Real Asian Men Dont Come with English Subtitles Pt II

I knew there was going to be a part two of my personal K-Drama but I had nooo idea how interesting the events would be. If you’re a new reader or you’ve just been chillaxing under a rock the whole time and have no clue what this is about refer to

Sooo first I want to address HIS looks. I’ve gotten questions on Twitter and a comment on the blog so I figured I’d humor you all. I’m not about to toss his pic up here but I will say he realllly resembles 2PM’s Junsu. Same eyes, same smile, same mouth, face shape everything just screams JUNSUUUUU!!! Of course I’m taking total advantage by having him grow his bangs out alittle and tweak his brows so I can have my very own Idol look-alike. Dont even judge me! Its sooo much fun and you probably would do the same thing!

Now here’s what happened and let me just tell you I have been on my treadmill way to many hours this week trying to de-stress! Literally the very next day after our date which was LAST Thursday he said he wanted to be my boyfriend! OMO! OMO! OMO! Dude we just met! Basically I’ve learned the following and you all better take notes so you don’t end up in your very own drama like me…

Because I told him “yeah I like you” and he likes me, to him that means we are pretty much together. It seriously plays out how you see it in a drama. Now obviously we all know just because you like someone doesn’t actually mean you want to be in a relationship with them. I explained that to him and he wrote it off as “American Style” (I have a lot to say about this whole American Style bs later on) I quickly switched subjects and started talking about my first lesson with my new student and that’s when things began to get out of hand. You know the whole ‘trying to dominate me thing’ intensified especially when he learned my new student was a Korean guy. He actually said he’ll be waiting outside for me at 7pm right after my lesson(He knows where I work because we have a mutual friend who also went to that center) and I should only conduct the lesson and not act too friendly or cute. Yah um I’ll do what I want thanks though.

At that point I was reallly reallly trying hard to act right and not flip out like I can, but he was realllly testing my patience with this Goo Joon Pyo crazy obsessed nonsense. However I was like ok fine whatever because I figured if he at least met me I could cut him off to his face and make sure he actually gets it. Well this is when I quickly reached episode 6…You know the 6th episode is when the plot actually reveals itself and things start to get messy. I went back to the whole relationship thing because I wanted him to understand that yah I like you but I’m not interested in having a relationship and it’s totally ok to be that way. I asked him when his last relationship was and he told me it was for 2 months before he came to NYC. He went on to say how it was hard for him at first because he missed her and he STILL MISSES HER.

Yeah right?! Suddenly I’m now thrown into the cliché drama love triangle and the whole time I’m thinking “All I wanted was to have fun!” So now I’m just like I don’t even have to wait to see him I can just cut this off right now!

Me: Hey well since you got all that going on lets just be friends!

Him: What!? No I want you, I don’t care about her I just miss her the same way I miss my family and friends back in Korea!

Me: Yeah well maybe you should focus on getting back with her since her pictures and your “couples photos” are still on your facebook..just sayin.

Him: I just havent taken them down, I’ll take them down if you let me be your boyfriend..please?

Me: Oh no thanks I don’t date guys who have more than 1 girl on their mind. I’m really selfish that way.

Him: I understand but I really like you and I didn’t want to lie to you. She doesn’t mean anything to me anymore..Look I don’t care if you don’t like me or want to be with me but I want to be with you and I’ll be fine just knowing you’re there..I’ll wait for you to decide.

I SWEAR he said that! Like taken right out of a drama right?! He went from Goo Joon Pyo to Yoon Jihoo status! But you all have to understand something about me. I’m pretty crazy and when something peaks my interest I really have to know whats going to happen next even if it has to do with my own life. This was just toooo good for me to walk away from. Plus I actually like him, he’s fun and very sweet so I want to keep him around and stay on good terms because him and I actually share the same friends back in Korea (crazy how I have a life in Korea and I havent even been there yet!). Also I’m going to be really honest and say I enjoy the things he says and the constant adoration.

However I decided I was going to make him wait because after all he is a guy and he said a stupid thing and needs to be punished. I don’t care how cute or nice the guy is; if he mentions any kind of feelings towards another broad cut him off and make him suffer and don’t give in! Let him break and contact you not the other way around. It was relaxing not getting any texts or calls from him because up until that point my phone was exploding. Anyway there I was laying in bed around midnight snuggled in my snuggie watching some vacation show with DBSK  getting my nightly fix of my pet Jae Joong when I received this text from him…

Him: You’ll have to wait for PART 3!

K-Kisses! KrisE ( Personal KPOP Radio:G DRAGON ‘Breathe’)

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34 thoughts on “Real Asian Men Dont Come with English Subtitles Pt II

  1. This was hilarious. I can’t wait for part 3.

    Seems like this guy is still in denial about his previous girlfriend.

    It’s funny….reading all this still doesn’t scare me from wanting to date Korean guys. lolol

  2. This truly feels like a drama, girl! It made me laugh when you tried to end it with the whole let’s just be friends and he basically through that other girl out the window. “Oh I don’t care about her…” I thought, wow dude really? What happens if and when you head back to Korea? Will you forget about KrisE? I feel so nosy now because I am DYING to know what his text to you was 🙂 Can’t wait for the next post.

  3. LOOOOOOL!!!!!! I was in the middle of watching the Korean Drama “49 Days” and I had to press pause to read this!!!! This is tooo funny, but if he looks like that, you should definately keep him around!! Does he know about this site and that you are writing about him??? LOL// I absolutely love this cause you are living one of my fantasies, HAVE FUN!!!!!

    • hahah! Remember in the first post he was asking me for the site and my twitter?! I was like ummm no…He seriously asked me like 5 times for the site and so I finally was like look you dont need the site. What gets talked about and covered does NOT concern you in anyway shape or form!

