Date Week with DBSK!

Ohhh yeah! I finally brought “Date Week” back and doing it big with DBSK! Now look I KNOW they aren’t together anymore but it makes sense just to group them as one for this instead of having two different date weeks sooo just deal with it k? Besides, all you DBSK fans out there wish they were back together anyway. Now that we have that out of the way if you were given a chance to date each member at the same time, what day of the week would each one get and what would you do with them or to them…I wont judge you ^_^

Monday: Changmin

Ehh what can I say? Changmin really doesn’t do it for me. There is def a certain topic I wont mention here that Ide like to chat with him about (haha inside info btwn him and I) but that’s about it. Maybe we can find a hobby together, like umm painting those weird little white clay statue things. I have a feeling he would enjoy that.

Tuesday: Junsu

Junsu is sooo not my style let me just totally put it out there right now. His facial features aren’t as defined as I like but of course that’s me being picky and shallow as usual. However I love his smile and his laugh plus his personality is totally sweet. Soo Ide like to spend my time with him at an arcade getting crazy competitive, eating cotton candy; the blue one cuz although the pink is pretty the blue is ultra yummy!

Wednesday: Micky Yoochun

I consider Micky “Average Asian” and BOAB has argued with me way toooo many times over this.Look hes totally cute BUT average looking; I mean can’t you just see him workin in your office or strollin down the street texting passing you by?!? He just doesn’t scream Idol to me no matter how many weird hair cuts they give him! So for our date let’s go grocery shopping…No for serious I think grocery shopping with a guy is fun and it would be interesting to see what he picks out and makes me put back.



Thursday: Yunho

Ugh Yunho is just too cute. He makes my list of “arm candy”  I really don’t want to do anything with him but walk around. I know he’s athletic and into working out but I’m not about to run out on a field or anything like that. However we can totally hit the gym together and while I walk on the treadmill boppin to music from other KPOP groups I’ll just stare at him while he glistens of sweat…sounds like good times right!?



Friday and Forever After: KIM JAEJOONG!

I don’t even have to explain because you all know I seriously love this guy. I mean him and I are so alike, we’re both really cute people, have some what manic personalities etc. I feel like we would have couples clothing and share makeup. We could buy a new kitten who would be bilingual and its name could be “KrisEro” (Kris + Hero duhhh!). It would be totally awesome! Sooo Friday night can be spent planning couples activities while he teaches me to cook something he really likes!

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45 thoughts on “Date Week with DBSK!

  1. hmmm ok, Monday for me would be Changmin too. I’ve heard that he’s very shy and straight business. I totally respect that and I know guys like him that work at my office. He’s very cute too, so I’d love to just stare at him. I’d say we can do the typical date thing and go see a movie with him and end it with coffee for the evening.
    Tuesday would be Junsu as well. I think there’s much more to Junsu than he lets on, and I am interested to find out what it is. Junsu may also have an affinity for sistas. I’d like to have a quiet dinner with Junsu and just laugh and talk about anything and everything.
    Wednesday would be JJ (Jaejoong). Even though I’m not crazy attracted to JJ the way KrisE is, I get a very comfortable feeling about him, so I’d like to either go to his place (or he come to mine) to make dinner. He’s very good at cooking and loves it, so I’d let him do what he loves and keep his wine glass filled. Good conversation, laughs and good food with JJ!
    Thursday is all about Yunho! I love this guy’s take charge attitude and protective nature. I’d love to go paintballing with him (and be on his team of course) and let him get hit by all of the paintballs from hiding behind him, lol. He’d happily protect/stand up for any female he’s with! After we get all cleaned up, I’d like to get a nice beefy hot dog, ice cone and beer, and walk the beach with him and watch the sunset.
    Saving the best for last: Micky on Friday! Micky is my DBSK/JYJ bias and even though he’s “average asian” to KrisE, he’s way more than average to me. I would like to spend all day (starting early in the morning) playing golf with the Mickster (all 18 holes!); head over to his personal home studio and write & record some tracks into the night. These two date activities would allow for ALOT of conversation and interpersonal communication. To me, Micky is the most interesting and I’d love to hear his insight on topics that matter.

