K-Drama: City Hunter

See I told all you City Hunter fans out there that I’d give this drama another go! I’m so glad I did because it was soooo good. For those of you who were like me falling off the first episode after 20 minutes; seriously keep watching! It really becomes addicting. Each episode has crazy cliff hangers that will keep you up till like 5am totally ignoring the fact you have to get up in a few hours and get ready for work/school (trust me I did it).

So alright here’s the run down. Back in the 80s, 20 S. Korean soldiers were murdered after they completed a secret mission. However 1 of the men survived and vowed to take revenge on the men who ordered the kill. That man who survived, Lee Jin Pyo kidnaps the new-born child of his friend who was one of the 20 killed and runs off to Thailand. Lee Min Ho plays that child who grows up training and preparing to help Lee Jin Pyo with his revenge plan. Let me just say if you loved Goo Joon Pyo you’re going to love Lee Min Ho’s character Lee Yoon Sung. He’s basically the same except he doesn’t have major anger management issues and has a better hair style. Also just like in BOF he has a crazy parent. His father Lee Jin Pyo is totally insane, out of his mind, off the wall CRAZY. I believe if Goo Joons Pyos mom got together with Lee Jin Pyo and had a baby they would create the Devil.

I loved how this drama had a little bit of everything in it. Lots of action scenes and blood so its great if you have a guy you wanna share a drama with. Great eye candy moments such as a repeat BOF shower scene with Lee Min Ho staring at himself in a mirror while water just streamed down his body! The prosecutor played by Lee Joon Hyuk sitting in just a towel in the sauna while his hot body glistened of sweat! Then of course there’s a bit of comedy, a complicated love story between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young who just happens to be his real life girlfriend ^_^

However I gave this drama only 3 out of 5 Soju Bottles based on the fact something happened in the drama that I just did not care for what so ever. Totally uncalled for and really didn’t add to or take away from the storyline. Also I usually don’t mind drama endings but this one was just weird. I’d like to think I’m a fairly intelligent person and this ending just left me confused and asking myself “okayyy what was that all about?” Maybe a part 2 is in the works? Either way City Hunter is a must see!

Cast List

Lee Min Ho: Lee Yoon Sung

Park Min Young: Kim Na Na

Lee Joon Hyuk: Kim Young Joo

Kim Sang Joong: Lee Jin Pyo

Goo Hara: Choi Da Hye

Chun Ho Jin: Choi Eung Chan

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Wonder Girls ‘Nobody’)

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19 thoughts on “K-Drama: City Hunter

  1. Loved it! I saw it back in September. Highly recommend it. Also, I watched one called, “Royal Family” I can’t think of the actress name, but it you watched “Lost”, she play Sun, she it the show.

  2. Thank You for explaining this show better because I was contiplating (not sure if spelled right 🙂 )whether to watch this show for 20 episodes or not!!! I’ll probably give it a try after new years!!! I would also like to give a Warm wish to you and your family, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and also to everyone else who belongs to BWLB!! Have a safe and Happy NEW YEAR!!!

  3. I pretty much did the same thing as you. I started it when it was first airing, but I had so much difficulty getting into the series because of that first episode that I put it down for months (although, from the urging of a friend, I downloaded the whole series shortly after it ended so that I could give it another chance. My friend has very good/similar tastes as me in dramas so I trusted his opinion that I had to just get past that first episode). I was also hoping that this would be the drama that I would use to introduce my family to k-dramas. It wasn’t until about a month ago when I was desperate for something to watch and stranded here in Africa and I got sick of waiting for someone to humour me and show interest in something that *I’m* interested in that I finally watched it… in a whole weekend.

    My parents were off on some trip with some couple from our church and I distinctly remember their last words to me were for me to work on my French. Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I told them yes…and I had every intention *cough* to do so….until I started watching and REALLY getting into City Hunter. And, like you, I’m so glad that I gave it another chance. Interestingly enough, I watched this right after I saw Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Boys Over Flowers, and it was like I had to see these actors in other stuff before I could believe that maybe they were good enough to deliver a solid performance in this drama, which I thought they did.

