120 thoughts on “Backstage at the Madison Square Garden SM Town Concert in NYC!

  1. Oh goodness!
    Seems like you guys had a blast! ^.^
    I’m happy the second meeting with Shinee went smoothly and that your daughter finally got to really interact with Taemin * secretly jealous* haha
    but a HECK YES!and YAY! to Mika 🙂

    • Eliza,

      Thank you very much and it was a great show! Mika definitely had the time of her life (as did our other 2 children and their friends). Definitely a night that she will never forget :).

  2. omo this is soooooo cool! I wish I could’ve been there and got to speak to the guys (esp Minho, hehe)!! This is something that you and your kids will never forget, and how lovely for you to share it as a family…thanks for sharing this awesome account with all us ladies at the blog!

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      It was my pleasure and thanks for giving me shot at writing this post. I just wanted to share it with everyone who reads the blog and were unable to attend the show : ).

  3. Awesome! And yes I’m a little jealous of the backstage access you had but I am so happy that everything went well. Your daughter sounds absolutely adorable and who wouldn’t start sobbing at the sight of their idols 🙂 Wonderful post!

    • @Couturekitty13,

      Thanks so much! My kids are the joy of my life and Mika, well that’s my Princess. At least this time around, she remained in control and the evening went off without any emotional breakdowns :).

  4. Great post AngelFace!

    Reading this really made me feel as if I were right there by your side. Onew sounds like a really nice person and I personally would’ve cherished any amount of time I could’ve spent talking with Cho Kyuhyun.

    Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      Thanks and that’s why the post is soooo long. LOL! I just wanted everyone to feel as if they were right there sharing the evening with our family. And yes, Onew is such a sweetie and handsome. Cho Kyuhyun is a doll too. He was very patient in talking with our family and signing anything (pics, shirts, etc.,) that was given to him. Very nice guy and surprisingly very cute in person : )

  5. I don’t know about everybody else, but I didn’t mind the long post especially when it you’re having fun with it From what you say about Shinee, they seem to be really nice guys. I was thinking about what you said about Changmin. I was hoping, I hope that he wasn’t being Alec Baldwinesque when you mention how he can be temperamental and presented an initial scowl to you daughter . Thank God that he became a sweetie to her. Wow! I thought that Changmin was a lean guy,but you said you could see his ribcage? Um , now he is really skinny. I’m also happy to hear that Jonghyun did the same. I also thought that it was class act that he apologized to your daughter. Most stars wouldn’t even think about doing that and just look at their fans like numbers.’ve always thought that Onew was nice( and he you said seemed “nicer” to women of color.ok), that smile. He seems like he always content. It almost seem like if he doesn’t do it, there was a serious problem with it It’s good to hear that your daughter second encounter with Taemin was a more enjoyable one

    Hee Hee,I laughed at the part where you said you were jumping up and and yelling Ryeowooks name. I bet that Wookie enjoyed that. If that would have been my ex. I think that I would have been doing the same. It’s the fangirl in us! Overall , you guys really seemed to have a mighty good time at that concert. I share the sentiments of some of the posters on here, I envy you for being there. I’m hoping that maybe one and come to my state. Hopefully those annual Korean festivals we have will do it,but it seems that those Kpop flashmobs is key to winning for them to come to you state( not that I would want to to do it. I prefer seeing other people doing it). The closest place that may be holding a Kpop festival is possibly Houston. Wouldn’t mind checking the city and the concert out.

    • @ATLSis,

      As far as Changmin is concerned, I don’t think that he’s even close to being as bad as Alec Baldwin. LOL! He just seems very introverted and I think does not care much for the fan interaction. When he walked in the room, he looked like he was deep in thought & annoyed (maybe something happened-idk). He was super sweet to everyone but seems really shy. I’m am observer so I typically spend alot time looking at their mannerisms and I will say that he was very thoughtful in how he spoke to everyone and he also initiated hugs, which was a 1st. Most of the time, they will bow and extend their hands but he hugged. When I say that Changmin is skinny, I mean he is so skinny. Most of the K-Pop stars are very thin but he is honestly the skinniest person that I have ever met. Yes, that was so cool of Jonghuyn but I felt kinda bad because after the whole situation was revisited, it really was more of a “lost in translation” situation.

      Yes, Onew is without a doubt, hands down the nicest person that I have ever met. He doesn’t put on any airs—what you see is what you get. As far as the “appreciation” comment, yeah, I get a vibe from him. I have told Bitofabelly this story but I will repeat it here. During the meeting, he said to me in Korean “Your daughter shares your beautiful green eyes”. I repeated, “Oh, yes, we do have the same green eyes and he said, “No, I said your beautiful green eyes”. All I could do was, stutter “Ye, Kamsahamnida”. Yikes.

      Yes, I fan girled like crazy with Wookie and lost it for a moment! LOL! FYI, I do hear that SM Town will repeat in LA next year and that Super Junior will be doing 4 shows in the U.S. next year: LA, NY and 2 other cities. From what I hear, Texas may be on the list, so you may be able to see the Super Show next year 

  6. AngelFace01, I envy you. You got to meet huge popstars. That’s so cool. I would be so shy and awkward if I ever meet any K-pop stars, particularly the guys.

    • Nicole,

      Thanks! I never feel awkward meeting these people because after all, they are human just like us : ). I do it more so for our kids so that they can have these memories but it is nice to meet them too.

      • If I were to go to any K-pop or J-pop concert, I would bring my sister along. However, she’s not into this kind of music. And I hate to be by myself. I would want her to be backstage with me to meet the acts, if we had backstage passes. 🙂 And I would be so aloof, awkward or shy around people, especially guys. I hate embarrassing myself.

      • @Nicole: yes, as much as I wanted to freak out from seeing them backstage, I think ultimately my pride won out and I just didn’t want to embarrass myself so I just acted like I didn’t see them or that I wasn’t paying attention to them…so I TOTALLY understand!