    • wow sooo boring! Lets all fall asleep while you play golf with Micky. Will you at least wear couples golf clothing like matching sweaters? Maybe Jae Joong and I should crash your date and casually hit golf balls at you guys from afar while wearing sexy Hello Kitty sweaters and chic sunglasses.

      • @KrisE: don’t be hatin’ because JJ is only a mere 2 spots from Micky on the list, lol. It seems as though you’ve never done golf on a’s one of the best ways to get to know someone…which is what I’m all about. and YES! I’d love to wear couples golf clothing with Micky. oh, and if all you and JJ can do on your date is crash mine and Micky’s, you might as well just hand JJ over to me so I can take care of him like a real noona, lol! *BOAB skips away singing, “two guys for every girl…”*

      • Hating? PSSHHH I THINK NOT! I was simply stating it sounds sooo boring. You should be happy Jae Joong and I would even come by to set your date back on track. Its called being a good friend. Besides annoying you two is how the two of us bond since we get a kick out of things like that. But you might wanna fall back with all that talk about stealing MY pet! Especially since theres an open spot on the “master list” for a certain someone from a certain country from a certain group with a certain twitter…justtttt sayin ^_^

      • @KrisE: lololololol!!!! I KNEW you’d bring up that certain someone from a certain country from a certain group with a certain twitter. I freakin’ KNEW it!! Already, I know you so well! Well, its not like I’m fiendin’ for JJ, I’m just sayin’ that if you can’t find your own activities to do without Micky and I involved, I am more than happy to oblige and take over, lol. You know, as a friend. lol Just sayin’ 😉

      • We can find our own activites thank you. But your date just raised some concern thats all..Anywayz as my pets friend just say “hi” and keep it movin to Micky lololol

    • Ladies, ladies, please!
      I worry were this to actually come to fruition…
      Geesh… woe be it MIcky and Jaejoong were to read this themselves.
      Come on, play nice ladies.

      BTW, those pictures of Mickey in that last photo spread – phew!
      and oh yeah… Jaejoong is mine!
      You all wouldn’t stand a chance.
      You better just hope I’m not around.
      Game over.
      Just sayin’…

  2. Finally! Date Week is back! And we are doing DBSK! 🙂

    Monday – Changmin! He’s cute and he’s so shy. 🙂 We can go to the movies and go to a pet store to check out the pets.

    Tuesday – Jaejoong! He’s beautiful and totally perfect. Since he’s a foodie (I’m a foodie as well), we need to go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy food and wine.

    Wednesday – Yunho! He’s hot and has an amazing body. We need to hit the gym and he can help me work on my fitness.

    Thursday – Yoochun! There’s some mischievous stuff about him and he’s the one that could get me into some trouble. We can do pranks on other people.

    Friday – Junsu! I like his smile and he’s sweet. I need him to play the piano for me and sing a sweet love song.

  3. Between Jaejoong, Yunho and Changmin, I like the best.

    I’m with you about Xiah. I don’t know. I’m not feeling him. Something just looks peculair about him. Mickey is ok,but I’m not totally feeling him either. Now, I’ve just started to like Changmin. Initially, he kind of looked off too me, but when he smiles it just changes his whole persona.He ooks a lot better with his natural Black hair. I’m also feeling Yunho. He just seem so classy and the way he talks..oh yeah..lovei it. Jaejoong is just so cool and suave.

    Oops.. I forgot to put the dates these guys. I have to go,but I’ll do it later.

  4. Monday – Changmin: Monday is easy! Even though Changmin is a cutie, since his personality in real life is like watching paint dry and Monday’s are the worst days for me, I have nothing to lose than to start off my day with him : ).

    Tuesday – Junsu: I love his smile but he just doesn’t do if for me. But he seems fun and sweet, so he would perk up my day.

    Wednesday – Yunho: I think he is crazy sexy and he would definitely get me over the mid-week blahs.

