Real Asian Men Dont Come with English Subtitles

I wanted to share my “personal k-drama” experience with you all. This is just some random insight on my interaction with a total FOB (fresh off the boat) Korean guy who has been living here for 8 months studying English. I have lots of Korean friends from Korea but they have lived here for a few years so communication is easy. A lot of you might not know this but I actually volunteer helping Korean students perfect their English skills. However this was the first time I’ve gone on a date with a Korean who is FOB. Sooo here we go with my observations and experiences!

Texting simple English is best because too much is like over load.

Honestly if I didn’t know as much Korean as I do, the whole communication situation would be extremely frustrating for both of us. We flip-flop back and forth between English and Korean pretty much during every conversation.

Just like you see the Idols getting extremely shy when they are complimented so does he ^_^

Yes he likes it when I say “oppa”.

Koreans have a thing with comparing girls to animals; remember Heechul saying that one chick looked like a poodle because she had curly hair? Well I was told I have eyes like a Shih Tzu

  • The size of my eyes are a big deal to him. He loves that I have double lids and that they are “doll-like” along with being similar to a dogs -_-

As if you havent already realized Koreans like good skin. He talked about my skin ALOT and even rested his hand beside mine and said we are about the same color but that I’m only a little darker. It was so random yes, but honestly it wasnt about the color of my skin as much as it was about the condition of my skin. No matter what “shade” you are just take care of it. Keep it smooth and looking fresh! We actually did talk about face masks and what not. It was somewhat weird how he noticed things dare I say American guys don’t reallllly notice.

You know how in dramas they are dominant? Well he was no different telling me the night BEFORE the date to only look at him. He refused to acknowledge status not because he’s in America but because he likes me, so there is no way he’s calling me “noona”.However I continued to remind him kindly that he is my dongsaeng by using “ah” at the end of his name which is what you say when someone is younger than you. Older is “shi” for reference. (Hey you gotta put a guy in check some how rightt?!)

We’re all familiar with the Korean weight loss nonsense right? Well of course he sat there and explained that he wants to lose weight because he’s getting fat; meanwhile he’s tall (6 feet actually) and slim but has good thighs and arms and a totally defined Jaw line. Sooo I had to let him know he was talking crazy and that he should actually eat a burger.

You know the stalker-ish/obsessive personality traits the men in dramas seem to have? Well he was no exception. Last friday is when we exchanged numbers. Friday night is when the texting began and has not stopped. It’s actually overwhelming especially because he is really open about his feelings. On my date he told me that he wants me to see him “as a man” and then he said he liked me in Korean (MAJOR K-DRAMA MOMENT). He’s already planning skype conversations when he goes back to Korea, Bike riding along the Han River when I visit in the summer, wanting me to date only him when I actually move to Korea which is a freakin year and a half away! Me getting along with his unnie and oh the best one was he doesn’t want me going to Ktown anymore because there are too many Korean guys there. Totally k-drama leading guy out of control intense activity going on!! BTW I’m not going to sit here and say that’s how every single Korean guy is because it’s not, but it is actually common so be prepared!

So what I realized is..yes alot of the cliché’s about what they like are true. Those “k-drama moments” we all love are actually weird and awkward even overwhelming at times. Over all it was fun and I’ll keep seeing him till he goes back to Korea which is at the end of January. However I’ll keep going to Ktown and I will not be looking only at him. Also he wanted my twitter and even a link to the blog PSSHH YAHHH RIGHT WITH THAT MESS! Funny thing though, you all know how I’m Team Kim Hyun Joong/Jae Joong? Well he’s Team Rain! He freakin loves Rain….go figure!

Anyone else have a similar experience with an Asian guy?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:SNSD ‘The Boys’)

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92 thoughts on “Real Asian Men Dont Come with English Subtitles

  1. This was so cute! I was dying laughing. Oh and the texting thing, he likes you a lot. If he doesn’t text you after getting your number, then you know he’s not interested…in other words, you’re in the clear! \(^.^)/

  2. I like your story, its”Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” Ior vice versa chocolate ladies are ruling from Europe and European Kings and Krise noona we are on our way to Seoul, go conquer Korea and let it rain Chocolate~~~~to intoxicate their fine specimen of chiseled jaw men. I am your number one fan supporting you all the way to Hero Jaejoong’s heart, or Kim Hyun Joong arms one way or other you will win.