      • @Nicole: one more thing…but you gotta be careful not to stare! I was staring at Nichkhun and he caught me a couple of times. I was so embarrassed and felt like a stalker! lol

      • I have been practicing the whole stare under your lashes thing so I think if I were to ever meet an idol I’d be okay. Who knows though. We all know about my ultimate fail of meeting/not meeting Rain, lol!

  7. You have got to be one of the coolest moms ever. If I ever have children, I want to be the same. Enjoy stuff with and for my kids. Being that I don’t have kids, I get to do this stuff with my younger sister. I think she does it more out of support for me, but for the most part we love being fangirls together. We are waiting with baited breath for YG Family to come to the states. We both are huge fans of BigBang and me of 2NE1. I also hope that I am able to see Shinee again. Thank you so much for your lengthy post along with the pictures. I did feel like I was there. Did you get any face time with Yunho? I love love their live performances of “Before You Go”, especially the Slow it Down part. That choreograhpy is so sexy!

    Last question how did you score backstage passes? If YG ever comes here I want to treat my sister to some

    • @Lei,

      Awww, thanks so much! I think there is a benefit to having kids at a young age, since you are still young enough to enjoy doing these things like this with them. Mika got me into K-Pop and she loves the fact that her Mommy is cool enough to fangirl in the pit with her. Makes her proud : ).

      I do think that YG will give a concert in the States soon. I’ve only met Taeyang once and he is so humble and nice but I’ve always wanted to meet GD, so hopefully we can make that happen—like soon. LOL!. Yunho was doing interviews but we spoke to him for like a minute on our way to the Pit. He’s nice as well and a little “warmer” than Changmin. Not as cute in person but still cute. Yes, the choreography in “Before You Go” is sooo sexy. I was front and center when they performed this and honestly, the looks that Changmin gives during this performance, changed my view of him forever. He’s a beast 4 sure! We get all of our backstage passes and concert tickets from my brother-in-law who is an Exec for Sony Japan. Not sure if they sell standalone backstage passes but I will ask him.

  8. “@Nicole: one more thing…but you gotta be careful not to stare! I was staring at Nichkhun and he caught me a couple of times. I was so embarrassed and felt like a stalker! lol”


    I guess I am totally different because I do stare since I like to size people up : ). At one point, I was having like a staring contest with Minho since he kept looking. I’m not a stalker but yeah I do stare. But you are right, as a rule you shouldn’t stare at them since it can come off as being too informal but if they stare, I will stare back. LOL!

    • I’m not as forward as other fangirls. When meeting people, I try to be polite and courteous. But when it come to superstars, I’ll be either shy, quiet or a bit aloof. But on the inside, I’ll be giddy like a schoolgirl. I’ll respect them. They’re only people.

      • @Nicole,

        It is always better to be polite since you don’t want to offend them. I’m not shy at all so I guess that helps when meeting them. I have never gotten overly excited about meeting any 1 specific person and I’ve met now almost everyone at SM. But my ultimate goal is to meet Rain, Se7en, GD and Lee Hong Ki. Who knows how I will act then. I might just lose it. LOL!

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        I know that I would lose it with Rain, which is probably why my brother-in-law has not even mentioned a meeting with him since he doesn’t want to deal with the embarrassment. LOL! When (not if), I do meet him, I will1st have him do the body roll from “Love Song” and then I’ll do my personal rendition of Rainism, and then, we’ll see what happens next. LOL! And yes, I will bring BOAB along for the ride : ).

        “@Angelface01: oooh, I think back at it now and I just cringe in embarrassment. He was doing pull-ups and I was all up in his grill, but he was looking at me too! I bet I stuck out like a sore thumb. But because he’s the celebrity and I’m not it comes off as me being the stalker/weirdo, lol!
        Oooh and Minho *sigh*…yeah he actually looked at me, too! I still can’t believe it. Yikes I’m such a fangirl…”

        I think the artists are so used to people staring that it doesn’t faze them but yeah, Minho and those big eyes, he is definitely a starer. When he finally approached me and started asking questions, I realized why he was staring but yeah, he does look very intently and doesn’t shy away from your gaze : ). I like that!

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        Oh, yeah, I will show you how to be tenacious all right. As my hubby said once, “Do you stare so intently to get a reaction”? My answer, “Of course not babe, I stare because I stare and if I get a reaction, all the better”. LOL!

    • @Angelface01: oooh, I think back at it now and I just cringe in embarrassment. He was doing pull-ups and I was all up in his grill, but he was looking at me too! I bet I stuck out like a sore thumb. But because he’s the celebrity and I’m not it comes off as me being the stalker/weirdo, lol!

      Oooh and Minho *sigh*…yeah he actually looked at me, too! I still can’t believe it. Yikes I’m such a fangirl…

      • Bioffabelly81,

        Now I’m not one who will deeply stare at people,nor am I comfortable with people doing the same to me..the “stalker” stare as you call it,but if I would have seen Nichkun doing pull ups, I would be staring though I would have been doing my best not to let him know that. He has a nice bod.

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        Next show, we’ll have to go together and I will teach you of the power of the direct stare. LOL! If I were you, I would have stared at Nickhun while he did his pull-ups and when he caught me staring, just flash him the biggest, prettiest smile to show my appreciation for his beauty. LOL!

  9. I just reread my post and I sound like I am a teenager. Haha! Thanks again for the post along with your honest opinion of everything. I am hoping with all the love that the States have been giving K-Pop that all of the artists will have their chance over here. Even though they aren’t artists, I would love for Running Man to shoot over here as well.

    I really hope that 2012 will be a big year for K-Pop and that everyone on this site will have a chance to have their fangirl moment.

