Real Asian Men Dont Come with English Subtitles Pt lll

New reader? Check out Parts 1 and 2 linked below ^_^

So I’m guessing everyone has been curiously awaiting this post since I left off right when he called me at midnight.


Him: Hey are you awake? I need to talk to you.

Me:Duh I’m awake if I’m answering your calllll, what is it? (said in Korean)

Him: Aigoo (yah he really said that) don’t be that way listen. I did a lot of thinking and I was wrong, I was really selfish and I’m sorry and I miss you so much.

Me: really? Ok. ( I seriously didn’t know what to say considering I didn’t think it was a big deal anyway so I decided to drag it out..meanwhile I was still watching Jae Joong on YouTube so my focus was else where ^_^ )

Him: Dont be mad anymore ok? I wanna see you.

Me: I’m not freakin mad and um before I decide to see you I need to talk to you about some things. For one stop trying to tell me what to do especially since you’re not my bf. I don’t like it; I obviously don’t listen to you so just stop. Also we don’t have to text ALL THE TIME. Calm down with all that pleaseeee!

Well we continued to discuss how American girls for the most part don’t appreciate being damn near stalked and being told what to do all the time. I stuck with his plan of picking me up after my lesson and I have to say he did listen. During the week he really didn’t text as much as he was previously. It was still excessive according to normal standards but it was an improvement. He only sort of relaxed with the dominant thing but not quite; however I seemed to have gotten use to it and he seemed to have gotten used to me talking back and not listening. We developed our own form of communication.

He’s def on the insecure side considering the fact I’d talk about something like a new hairstyle or whatever and he would respond with “You’re pretty enough” Uhh ok? What exactly does that mean sir? o_0 Basically he explained that I was already too pretty for him and I dont need to be any prettier. Seriously a lot of these Koreans and their low self-esteem, insecurity and self-hatred just urk me. However even though I’m “pretty enough” that doesn’t stop him from saying things like…

“Dont eat ramen a lot, you’ll get fat”

“Dont wear your makeup for too many hours, you’ll mess up your skin”

“Wear your hair tied back so you can look really beautiful”

” I like your natural curl hair (not curly but “curl” so FOB cute!) wear it that way not straight all the time”

Like O.M.G! Dude stay out of my beauty business worry about YOUR look and only appreciate mine THANKS!

Friday night 7pm he was there to pick me up and we shared ramen and both ordered bubble tea..I had Milk Black tea and he had Taro. I loved it because he did exactly what I want my future Idol boyfriend to do! He wanted us to order the bubble tea because the cup it came in was soooo super cute! Ha! He even said if I put my hair up in two buns I’d look just like the little cartoon.I beg to totally differ I do not look like that little girl -_-

After dinner we walked arm and arm towards Times Square and then it happened! While waiting for the street light to change he looked right at me and STOLE OUR FIRST KISS!  I was seriously shocked and pushed him away calling him a “Kiss Stealing Slut!” And in true K-Drama fashion he grinned, walked right up to me with his tall 6 foot,  2PM Junsu looking self rocking his black baseball cap, skinny jeans and Goo Joon Pyo style black pea coat with the fur collar pulled me in and KISSED ME AGAIN! His lips truly like pillows…his kiss seriously soft, gentle and OMG he can kiss! I was like OMO!

The rest of the night we spent at the M&M store in Times Square where we looked at pajama bottoms and he decided that one day we’ll get “couples pajamas”.I took pics of him with M&M dolls and of course he gave the “peace” sign in every pic. We went to L’Occitane where we sprayed each other with perfume decided on which scent best suited me…The almond oil topped with the Rose perfume if your curious ^_^ At a nearby lounge we indulged in cocktails and beer, we sat super close, he asked if I was wearing circle lenses and had plastic surgery..uh no and no. He has an obsession with my features as I’ve said before. We shared kisses and stories and he asked to be my boyfriend once again.

