[M/V] Infinite – Lately

O.M.G you guys! Like seriously when I saw this mv I thought I was gonna melt into a puddle of hot chocolate! Its so festive and Infinite is so darn cute I CANT STAND IT! I literally CANNOT take the cuteness and utter hotness that every single Infinite member oozes! Thank you Infinite for this early Holiday treat!

K-Kisses! KrisE

19 thoughts on “[M/V] Infinite – Lately

  1. KrisE,

    How ironic but we just downloaded this song yesterday. Love it! Infinite is definitely a cute group with the exception of Kim Sung Kyu, imo. His face kinda creeps me out : ).

    • @Angelface: awww, my Infinite bias boo boo creeps you out?? lol…he’s such a cutie, and I love that he’s the leader…he really is like the big brother..and he’s got a great voice! But alas, each one to her own! ^^

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        Yeah, he’s so not attractive to me and neither is the one with the really big lips Jang Dong Woo. I do like Kim Sung Kyu as a leader and his voice is beautiful.

    • @KriseE,

      LMAO! The way that L was talking to that girl was crazy! He definitly has some rage issues. He’s so quiet but has this evil look in his eyes all of the time. LOL!

    • Dongwoo’s derpface grew on me like a bad disease an now he’s my favorite. I think his personality is influencing my eyes. That’s good though. We all have different tastes. It would be boring if we all liked the same things 🙂

      • @Plinkin,

        Isn’t it funny what makes a person attractive? When I look at Jang Dong Woo, it’s just “no” but my daughter Mika loves his “unique face”. Alas, different strokes, for different folks! I like this group as a whole but I really don’t have a bias in Infinite.

    • Oh no! 1st you with Heechul and now I’m on BOAB’s list with Kim Sung Kyu. LOL! I like the girlie one Lee Sungjong. I know that alot of girls fangirl for Nam Woohyun but since he looks way too similar to my son Justin, I just can’t look at him that way : ). As Mika says “Woohyun’s resemblance of Justin has forever tainted Infinite in her eyes”. LOL!

      • oh seriously Justin looks like Woohyun?! lolol My Infinite Bias is “L” I seriously love L …Have you watched Infinite “Be my Oppa” ?? L and his attitude, hes def the gangstaaaa of that group lolol

    • @KrisE,

      Yes, he does. Do you remember when Nam Woohyn had lighter hair? Well picture, him with darker brown hair and green-eyes, and yes, you have my Justin or as we call him “heartbreaker”. Girls LOOVE him and Mommy hates all of the girls, who love him. LOL!

      OMG, that scene in “Be My Oppa” when the girl lied and said that she was studying and they went to get her. L was scary! The look in his eyes when he grabbed that girl’s arm, Whoa. LOL!

      • RIGHT!??!?! I could not stop telling BOAB about that scene!! I thought he was gonna start beatin people up! The way he rushed into the pool hall and was like “oh this is what the library looks like now?!” I thought I was watching a drama! And what about when they organized J’s room and she was upset. L all of a sudden got up in her face and started talkin smack! I was like what kind of Idol is this?! He totally needs anger management lolol

  2. Man, I haven’t paid much attention to them lately. I’ve been on MBLAQ, Big Bang, Beast B2ST, Super Junior, 2PM and others. But thank you for posting about them. Infinite are really cute. Their interactions with the kids is so adorable. 🙂

  3. I love all of the Christmas music coming out and can’t wait for Shinee’s “Last Christmas” and DBSK’s “Sleigh Ride”. You get Christmas tunes and you get to see cute boys wrapped in layers and layers of soft, fluffy sweaters and scarvesm lookinh like cuddly Christmas packages waiting to be upwrapped.

    On another note, I think that is the most I have ever seen Songjung sing solo, at one go. I’m waiting to see if his voice will change much, as he matures. L’s has stayed higher and maybe Sungjong’s will, as well. If they lose the high backing vocals, it will change their sound a great deal.

    • Wow, I really need to get a new keyboard. I apologise for my horrendous typing. I think I have more than one key sticking and really should proof a little better until I get the new keyboard.

  4. I really need to get on the ball with these boy groups. I have no idea who anyone is. I am off to their website so I can put faces with the names. Then I will come back and read these posts.

  5. On their Japanese website and can’t read anything but their names and the main topics of the website. AngelFace the one that looks like your soon is the best looking one-IMO. So I can see why the girls are sweatin’ him. Wish I had something like that when I was that age.

    • Lei,

      First off they are all good looking especially my bias “L” lol anyway the best way to get to know the groups is by actually watching them on variety and reality shows on youtube. For Infinite watch “Be My Oppa” you’ll know them in no time ^_^

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