    • @Lei,

      Nothing wrong with having teen moments. I am far from a teen, had our twins at 19, they are now 14 (almost 15), you do the math. LOL! I agree with you and I wish that everyone on this site at least gets the chance to experience seeing their fave K-Pop artists in concert. Nothing beats it :).

      • Girl, you and I are the same age! Haha. Ain’t nothing wrong with having a little teen thing going on. It is what is keeping us young. and Happy, I might add. 🙂

    • @Lei,

      I figured people would be doing that math in their head. Ha, ha! But I have nothing to hide. We started having our kids young and are still (relatively) young. It would be kinda hard to deny my age since I have these two 14 year old kids around me all the time. :). But the kids definitely keep you young.

  10. Angelface,

    I love that you had a “moment” with Ryeowook! Not many people know him if they dont know SuJu really well and I freakin love him! Hes so adorable and has the sweetest personality plus hes so tiny awwww lolol Isnt his smile totally infectious?!!?

    • @KrisE,

      I honestly don’t understand why Wookie doesn’t get more love. Mika’s bias in SuJu is Donghae or as she says, “her future husband if Taemin, Joonie and Hong Ki, don’t work out”. LOL! I absolutely LOVE this guy. His voice is dreamy and he is the cutest, tiniest thing ever. If you had seen me when he placed his hand to his heart and gave me the biggest smile, I almost fell out. My husband, was like “Angel, really now?”. LOL!

      • haha I would have totally done the same thing! His smile really tickles me its sooo cute and I love how in interviews and on shows he is very attentive towards the other members. Strange enough my SuJu bias is his complete opposite lolol Its Heechul ^_^ Did Mika see the post on Hong Ki??? Tell her I’ll be writing one about FT Island soon and CN Blue.

      • @KrisE,

        Ha, ha! Different is the best word that I could find and unlike what Mika says, I am not a “Hater when it comes to Heechul”, I just don’t get the appeal. I do love his “I don’t give a ….. personality” but the looks, Ugh! And trust me, I see his face everytime I pass Mika’s room since she has a giant poster of Heechul on her door. LOL!

        Well, you can do another post on Heechul and I’ll keep saying the same thing, not for me but I’m sure that Mika will respond otherwise :).

    • @KrisE,

      Mika’s 2nd bias is Heechul or as she calls him “Mr. Androgyny”. I don’t get the Heechul appeal at all but I know he is popular. Yes, Mika did see the post on Lee Hong Ki and was so upset that he did not get a lot of replies. She was like “What is up that? No love for Hong Ki. He is seriously the 3rd hottest Asian guy ever?”. LOL! She would be so happy if you did a post on FT Island, since she is in LOVE with this group. I’ll have her personally post a reply once it’s up :).

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      Yes, my Mika does have great taste but I don’t really think Donghae is that cute. She calls him ‘fishy” because he looks like a fish and I was like, well I dont’ find fish particularly cute but, okay :O).

      Heechul just does not do it for me. He just looks different but girls love him, so like you said to each his or her own :). Give me Siwon, all day, every day. LOL!

      • Angelface,

        “He just looks different” really how can you even say that?!!? Heechul is soo cute with those high cheekbones of his and puppy eyes…plus his personality is totally out there which is a major plus and he has really good hair. You know what, I’ll just have to do ANOTHER post about Heechul ^_^

      • @KrisE: yes his personality is SOOO out there that he can’t keep a girlfriend for more than a few months. Lol. You do the math! He’s all yours!

      • BOAB I swear you are sooo predictable! I just had this sharp pain of a feeling in my side that you were gonna throw Shindongs words about Heechul’s 3 month cut off point out there lololol

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      Agree, we will glady give Heechul to KrisE–he’s all yours girl, you can have him. LOL! Oh, and I’m not so sure that the reason he cannot keep a girlfriend is because of his personality. I’m just saying : ).

  11. I wish I couldve gone! D=! I’ve been waiting for a BoA concert forever. Next one I WILL BE THERE! Awesome for you and your family, getting to see the guys up close ^^! So sweet and such grand memories.

    • @Anonymous,

      I felt bad that I missed alot of her performance. Darn my 6 year old son and his tiny bladder. LOL! I did get to hear her sing 2 songs and she was good. She sang 1 song in English but I can’t remember the name of it. Oh wells :).

  12. My bias has always been Rain. If I met him, oh no! I would be the most quiet and most painfully shy. If I would say to him, “Rain, I have been a fan of yours for 5 years and I think you’re hot”, oh man. I would die and hide my face. Like I said before, I’m so shy around hot guys.

    • @Nicole,

      I’m with you with Rain. I know that I wouldn’t be able to control myself around him. LOL!

      Like I said before, nothing wrong with being shy around the artists but just remember that are just as nervous to meet you. I spend most of my time asking the guys questions to put them at ease and answering questions. Most of them are very interested in our family’s ethnicity, so I field a lot of questions about that. I also keep a very close eye on our daughter to make sure the guys are acting appropriately. Mika’s drop dead gorgeous and beautiful and well, um, they are guys after all, so I am like a Mother lion backstage protecting my cub and making sure they don’t get out of line. And trust me, it does happen : ).

      • My mom and my sister are so protective of me all the time, even though I’m only 30 and my sister is younger than me. My sister and my mom are more vocal than me. She has a strong personality and she’s not shy. I would take my sister to a K-pop or a J-pop concert here in VA (I live in Norfolk, but I could go to D.C. if they go there), if it kills her. 🙂

      • Angelface,

        Jesus! Like you said, most of those K-pop singers are already thin enough as it is,but if Changmin is smaller then they, then he’s incredibly skinny. I wonder if he chooses to be like that or he’s one of those types that can eat the world but never gains weight? I hear that many Kpop fans love to give gifts to their idols. If I were one of those fangirls I’ll probably give him a basket full of food ..lol! Oooh..that flirt.!Onew trying to flirt with the mom. I don’t know if his management staff allow it,but if given a chance he would probably be dating one of his fans.

