[M/V] Daesung – Lunatic

BIGBANG’s 22-year-old lead singer Daesung has taken an interesting route in his solo music career. Apparently, “Lunatic” is a song from “What’s Up”, in which he plays Hades, a rockstar. Goodness knows the tragic occurence from earlier this year has most likely affected the once always joking, always smiling member of one of South Korea’s most popular Kpop boybands. I can’t say that I blame him. So, after taking a few months off to regroup his mind and soul, he’s come to us a more dark and mature Daesung. Without further ado, check out the official music video for “Lunatic”.

P.S. – Thanks to couturekitty for bringing it to my attention!

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12 thoughts on “[M/V] Daesung – Lunatic

  1. I listened to it a few more times without watching the video and I’m still unsure if I like it or not. That being said, I do like the fact that he’s branching out to other genres of music even if it is just for the drama. I am interested to see how he will play this character. Before the accident, he was such a light-hearted and funny person and now, like you said, it seems he is more mature and darker, which this music kind of reflects. Great post!

    • I agree with you! Despite understanding where he is emotionally and mentally, I’m still used to seeing the light-hearted him. I do think that he is much stronger tan he was before but still needs time to fully restore himself to who he once was. I could feel so much fustration pour out in these lyrics and I think this was a way for him to express what was kept inside. I look forward to his acting/musical career, both with Big Bang and his solo career. ❤ ^_^

    • The entire drama was filmed way before the accident. If i remember correctly he finished around the time BB had their comeback in Feb

  2. It’s good that Daesung is coming out and singing again. I’m hoping that all will be well with him. That accident will always be on the back on his mind,but he’s doing the right thing by moving on with his life the best way he can. People say that it takes something tragic to help us see the light in things. Far as the song, not bad.

  3. I like this type of music, so even though I dont understand what he is saying, the music is good and I love the video.. This actually reminds me of the Rock group Korn.. Their music and videos are similar to what Daesung is doing here.. I actually dont think Daesung will ever be the same after the car accident, something like that happening has to touch a persons soul.. I mean, would any of us be the same ..

    • Love Korn and yeah it definitely sound angsty like them. The drama came out today in Korea so hopefully by Monday or so it will be subbed somewhere.

  4. The YG fam concerts are this weekend and he did look happy on stage. Of course after something so traumatic I don’t think he will ever be the same, but it was nice to see fancams of him on stage

    He looks really happy to be back in this one

  5. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Like BOAB81 said, it’s good to see that he seems to be bouncing back. What he’s living with has GOT to be so hard to bear.

  6. WOW. Just watched the video. “Lunatic” has a lot of depth and the way he sings it, it sounds like it comes from his soul. Raw.

    N-i-c-e, Dae! I like!

  7. A different sound from him. I like it. It sounds more like Korn, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, etc. I really hope he moves on from that horrible nightmare couple of months ago.

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