    • I like your story, its”Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” or vice versa chocolate ladies are ruling Europe and European Kings and Krise noona we are on our way to Seoul, Conquer Korea and let it rain Chocolate~~~~to intoxicate their fine species of chiseled jaw men. I am your number one fan supporting you all the way to Hero Jaejoong’ or Kim Hyun Joong arms. One way or other you will win.


  3. For a little bit, I wasn’t sure how the title related to the article 😮 (I thought you were trying to emphasize the importance of learning new languages so that you and your date/significant other/crush would be able to communicate with each other…something which you did mention briefly =]).

    However, it did open my eyes on “how to catch a Korean” lmao. One of the things you mentioned was skin condition (not so much color), which is one of my biggest flaws. I’ve been blessed with horrible skin – soft, but not the most attractive and that’s something that, as you pointed out, is a pretty big deal with Koreans. I was reading this one questionnaire by JYJ’s Yoochun and he mentioned that the thing that he was most insecure about was his skin. Also, whenever allkpop adds an article of an idol sharing a selca, they always mention the netizen comments which ALWAYS talk about how clear so-and-so’s skin is sans make-up.

    Sounds like I need to make another trip to my dermatologist lol. For myself more so than a future spouse lol

    • for help with your skin check out
      lots of easy to do in your kitchen recipes that WILL get you beautiful
      skin in a heartbeat. Personally, I do an olive oil sugar scrub at least once a week, an egg white and raw honey mask once a week. Rice water tonic every morning and night. My skin is what I get compliments on all the time. Oat meal
      flour and rice flour bath at least two times a week (I ground the rice and oats in a blend tec blender). by the way rice flour mixed with evian mineral water makes a
      great facial scrub.

      • Thank you so much! I’m checking out the site now. I’m not sure how much access I’ll have to what you suggested (I’m currently in a foreign country and don’t know how readily available things like rice water/flour are available here), but I’ll do what I can =]

      • That is some great advice there. Your ingredients are absolutely FABULOUS for the skin, yeah! Presently I use one room-temperature egg yolk, raw honey, and plain dry oatmeal (or either sugar or cream of wheat for a soft scrub) once a week. I use the yolk now because, being older, my skin has gotten dry, whereas in my younger days I had that oily thing going on and had to use the whites. Boy, after I get this mask off, my skin feels like a baby’s butt even before I moisturize.

        The rice water is new to me… I’ll have to look that up and give it a go. Thanks! 🙂

      • Ooh thanks for the tips. My skin isn’t horrendous, but it could use a little help. Thank goodness when I was going thru that akward teen stage I didn’t have bad skin, but it crept up on me in my 20’s and has stuck around into my 30’s. I will def check this out.

        Now back to the other 70+ comments-LOL

      • Ok the skin thing is alittle annoying right? They are sooo hardcore about it but on the flip side I’ve seen ALOT of them with seriously bad acne so they have the same problems! Nothing to really worry about!!

  4. Oh, thank you so much for your insight. I am chatting with a 30 year old man fom Seoul right now, but he has lived in the US for two years(and he is only a 45 minute drive from me) and his written English is amazing. We have both been too shy to actually meet or even have a phone call yet and tht is fn with me, since I usually turn freakazoid in person because of my social anxiety. Somehow, if I get to know people online well-enough, I am not that nervous at all when I finally do meet them. To be clear, by well I am talking about several years of online and phone conversations. I have yet to be surprised after waiting so long. Usually people are exactly as my impression of them was.

    I am completely squirelly about the age difference, since I am 40. I also lack self confidence about how I will look to him, although he has seen every recent picture of me that exhists.

    Best wishes to you, but I agree. Unless you really go nuts for him, have fun together while he’s here, but don’t let him dictate you life, especially when he has moved. If you choose only to look at him, then that should be up to you.