        I would also love to see Rain, Se7en, Clazziquai or Mblaq. They( Mblaq) was in Las Vegas not that long ago with the Kpop Billboard Masters concert. From the looks of those YT clips, The fans were quite excited about them being there. I was laughing at one particular clip where Yunho was boarding an eleVator. Some women( weren’t sure if they were reporters, Korean paparazzi or fangirls with cameras) were semi stalking them. I guess, Changmin knew what to do when he seen them …RUN!, Yunho seemed a little indifferent about it and they asked him if he wanted his picture, he declined. Iwas looking at MBLAQ was being photographed with the exception of Seungho, G.O. and Joon, Thunder and Mir seemed somewhat intimidated by the cameras. Poor Mir looked scared and it looked as if Thunder didn’t’ care that much for all of those millions of camera flashing off like that in his face. Welcome to America guys!

        Most times if someone ask me what my ethnicity is, I would probably have some smart alecky thought on my mind,but I will make an exception to some of these Kpop stars. Some of them may have never seen a person of color in their lives..at least until they come here or some other diverse country. It’s great for them to see other Kpop fans of different backgrounds.I can’t blame you about Mika. Gotta keep those guys away from her.

    • @Nicole,

      If you get a chance, you definitely have to see the SM Town concert. There’s nothing like seeing the people perform in person. Like I said in a previous post, I do know for sure that SuJu will be performing in the States next year. I hear that they give an amazing show and the concert is like 4 hours long. Can’t wait for that one ;). FYI, there’s nothing wrong with your parents still being protective of you. I don’t care how old my kids are, I will always worry about them. After all, they are my babies :).

    • @ATLSis,

      From what I hear Changmin eats constantly. I guess he’s just blessed with a fast metabolism but when I hugged him, I literally felt his spine–that’s how thin he is. Yikes! He didn’t look unhealthy but man I just wanted to feed him a big fattening meal to put some meat on those bones. LOL!

      I would love to meet Rain and Se7en. I have been a fan of Se7en’s for so long. He doesn’t get alot of attention anymore but he’s still amazing imo.

      I heard the Las Vegas Master’s Show was great! Mika went (escorted by my sister-in-law), since she was invited but since we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner, did not get a chance to go. I really wasn’t interested in going. Maybe to see Mblaq but that’s it. I was going to post info about the show per Mika’s perspective but she was like “No thanks Mom–you tell too much of my business as it is”. LOL!

      As far as the ethnicity question, it doesn’t bother me since I’ve dealt with that all my life : ). For the K-Pop artists even if they interact with people of color (choreographers, designers, etc.,), they still see them a certain way. When you look completely the opposite of what they assume a person of color should be, they have questions. And yes, our eye is always on Mika. As I explained to her, they are guys 1st and Idols 2nd. Emphasis on GUYS!! LOL!

  13. “AngelFace01, I am curious as to what questions some of them were asking you”


    I’m going to try to be politically correct here but I believe that people from other countries, in particular Korea and Japan, have an idea in their heads of what people of color look like. My husband is 3/4 Japanense and 1/4 Irish but since he looks 100% Japanense, there is never any confusion with his race. Minho in particular kept staring and staring and finally came over and to speak. He knew that my husband was Japanese but I think he became confused about me. When I said that I was Hispanic, Black and White–he looked so confused. I then had to describe in terms of “people”, so that he would understand. I said that I am like “Jennifer Lopez (Puerto Rican), and Alicia Keys (Black and White). He went “whoa” and started laughing. Key asked where I got my green eyes from (in English) thankfully, and I told him from my Mom. The questions were all innocent and I definitely did not get offended. As I tell my husband, hopefully it will open up their eyes that we all come in so many different shades, hair texture/length, eye color etc., and yes, we are extremely beautiful as well :).

    • Woww that you had to break it down like that.

      But anyway, I’m so jelly! Hopefully I can make the next one. I like that you can take your daughter to the concert and still be a fangirl too..what a cool mom lol. Glad ya’ll had a good time!

      • @Princesa Preciosa,

        LOL! That’s been my standard answer when I describe my ethnicity : ). I figure, everyone knows J-Lo and Alicia Keys, so it makes it easier for them to know my background. Yaay, I was a fangirl that night or as my daughter likes to say, “My mom is the hottest, coolest fangirl Mom that you will ever meet”. Ugh :). We do EVERYTHING together as a family, so going to these shows and screaming along with my daughter is like 2nd nature to me. LOL!

  14. @KrisE I know what you mean. I love Super Junior a lot but it does seem at any given time that half of the group is either filming a drama or completing their military service. Heechul is already gone, Kangmin hasn’t been discharged yet, and Leeteuk will be enlisting any day now. Oh well….

    • @Choi Min Jung and KrisE,

      I think it actually benefits them having so many members because when some are doing other projects (like Siwon) or in the Army (Kangin/Heechul), it doesn’t interrupt with the flow of the group. Example, Heechul, Siwon and Kangin were not at the concert. And while I really missed my eye candy Siwon, it didn’t stop SuJu from giving a good show. Can you imagine if Onew were missing from a Shinee performance? They would need to cancel because you can’t do a Shinee show without Onew. They need his voice :).

      • @AngelFace That’s a very good point…if Onew was missing, there would be no SHINee. I feel the same way about Cho Kyuhyun… Super Junior & SuJu-KRY wouldn’t be the same without his vocals. ….just my opinion.

        I guess I’m just concerned over the future of SuJu. They’ve been having to deny breakup rumors recently. I don’t want that to happen since they’re so talented and sophisticated. Some might get overwhelmed by the sheer size of the group. I just love when they’re all together…which is rare.