    Thursday – Mickey Yoochun: While I don’t think that he is average, I don’t find him that attractive either but his husky voice melts me like butta so, I would just love to hear him talk to me all day.

    Friday – Jaejoong: Yummy and just so pretty. The perfect way to end my week on a high note :).

  5. @KrisE

    “There is def a certain topic I wont mention here that Ide like to chat with him about (haha inside info btwn him and I) but that’s about it”


    I think the whole world knows about that topic and um, I’m sure he’s not the only Idol interested in this, but in typical Changmin style, he is the one who could care less about anyone knowing. LOL! : ).

  6. well for me it would be :
    monday:yunho becasue when i first saw him i didnt find him attractive but i do love his manly i d probably just talk to him with random converstion lol.
    tuesday:would be changmin ..he kinda scares me like he would be hard to impress..every time i see him in a interview he looks mad or bored ..i guess he should smile more but hes still sexy lol
    wedseday:would be jaejoong:although hes really sexi and perfect i feel hed be to high matineace so id probably feel unworthy/intimated the whole date.
    thursday:micky theres something about him he has a really sexi deep voice ,i wouldnt mind hearing late at night in my ear..also just the way he carries himself classy awww i just love him.
    FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!1:my number one bias JUNSU!!!!!!!!!talk about sexiiii omg where do i start his smile, his laugh, his sexi arm muscles…his voice omg his voice ..and he just seems like a sweet person ..he could sing to me the entire date …AAAHHH I LOVE HIIIIMMM!!!!!!!

  7. if i had a choice it wld be Changmin from monday to monday- despite his luv for ‘special videos’ lol athawise my week wld be
    Monday-Yoochun am nt that crazy abt him Tuesday – Hero wld lov hangn out with his anime-ish self n i cld spend the whole time wonderin abt his pecular’s alienish..sowi KrisE! Wednesday- Junsu..he’s cuute n i luv his smile
    Thursdy-Yunho only cz he’s 2nd to my Max n i love his manlynes
    Eva afta wld b Changmin coz am crazy abt him, his looks his voice am all 4 Changmin

    • Myles,

      No need to be “sowi” lol I always say my Jae Joong looks like an alien because well he really. However he is the most beautiful alien in the universe ^_^

  8. Monday- Changmin. Since he likes to eat a lot, we would most likely go out to dinner. Like everyone else has said, he does seem a little boring. So, I’ll get him out of the way first.
    Tuesday- Yunho. Although he’s good looking, he seems to be boring like Changmin. (Or maybe a little to quiet). Since I’m quiet also, I need someone who’s not quiet like Micky or Jaejoong.
    Wednesday- Micky. Since it’s halfway through the week and Changmin and Yunho are somewhat boring, I need someone who’s refreshing and Micky fits that. Although, Jaejoong is my bias, I have to agree with bitofabelly81. There’s something about Micky that forces you to pay attention to him. He has this air about him that makes him so attractive and his best features are his eyes and lips.
    Thursday- Junsu. Before I saw Junsu’s perform Intoxication, he didn’t really catch my attention. Yes, he was a great singer, but something made him forgettable. Now I have seen the light because of Intoxication. Don’t let that cute face fool you!!!!!!!

    Friday and for the rest of my life- Jaejoong. It’s Jaejoong. What other reason do I need?

    • You know,
      as much as I love the old DBSK/TVXQ,
      and inasmuch as I would not know what to do with myself
      if they got back together,
      I gotta tell you
      I thoroughly enjoyed TVXQ’s explosive new year’s promotions,
      and I completely support and revel in the success that
      JYJ has attained entirely on their own.
      That said, there’s something about JYJ’s presence
      and style that is most enticing and pleasing,
      laid back and pleasurable.
      While I love Yunho and TVXQ performances.
      Watching JYJ perform is like…
      like… good sex.
      It would be “great” sex,
      if I were on stage with them.