    • @plinkin I keep hearing that 40 is the new 30. Try not to be anxious about this. Nia Long was in Ebony magazine last month and she is 40 and just had a baby. I’m not 40 but after reading her article about the confidence and happiness that she has at this point in her life, she almost made me wish I was 40.

    • Whoa!!! I say go for it, plinkin, and I agree with Choi Min Jung. 40 is definitely the new 30 and , personally, I’m enjoying every minute of it. Don’t freak out, just enjoy being together whether is friendship or something more. Just be yourself.

      • Plinkin,

        PLEASE hear me out. I know that in drama’s and reality shows they really tend to make age seem like its a big deal. Its actually not in fact what he and others have told me is age is only important when it has to do with status and how you interact with someone. They love to tease each other about their age but they dont actually care about it when it comes dating.

  5. I enjoyed reading this ……. I think I see now what you were referring to on Twitter.

    I think the perfect theme song for your guy would be “Only Look at Me” by TaeYang.

    I understood the title of your article to mean that this guy you were with doesn’t have excellent English skills yet but was still able to express his feelings(obsession) for you. lol

    I haven’t had a similar situation like this with a Korean guy because the ones I know are still in school and just don’t have a lot of time on their hands. I think it’s interesting that you mentioned it wasn’t so much about skin color but more so about the condition of your skin. Seems like a lot of people tend to think Koreans are like racists Nazis when it comes to skin color. Maybe I just don’t feel that way because I haven’t experienced that with the Koreans I know nor have I been to Korea to actually see this for myself.

    But I think your right when it comes to the status thing. Most of the K-dramas I watch center around a relationship between an older woman and a younger man and the younger guys love their older girlfriends even to the point of marrying them but they never address them as “noona” but instead address them by full name or just their first name with “sshi” at the end.

    But I’ll definitely be keeping in mind your tips about having good skin and especially about weight.

  6. I was laughing crazy over the Shih Tzu part. I understand about how they like to compare people to animals but I think if he would have said that, I’d have a moment where I’d think “this dude is crazy.” Good luck with this man though, he sounds very nice.

  7. Everyone’s was sweet, specially yours Krise. I like the relationship, and found it interesting how he just claimed you. Love you independence. My question is with all the “Don’t do this stuff” from him. Is this his way of taking you off the market, so to speak and is he putting a ring on it.

    I am new to the Korean mind set. So what you wrote has made me understand what I have been seeing in the moives.

    • Uh from my exp with Korean men its a cultural thing. Not all but alot of them get very intense when they like a girl. The constant texting, calling I noticed is a normal occurence. Also he thinks I’m beautiful and very charming so automatically others think the same way and it makes him freak out. Its a mixture of insecurity which alot of Koreans that I have come across seem to have and also just a dominant personality.
      But yah he doesnt want me with anyone else which is too bad considering I only started talking to him LAST WEEK. So listening to him is not an option ^_^

      • LOL!! Just last week, I thought this was a few months!!.. And you seem like you have a strong personality, so it will definately be intresting to say the least!!

      • hahah right!?! Like dude chillax we just met! And Angel so funny we were sititng in a lounge and I was like oh you like girls who listen and do what you say huh? He was like yeah and then said I dont really listen to him and asked if I plan to be that way all the time LMAO I told him yahhh for the most part I’ll ignore most of what you tell me and only listen to certain things when I FEEL LIKE IT. He gave the most epic facial expression everrr like “omg she just told me she wont listen!!” lol

      • KrisE,

        Great article and had me laughing at my own personal experience and what I am currently going through with my daughter and a K-Pop admirer. The constant texting and the need to be in communication is unfortunatey, all too common with Asian men, who are very protective and territorial. Definitely overwhelming! But you are so right about the skin thing. My hubby could care less about anything I wear but God forbid, I have a pimple. LOL! I do hear you about the comparison to animals. The shih Tzu comment would have had me pissed but since he was only talking about the eyes, he gets a pass. LOL! At least he didn’t compare you to a Bulldog or something :).