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      I don’t think that SuJu will break up anytime soon but I can definitely see them taking a hiatus for a few years while SM Entertainment focuses its energy on the sub-groups like Super Junior M and K.R.Y. This will be a way for them to continue keeping SuJu in the public’s radar while they deal with the absence of the members during their enlistment.

      Yes, I do agree that Cho Kyuhyun voice is amazing. All of their voices blend so beautifully but I was actually shocked that Wookie had so much soul in his voice: ).

      • You know who I reallly miss besides Kangin is freakin Kim Ki Bum! He is so freakin cute with a great smile and it seriously urks me that he keeps choosing acting over SuJu. Like why even bother staying a member if you havent participated in group activities in like 500 years. He needs to start multi-tasking like every other Idol and get his cute self back on his SuJu game.

      • AngelFace,

        I sure hope you’re right. I guess a hiatus would be o.k. The guys definitely deserve some time off. Of course Kyuhyun and Wookie wouldn’t be getting any time off since they’re in both of the sub-groups. lol

        One thing I do hope is when it comes time for Kyuhyun’s enlistment, that he’ll get the same concessions made for him for health reasons like Heechul did.

      • @KrisE Now I’m confused…I thought Henry was the one doing the acting. I might be getting my idols confused. Anyway, you’re right…..Choi Siwon films at least 10 dramas per year and Kyuhyun is a member of four separate groups.

        It’s exhausting but, K-pop singers are able to multi-task unlike anyone else…..

      • @Choi Min Jung @Angelface: looooooooooooove Kyuhyun’s voice. Like butta, lol! But I really enjoy Ryeowook’s voice in “Sorry Sorry” answer…”oh mah baby baby baby babaaaaay”…..squeel!!! lol

    • @KrisE,

      I miss Kangin the most. He is like on overly big, brutish but loving teddy bear. Love him! Mika and I were talking about KiBum the other night after watching one of the old SuJu shows on YouTube. Like you, she thinks he is so cute but when I told her that I don’t think he will ever come back since in an interview a while back he said something to the effect that “his desire is with acting and not SuJu”. Mika was like, “Well then KiBum–BYE!”. LOL!

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      Do mean that Cho Khyhuyn will get concessions because of his accident? I guess he could. I just hope that Wookie gets some concessions as well because of his size. I mean, he’s no bigger than the rifles that they carry in the Army, I just can’t imagine that tiny little guy serving. LOL!

      • AngelFace,

        lolol Is Ryeowook really that small?

        Yes, I was referring to Kyuhyun’s accident. He almost died and even returned to performing too soon against his doctor’s wishes. Can you imagine the post-traumatic stress & nightmares he may have had? I read somewhere he was mute for a while from shock

      • AngelFace,

        I hate when I hit the “Post” button before I’m done…….

        What I meant to say is since Heechul messed up his leg in a separate accident and got concessions, Kyuhyun should receive some as well. I guess I feel this way about Kyuhyun because he’s my bias…

    • Choi Min Jung,

      Henry Lau is only in Super Junior-M and was never actually added as the 14th member of SuJu. He does perform with them in concerts and some CDs however but is not the “14th” member.

      • Oh, o.k. Henry is in the sub-group. I always get that confused plus the fact that there is a Kim Kibum in Super Junior and one in SHINee.

        (sigh) …now my head hurts. lol

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      Yes, Wookie is that tiny. He can’t be more than 5’3″ and 100 lbs soaking wet : ). As far as Cho Khyhyun I do wonder if he would be able to get maybe “mental or emotional” concessions due to the accident. I hope so because he has been through enough trauma due to the accident. In person, you can actually visibly see scaring on his left cheek (yes, I stare at everything). It’s sad : (.

      • Really? A scar? That really breaks my heart. No, I’m glad you stare and notice these things because you are our “eyes and ears” at these events for those of us who can’t go.

        I guess what amazes me most about Kyuhyun is his professionalism. He was on a singing competition a couple of months ago & despite being sick & barely being able to stand on his feet, he went out on stage anyway and sang pitch perfect.

        I could talk about him all day long so I’ll stop myself 🙂

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      Yeah, the scar is pretty obvious! It’s not hideous or anything but definitely got my attention. I can tell that Cho Kyuhyun is your bias, which is sweet :). The guy can definitely sing like no other and he is so caring toward his fans. I really had no idea that he was so cute but in person, I was like “Well hello, there”. : ).

    • “@Angelface: Kangin is what I like to call “thick”, lol…”


      Um, yeah “thick” is a good way to describe Kangin. The man is HUGE! LOL!

  15. “@Choi Min Jung @Angelface: looooooooooooove Kyuhyun’s voice. Like butta, lol! But I really enjoy Ryeowook’s voice in “Sorry Sorry” answer…”oh mah baby baby baby babaaaaay”…..squeel!!! lol”


    Let’s not forget Wookies epic line in “Sorry Sorry Answer”– I Hold you in my Arms!!! I was like what the, how did that big voice come out of that tiny body? I actually almost dropped my son Ryan from my shoulders, when he sang that line because I got sooo excited jumping up and down. LOL!

  16. Sounds cool! You keep speaking of an incident at SMTOWN LA with Shinee. What happened and were there any other SM artist that shown appreciation in colored women like Onew

    • @K.Is.Wonderful,

      The concert was alot of fun. As far as the LA incident, it is water under the bridge. Just a misunderstanding in what was said and how it was translated. As far as any other SM Artists showing appreciation for women of “color”–hmm, that is hard to answer. If I would have to guess, I would say Minho or maybe it’s more so that he appreciates beauty in general. Taemin is definitely open. When I met Siwon, he def gave off vibes to me. Basically, they are guys and if you are pretty enough, yeah, they will look. LOL!