      • Lol… I totally agree. When I was writing my post, it was hard to write about HoMin (Yunho and Changmin) because their personalities never shine through that facade forced upon them by SM Entertainment.
        I also agree about JYJ. Although Yunho and Changmin are talented in their own ways, I feel as if their talent is not on the same level as the members of JYJ.

      • I disagree. While I think JYJ is creating wonderful music, I wouldn’t just say HoMin was subpar. I will be honest with, I liked KYHD as an album more than I did The Beginning. I do think that JYJ composes better ballads than HoMin, but I put them level to each other. But to each it’s own. I love all 5 of them regardless.

      • @bitofabelly81
        If he keeps moving that way, he’s going to mess up my bias list!!!! I wonder why he doesn’t do more performances like Intoxication or Xiahtic.

    • I like your approach.

      Okay, here I go:

      Monday – Changmin
      (take care of business first)

      Tuesday – Junsu
      (make me feel better about Monday and help me prepare for the next)

      Wednesday – Yunho
      (I think the break up has left him an even
      more serious person than he used to be –
      he’d be good for a hump-day,
      get a taste of both sides,
      he would probably say something
      about who I was spending the following day with)

      Thursday – Mickey
      (great fun and good preparation for…)

      Friday – Saturday – Jaejoong
      (sigh… an over-night-ter is required,
      what with all the stimulating conversation,
      and then all the other stuff too… sigh…)

      Sunday – Much needed day of rest.

      I tried to keep it simple and to the point,
      I really did; not too bad, huh?

  9. ooh my poor Changmin..seeing AngelFace01 refer to your personality as boring.. ahem..watchn paint dry! am dyn inside T,T…sims no one undrstands ths man apart frm me..imma stick up 4 him just as BOAB does 4 Micky lol

    • @Myles,
      Aww, sorry about that :). I still love Changmin but after meeting him in NY, I can honestly say that while he is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in person and smells so good (yes I did smell him), his personality was umm, yeah, not so exciting. LOL! Just way too quiet for me, at times I almost forgot he was in the room (and he was the only 1 there) but I still love Changminnie :).

    • Gah, I get you on Changmin. I think he just needs someone who is willing to work and find ways to make him comfortable opening up. I think that once he was comfortable there would be no stopping him from getting exactly what he wanted from you, whenever he wanted it. He seems so smart and witty, even if it is in a dry way. His dour face makes me giggle and his skeptical cock-eyes make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to pinch his cheeks just to see him sneer and side-eye me disdainfully and then I want to bug him some more until he pushed me against a wall and grabs my wrists. Poking the bear is always good fun. The bear usually bites you!

  10. Ahh too hard…

    Monday – I would start the week off with Yunho. He’s easy going and down to earth. Something to distract me from the drag mondays are

    Tuesday – Yoochun. It’s still the beginning of the week and I would need some excitment! He’s lookin’ good lately too

    Wednesday – I would put Changmin at Wednesday to calm me back down from the excitement. I bet he’s not as quiet as he seems lol.

    Thursday – Junsu is just super duper fun and it’s almost time for the weekend. (Love that song Intoxication by the way. I saw it and was like omg Junsu!!!)

    Friday – Kim Jaejoong! I would really look forward to my meal…hehe.

    • My reaction to Intoxication was the same. I think he wrote, composed the song and made the choreography. Junsu is definitely not boring if he can “stroke you like an arpeggio. lol.

      • LOL Yeaa.. I can’t get enough of this song. And omg that parts at 0:54 and starting at 2:18 have me cheesing big time!!!

        I was reading some excerpts from an interview he did and he said he would want to propose by sing “Would you marry me? You cannot say no.” I’d say yes lol. He also said external appearance doesn’t matter to him and some other sweet things. Gahh how could you not be intoxicated by him?!

  11. @myles@Angelface: he is painfully quiet, I will admit from seeing him in NJ!.


    That’s exactly why I would start the week off with Changmin since you have no where to go but up : ). But then again, he is a beast on stage so maybe….. LOL!