      • Yeah a bulldog would have just been sooo wrong lolol I like communication I mean its a great thing that a guy wants to be connected to the girl he likes but there is a limit. Like you knowwww if I dont answer your texts right away dont resort with blowing up my phone with calls. Like take a minute to yourself and fall back lolol

  8. So I just wanted to clear something up about the title of my article and then I’ll comment and answer all the questions above.The article itself is pretty long and alot of things I didnt mention but the title “Real Men dont Come with english subtitles” came to me while thinking about all the drama’s and reality based shows.

    We all sit and watch reality and variety shows with our favorite Idols and actors. With subtitles we can understand and totally relate to them. The subtitles actually give us all a false sense of understanding if you think about it. We tend to really forget that alot of these guys are very limited with English and understanding of different cultures. So really when you take away the English subtitles what are you left with?

    Just an Asian guy (lets say a Korean guy) who is from another part of the world, who knows of our culture but doesnt really understand our culture. He may think the same way as you, hold the same values and views but if his English isnt great or your Korean isnt great the two of you will never really connect or realize how much you have in common.

    Now I’m not saying that everyone here is only interested in Asian guys who were born and raised in Korea, Japan, China, Thailand etc. and you wont consider Asian American guys because I’m sure some of you will. But lets be honest, most of us want the FOB guys because we love what we see in dramas and on reality shows. Besides they are just realllllly different right?!

    If thats what you want great! Go for it seriously…BOAB and I are two people that really believe if you have a dream or a goal pursue it with all your heart and never let anyone stop you or try to tell you its a waste of time. The only waste is a dream not followed remember that.

    But be REALISTIC!! Interacting with a foreign person is not a cake walk. It takes alot of patience, understanding and judgement should be left at the door. It also takes effort on both of your parts. You want the foreign guy then you better start learning a new language; prepare yourself for their views because they might be realllly different from yours. What you see in dramas can either be right on point, really wrong or just taken out of context so keep that in mind.

    The point is when the subtitles are taken away so is alot of the understanding and the two of you are left blindly facing each other.

    K-Kisses! KrisE

    • There is truth to what you say. My friend wasn’t an FOB, he came from China to Romania 3yrs, then to America. He was surprised that I knew alot about there culture. And that is only because I did a lot of research. It’s hard work, but if two people want to be together, they will make it work.

      • Asian guys almost always seem surprised that I seem to know about their music and culture, in general. I’m not sure why it’s so shocking to them. I mentioned CN Blue to one young man that I was chatting with and you’d have thought I’d given him the holy grail. Questions started pouring out when he realised that he might have something in common with me and might be able to talk to me about something other than world politics or the weather.

        I have a Japanese friend who has lived out of Japan for over 10 years and he comes to ME to find out what is happening in the entertainment world in his own country.

        Like KrisE said, finding some common ground and finding some way to communicate it would be so very important.

      • Scream with Laughter, I know what you’re talking about. My Chinese friends have already asked me, if I’m having the Chinese New Year party! And if you haven’t asked by now, I’m not Chinese! They are too funny, but dead serious about this.

  9. I love your articles!!! They are always sooo interesting.. and like some of the other people, I was not blessed with great skin, but I do have great legs, so maye that would work to my advantage!! 🙂 Also, it’s interesting how you said he is open with his feelings because I got the feeling that Asian men were not that open, and I also thought they loved when the women stalked them… Great eye opening article

    • hehe thank youuuu ^_^

      Oh I think Asian guys are “just guys”. Some are more open than others, some may like stalking, others may not. I mean those things are just personality traits after all.

  10. All of these love connections in the air……

    Anyhoo, Its’ great that the both of you are exchanging languages like that. I don’t speak Korean,but I speak some Spanish and French. With French I think I can speak it more than Spanish. I can concrete pretty ok with French,but I’m not comfortable with speaking to a French/French speaking

    I love learning about other people cultures as long as the other person’s idea of learning it doesn’t make it seems like something is wrong with yours ( and vice versa). Ever since I was I was little my mom has always told my sister and me to keep up our skin and I do as of this day,but I do it because i love having nice skin. Now, if a man compliments me about my skin, I would be happy about it,but I would certainly hope that he would see me deeper than appearances. Our bodies changes. I’m quite sure that the person they see in me ( physically), will not always be the person they may see at 90. You look at elderly couples who has been married for ages. Physically, they are grey haired, maybe a little chubby , their jowls have descended and some have wrinkles but to each other ,they are handsome or beautiful as the person they married in the past. Hope the man I get will be like this.
    The K dramas may make the ” obsession” look romantic ,but if I don’t think I would want that in my l real life, I guess because I came close to having that done to me. I don’t know about anyone else,but I hate feeling smothered like that.