      • @Angelface01@K.Is.Wonderful: I would say Minho too…I still think it was interesting that he was the only one of the guys in SHINee that actually turned to look at me, and he wasn’t trying to hide it. Although I did stick out like a sore thumb (being the only non-Asian person backstage), maybe he thought I was hot 😉 who knows, but I’d like to think that! hehe

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      LOL! I think Minho has an appreciation for American women in general. It’s probably because he has such a different look for a Korean man, that he is fascinated and almost emphathetic towards people who are different as well. He doesn’t give off a flirty vibe to me but is kinda coy when he looks at you. But he does love to stare ;).

      • @Angelface: see, I can TOTALLY agree with that! I think he does appreciate beauty, no matter what the color of the woman. I like how Jonghyun and the other guys rib him when they see a girl that they think is beautiful and Minho just says, “oh, I guess she’s pretty”. Lol!! Love it! That means it takes more than looks to impress him! My kinda guy!

    • @Bitofabelly81,

      Yes, I totally agree with you! I don’t think beauty would be the #1 requirement for Minho. While I do think that he appreciates beauty, since he’s such a sensitive person, you would definitely have to have “more” to snag him. As far as dating a woman of color, I don’t see him being opposed to it. It was funny because at one point, I put my hand next to his and I was shocked that he was so much darker than I was. I repeated his “whoa” that he remarked to me earlier when I told him of my ethnicity, and I started laughing. He gave the sweetest smile and then laughed. LOL! He has such a tawny complexion to his skin. It’s beautiful!

    • @Bitofabelly81:

      Yes, Minho’s color is beautiful and you oh, so right about his eyes. Mika says that he looks like an “Egyptian Prince”, which I think is a perfect description of him. Tall, tawny, deep soulful eyes and let’s not forget that voice. Like Butta. LOL!

  17. Poor Changie. Some people can eat evrerything and not gain a thing. Maybe when he get’s older that may change.

    I can understand why guys like Minho may get confused about it all. Blackness has different meaning to people in different parts of the world. They seem to have a more literal understand of it. Even with me, an African American, I had the same outlook about it( when I was a kid). Far as I was concerned, if you looked the part, you were it. With the exception of my lil sister, my brother and me struggled with this issue.At one time, my brother was very fair complexioned and he thought that he was White because of his appearance and we also lived in a White neighborhood, so since many of our friends were White, he thought that he was the same.

    Though I knew that I was never White, I didn’t see myself as Black,bot because I was trying to deny it. I wasn’t taught about race until I was a 8 years old. According to my folks, they went inside a former grocery store and came across a Thai woman and her American husband. I got excited about the woman because she looked just like me..at least colorwise. She was a honey colored like me. I compared her to me and told my mom'” She looks just me”. So I was Thai..WRONG! I had no idea what being Thai was, nor Asian as the racial categories we have today didn’t exist in the past.

    Most of my family look Asian, Black or White. I have a cousin who could pass for White and far as I was concerned she was ” White”, if you looked Asian, you were Asian( Oriental in the past) and so on. Of course, I know better now,but I could imagine how these guys were taught about Blackness..they are all dark skinned and originating from Africa. In the states or maybe in Canada or Europe, race is so broad as where in a place like South Africa, I would be probably be ” colored”instead of AA. it’s crazy.

    Well I’m happy that it was you that educated these guys about it. Hopefully, they will be able to see being black as diverse and beautiful.

    P.S. I wished Mika would have gotten some pictures of that concert.

    • @ATLSis,

      Changmin should definitely appreciate his fast metabolism now because it will change as he gets older : ).

      I totally understand what you are saying about the confusion regarding race from other cultures. People in our own country still have issues with it so how can we expect others to really understand if they don’t see diversity every day? That’s very good that you have an understanding of your race. I can honestly say that I have never had such issues. Being Hispanic/Black/White, everyone in my family looks so different depending on which gene took prominence. My brother looks 100% Hispanic and I look Hispanic but with green eyes. While I may look this way, I have never denied the black side of me. My children are obviously very mixed but unfortunately took nothing from me with the exception of my eyes and all 3 look very Japanese. The only telltale sign of any other ethnicity in their heritage is skin tone. Unlike my husband who is very pale, I am olive-toned ala a J-Lo complexion, my kids are all olive-toned but just lighter, kind of like a sun-kissed skin tone. I think that is what was throwing Minho off with me. In his mind, when I said Hispanic/Black/White, I guess in his mind he was like “she’s black?”. But when I explained like J-Lo, Alicia Keys, he got it since obviously Alicia is Black/White but different to them as well .

      FYI – Mika did take a lot more pictures. I took some, she took some and she also has a lot of video as well. I only posted a few, since the post was so long. LOL! I also did not want to post any personal pictures that were taken backstage. I guess at a later time I will post more pictures as well as a video. Since I don’t want to give out Mika’s YouTube account, I will have her or Justin set-one up for me and I will upload some videos and give everyone the link in privacy.

  18. It sounds like you had an amazing time and I am so jealous but only in a good way 🙂

    Your family sounds incredible and supportive and like so much fun to be a part of. Your husband also seems to be good-natured, loving, understanding and possesed of amazing self-confidence.

    Your description of Onew makes me so happy. He has always given me the impression of being and very laid-back and genuine person and to get confirmation of that is a grea thing.

    It took me a while to get what all the fuss over Kyuhyun was at first, but I’m really starting to see his appeal. That he hangs ith Changmin and Minho is another plus in my book.

    I’ve heard other personal accounts of Changmin and Yunho’s appearance and while people agree that they are almost impossibly good-looking in person, almost every person has mentioned how thin hey are. They don’t just mention Changmin, but Yunho too. To me, Yunho almost looks beefy standing next to Changmin on stage and if Yunho looks painfully thin, in person, I can only imagine how thin Changmin must be. I’ve heard that after the split he took up boxing to ease his frustation and anxiety. In addition to the boxing giving that amazing chest and set of shoulders/arms, I’m sure it reved up his metabolism even more. You almost can’t find a picture of him, that isn’t photo-shoot, where is not putting some food in his mouth and he honestly seems to love food. As long as he’s eating and healthy I am ok with the thin.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your personal experience with all of our favorite men!