  4. Ow, man. It was getting better and better. I know that this is ur personal experience, but somehow I feel like Im reading a k drama, but witha american woman narrating. I hope that makes sense. I dont mean to be nosy, cant wait for part 3. Oh, he does sound like a hottie. I had to put Atlanta Housewives(my guilty pleasure) on Good Luck KrisE!!

  5. I felt like I was watching a mix of Coffee Prince and My Lovely Sam Soon, with the other girl off in Korea, him making an utter fool of himself by being so possessive and selfish about you, and the whole “.Look I don’t care if you don’t like me or want to be with me but I want to be with you and I’ll be fine just knowing you’re there..I’ll wait for you to decide.” drama. You know, if this gets any better, which I BET it will, you could star in your OWN K-drama LOL! Actually, that’d be pretty awesome, I think…Anyway, good luck with Mr. Junsu-look alike 😉

  6. I loled at the ” he’s a guy and he said something stupid so he deserves to be punished”
    You’re a brave one, I’d have to cut him off when he shows stalker like tendencies. Thats too much, if we can’t trust each other we have nothing. But what do I know, I’ve never dated, I just assume these things.

  7. KrisE ,can I let you in on something?

    On the last article you had, I was reading by your initially story about this guy and to be honest, I didn’t have a great feeling about him for a different reason that is somewhat different then the one I’m reading on today’s story.

    Initially, when I read the first one, the man gave off sings of a possessive man: wanting to get skype to keep tabs on you… don’t want yeou venture K town anymore…those kinds of things. Honestly, that scared me because it could have been a dangerous move. I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I tried to be subtle in teling it. Just imagine if this guy would have been successful in wooing you? The situation could have worsen and now that we know that wants his cake and eat it too.. you are definitely better off without him.

    Seems like this guy want to be a player. How many times have we heard that one? Kind of reminds of how some married men will tell their girlfriends how they are separated when they aren’t. I’ll give him credit…he was honest with you in saying that he left a girlfriend overseas,but wasn’t the brightest bulb in the tree playing the game.Did he think you were a fool in believing that story.He needs to take that to someone else.You’re way better than that.

    • I got the SAME feeling, that this boy was possessive and controlling. Not a good guy to mess with. From reading the comments, I inferred that everyone else got the same vibe more or less, and that KrisE wasn’t going to fall into the trap of letting him be her man. She just liked looking at him and talking to him. Is that an accurate assessment, KrisE?

      As for the other girl… He may be telling the truth, that he recently broke up with his girl in Korea- or he may be trying to run game to get some “strange” but in either case, this doesn’t look like it’s shaping up to be a match, imo.

    • ATLsis,

      His jealousy and possessiveness are no secret. In fact most Korean men (not all) are that way. Its pretty common. He’s just on another level but no need to worry ^_^ I usually just tell him to shut up and then he whines about how I dont listen…Its really fun actually, I enjoy it lol

      • It’s just I dated a guy like that. I think that we all have a little jealousy in us,but it’s the way people go about it that will make or break you. Your man may ask who joe blow is,but that’s it. He’s not requesting for you not to go to K-Town, stop being certain friends or just wanting to keep tabs on you for every move you make or get . That’s normal,but when he does what your former date mate did….yep !got to stay away from him. That is why I had to drop my ex.


  8. Can you say “intense much?” Wow, this is really like a K-drama indeed. Like Gu Jun Pyo, you don’t know whether to “love” him or slap him silly…I assume. (SMILES) Looking forward to Part 3. Loving the Jun Pyo illustrations! (SMILES)

  9. @KrisE,

    Hmm, that was interesting! LOL! Anywho, he definitely sounds like a “short-termer”. I would be leary of any guy who “said” that he just broke up with a girl 2 months ago but unfortunately, my gut tells me that he is of course still with her and looking for a little “foreign girl” action. :). I love reading your little K-Drama but man it makes me happy not to have to re-live any single girl moments. LOL! Good-luck KrisE.

    • I actually find it sort of sweet. He’s been here in the states for 8 months, hasnt even spoken to her once but still misses her. Its actually very romantic dont you think?

      • @KrisE,

        I guess in an odd sort of way it is romantic but it does say alot about him personally don’t you think? He’s still pineing for someone after 8 months, photos still up on Facebook, and ultra possessive to someone he’s known like a minute. Yikes! In reality, guys love much harder than women and it’s harder for them to “emotionally” leave. For women, usually the break-up was months in the making, so by the time we actually leave the dude, it’s really over. LOL! But you seem like a smart girl, just be careful. Sometimes, playing around with someone who’s not “right” can lead to them doing some crazy ish.

      • I dunno I think in a way shes a lucky girl to have someone still think and care about her that way.It must suck for him to be in relationship limbo. I’m sure it’ll all be cleared up when he goes back to Korea.

  10. OMG..this entry was off the hook! total kdrama am in awe..well writen i fil lyk am watchn a film in 3D coz it totalee comes alive:-) n those refrences to Junpyo n Jihoo make it even beta…athawise i cant wait 4 part 3..i swear u shld c me whacking at this keypad am lyk the Mad Hatter with exitement plus havin SHINee n TUXQ poundin in my ears is addin to this high..uv made me a hapi lady 2day:-)

  11. Man KrisE I was all wrapped up until you said wait for part three >:o!!!!

    I definitely understand about something peaking your interest. It’s like too exciting to let go even though something in the back of your mind probably says don’t do it. Still be careful though..seriously. He could have some ulterior motive…

  12. I am completely down with the way you’re handling business, KrisE. Just be friends but “keep him” for a minute, see where the heck this goes.

    Very interesting!

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