    This drama wasn’t perfect, but I still thought they did a great job. Also, I get where you’re coming from about the ending. But to be perfectly honest, I have yet to see a k-drama ending that I’ve been completely satisfied with. Everytime I watch a k-drama all the way to the ending, I’m always reminded that, at the very end, no matter how good the finale was, the way they choose to wrap up that last little bit feels like the 3rd movie in a superhero trilogy. Like, they already did the hardest part in the the first 2 films, so they can just add in some lame resolution at the end and everyone’s still going to see it. However, some trilogies are better than others, and I think, given the ground that they covered in the finale, that last little bit was acceptable for me and I wasn’t as annoyed with the last bit as I have been with other series.

    That having been said, I’d give this about a 3.75 soju bottles out of 5…… with severrallllllllllll, SEVERAL cans of Cass 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAqiMCp9zrI&ob=av2e

  4. I SO Loved City Hunter. I watched this drama also after seeing Lee Min Ho in BOF and besides him being gorgeous and sexy, he’s a Damned Good actor. For me, I don’t care how pretty you are, talent always wins me over. I agree with your assessment, it has just the right amount of action, comedy and romance. Also, let me just say….the boy can KISS! City Hunter and Personal Taste made me a believer in that regard as well. Yes, I agree with the general consensus that K-Drama endings kinda “suck” in general. It’s kinda like going up, up, up in a roller coaster and then immediately plummeting down once you reach the top. They’re too abrupt. All in all I Loved City Hunter and I will definitely be following Lee Min Ho’s career. KrisE, I don’t know what annoyed you, but one thing “stuck in my craw” also, but the moment was fleeting so I let it go, but it was when he still in the Thailand sequence. Anyway, I totally recommend City Hunter for anyone who loves K-Dramas.

    Oh and Just Tacos, he’s a beauty no doubt, but personally I like the Cass commercial where he actually sings. (SMILES)

  5. I am lmao at you ladies using Soju bottles as the metric!!!! Once I finish one of my other dramas I will check City Hunter out. If Lee Min Ho has gotten rid of those hideous curls in his hair that is a major improvement and inducement enough to watch imo.

    • As much as we all hated those curls lol, the character in the original manga had curls… so he had to have them in the BoF adaptation. But it’s like, the second he was done with the filming, he cut that hair of his (Thank. God.)

    • @joyful, I didn’t like the BOF “pimp curls” (as they have been described) either, but the longer I watched BOF the curls fit the character. However, judging by the pics above to his City Hunter character, the hairstyle is Much improved and completely Sexy! (SMILES)

      • BiAlamode,

        I agree his hair in BOF def fit his char and the style I liked it ^_^ But in City Hunter hes got that sexy hair that falls just perfectly and when hes about to throw down its hot how it frames his eyes while hes giving that “im gonna kill you and your whole family glare” lol

      • Exactly, “Sexy Scary”……..I will cut you if you breathe, but you can kiss me first. (HA!)

  6. Okay this will be the one I watch after I Really Really Like you. I am such a goober but I also want to see Gwangsoo (Running Man) in his small role on the show. Lee Min Ho does look sexy with that sleek hair and I look forward to seeing how he is skilled in the kissing department.

  7. So glad you liked it and our prosecutor! Wasn’t he awesome? Lee Min Ho as the City Hunter completely erased how I felt about him in BOF. Not that he was bad in BOF but HELLO sexy kick-ass City Hunter? Yes please. I would gladly take Kim Nana’s place 😉 Now hurry up and watch IRIS!

  8. “City Hunter” is indeed an excellent drama. Although I felt Lee Min Ho didn’t really get into character until later episodes, he did a great job . As always, Park Min Young is a pleasure to watch, but it was Kim Sang Joong’s character that stood out to me. The character one ‘loves to hate’; he was the perfect wild card/looses canon.

  9. I actually I thought his character in this show was a complete opposite from BOF. In BOF he was just a straight jerk but in city hunter he had to be a jerk plus in the first ep you can that was his true nature. giving that he had to help his trigger happy father he had to be a jerk.

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