  12. It’s kind of embarassing how long it’s taken me to think of what I’d do with them if we really had date night… but here goes lol:

    Monday: All 5 members with slight emphasis on Changmin. I say because I don’t really want to leave any of them out, but to be honest, I don’t think I’d have fun with Changmin with just the two of us. I think he’s a bit more animated when the rest of the members are around to tease/make fun of him and I’d probably have more fun that way.

    Tuesday: Remaining 4 with emphasis on Yunho. The long and short of it is I’m not that athletic…and I kind of like KrisE’s idea of watching him workout… So I could like… watch him and the others play like some scrimmage game or something… or if it was just the two of us, do like KrisE said and watch him glisten with sweat while I get my fitness on, too.

    Wednesday: Remaining 3 with emphasis on Jaejoong. I think I’d be too shy to hang out with just Jaejoong by himself. We’d probably just hang out :o.

    Thursday: Remaining 2. With the exception of Friday, this would probably be my favorite day. Junsu and Yoochun together make the funniest duo. Once again, probably just hanging out and playing video games (yeah. I just said that. inb4 what a nerd!)

    Friday: YOOCHUN FOREVERMORE! Lol, with just the two of us, I can see us doing pretty much every possible date thing…from the classic (and kind of boring) dinner and a movie, to us going to the beach/fishing, to having late night ramen munchies, to travelling the world or even grocery shopping. I can picture us doing all that and more.

    I guess I really don’t see myself dating any of them except for Yoochun. So, date week would just be “hang out” week for me. And, having grown up in a family with mostly guys, I feel more comfortable hanging out with guys, so that’s probably why I’d rather hang out with them as a group (sans Yoochun) than just with just myself and one of them at a time. Gotta love being awkward =/

  13. Monday- I would actually start off my week with Junsu. He’s so cute and cuddly. I’m normally an upbeat person, so seeing him would send me into overdrive. I think I’d have to go clothes shopping with him. I’m curious as to how he would style me.This would prepare me for Tuesday.

    Tuesday- I would definately have to hang out with Changmin. He’s cute and I’d wanna go to the arcade with him and maybe invite Cho Kyuhyun from Super Junior to join, since I hear they are close friends and I adore Kyuhyun.

    Wednesday- At this point I’m blazing so I’d have to hang out with Jaejoong. I think our personalities would clash, and I would love that. So I’d want to get into playful arguments and have some competetive fun like that.

    Thursday- After having my competetive fires stoked by Jaejoong, I’d wanna play tennis with Yunho. Something active, that I am good at. Or I’d really want him to show me some of his Hapkido moves, and maybe teach me some.

    Friday- It just has to be Micky! After all this jumping, hopping, skipping and running, I’d like to feel like a lady again. I think Micky is the perfect man for the job. I’d let him wine me, and dine me. We’d catch a romantic movie. Go to a fancy out of the way resaturant that he likes. Let him buy me something nice. Then, we’d get smoothies and go sit at the park and just talk.

    These are fun. @KrisE Can’t wait for the next one!

  14. Was busy with work and so I’m late to the game, as well. Still, DBSK is my kpop favorite and unless something drastic happens, they always will be.

    Monday would be Junsu for me. I’m not sure why, but unless it’s Mirotic Junsu with his weird Mirotic hair, I can only see him as cute, younger brother material. Even Intoxication Junsu did nothing for me. I really think he’s at his best when he’s lost himself in singing or dancing. Junsu makes me want to go to amusement parks and zoos, so I’m thinking our date would be non-stop fun and games.

    Tuesday would be Yoochun for me. As intriguing, slinky, mysterious and witty as he is, I feel like that guy is an emotional roller-coaster. Two overly sensitive people together could really be a train wreck. I can just imagine the two of us going to some quiet coffee house to have a relaxing time and then us both getting caught up in worrying over something. The dark clouds would then descend, both of lost in our own heads. We’d leave pensive and moody. Wow, I just depressed myself thinking about it. But I think consoling/comfort sex would more than make up for the brooding. He seems really, exhaustingly intense. That’s what it is. A date with Micky seems like it would be rich emotionally, but exhausting.

