Bi’s da Biggest Boss That Ya Seen Thus Far

Bi is BOSS! Why am I stating the obvious? It’s not like we don’t already know this. We are reminded constantly with stories like this, the latest reports from CloudUSA on Bi’s military activities. Baby boy is doing what he does best: putting his all into everything that he does and blowing everyone away! To summarize, Mr. Bi was given the “Special Combatant” award for excelling in his training, which included doing more than 72 push-ups and 82 sit-ups in two minutes, and running 3km in less than 12 minutes and 30 seconds. On top of that, it seems he may have a special talent in sharpshooting, as he also had to hit above 90% of his shooting drills! But this is probably a piece of cake to him, in comparison to his Ninja Assassin training. Below is a photo of Private Jung posing for graduation with his fellow recruits. Big congrats to him on his continued success!

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43 thoughts on “Bi’s da Biggest Boss That Ya Seen Thus Far

  1. Oh My Gosh….This man just continues to make me want him more and MORE. Good golly. What CANT this man do??? The only thing is probably Fail. That’s not in Mr. Sexy’s vocabulary or repitoire.

  2. I just love him in that picture.

    It didn’t surprise me that he have elevated his ranks. I agree, he probably had far strenuous training with the NInja Assassin movie. Rain also strives to work hard in everything( sometimes too hard)he does. That’s him. He doesn’t settle for less.

  3. Oh Oppa….he gives his absolute best in everything he does! I’m so proud of him! Is it bad that seeing these photos of him makes me want to relive my “camouflage” stage???
    And is it just me, or does the name “Private Jung” give you shivers???

  4. As the late, great MJ would say………….WHO’S BAD?!!! Mr. Ninja BAD ASS Bi………that’s who. If you don’t know, Now ya know…………………………

    So far I’ve seen Chills….I’ve seen Shivers. True it’s no secret Bi inspires ALL KINDS of feelings, but the one he probably inspires the most is a feminine “tremor” of the orgasmic kind. Hey, telling the truth and shaming that devil! This “brotha” will give ANY red-blooded women the “Shakes.” Good LAWD!!

    • ggggggiiiiiiiirrrrrrrlllllll………………DONT get me started on the “tremor” thing bwahaha! ill shame the devil wit cha babe! Jung Jihoon got that OOOWEE! If he winked at me im pretty sure id do more to me than a wink should do to a person. 😉 JUST SAYIN!

      • Well c’mon……we’ll be some SHAMELESS “hussies” together then!! I have to remind myself I’m a married woman. I shouldn’t be out in the world “carrying on” like I do about Bi sometimes. But JiHoon makes it HARD…….Damn him! (*Kekekekekeke*)

        Oooo….Oooo….OoooWeee! is right baby girl!!……….MERCY!!!!

      • hahahaha “hussies” we can nickname ourselves “Bi-hussies” lol we’ll be a subsidiary under the Clouds fan club. lolol Bi-hussies Rain powers UNITE!!!! we can help out our “brotha” rain while hes gone. Wont be just sending “we miss u oppa cards ” in the mail. 😉 Like Super Junior said “Bcuz im Naughty Naughty! lmao lmao lmao!

    • So good to hear that he’s doing well in the army. Salute Private Jung!!!

      But OMG I totally agree. I’ve seen a lot of fine men of different races, but Bi takes the cake over all of them. He just has “IT.” Not sure there is any other way to describe it. I bet he can [insert fantasy here] too…#imjustsayin 😀

      God I remember the first time I saw his face…*flashback* lol

      Hussies – hadn’t heard that in a long time lol

  5. 10:30am and hahahaha at most of these comments. Glad to see I’m not the only person who finds this even more appealing. I mean just adding that he can pretty much crush a man with his bare hands on top of his already impressive list of attributes, he’s a perfect 15 on a scale of 1-10 -_- My perception of men is forever skewed lol Finding anyone that compares will only end in disappointment. Way to go Bi, always outshine the rest!

  6. A big 10-4 to you ladies’ comments! Bi is running s*it! He’s a man unlike any other! And he KNOWS it, too, which just adds to his sexiness.

    Far be it for me to take away from Rain’s shine… However some of the men in his training photo do look kinda tasty too. Do you know how good they must look by themselves, to look like anything other than a troll next to the Korean God of Sex? Yum.

    And I know alllll about the “tremors” that Rain gives. When I was watching that youtube of him talking about dating, the host asked him if he had a “strong waist”. I guess this is the Korean version of a “strong back”! When Rain calmly answered “I do” I swear my organs got to jumping! Shameless Hussy, yes, that’s what he turns me into!

