Crossing Lines: This AM/BW Documentary Needs You!

Sweet!! There is an awesome documentary in the works, and you can be part of its production! I’ve literally ripped the synopsis from the youtube page:

“CROSSING LINES: A Real View Into AM/BW” takes a look into REAL relationships in the modern age – where cross-cultural love between Asian Men and Black Women blossoms and ignites both on and off-screen.

Submit your info to to participate in this documentary:
– Couples & Families
– Seekers/Singles
– Original AM/BW Art
– AM/BW or Interracial Opponents

In the word of Kim Hyun Joong in “Breakdown” intro: “LET’S DO THIS!” Come on you, guys, let’s support this documentary and contribute as much as we can to make it the best it can be and spread the AM/BW love!

Thanks so much to Laurnea for the tip!

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10 thoughts on “Crossing Lines: This AM/BW Documentary Needs You!

  1. Great idea.

    Mention AMBW couples and there are like ” What?!” Some have even go as far as to say that they don’t exist. Though I’m currently not in any relationship, my late grandpops was a product of an AMBW union( Black mom/Asian Indian dad). This was in the early 1900’s when IR wasn’t as widespread as it is today. Some people think that AMBW relationships are ” trend”> It never was and it never will be.

    • i’m going to submit mine as well! this is such a great idea! an am/bw magazine would be pretty cool as well (that has nothing to do w/ the topic, i know), but baby steps are always best. *^_^*

  2. The more I look at my post the more I want to clarify something in it. When I mean seeing AMBW, I was meaning how some people think AMBW is like the latest one minute , out the next,but that was never the case with AMBW’s. They were here before IR’s were more widespread and it will continue to grow..especially now that awareness of it is being more widespread day by day.

    • You know ATLSis, when I read your comment(s) it struck me that there are people out there that Still think that races don’t mix across the board, which is crazy to me. There ain’t a “pure” ethnicity walking this planet, no matter what you see in front of your eyeballs. I think some would be shocked at who great, great, great, great grandma and grandpa “got down” with……TRULY!

      Anyway, this “documentary to be” sounds like a great and very interesting idea. I’ll be watching.

      *Side Note* if anyone has HBO there’s a documentary airing now called “Strangers No More” which bears witness to races mixing (not romantically) but on a basic human level quite interesting and on a certain level speaks to this issue.

  3. BIalamode,

    Yep! there are people who are gullible enough to believe. If you go out and ,let’s say you have an interest in an Asian man, they will make it seem like you’ve lost your mind or something. I was talking with my cousin about this and she’s like ” who will date an Asian man ? They are too short. .In one other crazy case with and other relative, they said that unless they were Japanese or Indian..they don’t get why any woman would fall in love with them( They feel that both groups have taller men..and far as Japan ” cooler” people).Why not? aren’t they men, can some of them be as attractive as they next man?

    I confess, at one point I felt the same..far as no AMBW’s existing( though I’m descended from one). Nobody talked about it..or exposed it on TV or anything life that( others) But I would be assured that if other mixed race couples are out there,then AMBW couples are certainly out there. In my later life, I began to see a little more,not much as B/W or mixed race couples,but I’ve seen them.I’m quite sure that there are more of them that I have yet to see.

    I hope that the creator behind it is successful with her project and let people know..yes! AMBW couples DO exist.If my nephs don’t hog time my TV , I will be checking out ” Strangers No More”(

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