    Wednesday has to be Yunho. Such a solid seeming man should be solidly in the middle of the week. Yunho seems like he is everything that your mother wants you to have. He’s good-looing in a convetional and manly way, he’s solid and strong, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and seems to have a very developed sense of responsibility. I’m thinking our date would be by the book. It’d have to start with flowers at the door and him promising your mother/roomie/husband/whoever that he would take good care of you and even your husband would let you go because he’d be so earnest and honorable. Dinner and a movie would be next and I can even see him wanting to hold hands or put his arm around you and wondering if it’s too much. He’d drive you back home and smile at you and tell you to get inside where it’s warm and then he’d leave you with a smile and without that goodnight kiss that isn’t appropriate for a first date.

    Thursday and Friday get dicey. I used to be sure of where Jae was and he’s still at the top, but there is just something about Changmin lately. I’ve always been attracted to the quirky ones.

    Thursday is still Changmin, for now, because I think a date with him would be exhausting in the same way Micky’s would be, if not exactly for the same reasons. I don’t know if Changmin even likes going out. He seems to be a home body to me and that would be fine. We could play video games and I could cook for him, but more than anything I’d love to bicker and play-fight with him. I really think that Jae and Changmin were the soul-fighters for a reason. Jae loves to be close to people and he’s very touchy. Changmin is obviously very prickly with his personal space but I think his snark and violence are a cover for social anxiety. I’d like to think that he wants to talk to and be close to people but he doesn’t know the way. Jae is smart and got in his physical contact with something that Changmin was comfortable with and even seemed to really like. If I had to punch and rough-house with Changmin to get him to loosen up, well then let’s move all the furniture and throw down with a tickle fight.

    Jae is still solidly at the end of the week and it’s not just for his astounding, uneartly good looks. I think Pete Jackson missed out on a treasure trove of elves when he skipped over Korea in the auditions. Just saying. Jae is at the end of the week because I think that after I got over being speechless around him, I’d be the most comfortable with him and comforted BY him. We share a love of cooking and staying in and nesting. Although he seems to party a lot, many of his nights seem to end up back at his apartment, with his friends in tow because I think he likes to share his space with the people he’s comfortable with and he likes to take care of them. Snuggling with Jaejoong and watching movies on the couch seems like it would rainbows, cute baby animals and Christmas, all rolled up into one. His quirky sense of humor would always keep you laughing and those huge, warm eyes of his would be like balm to your soul.

  15. “Average”….LOL Kris you killed me with this!!!…..Yoochun is one of the most beautifulest hottestest man I’ve ever layed my eyes upon. How can anyone find this man “average”? o_O This is such a mystery to me xD but hey tastes are tastes I know … I’d date him on Monday, we’d be engaged on Tuesday, and married on Wednesday…I’d straight marry him. 🙂

  16. Hmmm Since I like all of their personalities (though Yoochun is my Bias)
    Monday: Yunho: since I hate Mondays, just for him be there laughing and joking with me on my way to school or at work)(I’m 17 XDD) would be cool! Would make my day alot less depressing ♥♥♥

    Tuesday : ChangMin: We could hang out and what not, I can convince him to take me to try Japanese and korean foood in Korea town (if they came to L.A again :P) less scary to go bymyself!♥♥♥

    Wensday : Jaejoong : Me and Jaejoong could stay home ~nd play video games all day long!! X-Boxlive I’d love that!♥♥♥

    Thursday : Junsu : Junsu and me could go out hanging out around town, making him laughjust to hear his famous “Eun Kyang Kyang” then would randomly Blurt out “Oh Man Gawd Sun”, especially to hearhis cute Konglish!~♥♥♥
    Friday : Yoochun : Yoochun could invite me.over, have dinnee,.play the piano for me. Watch aome.comedy.movies. Kiss…(Wink) talk.abput some “plans” ♥♥♥♥♥
    Sat-Sun : DBSK: LMAO, im greedy :D..WOULD be very intresting o. o! ★☆★

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