Split at Birth: F.T. Island’s HongKi & Mblaq’s Mir

Hong ki or Mir?

Anyone who knows the who’s-who of Kpop know that F.T. Island’s Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) and Mblaq’s Mir (Cheol Yong Bang) have an uncanny, striking resemblance to each other. Not to beat a dead horse, but this is seriously freaky! Forget that they could be brothers, but they look so much alike, one could surmise that they were split at birth! Can you tell who’s who of the five images below?

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29 thoughts on “Split at Birth: F.T. Island’s HongKi & Mblaq’s Mir

  1. OMG!! Thank you so much Ms. Bitofabelly81 for showing Lee Hong Ki again on here: ).

    It’s Mika, Angelface’s (Angel) daughter. Since I totally LUV Lee Hong Ki and he is like my future husband outside of you know who, this is like so easy. LOL! The 1st, 4th & 5th pics are Lee Hong Ki and the 2nd and 3rd are Mir.

      • @ Ms. Bitofabelly81:

        It’s Mika! I did like it and thank you very much. Even though I think that Mir and Lee Hong Ki look kinda alike, they are so diff. Hong Ki has more delicate features and it really is all about the lips. Hong Ki’s lips are thinner & oh, yeah, his skull earrings give him away. LOL! @Mika

      • @Miss Mika: I am glad you can tell the difference because they look WAY TOO ALIKE to me! But since Hong Ki is your future hubby I can understand why they don’t look so alike to you 😉

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        I see that @Miss. Mika has started to infiltrate this board : ). I beg of you, please stop encouraging her with these Lee Hong Ki posts. LOL! The more you write about him and F.T. Island, the more you will have to deal with her “Like, I totally love him”, “Like he is totally my future husband”. LOL! You are creating a Teen monster on this Blog. LOL! But I do love you Mei, Mei : ).

      • @angelface01: ha! I will definitely keep that in mind! But I can’t say I blame here too much as all of my shameless fangirling…*yikes* I scare myself sometimes!

  2. If you wouldn’t have put Jeremy’s name into the mix, I would have said that all of these pictures were that of Mir’s. I’m trying to guess. I know that the pictures on top..in the middle is that of MIr because of the profile I seen about him and I may try to say that the photo on the top right is that of him,but I think( that the pictures on the top left and the bottom left is that of Jeremy…Arrgghh.. just so deceiving!

    • Im with you, I would have thought all these pics were of Mir if it werent for the Jeremy mention.. Ummm, I hate to say it, but somebody needs to talk to Mirs dad because this is too crazy!! If I was Mir’s mom, you better believe I would be using the Jack Bauer method of questioning on my husband!! 🙂

    • KrisE,

      So funny but Mika said the same thing. She was like, his name is not Jeremy! They don’t call Lee Min Ho ‘Gu Jun Pyo’ because of Boys Over Flowers :).

      • Thats what im sayin! Like ok yess he was adorable in You’re Beautiful as Jeremy but that was 3 YEARS AGO lolol we’re past this lets call him by his actual name now lolol

    • @KrisE,

      Lee Hong Ki was waaay too adorable as Jeremy in ‘You’re Beautiful’ and I think that is why so many people can’t get that image of him out of their heads. When Mika hears people refer to him as Jeremy she fan chants, ” His name is Lee Hong Ki, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Hong Ki, not JEREMY”. LOL!! From what I hear about him from my brother-in-law, he is the polar opposite of that Jeremy character and definitely has an “edge” to him, so yeah, time to let Jeremy go : ).

      • Angelface,

        Well he runs with the crew “Chocoball” which consists of Jang Geun Suk and Kim Heechul along with a few other 4D types. I think thay tells you abit about his personality lolol He’s reallllly close to Heechul soo yah lololol

    • @KrisE,

      Well, I won’t hold it against him that he hangs with Heechul. j/k. LOL! Unfortunately, we had the opportunity to meet Lee Hong Ki in September when he came to the States but couldn’t make it. Since he’s on Mika’s wish list, we will definitely make this happen in 2012, so maybe I’ll get a chance to report on his 4D personality 1st hand : ).

  3. They do resemble. Haven’t really gotten into F.T. Island yet, but I favor Mir. Something about his attitude just makes me smile all the time. He seems like the one to cheer you up when you’re down…

    • @Princesa Preciosa:

      You have to start listening to F.T. Island! I just love the fact that they go against the grain with being a K-Rock, not K-Pop band and play their own instruments (like CN Blue). I like a lot of songs from F.T. Island but love “Hello, Hello”, “Like the Birds”, “Primadonna”, “Even Your Tears” (absolutely beautiful), and “Raining” LOVE this band :).

      • I really like CN Blue. I gave them a listen and I really really like Like Birds. Itmakes me feel free lol. So I was looking for Mir (Hong Ki lol) and couldn’t find him. Upon doing research it seems he the lead vocal, but in the Like Birds vid he resembled a mix of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Joon…a man of many faces lol. In some angles he looks like Mir. Maybe it was the hair. Lee Jae Jin is an abs cutie too. I’ll have to give them more attn from now on. Thanks angelface01

    • @Princesa Preciosa:

      Isn’t “Like the Birds” AMAZING? Loved the song from the 1st moment I heard it and trust me, I hear it at least 15 x’s a day in our home with Mika. LOL! Lee Hong Ki does have many looks. I think the he used to resemble Mir but as he gets older, they don’t look as much alike. He really is an amazing performer. I used to think that he was the leader of F.T. Island since he has such a BIG personality & talks the most : ). But he is the lead singer.

  4. Wait is it in this order (I’m not counting the main picture) :
    Jeremy – Mir – Mir – Mir – Jeremy – Mir?

    I’m confused, at first I thought they were ALL Mir!!!!!! Wow, unbelievable!!

  5. I was pretty sure about all the pics except the last one. I actually had to zoom in on the picture to see it was Lee Hongki. I didn’t realize they sort of favor each other until this post.

    I love F.T. Island so I’m glad Lee Hongki was featured. However, I can’t wait until you feature my babies CNBLUE. I stan hard for them, especially my hubby Yonghwa lol.

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