    • @Plinkin

      We had a great time at the show and thanks for the compliments about my family. We are definitely a family that does everything together and I am very blessed to have a supportive and loving husband. It was my pleasure to share our experience of the show with everyone!

      Onew is such a sweet guy! He was always my fave in Shinee but after meeting him, I cannot give him enough compliments as a person. I have always loved Cho Khyuhyn’s voice but never paid him too much attention. This was our 2nd time meeting him and his personality was the same both times—very sweet and accommodating.

      Changmin takes being skinny to a whole new level. Yunho did not appear as skinny to me. He is thin but “solid”. As far as their looks are concerned, IMO they were exactly the opposite of what I expected. In pictures, Changmin is cute and Yunho is gorgeous and sexy. But up close, Changmin is beautiful and Yunho is cute but not as cute as in pictures. There was something “off” about his face.

      • Yunho has extensive scarring on the left side of his face, from several childhood accidents. Unfortunately, they like to photoshop the scarring out, but I love it. I think it gives his face strength and character. He also has a slanting jaw, instead of angular jaw and while it is very sharp and defined, it lacks the squared off masculine shape that so many thin, fit men have.

        The opinions I read were the same as yours. Yunho, not so good looking and cute as to be unapproachable, while Changmin is knock you back a few steps, striking in appearance.

        I would still love to see all five of them in person. DBSK is not the most photographed set of men in he world for nothing. No lie, they’re in the record book. It’s kind of a reflection on the state of the world, as a whole, that five idols are the most photographed people on the planet.

      • @plinkin: you took the words right out of my mouth–I love guys that are not pretty and perfectly packaged. I love a guy with “character” in their eyes and face…Yunho is that!

    • @Plinkin
      I didn’t notice any scarring on Yunho but that was probably due to the amount of make-up that he was wearing so I could not see it. It could have been his jaw line but there was something different about his face, that just looked kind of “plastic” or like he had surgery or something. I’m not too sure. I honestly don’t think any of the idols that I have met are ever so good-looking that I would be intimated to approach them. Hands down the best looking idol that I have ever seen in person is Choi Siwon from SuJu but even he was still “approachable” as far as looks are concerned.

      I would LOVE for DBSK to give at least 1 final show as a group of 5. I’ve been following them since the beginning and while JYJ and Yunho/Changmin are good separately; as a group there is no comparison.

      • His scras are pretty gnarly and I imagine that if they used enough make-up to manage to cover them up, that he did indeed look plastic. I think he’s gorgeous with his scars and wish either he or SM felt better about him showing his face with them.

        I tend to be intimidated by most men that I am attracted to, regardless of how they look. The good looking just adds to my jitters. Your account of Siwon was really amazing. He sounds very intense.

    • @Bitofabelly81 and @Plinkin:

      I definitely agree, I could care less about a man being “perfect” because, hey guess what, NONE of them are. LOL! Cho Khyhyun has visible scarring on his face, and he was still very good looking. It just looked like Yunho’s face was bloated or something was up. Even my husband, who never notices anything about a man, remarked that something was wrong with his face. Who knows, maybe he had some type of surgery (dental or something) but there was something off.

    • @Plinkin:

      Intense doesn’t come close to describing Choi Siwon. LOL! I don’t think my husband will ever let me be in the same room as him ever again : ).

      Wow, that scar on Yunho is pretty gnarly. I didn’t notice that at all but looking at this picture, this is the way that I expected his face to appear in person. But he’s still gorgeous, flaws and all!

      • @AngelFace01

        I think I’m strange. Scars are like an added bonus for me. I think I read too many bad regency romance novels(stolen from my mother’s bedside table)as a child and now I have an unhealthy obsession with physically and emotonally scarred men. Isn’t that we all love Junpyo so much?

      • @plinkin @Angelface: I don’t know if I am attracted to men who are emotionally scarred but I will repeat what I said before in that I like a guy with character in his face. Micky doesn’t have perfect skin either. He has pock marks on both of his cheeks, and I didn’t really notice it until I saw him in “Miss Ripley” in which it was very noticeable. This turns some women off, but for me, it just tells me that he’s human and like the rest of us, and doesn’t bother me at all. But first and foremost, I am attracted to Micky because of his personality, at least, as I perceive it.

    • @Plinkin and @Bitofabelly81:

      Very interesting ladies!! Well, I’m definitely not attracted to emotionally scarred men. LOL! Relationships are challenging enough and I don’t have the patience to deal with men who bring additional emotional issues to the table : ).

      I do agree with both of you in that I do love a man with character in his face. At least to the extent that there is something that makes them a little different. But as far as any type of facial scarring, while I obviously would never leave my hubby if he developed some condition and became scarred, I am not attracted to someone with visible scars. I guess it would be different if when we met, he had scars and I fell in love with him but it’s not something that is attractive to me. But different strokes for different folks. LOL!

      • @AngelFace1 and @Bitofabelly81

        Scars don’t make the man for me, but I really think they enhance the looks of some men and make them more unique. I am so tired of them all poishing off their little, worn edges. Yunho was really cute with his jacked up fangy teeth too and now he’s got that blinding wall of white and while his smile looks amazing, I kind of miss the snaggle-toothed cutie too.

        Bitofabelly81, I just did the date week with DBSK and for as much as I like Micky and am really attracted to him, he came out that low with me for a reason and it’s because I think he’s got some emotional scarring. That man looks like he has baggage and it’s written all over his beautiful, tragic and emotional face and you can see it in his eyes. He likes to clown and tease a lot, but I think he’s an emo kid inside. I’m really, really attracted to emotional men but being emotional myself, it’s really not a good mix. The highs are really high and the lows are just dismal. On the other hand, his acne scarring doesn’t bother me at all. More character.