  7. @pinkfashionninja “Bi-hussies” I’m all in!!!!! lol
    To my partners-in-crime isn’t about time we do a drive by???? Ha,ha! He is getting 6 nights off……

    • @LadyOrchid, pinkfashionninja, [surkura and DynasticQueen (unaccounted for at present)]

      Got keys?…check, Got hussie-overnight bag?….check, Got food at the hideout?…check, Got padlock for Bi’s room?…check, Got bail out money?…..check. Well ride or die’s….Let’s Rock and Roll!!


  8. Rain, Bi is a beast!!!! He’s such a man’s man and I love it. He’s they type all the ladies love and the men just have to respect him. Yes, Im a Bi-hussie and proud of it. All I gotta say is ” Go Bi, Go Bi, go, go Bi”… love this man.

  9. Wait a min. Im here and ready to go!!! Gotta make sure we have the right theme music. Yall know its gonna be a loooong night. Had to double check everything. I forgot our flashlights and pepper spray for anybody getting in our way ( esp fangirls, them lil girls are goin down). Im not fighting Im spraying. What… I gotta preserve all my energy for Bi. I know he got some pent up aggression…ok, having all kind of too hot to type thoughts , but Good Lawd!!!
    Ladies, I didnt forget Im still sitting in the back seat…..

  10. LMAO!!! y’all crazy but yeah count me in too. I’ll grab the duck tape.

    I knew he was going to WOW them in there. I wasn’t worried.

  11. Ok ladies, hope this reply does not come back to haunt me….. but after seeing a clip of him in Manilla, I’m in, by golly, I’m in. I’ll bring the champagne….to help calm his nerves a little and get the party started.

    • @nanasamfan,

      If you’re talking about when he was in Manilla promoting the Fugitive Plan B and then squeezed in a concert. Umm, umm, umm……..he was Oh SO Tan and Tasty!! When he’s tan!……Good MERSAAAY!! It makes me crazy. I can’t even lie about it. (SMILES)

      • Yep, that’s the time. Honey, if I had come across him face to face during that time in Manilla……”crimes” would have been committed! (SMILES)

      • @nanasamfan OH MY GOSH
        i Just watched that video link u posted and the only gibberish i can get out is $%&*^ $%^& ^&T**^*&^$ #)_))*&%##$#% $&^(.

        What ever that translates to I DONT KNOW but damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn! WHEW. Can I GET A HIP SONG ROCK TONIGHT?? hmm where can i order such a thing!!!!!!

  12. Ok we got Me, LadyOrchid, DynasticQueen and Sukura (the original crew) and now our newest “hussie members” Pinkfashionninja, Drea and Nanasamfan (bringing the champagne….Nice!). Well, we are outside the Key Unit right now waiting on that gate to open and Mr. Swaggilicious to walk out……..Surkura you’re up girl. Snatch him up quick. You get first dibs this time, since I think you got jipped the last time. See I’ll be nice…..for a “few” minutes. (SMILES) After that, I can’t make any promises!!

    • We’re outside of the unit and we spot our soldier. Ladies we gotta go with the damsels in distress. I know it’s cliche, but we gotta get him in this SUV. Let’s face it. He’s faster and stronger than us. He cant get away…. Here I go with tears in my eyes. Um, Excuse me. Mr. Solider can you help us. We have a problem with our truck, One of our tires are wobbling when we drive and we have a spare, but it’s under the back seat. The problem is we cant move it. The seat’s stuck. Since you’ll all strong and manly, I was hoping you could please help us. Your services would be greatly appreciated and we’re willing to pay you whatever you want. It’s just that we’re tourist and unfortunately we’re lost. So, can you help us??? I flash the cutest smile ever. Bi cant help but to help out the sexy ladies in despair. Ladies, he’s coming over. Look, hopeless…. BiAlamode, are u still driving??? Please have skills of a professional…

    • Heck, all I have to do is pull a container of hot, spicy, fresh Southern fried chicken out of my bag. (After Ninja Assassin he never wanted to see baked chicken again, but he loves it fried.) He will practically break his neck trying to get a whiff of it, and that’s when y’all come up from behind and subdue him with a quickness. I’ll let him have a drumstick and he’ll be so busy scarfing it that he’ll be putty in your hands. Do with him what you will!

      *pulling out the Paula Deen recipe and a bottle of hot sauce* 😛

  13. Surkura, I got my “Danica Patrick” black leather NASCAR outfit on….firm grip on the steering wheel….SUV in gear……foot on the gas. I see you talking to Bi, playing the “damsel in distress” to the hilt. Bi: “I’m happy to help, let me see what I can do.: Bi checks and fixes the tire in no time. He turns to walk away when suddenly he says….”Wow, something sure smells good.” Just then DynasticQueen walks up to Bi holding a lunch container with piping hot Southern fried chicken and some hot buttered biscuits. “Soldier, you look like you could use a nice home cooked meal. I’m sure it’s probably been a while.” (*from inside the car*) “Would you care to join us for dinner?” We’d like to thank you for helping us with our tire.” (*BiAlamode revs engine*)…………………………………………………………………………

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