[M/V] Kim Hyun Joong – Marry Me

O.M.G! Obviously KPOP is on a mission to give me heart failure this season with all the overly cute heart warming singles being released. I seriously have fallen in love with Kim Hyun Joongs new single ‘Marry Me/You’ and I’ve only heard it once! His voice is sooo sweet and he’s not even in the MV! Just sand drawings and fan pics. I guess that gives me a great excuse to toss in a photo gallery..ok sure! Enjoy the song ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE

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13 thoughts on “[M/V] Kim Hyun Joong – Marry Me

  1. This was probably one of the most creative music videos I’ve ever seen as far as concept. Very romantic but not sappy.

    I’ve seen this guy perform on Music Bank before….he’s handsome.

    • Choi -_-

      “This guy” really? -_- its only the “walking sculpture”, One of Asia’s biggest superstars, F4 Yoon Jihoo, 4D King..SS501 LEADER KIM HYUN JOONG….”This guy” pfft! -_____-

      Oh and hes MY #1 Bias ^_^ ❤ ❤

  2. OMG, I am literally tearing up! That was so sweet! This is a perfect example of what I love about Korean music. There is a sweetness, an understanding of what women want and how we feel. I swear that the big Korean labels have like a team of psychologists on staff who know exactly how a woman’s mind works! They seem to tailor their music to fit exactly with my feelings and wishes. 🙂

  3. I watched the video from my cell phone while under the hair dryer at the salon, like the KHJ addict I am. It is so sweet! I agree with Joyful about the music labels in Korea having the psychologists on staff. I also like the fact that this man doesn’t ever seem to sleep because this song is not on his last mini album which means perhaps another one coming out soon. One that I will definitely buy 🙂

  4. First of all picture #3 (smoothed down hair, navy scarf)…….Absolutely BEAUTIFUL…..just gorgeous!

    Secondly, the video and song is beautiful as well. I put Kim Hyun Joong in my personal category of what I call “Melody Men.” His voice is smooth like “butter” over a sweet melody (love his falsetto). Kinda like Babyface, but K-Pop. I love a beautiful melody more than anything. A beautiful melody can be sung 10, 20, 30 yrs. from when you first hear it and it never gets old. Also, the story portrayed throughout the video makes the song even more beautiful. Great post KrisE! (SMILES)

  5. Lord Jesus I almost cried. Yah Kim Hyun Joong!! Such a lovely voice and video. Kudos to the artist who did all that with the photos.

  6. I really prefer this side of him. I think its more like “himself”. I liked Breakdown but it really wasnt him at all even though he looked super hot. I feel like Breakdown cheapened him compared to this. His vocals are soooooo good here, plus whats even more special about this is he made this as a thank you for his fans ^_^

  7. I heard this yesterday, I was waiting for this to come out. I’m a part of the joongbo fandom and this vid has a lot of WGM moments in it. It might be the other one cause he has 2 vids, marry me and marry you.

    KrisE I totally agree with you. I like Breakdown too but the lucky guy album fits him better. I just saw a photo spread he did where he was wearing a double breasted navy blue pinstriped suit. Lord… have mercy! It’s one of my weakness. I love a man is a double breasted suit. Rain better watch out, he is fast becoming my #1 instead of rain.

    I also got my hands on Kim Hyu Jong newest album. Have you heard it yet? I liked it.

    • Drea,

      No I havent heard it yet you mean Hyung Jun right?? SS501’s maknae? lol There are two versions to Marry Me/You..same song just one is acoustic.

  8. I must admit I really was not into “Lucky Guy” and really wanted to hear more singles from him like “Please” and “Break Down”, but this song is simply beautiful. I teared up a little at seeing the drawings and pics of the families together at the end.

  9. I recently found out that Kim Hyun Joong had new songs out cause my sis showed me that Please music video. Then I found the Breakdown music video. I think he looks gorgeous with the black hair style. This song and the video is so wonderful. I like how he makes his slow songs sound so sweet and romantic. Kpop sure knows how to grab our interest lol.

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