    If I were in your shoes, I would also tell him not to lose weight. He may want the chiseled jaw look,but I would rather him not having those jaws than to have a chiseled body. I’ve seen a lot of tall men who are skinny and it didn’t look right on them. Kind of remind of of Snoop-Dogg. That is example of a guy who is tall.and needs to gain some weight. He’s( your friend) 6″ tall. Naw..he should stay the way he is I’ve seen a lot of menwho was that tall and taller and I loved the ones that seemed to weight over 190 plus. Hopefully, the more that he’s in states, were more tolerant of people’s imperfections and differences.

    • Yes, ATLSis, the love connections here are great reading (LOL).

      Language exchange has it’s benefits; I’m intermediate French and Japanese. I”ve tutored English/Japanese exchange for over a year now and sharing knowledge has really been a culture shock for both sides.

      I once thought that the Japanese (especially women) were reserved; so not true. They are very inquisitive and open to new things. They are very direct (albeit diplomatic) in their questions and they listen attentively piling more questions on top of that. Something I find very refreshing, as their interest is genuine and they really want to understand .

      ATLSis quote: “I love learning about other people cultures as long as the other person’s idea of learning it doesn’t make it seems like something is wrong with yours ( and vice versa). Ever since I was I was little my mom has always told my sister and me to keep up our skin and I do as of this day,but I do it because i love having nice skin. Now, if a man compliments me about my skin, I would be happy about it,but I would certainly hope that he would see me deeper than appearances. Our bodies changes. I’m quite sure that the person they see in me ( physically), will not always be the person they may see at 90. You look at elderly couples who has been married for ages. Physically, they are grey haired, maybe a little chubby , their jowls have descended and some have wrinkles but to each other ,they are handsome or beautiful as the person they married in the past. Hope the man I get will be like this.”

      Very well said!!!

  11. Dang, KrisE, he got me at Team Rain! ahahahahaha Love it! 😀

    What an eye-opening and very interesting post. Thanks so much for sharing this experience. The similarities in real life and Kdrama were definitely there, as were some dissimilarities as well… all in all, he sounds like a pretty interesting person to get to know.

    Ahhh, now to go back and read everyone’s comments…

    • Dynastic,

      We seriously had a major debate TWICE about Rain! I was staring at him like WTH WHY ARE YOUUU SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS!?!??! It went like this..

      Him: Do you like Rain?
      Me: Yeah hes real cool but my loves are Kim Hyun Joong and Jae Joong.
      You had to see his face he looked sooo disgusted!
      Him:What?! I hate them, I dont even want to talk about them..I dont understand how you dont love Rain hes so cool, and a sexy guy.
      Me: o_0 yeah ok butttttttttttt I prefer KHJ and Jae Joong they are my oppas!
      Him: Rain is better…you’re crazy.Really you’re weird.
      Me: o_0 -_- o_o You’re a total weirdo for liking a guy more than ME so whatevs this conversation is done you’re Team Rain I’m Team Joongs” arasso?! ” ( got it, get it, understand in Korean)

      • LOL! LMAO! It really went down like that?? hahaha

        Aww, he shouldn’t be so hard on KHJ and JaeJoong! Celebs are sexy in different ways, dude. It’s all in your chemistry with them.

        (The media is always harping on Rain’s fan girls, and totally ignoring the fact that there are a LOT of straight guys at his concerts screaming along with the girls LOL Ah well, maybe one day… 😀 )

        Yep, I can just see you looking at him like that O________o Kris, heh. He sounds like a lot of fun, though. 🙂

      • LMAO I crying here, picturing him and KrisE at a Rain concert and him screaming more than anybody else! Hell gotta go to the bathroom !!!!!!

