Date Week with BIG BANG!

With a WHOPPING 53 votes Big Bang came out on top for our new dates of the week! Oh yeahhhhh *GD voice* two thousand and elevennnnnn! By now you should know how it goes..What day of the week would you give each member and what would you do with or to them!?

Monday: T.O.P

I get a lot of girls dig him, but I don’t actually see why. I mean he’s really cool and his flow is pretty nice but sometimes he acts just alittle toooo hood for me. However he’s one of Kim Hyun Joongs bff’s so the only reasonable thing to do here is spend our date planning out my date with KHJ that he’s gonna set up for me. I know it’s a totally GENIUS plan!

Tuesday: Daesung

He’s a total sweet heart and he’s got a great body but he’s been kickin it in church ALOT lately sooo what do I even do with all that? I mean its obvious I’m not about to sit in church all day so we have to come to some sort of compromise. Oh I know! Parasailing! Think about it; I get to see Daesung with no shirt on while he gets to soar in the sky and feel close to God..Good deal!


Wednesday: Taeyang

He doesn’t actually meet my height requirement and I can’t stand that mohawk. Seriously its time for a new look don’t you think Tae? Please grow your hair back you looked toooo cute with it long and tied back ^_^ Anywayz I’m totally obsessed with ‘ I need a Girl ‘ and that dance, so I want my date to be a total MV reenactment. You do you and I’ll take Sandara’s (2NE1) place!


Thursday: SeungRi

Seriously how can you not like him?! He’s absolutely adorable with that mischievous smile of his and the way he just runs off at the mouth slays me! Really it’s so funny how he has no problem throwing his members under the bus. I’ve decided the two of us are gonna hang in the kitchen wearing cute pink couples aprons with sparkled lace trim and make the most fabulous Gingerbread house for the holidays. While I busy myself carefully decorating gingerbread men who look like all my bias’ SeungRi can let as much information as he wants about the other members spew from his mouth. It should be an entertaining honest evening ^_^

Friday and Beyond: Leader G DRAGON

Its GD y’all!! Ugh seriously he can be my boyfriend and my freakin stylist. I’ll let him do my hair, my make-up, pick out and buy my clothes, he can do whatev! For our date I want him to hang with me in my hometown NYC. We’ll go shopping in the East Village and SoHo for unique vintage pieces. We’ll hold hands and share a hot chocolate before heading off to Atlantic City for TOO MUCH FUN!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Kim Hyun Joong ‘Please’)

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43 thoughts on “Date Week with BIG BANG!

  1. Love it! Is it possible if I can not go on a date with Taeyang? He’s cool and all but not my type. Plus what am I going to do with someone so short? Actually they’re all shorter then me so I might have a problem. BUT I’d rather go on two dates with Daesung. When I first got into kpop, I was all about KHJ, SS501 and that’s it. I saw TOP in IRIS doing his sexy assassin thing and found out about BIG BANG that way. I have to be honest and say I had a fan girl moment (or 3) with TOP but now I’m all about Daesung 🙂 He’s so darn funny and I love to pull a practical joke so that’s probably how we’d spend our date or maybe go to an amusement park. Seungri…I think I’d visit some of his dance studios with him so I could show off my awesome dance moves. Who’s left… OH! Gdragon. He’s still a grey area with me. Fashion sense aside (and his is off the charts), I think the only thing he and I would be able to do together would listen to music. Maybe I could double date with him and TOP and take them to a jazz club. Does anyone know if Birdland is still open? 🙂

  2. I love BIG BANG!!!!
    GD-MONDAY- He seems Nerdy and peppy, something I would need to get the week Started..
    TAEYANG-TUESDAY-He is seems like he is down to business only and someone I would need to get my job done
    SUENGRI-WEDNESDAY- He would be something for Humpday, playful, mischevous and a little Naughty!!
    TOP-THURSDAY,FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY- He seems like he would take me to another World and Universe and then bring me back when he was done with me!!!!!!
    DAESUNG-SUNDAY- I would need a gentle soul like his to help me pray to GOD for forgiveness for what I did on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY!!!!!! 🙂

    • Angel that is TOO funny. I couldn’t even go there although I am so curious to see how they would react to situations that included a bedroom, hahaha.

