Beautiful AM/BW Couple Alert! 12-17-11

Check out the story of Sora and Nykia, a gorgeous AM/BW couple who are expecting twins very soon! This couple had just about every obstacle in the way or their being together, but nothing stopped their love! More specifically, one of those obstacles was language: Nykia didn’t speak Japanese, and Sora didn’t speak English. I won’t spoil this anymore for you, and will leave you to watch the video in peace. But, yes! This is what we need to hear, this is what we need to see! 🙂 With our feet firmly planted on the ground, but our heads soaring high in the sky, we can realize our dream of finding the perfect man for us. I think the most beautiful thing about Sora and Nykia is that they found each other–not their color. It’s hard enough to find true love, but they didn’t let race, culture or language ruin their chances. *Boab81 taking notes* Enjoy, you guys, and congratulations to Sora and Nykia! ^^

P.S. – Thanks to Laurnea for the tip!

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15 thoughts on “Beautiful AM/BW Couple Alert! 12-17-11

  1. I thought i was brave when i moved to Colorado by myself, but this woman moved to a whole other Country… This is absolutely one of the best video’s I have ever seen.. I believe that she moved to Japan because Her soul mate was calling to her from around the world; you see where she said she moved there because she said she knew she was supposed to be there.. She didnt move because of a job or friends, She just felt it was right, and thats when she met him..This story is so beautiful, and I wish that something like that would have happened to me!!!

  2. I love this!!!! I saw it a while back and I thought how extraordinarily beautiful. Moving to another country is scary and to do it on your own… wow.

  3. Wow…this is beautiful…for her to move to Japan all on her own while she was still so young…she’s so brave! I mean, I’m 20 years old, and being here in Japan for 4 months is driving me crazy already!
    This story seems like such a fairytale, but it’s so real at the same time, I can’t help but have hope myself. My experience here hasn’t been too much fun, but I’m determined to come back a second time and make it MUCH better! I wish Nykia a healthy pregnancy, and I wish them both a happy family 🙂

  4. Their story is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a loooong time. I was sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thinking now that’s a true love story. Congrats to them and the new additions. I’m just going to go cry some more.

  5. Soulmates , truly exist. That was almost too be true. Like a scene out of a movie or something. IDk, Im just rambling, but that was beautiful and rejuvenated my belief that soulmates exist. Not only do they exist we will all find each other.. Ladies Im with you Im teary eyed as well. Congratulations, Sora and Nykia. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Aww…this is one beautiful story! Just to think, Nykia could only speak English and Sora Japanese at the time. It’s evident that he speaks it well enough to express his feelings of love to her.. Sora is probably the happiest man now that he will be fathering twin sons. This should be the number one love story of 2011.

  7. I love how she just knew Japan was where she was supposed to be. They are so beautiful together and seem so happy. Hope the twins bring even more joy to their life!!

  8. I love it! That was such a beautiful story and I’m so glad to see that they are happy and have so much going for them. They are an absolutely gorgeous couple and you can see the love and happiness when she smiles in the pictures. I wish them all the best that life can give them.

  9. What a beautiful story! They look so sweet together! When I saw the wedding photos I thought I saw a little baby bulge… and then the news of impending twins was revealed! What wonderful luck for the two of them. I hope the delivery is swift, safe and painless, and that the baby boys have great health.

  10. That story gave me goosebumps! That was so sweet. You could feel the love coming thru the pics. The smiles were contagious. I wish them the best

  11. It’s beautiful when two people who are different from each other can fall in love with each other and do not care what people think or feel about their relationship. I wish Sora and Nykia the best in their relationship and congratulation on your twins and happy holidays.

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