      • yeah it really went down like that it was too funny, but I actually got sad that he said he hated my Joongs 😦 Like what a hater just cuz their pretty and I want them more than you doesnt mean you have to be mean and “hate” them lolololol

  12. An interesting thing that happened to me…

    There is a really cool Korean guy in my Korean language class. He’s not a student, because he is a native speaker who has lived here in the States for years and speaks perfect English as well; he is one of the participants who helps us get what we learn down right, and he also has fun afternoons for us at his place with Korean lunch and TV shows and movies and games every now and then. We really like each other as friends (honestly, that’s it, not my type, though he is cute as a button and in good shape) and he is CHOCK FULL of cultural info and loves to share it.

    Anyway, with all that I’ve come to understand about Asian men, such as everything that’s been talked about in this post and thread, he totally floored me one afternoon when he advised me to go for a nice Asian guy, that with how he’s come to know me, me and a nice Korean businessman would be a great match. That if I ever get to Seoul, I should grab myself a boyfriend who is a good businessman and has a lot to offer me, live well and be happy. Or to just find one here.

    This floored me because I am 50 and he knows that (he had a hard time believing my age, though, because I have really good skin and as you sistas know, Black don’t crack, heheh), and because I’m not a small woman by any means. I have hellajunk in my trunk (a little less than I used to, ’cause I’ve been working at it, but I’m still a Big Girl). My complexion is “paper-sack” brown. The last thing I ever expected was for him to say that there was a faction of Asian dudes who would jump at me, but he was insistent and serious as a heart attack. So. That really gave me some food for thought.

    I do believe that the majority of Asian men do naturally prefer the norm, for sure, but boy, seems that, like every other variety of man out there, there are also those who go for the gusto when it comes to shape and size as well as color. I’m still going to continue my personal back to health program because I’m doing that for ME. But don’t be surprised if I nail me down a businessman one day. Haha. 😉

    • Well, well, well…………the world is becoming smaller and smaller I think.

      A Korean businessman….you go girl!


    • Hey let’s here it for us 50 sisters. I know when I go to China I get a lot of look from the men.You should see the young teen boys and men try to come on to my daughter. They want permission to talk to her. Or in my case, they ask my daughter can they talk to me. Girl, it’s funny as I don’t know what. I guess it’s because you don’t see it too much in the States.

      Go on and take some Soul to Seoul.

      • Ladies thank you for those comments, it is what I needed to hear today, and is helping solidify my decision to head for an Asian country.!

    • “But don’t be surprised if I nail me down a businessman one day” Girl, go for the businessman, the chef, the instructor, the doctor, the store owner, whatever love finds your way. As long as he is a good man and treat you well. loI I think we all have had our share of “bad seeds” I was begining to think that Asian men only want certain type of black women. If what your friend say is true, then there is hope for all.

      I workout and try to eat healthy but LAWD knows I can’t give up the chocolate, like you I am doing this for me.

      • @LadyOrchid

        Oh yeah, for sure, I’ll go for a good man period, regardless of his profession. There’s more to a man than his “collar”, I say (so long as it’s legal). I’m pretty sure that my friend was thinking that at this point in my life, I’d be looking for someone who was already established and not still trying to “find” himself and all that mess, thus his businessman suggestion. And frankly, he’s right. 😉

        Chocolate… mmmmmm… *jonzin’ for a Mr. Goodbar* LOL

      • @DynasticQueen, See, now you have started something I am trying to resist this box of turtles…… Mr. Goodbar..mmm,hmmm *wink, wink* lol

  13. KrisE,

    This was a very interesting post. I like reading more and getting more insight into the Asian cultural experience. I chuckled at the Shih Tzu comment. My mother-in-law had a Shih Tzu, so I was particularly tickled with that. I also have round eyes, so I would have been like WTH….also. I mean, must a person be compared to house pets? (SMILES)

    Oh BTW, Love the “Gu Jun Pyo” pic and hi-five to your date for being Team Rain, as well. Good Luck with him.