  3. I’ll just take Daesung and SeungRi. I can’t describe what our date would entail without violating the bounds of decency. Then I’d repeat that luscious experience, each night of the week. These two have such overwhelming masculine energy, it just does something to me… when I first saw SeungRi every molecule in my body sat up and pointed in his direction.

  4. Date week is fun topic to post on.

    That’s Taeyang? I’m used to seeing him dressing in a baseball cap, jeans and a jacket,but if you ask me who will be my monday date, it would be Daesung. Those bowlegs did it for me. Tuesday , Seungri though for a while I struggled with the remark he made about Black people. He’s cute and clean cut. Wednesday Taeyang.I just love his swagger and maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture,but he smiles a lot I like men with sunny dispositions on their faces and it just livens him up more.. I’ll level with you Gdragon and G top don’t really move me as much as the others,but for thursday I would put G on my date week list. I like this picture of him being semi formal in it. GTop.. I don’t know..he just look a little too nonchalant for me.

    • I get what you are sayin about Suengri and that remark, and I’m not defendin Suengri because that was a ignorant comment but then I remembered TOP saying that Suengri sometimes will say things without thinking, and if you dont know him, it may be very offensive to you, but he means no harm.. And since I have a couple of friends who i had to save from getting fired and beat up because of careless comments, I totally understood what TOP meant!!

      • Angel,

        I began thinking about it: here’s a guy who was born and raised in a homogenous country and more than likely wasn’t exposed to us and probably seen those untrue generalizations about us. In Seungri’s case, I believe that he’s sincerely sorry for what he said. I’ve forgiven him since then.

      • @KrisE, From what I understand BigBang was in NY, and i believe it was the airport or something like that, and for whatever reason Suengri had to change clothes. So Seungri got in the van, but then realized it was the wrong van and the owner started yelling at him.. Suengri apologized immediately and left.. Sometime later a radio show questioned him about it, and he told them what happened, but then said, “I’m glad they were white because if they were black I probably would have been shot”!!!.. As minorities we are used to ignorant people making racial comments but i felt bad when i heard that Seungri had said that. But i felt better once TOP said what he said

      • I dunno I personally think people are too sensitive about things. I actually find the whole situation funny including what he said. Sorry but lets be honest with ourselves for a moment. The whole thug/hood/hot tempered black stereotype is extremely strong and there are too many black people out there who refuse to break it and instead choose to live up to it.I think one of the most popular images out there is accidently stepping on a black dudes sneaker or accidently bumping into them and he acts like he really is about to shoot you.
        What I’m saying is strange place, tons of diversity accidently in someone elses car probably seeing that image of black people I would have said the SAME FREAKIN THING.

    • @KrisE, I understand what you’re saying, because I know amongst my family and friends in our own environment, We crack jokes and talk about all types of people.. and believe me when i tell you, me and my family have a twisted sense of humour.. With that being said, i still dont think Suengri should have went on the Radio and said it, he could have kept that part out, and just had a good laugh with the YG family.. But like Atlis said, he’s forgiven and it’s almost forgotten..

      • I agree that for the sake of other peoples sensitivity he shouldnt have said it but it doesnt make him a bad or racist person for saying it either. It makes him an honest and bold person who said out loud what alot of people think in their minds but never say and for that I like him even more. ^_^

  5. WTF if all you can do with TOP is plan a date for you and somebody else, you need to hand over his fine behind over to the rest of this blog’s ladies, because apparently, you are the only chick who could not and would not appreciate all that is TOP’s fineness….ahh CHINCHA!!!!!!

      • BOAB,

        Why are you involved in my dating business AGAIN? This was sooo last week dont ya think? The funny part is even being friendly with TOP is making you insecure…awww UNNIE its ok; really I’m not interested in him like can relax and have him when he hooks me up with KHJ..arasso?!?! (got it? in Korean)

      • @KrisE: thanks Korean language teacher, but I also know what “arasso” means 😉 Just sayin’…you seem to not know what to do with real “talent”, so once again, as your unnie, trying to lend you a hand and show you the way. Alas it is tiring, but because I care….lol

  6. Ok here goes…

    Monday – Seungri
    He’s everyone’s panda baby (personally I like SeungHo), but he seems so opposite of me… May be a good thing, guess I would find out right?? I think he would be a fun character and add some excitement to the day, tho. For some reason I could picture us bowling…

    Tuesday – G-Dragon
    GD GD Baby Baby Baby hehe. I would so love to spend a day shopping and getting fashion tips… Then we can hit dinner and a movie. Then we can party like rockstars.
    On the other hand I could see GD doing something really sweet like having a whole couple’s day planned. He seems like the type to be very attentive with his lady. He’s so charismatic yet shy and I find that to be extra cute! His cheeks…I just wanna pinch them.