I felt like someone was shining a hot light on me. Seriously whyyy does he keep asking me?! I even told him straight out at one point that I have commitment issues. I’m the type who always drops one guy when another one better comes along. I mean how does that make me look like girlfriend material in his eyes?! Sooo what was I suppose to say? What was I suppose to do?! He was totally killing my drinking buzz so with another gulp of beer I turned to him, took his hands in mine, gazed into his eyes and said.. “Oppa..we dont need to label this. The way it is right now is just fine..lets just have fun and go with the flow because it’s so good right now.” Once again there was that ” oh this is American Style” response from him -_- Suuuree yeah ok but NO. Well that seemed to work for the moment except the most unexpected thing happened right after we left. Before we parted ways we were standing on the sidewalk talking and suddenly without any kind of warning what so ever he said…”Saranghae”

To be continued…

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: JYJ ‘Found You’)

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13 thoughts on “Real Asian Men Dont Come with English Subtitles Pt lll

  1. “Kiss Stealing Slut” That is too funny. I am not sure, but I think something got lost in translation when you told him that you have commitment issues. Otherwise why would he say he loved you. Unless it was more of a friend telling another friend that they’ve known for a while that they loved them (in a noona/dongsaeng type of way). I’m not sure how long you’ve known this guy but umm yeah. Great post as always. Interested to know what happens next.

  2. “Kiss stealing slut”, best line I’ve read in a long time. Had me in stitches from laughing but you have to admit, that was probably really hot at the moment. I’d be disturbed about the immediate “love” proclamation though, it seems too soon. He sends out alot of red flags imo, but what do I know, I’m a dateless wonder.

  3. Yeah, I agree…I think “Kiss Stealing Slut” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. I must say, this guy definitely has “interesting” qualities to say the least but I’ve always had a weakness for a man who was a good kisser. That’s actually #4 on my list of non-negotiables in what I want in a man.

    He does need to cool it on the domineering thing but why am I not shocked that he said “saranghae”……

  4. This K-drama is getting better and better!!! Thumbs up for him being a great kisser! And “Kiss Stealing Slut” is a perfect description rofl!

    Saying “saranghae” after a few dates is unsettling. I know you know what to do, KrisE…I just hope he stays cool and doesn’t try anymore funny business 😉

  5. Just reading about this guy makes me want to pull my hair out and I’m not dating him. He just looked at your pretty face and he just don’t know what to do with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ask you to marry him 2 weeks from now. Yes, he needs slow himself down some.

  6. I have been anxiously awaiting Part III! I’m glad he’s a good kisser, and it was smart of you not to agree to be his girlfriend. Like you said, you like to move on quickly to the next man… imagine how your Junsu would go seriously Gu Jin Pyo if he saw you kissing another (Korean) man! At least this way you have a “plausible deniability” lol

    I think lots of women tend to assume that all Korean guys will act the same because they are from the same culture. My ex-BF is Korean and yes, he had the insecurity thing going like your Junsu. He wanted to just pre-emptively break up when I told him I was moving to the international dorm (population 40% from East Asia) because he was so insecure about too many Asian guys being around me. I think your Junsu would have tried to tell you not to move in though, like he told you to stay out of Koreatown. My guy refused to kiss in public, because it’s just not done in Korea, but obviously your guy has no problem doing it. However, it sounds like both men shared the super soft lips and amazing kissing technique 😀

    Like most commenters have said, his behavior is setting off alarm bells for us. I think lots of girls get swept off their feet by how different the guy is, and his adorable features, cute accent and pillow lips… but you can find a guy who has those things and doesn’t try to control you.

  7. Wooooo, girl he sounds crazy but fun.

    This may just be my cynical opinion but, given the right circumstances, men will say just about anything to get into your pants(I’m sure Asian men are no exception, since the concensus from everyone seems to be that men are men first) and it can escalate quickly, depending on just how “anxious” they are.

    At least you are in the correct frame of mind and are only wanting to have fun yourself, for now. I would have no idea how to take someone who started saying “I love you” so quickly, especially when it can mean so many different things to different people in different situations. I mean, you haven’t know him long enough to say it the way that friends and ex’s say it to each other, so I can only assume that he means romantic love and who falls in love so fast?

    Sounds like a rollercoaster and I’m enjoying the read. Have fun and be safe 🙂

      • No kidding, but at least he’s nice to look at and mostly behaves himself while he’s making with the crazy. Stalker/serial killer crazy is no good. Off the wall, funny crazy can be good if you’re just in it fo the memories and the fun.

        I’ve had men drastically change their tactics more than three times in the span of a few hours. One of them went from being pathetic and lonely, to depressed about his Mom being sick, to really deeply caring about me and when none of those worked he just switched to being concerned for my well-being and not wanting to see my delicate nature crushed and sullied by someone with less morals than him. My delicate sensibilities. Ha!

        I’ve almost come full circle after my divorce and I’m back in the game just to have fun, so some of those tactics might actually work, with him understanding that I was on to what he was doing and that next time he should just cut the bs and get down to it. I hate people who screw around with your head.

        As long as KrisE is staying safe and enjoying herself and no one else is getting hurt in the process, I’m down for seeing what happens next.

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