  14. @KrisE,

    “Yeah a bulldog would have just been sooo wrong lolol I like communication I mean its a great thing that a guy wants to be connected to the girl he likes but there is a limit. Like you knowwww if I dont answer your texts right away dont resort with blowing up my phone with calls. Like take a minute to yourself and fall back lolol”

    I always hate to stereotype people but there is def something about the Asian man and the constant communicating. I’ve been with my hubby since college and he still hasn’t figured out that when I am out and about, texting me 10 x’s in a row “Where R U?” “Did U get my last text?”, “Why aren’t U answering Me”? “Angel, What is going on?”, “R U OK?”, “Answer me, please?”; just does not work with me :). I’ll answer , when I answer. LOL! But, I guess it’s better than being ignored :).

    • True but its alittle much and the same thing went on with when I dated other Asian guys. But this guy clearly wins in the “Most likely to stalk me for life” category lolol

      • KrisE,

        LMAO!!!! Hey stalking is how my husband got me so, it’s not all bad if you are feeling him : ).

        I kinda think that Asian men tend to have this “insecurity complex”, when they snag a pretty woman. And trust me, no matter how long U are with them, it doesn’t change. Like I said, I’ve been with my hubby since we were 18 years old, and even being married for 15 years now, plus 3 kids and 1 baby on the way, he still hasn’t figured out that he does not need to worry about other men. He’s got me. LOL!

      • Thats exactly what I think it is! Hes such a freakin weirdo! Next Friday is my first lesson with a new student and the student happens to be a Korean guy and this one over here is freakin out. He’s like why are you acting so excited to meet him? ( I wasnt ) How much time do you have to spend with him? ( 1 hour) How many times a week? ( Just Fridays) Oh thats not bad, I’ll pick you up after the lesson. (?!!?!?!?!?) Hes not even my bf I’ve only met him 3 times and had 1 date with him. Hes totally out of his mind but I’m not totally annoyed yet lolol

    • Ooh Congrats! AngelFace on the new addition to your family. No wonder your hubby is paranoid.That is great news. Bringing another K-Pop lover into the world.

  15. no offense but will his parent’s accept you when you go over to Korea? Since this is Art Imitates Life? Are the mother’s seriously protective over their son’s life like they do in the drama’s..Or will he just tell them you are only a friend? But that sometimes misconstrues ideas of some folks..esp. if they are his parents’…

    well anywho good luck with your new found friend..

    • Hmmm interesting question. Well first when I get to Korea there will be wayy to many guys to even focus on that mess.
      Next and hold on you might be shocked but he actually asked me what my parents would think if i got really serious with an Asian guy and if they were conservative or not.
      His parents are very liberal and so are all of his friends parents.
      Dramas are not real, obviously they are based loosely on some truths but its exaggerated truths.
      Besides who really cares? I mean I dont especially since there can be a million other reasons like my personality for instance that could make his parents not like me. It could have nothing at all to do with the fact I’m not Asian. ^_^

      • aaahhh that’s fantastic of his friend’s and esp the family….again media and tv shows always mind altering some cultures life styles to have one think differently just from what they see on tv..thanks for clearing this up for me…so he asked you of your parent’s accepting him???? WOW…that’s different..

        Good Luck with him, the move…and everything else when in Korea..I guess u can’t post any pics right??

    • @LadyOrchid and Choi Min Jung,

      Gracias for the baby well-wishes! It definitely was a shocker and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that next year I will be the Mommy to 4 kids but like my Hubby said, “We are already outnumbered with the 3 kids that we have, so 4 won’t kill us”. LOL! ).

      • Congratulations on baby #4!!! Your husband is right, it definitely won’t kill you (LOL) . Besides, look at it this way, even numbers and the children are paired nicely. That’s the way I looked at with my fourth, after the first year they made a perfect quartet. I was only required to provide supervision and snacks.

      • @ninayoung “. I was only required to provide supervision and snacks”
        @Angelface ““We are already outnumbered with the 3 kids that we have, so 4 won’t kill us”.

        Lol, you ladies are funny! That’s a good way to look at life.

  16. @ Choi, “You can’t believe everything you see and hear in the media and then form assumptions based on that” So true, that ‘s why it great to have topics like this. I enjoyed reading the comments 🙂

  17. @Ninayoung,

    Thanks for the congrats! I had to laugh when I read your post because my husband was so happy when he found out that we were having our 4th child because of the “even number of kids”. LOL! The best part this time around is that since our twins are 14 and the youngest is 6, we now have 3 more sets of hands to help out : ).

