh.).

    And that's my 2PM date week xD

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