  19. Man I can’t wait until I can tell who everyone is just by their name. I know mostly everyone, but as much as I love Shinee (listening to them right now), I only know Onew. This is in part because of him being so stinkin’ adorable on Happy Together. I know Siwon from SuJu from being on Running Man. I like when they have a chance to shine apart from the group. It also helps when each member physically looks very different from the other members, like 2PM. I can’t get them confused. I really need to get on the ball with Shinee, because I think they are one of the most talented KPop groups out their and I can listen to them all day. Agreeing with AngelFace, I didn’t know about DBSK as 5 until after the split, but I love all their songs together.

    • @Lei:

      It seems that K-Pop always has a “formula” with their groups. You have the adorable Maknae (Taemin), The Stud (Jonghuyn), The Face (Minho), The Funny One (Onew) and the Diva (Key). SuJu is interesting because they have so many members that make them almost interchangeable at points. I think that out of all of the groups, I know the least about 2PM. I stopped following them after Jay Park left but they do all have a very different look. I absolutely love DBSK as 5. Unfortunately, I think there is too much emotional baggage for them to ever get back together again as a group, but we can all dream : ).

  20. Wow, that’s awesome. Im glad all you had a great time!! It sounds like you guys had a blast! I saw a clip on youtube with K.R.Y sorry, sorry remix. It was awesome. They sound so good in the fancam. I can only imagine how they sound in the arena. Im sooo happy for your little girl, she finally talked to Taemin. Great Post!!!

    • @Surkura:

      Thanks and we did have a great time. Mika taped the entire Sorry,Sorry performance since she was front near the runway and we were away from the kids near the front of the stage and could only get their backs. SuJu was awesome but that song was really impressive. Even my husband was impressed (and he doesn’t get too fazed with any K-Pop stuff). LOL!

  21. This may be slightly off topic, but I find the conversation regarding facial scarring fascinating. I myself have a facial scar on my right cheek. My scar looks more like a crescent shaped make up smudge than an actual scar and most people don’t even notice it. I never think about it unless someone brings it up and then I tell them it’s a birthmark, cause that’s when it happened. I would say it has never hendered me in any way so I’m not mad at it. (SMILES) I would agree with those who say “scars don’t make the man/woman” and they don’t. A person is usually so much more than what’s on the surface. Now, if somebody looks like they stepped in front of a ginsu knife, well that may take some getting used to, but I would say a scar or two does add a little “character” to a person. It shows that somewhere down the line, “life” happened and that person may have quite an interesting story behind the scar to tell.

    • @BiAlamode: “if somebody looks like they stepped in front of a ginsu knife, well that may take some getting used to”…LOLOL!!! Ugh yeeah…or too much plastic surgery as well a la Mickey Rourke or Burt Reynolds!

      • @Bitofabelly and @BiAlamode,

        Why, oh, why, did I think of the singer Seal when you made the comment about the “ginsu knife”.

    • @BiAlamode,

      Hey there, long time, no hear :). I totally agree that scars don’t make the person and only a heartless person would dismiss someone due to some type of facial scarring but it’s not the 1st thing that would attract me to a person. For example, if when I met my husband he had a gnarly scar, while it would be something that I would focus on in the beginning, it definitely would not be a deal breaker for the relationship. If it’s a part of him, I would love it and him regardless :). I have 4 visible scratches on my upper thigh due to a childhood accident between me on my bike and a rose bush (the rose bush won). Each time, I look at it, it just reminds me of the fateful summer day of me lying in the rose bush screaming like a crazy person. And while I still fear rose bushes, I do repeat my very “interesting story” often. LOL!

      • @AngelFace01,

        Hello AngelFace01. Funny you should mention rose bushes. I too “wrestled” with my grandmother’s rose bushes when I as like 5 or 6 years old. It was Christmas day and my Dad took the training wheels off my brand new bike and off I went Sailing into the bushes. I didn’t really scar from that incident because it was cold and I had on some little boots. However, I do have a rose bush scar on my upper arm from walking past some overgrown rose bushes at a friend’s house many years later….go figure.

        What is it with little black children and bicycle/rose bush accidents? (SMILES) There were no helmets and knee pads back then (kids these days are “wimps”…..”wimps” I say!)……….SMILES!

    • @BiAlamode,

      I think there’s something about the pretty, bright roses that attracts young kids. LOL! I was 7 when I had my “rose bush” incident. My big brother Miguel was chasing me with his bike after I hit him with a rock, and of course, I ran right through our neighbor’s rose bushes. So, not wanting to get into trouble, I decided to be overly dramatic and emotional and lay their screaming and crying. I remember when our Daddy ran out the house and saw me, I blamed it on him for chasing me (I never mentioned the rock throwing) and he got the worst beating that night. My brother wouldn’t talk to me for over a week but we still laugh about it. He says that my irrational fear of rose bushes is his “payback to me”. LOL

      You are so right about the kids these days being wimps. When our 6 year old got a “big boy 2 wheel bike last year”, before he rode it, I put on his helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and mouth guard. My husband was like, “Okay Angel, now the boy can barely move—good going”. LOL! I didn’t care about him being uncomfortable; as long as he came back in 1 piece with all his teeth. But yeah, we do coddle them a lot these days.

  22. I’m a bit new to the site and i couldn’t find the article about your first meeting with shinee. What did Jonghyun say/do to Mika?

    • @Erica,

      Jonghyun did not do anything to Mika (he’s too nice for that), just something that he said which she took offense to. But he has since apologized and we are chalking it up to being “lost in translation”. All is good now and I don’t believe that he meant any harm : ).

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