  18. KrisE – great topic and post. I cannot wait to see how this “affair” plays out! As an American woman, I see it will be a hard sell to be able to communicate, relate and date (hey, that rhymed) if I EVER get the opportunity to meet an Asian man. I would have a lot to put aside: the urge to stare (in contempt) when told to “only look at me”, someone “blowing up my phone with texts”…not a fan of this AT ALL, and if being called ‘exotic’ ticks me off try saying I look like a dog! Oh…breathe…wait…if he looked like Rain/KHJ/So Ji Sub then I could endure all….EASILY! …I’m so shallow….

    I loved the “good skin” part! This actually surprised me. I see it in the dramas but I didn’t think men really paid that much attention to it. Nice to know!

    And finally, the Chuckie picture…I thought I was going to die laughing! THAT is one doll you don’t want to look like!

    I’m jealous of your move to Seoul…I may do the same! Good luck with “Rain-man” and keep us updated! LOL

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and I’m really happy you mentioned chucky because no one else did! I thought it was hilarious lolol
      Its ok to be shallow everyone here knows I am and I admit it without hesistation hehe

      Keep an eye out because there is a PART TWO AND ITS CRAZY!!

      • @KrisE,

        I was going to mention the Chucky doll but couldn’t figure out where U were going with that pic. I was like, well, she doesn’t look like Chucky but he’s known as a crazy doll. So either she’s crazy or the dude is. LOL! Either way, I figured I would just keep my mouth shut :).

      • Ehh it was just part of my off beat sense of humor. It makes me laugh how Asians are obsessed with having “doll like” eyes. Besides my skin, my eyes are what he realllllly loves. Its creepy and cool at the same time so I figured Chucky perfectly fit the thoughts in my head about the whole situation haha

  19. @KrisE,

    “Wooo a KPOP baby! Name it something cool like “Rainism” jk hahaha”

    LOL! You’re funny and as much as I love Rain, I don’t see that happening : ). We are actually toying with the idea of giving the last child (hopefully) a Japanese name. Since my husband’s father is Japanese, we have a very common Japanese last name, We purposedly named our kids very American names so that they would at least have 1st names that were easy to pronounce. LOL! Mika is the only one who has a Japanese 1st & last name and this was because my hubby wanted his daughter to have a name with the word “beautiful” in it awwwww!!! Her twin brother is Justin and the 6 year old is Ryan.

    If it’s a boy, Mika wants the name Jaejoong because as she said, “I could then say you know my brother is Jaejoong right??” :). But my hubby said yeah, confuse the child even more. We already have 3 olive toned, green eyed, Japanese looking kids, let’s really mess things up and give him a Korean 1st name & a Japanese last name. LOL! Poor kid :).

    • hahaha “Jaejoong” Well a Japanese name would be cute as long as its not super anime like “Ryu” or “Akira” haha I’m sure whatever you decide it’ll be cute!

      • @Bitofabelly81,

        Japanese names are very beautiful and the names that you like are very cute. We’re just trying to think of the right flow for the name. Our last name is so long, that unless the 1st name is short, it just sounds messy : ).

  20. well, initially I have to say I like this guy because, well, he’s got good taste in guys! lol, he’s a big Rain fan and I respect that. HOWEVER, on the other hand…the obsessiveness is really annoying. I understand that he really likes you but he needs to (you guessed it) CALM DOWN. There’s nothing more unnattractive than an insecure guy! I see this “relationship” heading for donezo, but in the meantime, it is cool that you are getting a first hand account of what it feels like to be in a kdrama! Sooooo perhaps I don’t feel so sorry for you afterall! lol

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  24. Ahhh this is SOOO true! omg. The K-guy I was dating was sort of like this but not so possessive. He’s super caring, always carried my bags, always wanted to know if i was hungry (he was always trying to feed me) and he would rub my skin non stop and tell me how cute I was. I liked it but sometimes it would be a bit much, I sort of felt like he was treating me like a baby.

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