    Wednesday – Daesungie 🙂
    It’s so good to have him back. He could just smile at me (with his shirt off 🙂 ) all day and I would be perfectly happy. Daesung seems like the person I would learn the most from. He comes off very thoughtful, like an “old soul” I guess you could say. I think that this Wednesday would be a very fulfilling one no matter what we do.
    I once read he would like an ideal date on a deserted island…I can go for that too:).

    Thursday – TOP
    He likes jazz..I think I read that somewhere….or maybe it was some fanfic I was reading. Anyhoo an evening at a jazz club, conversation, and a glass of wine would just be perfect. I just love his deep voice and luring eyes..shivers. TOP is a bit mysterious in Big Bang and I would love to probe and find out more about him. I think in an interview he was asked what his ideal date was and his response was “hahaha” lol

    Friday – TaeYang
    Baby let’s take it slooowwww lol. He’s the whole reason I got into Big Bang. He has so much energy, especially as of late and Friday would be perfect to use it up. I picture TaeYang and I doing something fun during the day (like a theme park) and watching movies through… err part of the night hehe. Of course I would ask him to sing for me (anybody seen his Beyonce cover?)!

    I think that’s it lol

  7. I have to say…everyday of the week goes to the multi-faceted,ocean deep “Choom T.O.P”
    He is a sexy,vunerable,loyal,loving,guardian and warrior Prince in every way. There are not enough days in the week to barely scratch the surface of who he truly is or has to give to the fortunate individual he decides to open his heart to…”sigh”..^.^..

  8. I never really thought about it but I’ll probably want to date TOP, GD and TaeYang or I’ll just hang out with the whole group. They can be so goofy sometimes and i like that.

  9. TOP may act thug on stage but as soon as he is off it, he is as silly as ever. Reminds me of Taecyeon, total beast on stage and then total goof on the sidelines.

  10. Side Note: The very first picture to me showcases Taeyang looking his best. The tan skin and his hair like that. IMO and my sisters’, that was his best look. I am kind of done with the mowhawk as well.

  11. though top has started intriguing me, i’ll take taeyang every day of the week…we could make beautiful music together….boab knew that already, lol…

  12. Awesome pick with Big Bang!

    Monday – GDragon! Since he’s all into fashion, he needs to take me to NYC and hit some major stores so we can try on some major designers.

    Tuesday – TOP! Since he loves rap, we could go see Kanye West and Jay Z in concert.

    Wednesday – Daesung! I love him! Since he’s into religion (as am I), we can go to church that night and worship and after that, we go home and just hit the sheets since his body is incredible.

    Thursday – Seungri! He’s cute and goofy. 🙂 We have to go to an amusement park like Disney World.

    Friday – Taeyang! My fave and crush. He needs to sing to me. And then, we can go upstairs and um…get freaky! HA HA! 🙂

  13. So being a MAJOR VIP, I first want to clear up some misconceptions. TOP is soooooo not hood, that is his stage persona , but if you watch any interviews and behind the scenes footage, he is very goofy, boyish, well mannered, hyper, collects toys, sweet, shy, very affectionate (always hugging the members) and extremely deep and introspective. Also there was a comment about height, well -TOP is almost six feet tall, GD is about 5’9′ and the others are about 5″7 or 5″8, Taeyang is the only REAL shorty in the group, probably about 5″4 or 5″5. My dates would be GD Monday through Wednesday, where we one day, we would go clothes shopping, then to the arcade , then back to his house for dinner/movie while I paint his fingernails black…I’m serious, I think he’s really be into that. TOP would be my Thursday through Sunday, one day where we would exchange CD mixes we made for each other, listen to them while eating ice cream,have a rap battle and then just laugh, tease and hug each other all day. HE IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY NUMBER ONE BIAS!!!!!!!

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